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  1. Calvinists: God is a jealous God. In fact he is so jealous that he creates some people to be predestined to worship other Gods.
  2. Poor Calvinist...they are forced to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ outside of their will. However, I willingly do it.
  3. That's awesome. I watched some of the live stream and it seemed like things were going well. Are you heading to the Summit this year in NJ?
  4. On a Friday night, we watched "Courageous" with our Youth. After the movie, we held a Bible Study session where we used Scripture to support the message conveyed in the film.
  5. I must not be a good pastor, I only put in 20-30 hours a week into pastoring
  6. I want to talk about something that's been on my mind lately: pastors hiring staff from other churches. It happens, but is it really fair? A few times, pastors have reached out to me about offering our Youth Pastor a job as a Youth Pastor in their church. While I appreciate them asking me instead of doing it secretly, I still feel like it's not right to recruit from other churches for the same job. Every time it's happened, it's been a big church asking our only staff member to leave and join them. Pastors have told me not to make our Youth Pastor feel guilty for leaving, that they really need them, and that this is normal practice in churches so don't worry about it. Is this something you've seen in your area?
  7. We're still the same. We're too contemporary for some, and too conservative for others. We're just going to try to please God.
  8. Of course. I've never heard anybody over my neck in the woods say that IFB is not a denomination, after all, the word Baptist is in it.
  9. Agree or disagree with the following: "Nondenominational" refers to religious organizations or congregations that do not align themselves with any particular established denomination or sect within a religion. However, despite not affiliating with a specific denomination, nondenominational groups can still be considered a denomination themselves, albeit with some nuances. Here's why: Distinct Identity: Nondenominational churches or religious groups often have their own distinct identity, beliefs, practices, and organizational structures. While they may not adhere to the specific doctrines of a particular denomination, they still form a cohesive group with shared beliefs and practices. Organizational Structure: Although they may not have hierarchical structures like denominations, nondenominational groups often have their own leadership, clergy, and organizational frameworks. They may have local congregations, national headquarters, and sometimes even international networks. Theological Perspectives: While nondenominational groups may claim to be nonsectarian and open to a variety of theological perspectives, they typically have a set of core beliefs or doctrines that distinguish them from other groups. These beliefs may not align precisely with any one denomination but still serve to define the group's identity. Community and Fellowship: Like denominations, nondenominational groups provide a sense of community and fellowship for their members. They often gather for worship, religious education, social activities, and community service, creating a cohesive religious community. Recognition and Affiliation: While nondenominational groups may eschew formal denominational labels, they often seek recognition from legal and regulatory bodies, such as tax-exempt status from government authorities. They may also affiliate with broader networks of nondenominational churches or organizations for support and cooperation. In summary, while nondenominational groups may not fit neatly into traditional denominational categories, they still exhibit many characteristics of denominations, including distinct identity, organizational structure, theological perspectives, community, and recognition. Thus, they can be considered a denomination in their own right, albeit one that emphasizes independence and flexibility in religious practice and belief.
  10. You are making a big assumption who the readers here are. This is a public (open) forum that has readers of all levels of spiritual maturity. I've never in my life have I had a Christian give me a hard time about posting Scripture. You are missing the point. I'm actually trying to help you. uhmmmm.......
  11. It is not a requirement, but it most definitely is helpful and Biblically beneficial for anyone reading this thread. From my above reply, it will show someone where in the Bible how you came to that conclusion. I tell my church all the time to always study the verses in the Bible that I teach and preach from so that they can study it for themselves. It is important that Biblical issues be Biblically studied, and the best way of doing that is by posting the Scripture references. I did and all I read was opinions of the Bible, not FROM the Bible. I believe that asking where in the Bible you are speaking from IS a legit question. It makes me wonder if you want us to go to the Bible or just listen to you. Correct that is board rules
  12. That is correct. the English language is constantly changing. Back in 1611 the word "Replenish" meant "to fill", and today in 2024 it means to restock.
  13. Can you please use Scripture when posting a Biblical lesson? Otherwise it is just your opinion?
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