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  1. He is wasting his time trying to reform the RCC. Its moto is Sempe Eem, eEver the same. H Grattan Guinness visited the Inguisition (Named The Holy Office) in Riome, with a Baptist Missionary in the late 1800's and asked the Dominican in charge is Rome has changed. The answer was "Rome never changes, as she was in her youth so she is and so she ever will be).
  2. Tonight we are having fish'n' chips with mushy peas .from the chippy.
  3. Our church owns it's own building and manse so does not pay any rent. In fact I don't think I have ever been a member of a church which did not own its building. We have a new pastor starting in August who has six children so will need a larger house. He will continue to live in his current house and the church will pay his rent, until he can find a suitable property nearer the church, then we will have to consider how to proceed. The options seem to be to either pay his rent, or to buy a property jointly with him.
  4. Had fish, chips and peas for lunch. We ate out as I went to our previous town as one of the butchers there makes Merguez sausages and I bought a kilo of them to freeze for when I do cous cous. They seem to have a lot less fat in them than those we used to buy in France. The butcher also makes Toulouse sausages (Don't tell Macron) and I have never tried them so I bought a couple of them to try. Joined our daughter next door for curry this evening.
  5. Chicken and leek gratin with roast vegetables.
  6. Fried lamb leg steak, Roast vegetables (potatoes, carrot, parsnip, fennel, red onion and tomato) Steamed green beans and cellery, servid with mint sauce.
  7. Here in England meat is expensive, but most vegetables are reasonable. There is much competition in the stores so it keeps the prices down. One of our TV chefs, Jamie Oliver, visited a farm and they said they had to discard about half their crop because they didn't meet supermarket rules carrots and parsnips were either too big or too small or not strait enough. Jamie persuaded one supermarket chain to allow him to expetiment by having a section for "wonky produce" which he sold cheaper. It was a hit and a number of stores do wonky vegetables at a cheaper price. One labels them as "perfectly imperfect" I had scampi and chips for lunch and ham omelet and asparagus for supper. Now we are older we don't eat so much so that makes our pensions go further. Invicta (David)
  8. My daughter gave me some of her leftover curry for lunch, chicken tikka masala. saag aloo and rice. Not sure what we will have for supper.
  9. Pizza is not my favourite, I only ha e them when I can't think of anything else, I don't mind my home made pizza. The last time we had a delivery of Pizza was for my grandson's 18th Birthday and they were from Papa John's. My grandson is a big fan of pizza. I didn't like Papa John's at all.. my wife and I had our 53rd wedding anniversary in Maech.
  10. I served roast duck breasts in plum sauce for lunch with my grandson, my wife had camembert bakes with raspberry sauce and we all had roast parsnip, carrot, red onion , steamed potatoes, green beans and broccoli my wife and grandson also had mushrooms . I always season my roast vegetables with salt, black pepper, garlic powder and finely ground herbes de Provence.
  11. Oh that must have been sudden. I last received a message from Allan just three weeks ago when he se good wishes to me on my birthday.
  12. Had sirloin steak, chips and green beans for lunch, will have scrambled eggs with chives on toast with Lea and Perrins Worcester sauce for supper. As it is my birthday,I invite every body to have a cake or a cookie perhaps.
  13. Happy Birthday as well Invicta. I was wondering about you just the other day. God Bless you today and always.

    1. Invicta


      Thank you very much.

  14. May God bless you and yours on you Birthday! 🎂

    1. Invicta


      Thank you Alan. God bless you and your family as well.

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