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  1. Parmesan chicken, baked potato, peas, and home made cookie.
  2. A bowl of hot cream of wheat mixed with oatmeal. I added butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Also had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  3. Pork chops, mexican mac & cheese, baby peas and corn, and home made cookies.
  4. Biscuit and gravy and a banana.
  5. Pork chops, chicken flavored pasta, and breaded tomatoes, and homemmade cookies.
  6. Oven baked chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, corn, baked beans, and a brownie.
  7. Little Caesar's Pizza and home made cookies.
  8. Pork chop and leftovers and home made cookies.
  9. Mac and cheese with tomatoes and green chilis, mixed veggies, pork and beans, and home made cookies.
  10. Yesterday was hamburger stroganoff, mixed veggies and bread and butter, and brownies. Today was hot dogs and broccoli alfredo and home made cookies.
  11. Spaghetti, peas, bread and butter, and home made cookies.
  12. Spaghetti, peas, crescent rolls and brownie.
  13. Yesterday was chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls, and home made cookie.
  14. I hope he gets well soon. I had pork chop, parmesan pasta, green beans, and pickled beets and a home made cookie.
  15. Crock pot pork roast, parmesan cheese pasta, and left over mashed potatoes and gravy.
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