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  1. Sola Scriptura was only one of the five Solas of the reformation. They are Sola Scriptura, Sola Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, and Sola Deo Gloria. Scripture alone, Christ alone, Grace alone, Faith alone, The Glory of God alone.
  2. I can't remember what my user name is. We moved to Ashford over a year ago, and thankfully there is someone in our new Baptist Church who uses Linux. He put Linux Mint and new hard disk on my old laptop and Updated Lubuntu on a memory stick that NN sent to me some time ago. For which I am thankfull to him.
  3. Hi Salyan. Thanks for your reply. Your last point is what I was intending to convey, that of pastoral visits. In the past (19th century) People used to walk vast distances to church. Samuel Eyles Pierce rote in his memoires that on Christmas Eve 1813 he walked a fair distance into London, caught the stage to Maidstone (not a comfortable journey I should think as there were no made up roads) then walked to Faversham about 26 miles, preached twice the next da, and three times the following day, "It being the Lord's Day" then walked 10 miles to Canterbury for the new year. 5 years later he founded the first Baptist Church in Faversham. In the mid 1840's Jonathan Reeves of Rochester wrote that he was planning to walk to Faversham from his home , about 17 miles, to hear a particular at the Baptist Church. He and his friend got up at 6.00 am but it was such heavy rain that they had to delay their departure. Eventually they had to call their trip off as the heavy rain continued. Some time after I read that I read elsewhwere that with his mum he walked from Rochester to Faversham to hear William Huntington preach. As Huntigton died when Jonathan was about 11 and was not in good health for his last two years, he musyt have been quite young when he made those journeys. There is also an account that the pastor of a baptist church in the village of Egerton in Kent used to walk from his home in Sheerness to the chapel and back every Lord's day, a distance it is said was 20 miles. I looked it up on Via Michelin and that said the distance was more than that. My wife had a friend whose grandmother used to walk large distances to services, not because they were poor, but because they refused to pay a fare on Sunday. Having thought of that I guess I should perhaps withdraw my previous post.
  4. He set off to flee to Tarshish but didn't get there. He boarded the ship at Joppa, modern Jaffa.
  5. I suppose the same could be said for living miles away from the church that you are a member of. I would say that goes against the "local church".
  6. I once went to a church where four ex JWs were baptised in one day. The pastor did a lot of work amongst the cults.
  7. Today I had Chilli con Carne withj baked potato, leftover from yesterday when I had it with rice.
  8. I agree. Our biggest problem is creeping catholisicism. I don't know about the situation in the town I have now lived for just over a year, but in my previous town, my previous church was an Independent Evangelical Church. Both the Baptist Churches in the town were in Churhes together and gradually adopting Catholic practices such as Lent. The Anglican church has a woman vicar and practise Mass and confessions. I don't know anything about the Methodists ar any others but I expect they are no better. Our church was the only one not in Churches together. Our present church is an Independent Baptist Church. One independent Baptist Church about 40 miles from here had a buiding that needed a great deal of cash for repairs which they did not have, so they now rent a room in a school. The rent is now less than their heating bill was.
  9. Tonight I had a steak sandwich.
  10. I cannot get this to copy verses in Linux or Windows. (Using Chrome W and Chromium L)
  11. This evening I did omelette and salad.
  12. Goofy seems to be one of your favourite words, without any scriptural support. What does the scripture say?
  13. I don't agree. How can Muslims believe if they cannot hear the gospel? Our pastor visits India rom time to time.and to get a visa he was not allowed to preach outside the church. However, unbeknown to him the church had rigged up large loudspeakers outside the church to broadcast his message. Preachers in that country face 6 months in jail for preaching outside the church but the go to jail and when the come out they preach outsie again and then do another 6 months. The church is to spread the word, not to keep it to members. Luke 9:26
  14. We rarely have frozen vegetables except peas and broad beans. My mother in law seemed to be allergic to them. We discovered this when shje came to us, whenever we used frozen peas, she went absolutely white and faint. We found the same when we gave her frozen green beans, We went to a wedding and the same thing happened to her and we asked the caterers if there was any frozen veg in the meal and thae said, "The Brussels Sprouts." She was OK with home frozen vegtables. We got out of the habit of bying frozen veg then, I asked my Aunt who worked in the Goverment Scientist, where they test all sorts of food, if there were any aditives they put in green veg, but she said "No. If they did they would have to declare it on the packaging. However when I went on a food hygene course, the instructor said they add a small amount of green dye. She didn't always get things correct though. She said "All French soft cheese is unpastuerised." Which is not true . The vast mahjority of it is pastuerised.
  15. If the sun went backwards, then scripture would have said so. It doesn't say that.

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