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  1. Of course they’re gonna be some that don’t agree with what I’m saying and I do understand that, for there are many new liberal Baptist churches out there. We all know when Jesus preached openly, many went for the fish and bread or food. If this happened with Jesus, it can happen in any church, people going for the wrong reason. This is why the pastor needs to be aware of all things. The people or members come to church for spiritual food, to worship God, to give their offerings and to praise and worship. All other things are man-made. Do I like a good lunch after church of course I do, but not every week. Just because a person has been many Years in the ministry. This does not make them superior to you or me in anyway.
  2. Are they using the tithe and offering for this, food, plates, drinks, and desserts? Put ten dollars in the offering plate during service, and eat all you like. This sounds pretty good. The church needs to be careful and not fall into this trap. Not having lunch every Sunday is a good start. Do well
  3. Having meals can be a good thing and it can have its problems. 1. Spiritual food should be the main dish. 2. Who is doing all the work and who is paying for all this? 3. Are members not in service, while all preparation is being done?
  4. What can we do to attract new people, something that we love doing? Let's have a buffet every week, people love to eat. The Lord will not mind, we're trying to get new people to come, to visit our church. Is this correct or not correct?
  5. Can you share with us when you accepted Jesus Christ, as your only Lord and personal Savior? Thanks
  6. Not to long ago the airports were closed. But if everything is good and you don't mind being stuck in a foreign country, Airport closed, she is all yours.
  7. There are Christian groups that are still going to vist Israel right now. They are at War and any minute things can get worse. I don't recommend Americans to visit any country that is at War. What do you think?
  8. Chicken little, you’re funny. I’ll check into what you recommend.
  9. If you vote for one that is less evil in this case, let’s say voting Republican. Then that leader goes haywire and bring much destruction. Will I still be wrong?
  10. You know what’s very weird, in my case. I normally vote Yes, probably 90% of the time on any decisions that the leaders are gonna present, but that 10% of time not agreeing with them, they’ll put an X mark on you. This Mark is a invisible Mark. Nobody can see it, but you can tell by the way members look at you for now on. The new church that we are attending, most likely will not go to the members meetings. The less we see and know might favor us hopefully.
  11. What I have seen in my opinion, is that in some meetings there are those who have been members for a very long time, they believe, that they are the owners or have the final say so, in that church. For this reason, I love the test of time, for as years go by none of them or even myself will remain there. For we all are part-timers.
  12. Vote for the least of the 2 evils this is getting much harder to do. I believe Christians should not be or fall into this trap.
  13. I did not know all those things you mentioned above. I have been discouraged in my giving but we still give.
  14. I have attended Independent Baptist churches, and the Southern Baptist churches. When it comes to supporting missionaries, it’s totally different. The Southern Baptist Church makes general collections they collect millions of dollars a year, and the convention decides who to give and help. On the other side the Independed Baptist Church each supports the missionaries or missions that they want to support, each give an small donations as each missionary has to raise funds. Fundraising by visiting the local church. Both are good ways for them are reaching out for missions. I believe that independent Baptist Church Ways of giving towards missionaries and mission is much better. I also noticed that missionaries and missions sometimes could be placed on the back burner for some reason. Are you happy with the way your church is reaching out to missionaries or the mission fields? I have personally seen churches with much money, just sitting in the banks, supporting missions doesn’t even cross their minds. On the other side, I have seen Independent Baptist churches doing very much supporting missions. It’s your world. I’m just living in it. Enjoy
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