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  1. God uses nations to do what we call dictators to punish other nations, very often the israelites in the OT, There is a YouTube chanel entitled 1420, which goe, s out in Russia asking passers by questions such as what do you think of Putin? the Ukranians? etc. On a question of the What do you think of the West, 3 answered "They are all LGBT" one adding "They have 82 Genders," another said " They are Sodom." One of the two signs of what it would be like when he returned, was, "As in the days of Lot" David Cloud said, when many were campaigning for gay rights, "When homosexuals get rights, everbody else will lose theirs." There is a case in Malta where a man gave his testimony and said when he became a Christian he gave up his gay life, which was published online, he was arrested for promoting "Conversion therapy" which is illegal in that country. They are trying to get that law also in this country. It is not going to get any better, but will certainly get worse. This case was reported on the Christian Concern web site, the man in Malta has his court case on 3rd of this month.
  2. They are also two olive trees and two candlesticks so the whole thing must be symbolic.
  3. When I was in the Brethren many years ago we were taught that nobody would be saved in the tribulation. Earlier in a book written in1836 , the author said that the church he had been in taught that for two and a half years the earth would be without a prophet or a preacher.
  4. I have a colonoscopy procedure on Saturday so I on a restricted diet. I ha hama and cheese omelette for evening meal and a small chicken curry for lunch,
  5. Lunchtime I did fish and chips and mushy peas. This evening I had home made bread with Ardennes paté followed by buttered crumpets. Watched USA and England match in the world cup. 0-0 draw. I actually only watched the first half.
  6. It was May who introduced gay marriage into our country. Johnson was elected by a majority that wanted Brexit. He said he would get Brexit done. But we got Brexit in name only. We are still subject to the European courts. And many people want us to rejoin the EUSSR, or the 4th Reich. The Scotish Nationalists want independence so the can rejoin the EU, but if the do the won't be independent. Truss has come and gone and Sunak is likely to be our new PM. But I don't trust him.
  7. For lunch we had omelette and fries,. I did toasted ham and tomato sandwich in my air fryer. It is an old air fryer, not one of those modern ones.
  8. Today I am doing scampi and chips (fries, frites)
  9. Today I did sausages and vegetables. To orrow I plan to do cous cous. I have a lot of vegetables to use so I will do enough for my daughter and family ext door. Isaidi don't have enough eat for everyone so I've said they will have to add their own meat. I usually add a small piece of lamb chicken and merguez sausage for each persn.
  10. I did chicken in sage and onion gravy, roast potatoes steamed carrot, runner beans and broccoli. My wife had a veggie burger instead of chicken.
  11. Today I made an experimental soup. Potato, spring onion, green garlic and wild garlic. It was surprisingly good.
  12. My daughter has applied to have some Ukrainan refugees. She found that our neighbour is hosting a family. They put Mary in touch with the sister of the lady they are having. My daaughter has invited the Lady who is at present in a hotel in Italy, but has fo be out in about a week. It will be a woman and her 17 year old son, Thy are JWs which should be a challenge We had a visit ffrom the local authority earlier in the week, to see if the accommodation is sitable. They have to have a criminal Records check, but they probably won't need that as they have to have them for church as they work with children. She didn't mention us as we live in an annexe, but we have them from our previous church as we worked with old people and sometimes children.
  13. Chipolatas with McCain Home Fries and watercress.
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