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  1. Anything with a rooster theme!!
  2. Last night was cubed steak, asparagus casserole, green beans, rice and gravy and rolls Tonight was baked spaghetti, green beans, garlic toast :tum
  3. We had Bojangles tonight :Green
  4. Zion.... we're marching to it..... sorry I couldn't think of anything else that started with a Z :Green
  5. Our section of NC is in a DROUGHT.... :sad
  6. WOW!!!!!!! This thread just keeps going and going!!! :lol:
  7. Am I missing something here???? Is is hot enough for you outside?
  8. When is North Carolina going to get any of that RAIN????????????????????????????????????????? :uuhm:
  9. Starting over with A... Alex
  10. Definitly NOT.... my SIL palys tennis. I find it to be boring! :Bleh TPNTM likes to play golf!
  11. Tonight was pizza!!!!!!! :clap:
  12. Delicious...... they are very moist.... yummy :thumb
  13. A ham sandwich and chips. This hot weather has drained me... who wants to cook? :bonK:
  14. A salad tonight with creamy italian/garlic dressing :smile
  15. We had a late lunch.... We went to one of our favorite places... Love's Fish Box.... I had chicken tenders and the hubby had flounder.... YUMMY :clap:
  16. Yes.... I love frito pie We had left over chili.... working almost 30 hours in a little over 2 days don't leave much time to cook :yawn:
  17. We had chili.... trying to get it in one more time before the weather gets warmer..... we don't like to eat chili in warm weather :Bleh
  18. Tonight was Burger King..... I was just to lazy and tired to want to cook tonight :ooops
  19. Okay.... I gotta know.... what is firecracker casserole? Tonight we had pancakes and sausage!
  20. Last night on Valentines day my DH took me to my favorite mexican place!!! Tonight we had hot dogs with all the trimmings and fries.... cobbler for dessert. YUM!!!!

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