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    The beauty of creation

    I am posting this in The Beauty of Creation thread because it has to do with The Beauty of Creation, but it requires more than just a picture. It also needs to be explained in detail so that readers will understand all the factors involved. I hope readers will enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed experiencing it first hand. As I write this the date is May 1st. 2018. We have had to move our residence to a different place about eight miles from where we previously lived. It has been a long and arduous task for two old people, but we got it done. A new location always brings about unexpected changes and surprises, but with this move there was a surprise that I never could have anticipated. But before I reveal this surprise I need to flesh out this story so that the reader understands the unique situation we live under in California. When most people think of California they immediately think in terms of big cities and huge populations. I also thought this way before I became a resident. The truth is that there are many places in Far Northern California that are extremely rural and even off the beaten track. Many places are desert with no population, or mountainous and forested. Where we live is mountainous and heavily forested. It is just a place name with little population. In a fifteen mile stretch of highway the population is just 115. The nearest sizable city is 80 miles distance. Out nearest neighbor is more than three miles away. Hello So, having established how rural we are I will move on. Being surrounded by wilderness we see a lot of wildlife. When we moved in here the person that was moving out told us of a small California Kit Fox that visited regularly. He said this fox liked to stop by for a slice of bread. Since we moved in this little female fox has stopped by a number of times. But I found out something about this visitor that no one ever would have guessed. I'm Foxy After the first couple of visits where I would dole out a slice of bread in small bites, one evening I decided to sing some hymns. I often sing when alone and outside, or in the truck. As I sang I noticed a visible change in the demeanor of the little fox. She was standing about six feet from me and her eyes seemed to soften as she listened. I could tell she was enjoying the hymns because her ears would move back and forward in response to certain notes. Got Bread? Then began a ritual whereby she would stop by not only for a scrap of bread, but also to be sung to. She doesn’t leave right away when the bread is gone, but waits quietly for the singing. The first time this ritual began I was pleasantly surprised to see she was not just inquisitive about the pleasant sound of song, but she was thoroughly enjoying it. First, as she was listening she seemed to relax more and then sat down. As I continued to sing different hymns she then lay down with her head up, still a mere six feet away. Finally she not only lay down, but put her head down between her paws, flat on the ground. She ended up with her front feet tucked under her and her head on the ground in a very peaceful position and continued to listen. What a trusting attitude for one of God’s wild creatures. She shows no fear with the exception of my wife trying to get a picture of her through the window, that makes her wary, but not fearful. Having lived in Alaska for many years I am familiar with most kinds of wildlife. I do not make it a habit of actually feeding any wildlife because they can become habituated to it and lose their ability to forage for themselves. One scrap of bread once in a while is not likely to have this effect. I Like Bread As I said in the beginning of this story, “a new location always brings about unexpected changes and surprises.” But this is a surprise I never would have imagined. It would seem that this latest move has also brought about the surprise of a ready made congregation of one. So you might say that I now have a ministry of food for the homeless, as well as a ministry in song. She does seem to favor the slower, soothing hymns as opposed to anything up beat such as “When the roll is called up yonder;” or “The battle hymn of the republic.” This seems to be a small sample of what nature and man will experience during the Millennium. All of God’s creation has this to look forward to in the future. Awww, come on, just one more song
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    I hold that the phrases are interchangeable.
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    The beauty of creation

    Sunset East Coast of Taiwan The evening sun reflecting on the clouds - No Photo editing or special lighting. Photo by Alan
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    The Bible does not say women should not wear pants. This whole issue is a non-issue as far as I am concerned. This is a doctrine of and by man based on man's bias, not Scripture.
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    Bruce Jenner - you know the one - that guy who made huge headlines because he reckons he is not - is now set to get married. Now wait for it - this guy who says he is a girl wants to get married...... to a 21 year old girl. So now the guy who says he is a girl turns out to like girls enough to want to marry (another) one. Shows the lie about where his head is - he really does know what he is, he just doesn't want to accept it. If what he says about himself was true he would be "marrying" a guy not a girl. Rom 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; And the rest of the passage of course...... Oh the affect of sin on this wretched world. This man needs to be saved. By the way the link is here if you really want to read it - I confess that I haven't - the headline was enough for me. So be very careful about the link - I don't actually know what sort of detail is in it. (It is a "reputable" news site so shouldn't be "Computer dangerous"). Note: I don't want to offend people, and I have therefore added his name in the title so that people know before they enter roughly what the subject is. I am sorry if the subject offends you - it offends me too, but I wanted to point this one thing out.
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    Prayers for husband’s job

