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Whats for Supper...

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We had pizza last night too -- homemade. Well, the final product and the vegetables on it were homemade (or homegrown). The crust was Pillsbury (out of a can); the sauce was Del Monte brand Four Cheese spaghetti sauce; the cheese Kraft Italian 5-cheese blend, Johnsonville Italian sausage, store brand pepperoni, and one each tomato and pepper from our garden, sliced. It was [i]gooooooooooooooooood[/i]!

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Well since I had made very nice dinners on both Monday (swiss steak ,mashed potatoes ,corn and rolls)
Tuesday (fried chicken ,mashed potatoes,and salad)
Tonight I opted for frozen pizza,and chips

I know what ya mean, I cooked tonight because I was off work today and the wifey had to work. Bakers-6 Stir Fry sounds about right I just made it up as I went because it sounded good. :D

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Nope no rice, I wanted some but we are trying to watch the high carb stuff for a couple of weeks. The wife is a diabetic and my blood glucose level get a little wacky if I over indulge in rice, taters, breads, and sweets (which I do too often. We are basically following the South Beach Diet Phase 1 which is low carb but not as drastic or fatty as Atkin's. It is basically lean meats, green veggies, good fats/oils (Olive oil etc...) No taters, rice, bread, or other food high in simple carbs. The next phase is all of the above good stuff with select carbs including whole grains added back in moderation.

On the diabetic issue, some say it is okay to eat whatever you want as long as you cover it with insulin. While that does keep blood sugar levels in check IF it is done correctly (with many people like my wife control is much more difficult), the main focus in control of diabetes is keeping blood sugars from spiking at all. It is much easier to maintain proper levels with a good steady diet that is low in simple sugars.

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