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  1. Jerry

    David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

    I don't understand why so many of you want to throw sound preachers under the bus. If he was teaching something wrong, then deal with that. So-called Christian bookstores sell Books, Bibles, study materials, music, etc. - but yet if a solid IFB preacher does, something has to be wrong with him? Have you ever bought a Bible, a music CD, a hymnal, any Bible study materials? Yet, don't have a problem doing that - but in this context, the guy must be in it for the money? You're right - none of us know his heart, yet you don't seem to have a problem judging his heart/motives in this case (ie. assuming they are wrong). Judge his fruit. It's certainly better than 99% of everything else there in Christendom, including probably material in your own home or library. The Bible never tells us to judge someone by his personality or style - but by his fruit (which includes doctrine, deeds, sins, etc.).
  2. Jerry

    David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

    I've read enough of his material to see his purpose is to teach the Bible and get the material out. And you make a big assumption, he referred to some of his books - he didn't say "go buy my books." Perhaps those books are some of the material he makes available for free. I was surprised recently to see how many books (some of which I already have in hardcopy) are available for free on his site. Regardless, he has every right to sell his books - they do that everywhere else in the secular world and in Christendom. He produces this material himself (ie. his Way of Life ministry does); therefore, there is nothing wrong with wanting to recover the costs in some way - if he wanted to do that. I can guarantee a die-hard ministry like his is not raking in the cash - there is not enough market for him produce his material and make a profit. Apostate and compromising Christendom don't want to hear what the Bible has to say. It is the little independent churches and solid preachers (plus, devoted men and women of God) that are going to be on the lookout for more solid Bible-based material than they can find in their regular ecumenical bookstore. Also, the vast majority of the material in his books is sent out for free first in his articles (from what I have seen, it is various series out sent out articles that make up the contnts of the book on that subject). If he was in it to just sell books, he wouldn't do that!
  3. Jerry

    David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

    Something reminded me of a comment made earlier in this thread about someone disliking it when David Cloud referred to several of his books - the person thought he was dismissing them and pushing his material. (I am not defending the perceived manner that he may have come across in, but what was said when he replied.) Did you ever stop to think maybe he has already dealt with your questions and concerns and mentioned those books because they would be most helpful? I sometimes post a link to a study I wrote or posted if I think it was related to the topic being discussed - don't have the time or inclination to write a new long post when something I've already written would be more beneficial. I think Cloud is the same way here. For the person who made the comment about Cloud just trying to sell more books: he is not in it for the money, otherwise he would not send out free articles by email, have a free database on articles on his sight, and have an extensive section of free ebooks to download. That's a lot of sound Bible-based material he has made available. Obviously, money is not his motive.
  4. Believe me, true solid Bible teachers are divided on whether it really was Samuel or not. The apparition predicted that Saul would be dead within a certain amount of time (I think it was three days) - Saul did die, but not in the time predicted.
  5. Personally, I don't believe it was the real Samuel at all. The passage states that Saul "perceived" it was, which could mean he simply thought it was. He didn't see Samuel, the witch described what she saw to Saul. Also, the prophecy that was given by Samuel did not come to pass exactly as stated - yet if it was a prophecy by the Lord, it would have been 100% fulfilled. If it actually was the real Samuel, it is the only recorded case where a spirit came back after dying to communicate to the living, AND it is obvious it was for the purpose of pronouncing judgement on Saul. Elsewhere in the Bible we are told that basically the dead do not come back (until they are resurrected), and that when man is making offerings to and seeking to communicate with the dead, they are in fact doing this to demons.
  6. I don't believe any dead person comes back and appears to anyone - but I certainly do believe a demon can appear sometimes disguised as someone or something else. So certainly a demon can appear and say it is Mary and pass on "messages from Mary." Not everyone claiming to have seen Mary is making it up - some may actually have seen something but are deceived as to what they have really seen - though I am sure there are religious deceivers out there making up things too.
  7. Jerry

    David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

    Admitting to God in both cases - more than just reciting a list of sins, but admitting to God and agreeing with Him about your sin and the Saviour.
  8. There are/were demonic apparitions directly giving statements supposedly from Mary - so it is not always simply a matter of false teachers, but direct demonic influences too.
  9. Jerry

    David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

    In 1 John 1:9 and Romans 10 that is the definition of the word used. I do not know if it is the same word used in the other passages. Look it up in Strong's.
  10. Jerry

    David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

    It seems everyone here is using the word confess in an unbiblical manner. It means simply "to agree with, be of one mind about." We can be of one mind about all our sins being against the Lord and making us guilty of judgement in Hell without naming them specifically (aside from whatever sins the Holy Spirit might bring to mind at that point in time or prior to that point).
  11. Jerry

    David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

    I don't know what Smith teaches about repentance - though he disagreed with Curtis Hutson's denial of repentance not being necessary for salvation. I think Shelton Smith re-edited their hymnal to fix Hutson's edits.
  12. Jerry

    Mark of the Beast?

    Not according to the Bible. After 4:1, the book mostly deals with those who become believers after the church is taken out of this world. Either way, the events are still future, and still worldwide as the book clearly shows.
  13. Jerry

    Is foot-washing scriptural?

    Is that all that Jesus did in that passage? Is the footwashing the primary focus of the passage? No, teaching service and forgiveness is.
  14. Jerry

    Mark of the Beast?

    Nice try, Invicta. We have not had the rest of the events of the book of Revelation come to pass - no worldwide ruler on that scale, no worldwide plagues, no battle of Armageddon, no return of Christ for His bride and to set His millenial kingdom.
  15. Jerry

    Which Strong's concordance to use?

    Strong's is not KJV keyed - what is that supposed to mean? It is a tool made for studying the KJV.