    My husband is looking for a new job, the place he’s looking into would make him work either Saturday or Sunday and he wouldn’t know which schedule he has until he’s hired and in training. They are going to call him Friday to see if he’s made up his mind about it and would want to go ahead and have the interview. He’s going to pray about it and see where God leads him. Our friend at church works for the company and he said that he just told them straight- forward, that he couldn’t do Sundays and they were good with that. I told my husband about that and suggested that he just do the interview and mention that, and if they want him, they’ll hire him. He still wants to wait and pray which I agree with, I just would appreciate you all keeping us and the situation in your prayers! I also have a personal prayer request for myself. I would definitely appreciate prayers for that, too! Thank you!
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    Is Time To Talk Impeaching Trump

    Can I ask if you have any spiritual interest, or are you only interested in political issues?
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    Is Time To Talk Impeaching Trump

    It is not time to talk about impeaching President Trump. Your whole post is acting on the principle of presumptions and you own opinion. President Trump has done more good for the United States of America than President Clinton and Obama put together. The Socialists, the Communists, political activists, the racists, and the individuals who want to take away the freedoms written in the Constitution of the United States, are actively in a war against President Trump for the good he has done for the United States. These groups, individuals, and other liberal minded individuals, are trying desperately to degrade, demean, humiliate, demonize, and impeach President Trump for unjust and uncalled reasons. Quite frankly, the talk of impeaching President Trump is wrong. Quite frankly, the title of this thread is wrong as it presupposes that there are reasons to impeach President Trump. Also, in your post you used the name, in fact, you even use bold print for the slanderous name, "Dump," for President Trump. You used an unjust, and uncalled, moniker for slandering the name of President Trump. In my estimation, this is walking in the flesh, presumptuous, and the act of committing the offense that the Apostle Peter wrote in 2 Peter 2:10, "But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities." I, for one, do not care to hear you speak evil of our President, our dignitary, the President of the United States of America.
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    Beautiful plain....?
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    Jordan Kurecki

    Missionary School

    Well, I graduate from BBTI one week from tomorrow :)
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    Hello! Welcome! You will receive differing views here on that subject. My view is that there's nothing wrong with women wearing pants as long as the pants are modest...the same with dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, etc... Modesty of the apparel in how it adorns a lady is the essential key...not the make of the apparel. (1 Timothy 2:9-10) In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
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    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    No matter what the topic is, the Guidelines for posting all scripture on OnLineBaptist is as follows. 3) Feel free to quote the Bible, if you do we ask that you use the KJV. This is done to avoid confusion. The Administrators and Moderators of this site believe that the KJV is Gods preserved Word for the English speaking people, and we ask that you respect that and use the KJV when quoting scripture. No matter what the topic that is on OnLineBaptist it is the requirement to quote the KJV. The questions concerning what version you used that I asked was in line with the Guidelines of OnLineBaptist and a prerogative that every member on OnLineBaptist can ask no matter what the topic is. I asked a perfectly correct and proper question that is within the parameters of any topic on OnLineBaptist. Even if you did copy and paste the quotation of Ezekiel I have the proper right to ask what version you used. Alan
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    Activity on Online Baptist

