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  1. WOW a whole 13 dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even get a good pizza for that kind of money
  2. I like mozzarella ,cheddar ,colby ,colby-jack,provolone ,gouda,farmers cheeses
  3. I have come to find out that it only seems to matter what the fathers race is . Hence why I have seen white skin blond hair ,blue eyes all apperances seems white yet their father was maybe American Indian or even black .They will be listed as either black or American Indian . Seems totally crazy but thats what I am told
  4. How does prayer provide children from the Lord ? I have prayed and even been anointed yet I have none . Not trying to be rude I just don't see how you have come up with that statement .
  5. I hope no one here every has to deal with infertility or has a friend or family member have this problem . Its painfully clear that its still a taboo topic and that the people facing it will not get the support they need . They will instead be told that its "God's Will " or to be content etc ... Its like a death and people who have family die are surely not told to deal with it and get over it . Infertility = death the death of dreams and hopes I am sorry that those who have it are never understood and treated kindly but instead told how wrong they are
  6. Thanks for posting this it is painful when others act like you should be fine like this .Yet I really wonder if they were in my shoes how they would truely act .
  7. Thank you I actually do frequent a board who does care more about such things .I wish people would learn to care about all people in these situations .Its very very hard for us who do have such problems .
  8. I belive God gave us doctors to help fix whats broken .If only I was wealthy I too would have done IVF . I know many a person who has children who doesn't deserve them . Adoption is actually even more costly than IVF .Its also more intrusive to do adoption because you have to deal with the government more . It easy for you to say these people "accepted " it .Only them and God know for sure . So a married couple who would love to have a baby but cannot God closed the womb . But the teenager who had a one night fling and gets pregnant God opened hers ? Oh well I can see another reason I dislike coming here because people don't really understand and care about all situations . I mean its fine and dandy when said teen gets pregnant lets welcome them and throw a shower for them . When married couple finds having a baby not so easy lets critize and tell them how they have to live with it and not offer any support .
  9. Uh so even though I am married and we are both Christians God must not think much of us because we have never been "blessed " with a pregnancy .........
  10. Easy for you to write out .I doubt very much you know anyone dealing with infertility or why else would you be so uncaring in your comment .
  11. I always wonder why I bother to log in here . For what it is worth I don't believe surogates are wrong . I think it is the most wonderful thing for someone to do for someone .
  12. Can't say I have heard this rumor .I believe he is just going to take it easy and relax back in Tampa .
  13. Well I said discouraged .Thats why I am not on here very much anymore .
  14. I made taco's and Oreo Truffles (this was my second time making them and they are sooo easy and sooo good)
  15. Well he was a good governor compared to the one that is now there in that postion
  16. For drinking we use the Brita pitcher
  17. I hope he resigns if not we in the state should impeach him He has allready wasted a ton of money by refusing to move to the Govenors mansion in Springfield insisting on a personal plane to fly back and forth from Chicago .(to the tune of 5k dollars a day )
  18. I don't know how well this would work out .I would think that this "money" would be very easy to copy ,plus you can only use it at certain locations . I would think a neighborhood gift card would be better to offer .
  19. I know how hard it can be ,I only cook for myself and my husband .There is a new magazine called cooking for 2 that has given me some new things to try .
  20. I wonder what the people who voted for him think about all his "change " .Doesn't seem to me to be anything but just a redo of everyone Clinton had when he was in office .
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