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  1. Who will want to get rid of the Bible’s you might ask.The nonbelievers or Liberals. The same many Christians are voting for and putting them in office. Being bind to all the immoral issues that they support.
  2. Jude.1 [11] Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.
  3. Some things don’t need to have a poll here. Example 1 How many here supports gay marriages? 2. How many here supports abortions? 3. How many here supports the legal uses of marijuana?
  4. Brother Tony, we need to be firm where we stand, if we support it for medical use, marijuana. We all know what comes after. Now if there’s a brother in Christ, that is using marijuana for medical uses, he or she should not be telling anybody openly. This can become a stumbling block for someone that is using it for recreation uses, an open door. Will those Christians, lose their salvation? I believe they would not, lose their salvation for using marijuana. I believe it is not approved like other legal drugs, alcohol, and smoking. We Christians, should not be using these for our body pleasures, because the Holy Spirit lives in us.
  5. You’re the first Baptist preacher that supports it. For medical then comes recreational.
  6. Smoke houses are now opening up everywhere, here in Florida, medical marijuana. I noticed more homeless people are hanging around these places too. Sad I wonder when recreational marijuana is legal here, are we going to look like California.
  7. Yes, there are many that will do their best here, and not here. I do thank the Lord for them. I know that my post are not good news. You are in a place, where things are going very well. What I mentioned, may not apply to many small churches. Today modern preachers, don’t talk about what is going on with are government. They want to be more neutral on morality issues. The church and the government should be separated, but not morality and the immoral living to be accepted.
  8. More Sad, to see what our children are going to live with. Not what God, is doing. Your blanket needs cleaning
  9. I know this might sound like a new negative post, but I’ll tell you what I see, it appears that religion and politics, similar in many ways.Looking at the Republican future parties, they are very weak, so as many Baptist churches, and denominations are looking very weak. Christianity seems to be in the minority now, not everywhere, but in the major big cities. Is this prophecy being fulfilled? Are we getting closer to the end times. Some might say yes, we are getting closer to the end of time, and at the same time, there are others that say, we’re still far away. Where do you stand today?
  10. Still struggling, this is a good sign that you are getting closer.
  11. I pray that the Lord give you and your family strength, during these trouble times. I learn to see, that when you’re going through tough times, just look around you and there’s other going through the same or worse. The Lord is in control of our families and our children, which are his anyway. Sometimes all you have to do is just let the Lord do His thing, just stand back pray, and watch. Amen Take care
  12. I got in line to pay for my gasoline. Two people in front of me, one purchase five single packs of cigarettes totaling $52 dollars and the second person brought one totaling eight dollars. I thought, I could fill my gas tank with those 6 packs of cigarettes.
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