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  1. Ketchup is a tomato sauce. Although you can get mushroom ketchup. I Thought it was Indian origin but it seems it comes from china, according to rge following article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketchup It says the market leader in the UK and US is Heinz. I did see a couple of varieties of tomato seeds, which were bred by Heinz ,in a catalogue a few weeks ago.
  2. In France they seem to have snails with garlic and parsley butter, in fact they sell it as butter for snails. I once had a Cretan cook book and they had a number of recipes for snails, one of which was "Holy Thursday Snails.". Pineapple on pizza usually goes on top of ham and we call it Hawaiin pizza. It used to be quite popular but I don't think it is so much now. I like Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and chopped chives on Scrabled egg. (We don't have any L&P as my daughter bought us Hendersons Yorkshire sauce as that is vegetarian, but I don't think it has much flavour.) Olive oil and chopped oregano on pizza.
  3. We have had much higher temperatures this winter. Heavy rain almost every day high winds for the last few days. I had Thai style king prawn and lemon grass fish cakes with chips and peas for lunch and egg salad for supper.
  4. As Rebecca said, it is to bring his death and resurrection to our memory as we forget so soon. The Jews were given the passover feast to remind them that God had bought them out of Egypt, but they soon forgot when they didn't keep the feast.
  5. Korma is very mild. It has a lot of coconut milk in it. It is not my favourite, I prefer something a it more spicy. I don't know of any Indian restaurants in our town, but we have at least two Nepalese restaurants. We have a lot of Nepalese in our town as mostly retired Ghurkas. I did omelette again today, but with smoked salmon and tomato.
  6. Mustard is yellow. Or at least has yellow colouring in. We have a brown mustard that they call French mustard but I have never seen anything like it in France. I always by my mustard in France, you can get it forte, strong or douce, mild, but they are all yellow. Today my son in law did chichen korma and rice for lunch, but it seemed to have much more vegetables that chicken. As we had a large lunch Kay and I only had a snack for supper.
  7. Invicta


    I take your point, Jim. We always refer to him as pastor. I quoted cut and pasted that from a WhatsApp message that was sent to our church members. I asked our pastor's wife, this evening, how he was getting on? She sad he is exhausted with a heavy preaching schedule. He preached five times yesterday and four times today.
  8. I never fry bacon, just pop it in the microwave an a plate covered with a sheet of kitchen tissue, and it crisps up in a few minutes. You have to be careful not to overdo it. There is so much water in modern bacon that it boils rather than fries, unless you spend a lot more for dry cured. You can't often find that in the stores though. For my omelette I use smoked lardons, small pieces of bacon.
  9. Tonight I did Bacon and cheese omelette with salad. I have that often when I can't think of anything else. It is a meal I can do in about ten minutes.
  10. A distant cousin of mine in Oz said on Facebook a week or so ago that there were 80 arrests, and on the news a few days ago there was a report that a firefighter had been arrested for starting seven fires.
  11. Invicta


    We have only had one fairly brief update and that was on Wednesday "Pastor has arrived safely at his destination and had a good meeting with the church there"
  12. Invicta


    Thank you Alan. Pastor said this should not be widely posted as there is a lot of muslim activity in the area, so I have edited out the pastors name. The visit is for 10 days Our pastor preached in Romania a few months ago and often visits Sri Lanka and India. This year he is hoping to go to Nepal to support a church there. The funeral tomorrow is in Northampton. The family asked pastor to take the service "Because we know you are a reigious man."
  13. This morning Pastor preached on Philippians 2 3:4-11 Pauls Testimony. In the morning services he is going through Phillipans This evening The Message was from Acts 2:37 "Brethren,What shall we do?" It was the Lord's supper and we welcomed a young couple into membership.
  14. Invicta


    Our Pastor is going to Ethiopia on Wednesday to support an Ethiopian friend Pastor xxxxx who has a church about 100 km (abt 63 miles) from Addis Ababa. Pastor xxxxx has had at least two attempts on his life and been threatened many times. We are praying for the Gospel that our pastor will preach and for the safety of both pastors. Pastor is also going to the midlands here on Monday, to preach at a funeral of his former boss who was not a believer. He accepted as long as the family knew that he would preach a message from the bible.

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