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  1. You don't provide any evidence that any baptists use obelisks on their grave, or for any other of your allegations. Also, Have you ever been to St Paul's Cathedral in London?
  2. They are all interpretations not doctrine, althoughmany think they are.
  3. Invicta

    Social Distancing

    My granddaughter who is 11 on April 1st, has had to cancel her birthday party and asked if we could have family conference call on WhatsApp instead. My sister who will be 80 on 7th April has had to cancel her celebrationsas well.Her eldest son . He has written: As many as possible bring cakes with candles on and between them we could have 80 candles for mum to 'blow out' - feel free to do that if you can/want, and at the end we can all sing happy birthday, As many as possible to send me photos in advance - these need to either include a photo of mum or a picture of an event that took place during her life time - the critical thing is that you must know the year of the photo/event; you don't need to tell me but we will use the photos for a quiz on the day so then you can reveal the year once we have all had a chance t guess it. He hasn't said what platform he would be using . We usually use Messenger or WhatsApp. We stopped using Skype because the others give a more reliable service.
  4. Update. The government have now given their new advice and it is not as bad as we were given to believe. Those of us over 70 have been advised top self isolate for 12 weeks. They may introduce penalties if people don't comply. I have been told that Iceland stores are setting 2 hours, 9-11am tomorrow exclusively for those who are self isolating. I spoke to our pastor this morning and said we would stay at home and listen to the services online for the immediate future and he agreed. He is considering what to do about services and will consult with members. It is my birthday on Saturday and I was planning to take our family to a meal at the Everest Inn, a Nepalese which is popular with the family, but I will need to put that off.
  5. Here in England all sports events have been cancelled, Our local elections have been put off from May till May next year. Over 70's have been told to self isolate for 2 weeks, but it seems it may be extended to mandatory self isolation for 4 months with a £1,000 fins if you don't comply. Shelves in many stores are emptying of toilet rolls and long lasting foods. I saw a report on the news today in which they visited a street market to ask about shortages. One stall had a sign "Spend £10 and get a free toilet roll." Our church has had services as normal, although I haven't been for two weeks as both my wife and I have had sore throats and been coughing a lot and are supposed to be self isolating if we show any of those symptoms. It was our Sunday Schoolprizegiving this afternoon and it went ahead as usual. Our previous church was closed today as the visiting preacher who was travelling from a distance, called and said he had just had a call to say that someone he spent an evening with a day or two before had been tested positive and was told it was better for him to return home because it would be better for him to be ill there than away from home. A member of the church said he would preach today, but be suddenly got a very high temperature and several leaders of the church had been with him just before, they cancelled the Sunday services and are all self isolating. It is a very small church. My wife and I are both self isolating as we are both over 80. We are not looking forward to being confined for 4 months. Although I can spend time on my allotment which is just through a gate at the bottom of our garden.
  6. I expect our church will be having services as normal. I didn't get to church last Sunday, or Tuesday as I had a sore throat, cough and sneezing. We are a small church with between 30 and 40 attending Sunday morning and evening services. The youth club tonight went ahead as usual.
  7. I can't agree with you there. The Jews who called out "Crucify Him" were also giuilty of piercing him as well as all those who neglect or reject his call to salvation are also guilty.
  8. No I was not well several days before that. Had leftovers today. Still some left for tomorrow. I will probably top the sauce with mashed potato and call in shepherds pie. We usually eat with my daughter and family on Sunday, and I had two salmon sides in their freezer. I said they could use them tomorrow as they have a number of visitors for lunch. I said I may not have it as I think I may have developed an allergy to fish.
  9. I made spaghetti today. I did a vegetarian one for Kay and a meat one for myself. I made enough for a few days, but when I served, I accidentelly served both vegetarian. I will freeze some. I also have had a cold for the last two days. I have had a sore throat and lots of coughing and sneezing. I have been a lot better today, though.
  10. What are palm hearts like? I am not sure if we have them much over here, but I see cans of them often in French Hypermarkets'
  11. Church fellowship lunch today. Ella celebrated her 100th. birthday. Good number attended. Ella was originally brought to our church coffee morning by Giselle a Belgian member of our church some years ago and has been attending whenever she can since then.
  12. Common sense says that God deflected the sun's rays.

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