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  1. In the far north of Scotland was a fishing port at Wick. The fishermen Went down the east coast of Scotland and England and theit wives followed them and worked processing the fish in the ports where their boats landed the catch. They were known as Fishwives. During some of these journeys some of the men were evangelised and were saved. They founded The Wick Harbour Mission and themselves evangelised as the visited other fishing ports. Then Britain joined the EU and due to the European Common Fisheries Policy, whe Wick fishermen lost their quotas as the fishing grounds had to be shared with the EU fishing states. A friend of ours was a missionary in the Philippines and had to come to the UK to get his adopted daughter's adoption recognised in UK. He was offered a furlough place 6-9 months in one of 3 churches. One of them was Wick where the old mission building was now known as Wick Harbour Mission Baptist Church, and was kept open by 5 elderly ladies. By the time he came over the other two churches had got pastors so he ended up in Wick. Later on his mission board asked if he would retire and become pastor at wick which he accepted and has been pastor there for a few years now.
  2. I agree Jim. A lady at my previous church used to like her seat and though we had a policy of not having reserved seats, sometimes coming in late not making any attempt to tiptoe and once complained that someone is sitting in her seat. I have never been in a large church. Our chapel has a out 80 seats and most of them are taked each Sunday morning and I have a problem with remembering many of the names. I would hate having to attend a church much larger. I wouldn't know anyone. A church we used to try to get to when we went to France was at Laon. Once my wife and I visited with my daughter, son in law and their 5 children. The pastor said we had more than doubled the congregation they had the previous Sunday.
  3. From what I understand, dispensationalis are those who believe in the pre tribulation rapture and perhaps other futurists. Writers in the past who are neither of those seem to speak of the old testament times as a dispensation and the current times as another and the eternal state as the last. As I understand from reading them.
  4. If God could keep the Israelites 40 years in the wilderness he could keep Jonah 3 days in the fish, without any harm, when normally he wouldn't have survived. The fish vomited Jonah onto the land, what more do you want to know?
  5. J I don't like pork, although it is much cheaper. When I used to go to France, I used to buy Merguez sausages, these are usually beef, but can be lamb or Turkey. There is a butcher a town about 20 miles from here who makes Merguez from lamb. I prefer them to the French ones as they have less fat in them.
  6. I don't think I have ever been to Gloucester. The beef I bought was 30 day hung and cheaper joints are 21 days hung. The cost for 30day was £12,00 per kilo, a kilo kis 2.2 lb. I think the exchange rate is about $2.2 to the £. As it was an Easter offer it was £6 per per kilo. The lamb was £6.50 per kilo, downfrom £13.00. There is a butcher about 5-10 mins walk from here but they are much dearer. As a butcher, Jim, you will know the difference in the length of maturing, but I don't know except that the longer seems more tender.
  7. As a matter of interest (or not as the case may be) 666 is the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 36. I once read a book where these numbers were arranged in 6 columns each column adding up to 111 and each line adding up to 111, and if I remember each diagonal also. It said it was the mystic square of Bacchus. Irenius gave the answer as Lateinus, the Latin Man. Which had some connection to Romulus.
  8. I have the same problem as my wife is a vegetarian. I get a roasting joint and cook it one day, keep enough for the next day and then slice and freeze the rest. I have a beeh joint and a leg of lamb in the freezer. I bought them both as they were on ½ price offer for Easter. My sister and her husband came down the same weekend and she brought 2 ½ legs of lamb for my sister. She said there was such a crowd round the aisle that she wasn't able to reach the whole legs. She got hers from Tesco and I got mine from Sainsburys online. They both had the same offer. Yesterday I had lamb leg steak in gravy, with roasted mixed vegetables cooked on a hereby tomato sauce, and what they seem to call Parmentier bsked Potatoes here. I'm not sure why, because in France pommes Parmentier seems to be mashed potatoes or things with mash on top. Anyway it was all very tasty. Today I am having haddock and chips. I got the fish from Aldi the other day and they ore the only shop that seem to do large pieces of fish. Even branded "Extra large" is about ¼ of the size of a normal portion in the fish and chip shop.
  9. Most things in my freezer have been there too long. Today I did mince and veggie penne for me and veggie penne for my wife. I often do stir fry and been using fresh ginger, however recently I have been using frozen ginger. It is in 400g packs which is a bit less than a lb,and comes in small cubes, each is enough for 1 portion that usually use. It is chopped small so I don't have to do anything to it. Much easier than fresh ginger and less expensive.
  10. Thanks Jim that verifies what I said. "One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism"
  11. It was written to the church,for the church so that they would know of the tribulations the saints would suffer, mainly under pagan Rome and then Papal Rome. I have a friend who says that he doesn't believe the church will go through tribulation. I say "What world are you living in? Have you never heard of the inquisition, the wars of religion in France, with pastors having their bodies broken on the wheel, then hung and men found in assemblies being sentenced to life in the valleys and women sentenced to incarceration in places like the Tower of Constance in the aptly named town of Aigres Mortes (Bitter Deaths). Or the massacres at Wassy and St Bartholomew. Or John Brown, a Lollard or the town I am now living in, who was imprisoned in Canterbury, than had his feet burned through to the bone, then forced to walk to the place where he was burned to death." Preterism and futurism were both started by Jesuits to counter the Christian teaching the the Pope is antichrist, which was taught by the Waldensians from about 1200 AD when the papacy reached it's full persecuting powers. These two bedfellows also tea h that Revelation is nothing to do with the church. It was written to the church to tell them what was soon to happen, Rev 1:1 see also AMOS 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.
  12. The Irvingites who were the first to preach dispensationism said the church would be raptured and would be left without a preacher or witness.
  13. Also Russia. On the 1420 YouTube channel where they ask Russians what they think of various things, a number of women said "They are all LGBT" one added "They have 82 genders" another said "They are Soddom". I was reading a book on prophecy* written in about 1890 where the author comment on the statement of Jesus, that when he returns, it would be as in the days of Lot, and he said that he couldn't think how that could happen. The unbelievable is happening. *History Unveiling Prophecy, Or Time as an Interpreter.
  14. The greatest miracle today is Salvation where the sinner, dead in sins is raised to life in Christ.
  15. If it was a genuine repentance the repentant would show a change which will be noticed. That is why special meetings and camps where many are "saved" are dangerous. There was a church near here, it was Assemblies of God but changed its name to the ".net Church" They had a "Battle of Bands" event in a local park. This consisted of the church band playing against secular bands. Included in the event was an "I said yes to Jesus" campaign. They passed out cards which said "I said yes to Jesus" they got them to sign it and then told them that they were now a Christian. They then invited them to come to the church for a curry, and no doubt that was the last they saw of them.
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