    Well here's the photos but I don't think they're pond apple snails now, that's what my memory told me. We do find them empty along the shore lines though, eaten by the wading birds. Time flies, this was ten years ago!
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    Heading off to the airport to go pick up my wife. Man did I miss her.
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    Ok, here's the thing. Just as someone has the right to post positive things about the president, so too does someone have the right to speak negatively. So, let's remember that when we "rebuke" someone for excersizing the same right to opinion and free speech. Rather than just blast someone and say you don't want to hear what's said, counter it with fact. Not emotion. For starters, at this point Trump has done nothing that is considered impeachable by Congress. Were it so, you can rest assured that folks would push for it. It is a truth, in fact, that Nancy Pelosi will not push for impeachment because she knows there is nothing there at this point that will not harm her party. Because we all know that most of the pols in DC are simply party wonks, rather than concerned with actually upholding the Constitution as they vowed so to do. Yes, Trump has lied. Not about everything, but, yes, he has. Is it impeachable? Nope. Not at this point. Clinton's lie was impeachable because he lied under oath to a grand jury. THAT fits under the Constitution's impeachment regs. Has Trump done some unsightly things? You betcha. And far too many Christians are willing to just ignore them because he isn't Hillary. However, he is POTUS, and the office, even if not the man, is worthy of respect. So, if you think Trump should be impeached, you are allowed that opinion - without being labled leftist, folks. However, state actual facts, not emotional assumptions. And, @tooldtocare, stop spamming. ONE post is enough. Please note that is not a request. Thank you.
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    I would...at the least...like to see tooldtocare's avatar be impeached. Shouldn't it be toooldtocare instead of tooldtocare?
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    To whom it may concern, Although I myself have on this site in the past had (what some might call - significant) conflict with Ronda concerning certain points of doctrine, I HIGHLY COMMEND HER SPIRITUAL CHARACTER ON THE GIVEN POINT OF BROTHER ALAN'S POSTING!!!!!!
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    To our new brethren, Through correspondence, both public and private, Ronda is a personal friend of Sherry (my wife), and I. And, as most of those who have been long-time members of OnLineBaptist, are aware of that Ronda is completely bed-ridden. In spite of her being completely bed-ridden, Ronda is active in witnessing to others that take physical care of her, her family, and writes extensiveness in other forums. Ronda is an active witness, and able Bible expositor, in both the public and private realm. Although sometimes her boldness here on OnLineBaptist has been controversial; her witness for the Lord Jesus, her love for the souls of men, and her dedication to the work of Christ on a hospital bed, is noteworthy, commendable, and admirable. In my estimation, Ronda's love, faith, works, and witness, is to be followed and not questioned. Alan and the Mrs.
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    Personally, Pants tends to draw the attention of men's eye to the woman thighs and bottom. I will say however i much more prefer loose pants than a short skirt no a lady, however I would prefer NEITHER. I do not really feel comfortable with woman wearing pants, I do think they blur somewhat of the distinction between the sexes, however our culture is changing and though my preference is against them, I have a hard time with my own conscience to condemn pants from scripture. Modesty is definitely an attitude, but that attitude should manifest itself in the way one dresses. I detest when people who are selfish and just want to dress their own way use the "modesty is a heart thing" excuse. Not that anyone here is necessarily doing that. Every issue is a heart issue, but the heart issue manifests itself in many ways. I have noticed also however that dresses and skirts on Christian women are becoming thinner and more form fitting... the other day I was at a Baptist Church and young teenage girl was wearing a long skirt that was tight and EXTREMELY thin, in fact it was so thin and tightthat anyone could see the outlines of her underwear and basically see all the contours of her bottom. I find that very troubling.
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    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    When you clearly state what bible version you are using people can say if they approve of it. You have been asked about this a number of times and it should not be that hard post what version you use. Whether I approve of your bible has no bearing on the rules of this forum. You either quote from the KJV or you don't post.
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    Activity on Online Baptist

    I've been filling my time with a lot of reading. I want to stay away from TV, internet, and all other forms of electronics noise. I'm attempting to concentrate on Bible and Christian authors. I'm behind on a couple of book reviews I intend to post later. There is another situation I'll mention in another thread.
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    Would never have known

    They have fully and completely infiltrated the government school systems. It's only logical as they do not reproduce.
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    Whats for Supper...

    Doesn't Wendy mind?
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    Happy Mother's Day (in Australia)

    Bro. Dave, is the a difference between a High Tea and a Low tea?
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    The beauty of creation

    Beautiful nature of iran!!!!