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  1. Miss you Brother John!

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  3. Miss you John.

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      I miss you John and your perspective on matters impotant to us all. We do hope that your health and spirit are both good.  

  4. Your view of this makes me sad. The God of Scripture is active in our lives today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen a .ru extension. What does that represent or stand for? Thank you, good to know. In my case, I did run a virus scan after those happened but didn't have malware scan at the time.
  6. I can't speak for what happens in your circle but I know several people who were healed after being prayed over. Real, actual verifiable healing which the doctors attested to. There was a Baptist missionary in China who, after years of failing to be able to learn even the rudiments of the language, one began preaching to a few people who knew some English when suddenly all the Chinese present began listening intently. Some called for others to join until eventually a crowd heard Chinese coming from this Baptist missionary who was preaching in English. Multiple sources, involving multiple missionaries and other Christians, have reported on the large number of Muslims overseas who have had very specific dreams which caused them to seek out these Christian to learn of Christ. None of these things "just happened", God clearly was involved. There are countless other testimonies of such, and much more, by reliable Christians, not the emotionalist Charismatic fringe.
  7. It said it removed them all. I had a couple or few, don't recall just how many, times when suddenly new windows started opening up rapidly and I couldn't close them faster than they would open new ones. I had to shut the computer off to stop it. Perhaps during one or more of those instances many nasty things jumped on board. I don't know. Yes, I really thought over 800 hits was extremely high. I was concerned when it got to double digits! I suppose being rid of whatever they were couldn't hurt! ;-)
  8. Did you know we have not only been really hot but also really dry?
  9. Ok, I admit it, I'm not looking forward to the extreme heat and humidity they say will hit us today.
  10. Those people who are in a big hurry speeding down the road and they come up fast on your bumper and stay there as if that will make me drive fast just for them.
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