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  2. I don't have any children nor do kids come to my door trick or treating so to me it's of no concern though in the past I'd hand out candy to the kids on the bus. Our county schools don't allow dressing up from staff or students but they have a "trunk or treat" at the school.
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  4. So, shall we have a friendly chat on Halloween, and its keeping/rejecting? Or maybe expand it to a discussion on ALL holidays? What are some thoughts out there?
  5. Right? I have put together entire sermons in my head, and when I sit to write it out, I see I remembered the passage I based it on incorrectly, and had to start from scratch.
  6. Rom 14:5 :"One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind." I just taught on this last Sunday, when teaching on holidays Christians should and shouldn't observe, how it is often misused to say we can celebrate anything so long as we are good with it. The point you are making concerning the Sabbath is correct, from this passage, and the context it is found in. Not sure I like the Rockwell quote, rather than just using scripture, since that is where we are coming from, but the meaning works-as long as we are obs
  7. Ukulelemike, OK, so you explain the discrepancy by saying that the men made a mistake with their remark. Fair enough. re: "He could have resurrected just prior to the first day of the week, which would have made it the third day since He died..." To what day of the week is "it" referring?
  8. Bouncing Bill, Why did you quote my question to John Young and then comment on his comment regarding Passover?
  9. I have found this all too true. Writing is hard work. Perhaps this should have been put under humor. You know often we have a choice of crying or laughing. I prefer laughing.
  10. There are some Christian groups who practice Passover now. I see nothing wrong in either practicing Passover or not practicing Passover. I am sure Paul and the early Jewish Christians practiced Passover. It was part of their heritage.
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  12. I guess he could have risen at 6pm Saturday night according to our calendar but I always assumed that since he was called the "Sun of righteous" in Malachi 4:2 and that the disciples met on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7; I Corinthians 16:2) it was early Sunday morning our calendar. Another thing that stumps me is when Paul wrote that our Lord rose again ON the third day. How do you have three days and three nights yet still rise on the third day? That would make rising again on the fourth day. That's why I figured Jesus wasn't talking about literal twelve hours days and nights but
  13. Morning begins at 6am, doesn't mean that is when Jesus rose, just when the women went to the tomb. Jesus wasn't there-He was already risen. Besides, He could have remained in the tomb until 5 minutes before the end of the first day, and it still would have been three days and three nights. Nothing that it cannot go over, however, again, there is nothing about the specific time He rose, so He could have been out of the grave, busy with whatever business He had, before the women arrived.
  14. We're having a spectacular fall...here's some color.
  15. The liberal Governors of some of our States used Covid as a good way to implement their euthanasia policies and get rid of a lot of the elderly who were a burden on the welfare system. The system that was built for the elderly and not for lazy Democrat voters of working age.
  16. Tonight's sunset was spectacular! I took several photos, but since my phone camera doesn't have a panoramic setting, I took a video instead. This was taken from the roof of my house.
  17. We have had a lot of immigration. Especially pre-covid. Not really illegal though as I far as I know, because we dont have as large a place for people to get in unawares. Yeah that is the main reason. But itll be different when the covid 19 is less of a factor. Pro abortion.. legalise cannabis and supporting euthanasia are the next things being pushed
  18. Yeah, you can see that here. Alberta is traditionally very conservative (think Texas level), except for the cities might be more liberal, and the heavily student areas around the universities are more socialist. In the last election, you could clearly see the strongly immigrant-settled areas of our major cities by the areas that voted socialist.
  19. Although it has nothing todo with candles, there is one last thing I wanted to say about Christening, Confirmation and First Communion. These three things are the reason that The Roman Catholic Church can claim to be the largest religious organization in the world. They greatly benefit from Christening babies because that act puts the baby on the church membership roll, that baby goes on to study their Catechism, in preparation for their "Confirmation and finally their First Communion. So even if the person never goes though all the steps and never even attends church service again, they
  20. I can see the argument about nothing being wrong with lighting a candle in memory of someone but to me personally it seems superstitious. Also, these things always seem to end up replacing truth faith and righteous works. I imagine the first confessional booth was just to help a believer confess his faults to another but eventually was turned into the ungodly mess it is today.
  21. As I said a "Day" as in a period of daylight regardless of the length of time. If Jesus rose ON the third day (not after three days) yet spent three days and three nights in the heart of the earth this is the only way that makes sense. Also, a Wednesday crucifixion would have him in the sepulchre for 3 1/2 days/nights if he rose again early Sunday morning. Wednesday Crucifixion at 3pm buried just prior to sunset, i.e. 6pm. Thursday 6pm-6am=Night Thursday 6am-6pm=Day Friday 6pm-6am=Night Friday 6am-6pm=Day Saturday 6pm-6am=Night Saturday 6am-6pm
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  23. Everything recorded in scripture is correct, but not everything is factual. That he said it was the third day since it was done cannot be correct the way it reads, because Jesus Himself said three days and three nights in the earth, until His resurrection. We cannot make 3 hours into a day. I would rather believe what Jesus said, than a disciple who may have been wrong. As well, technically-speaking, if Jesus died just prior to the end of the day, He could have resurrected just prior to the first day of the week, which would have made it the third day since He died, though the disciples
  24. Thanks for the reply. I believe you show how different the Catholic idea is as contrasted with the Orthodox view of lighting a candle. I do not believe the Roman Catholics believe the candle should be beeswax as the nice smell of beeswax burning is not present in Catholic Churches. Also, some now use electric candles. You drop money in a slow and an electronic candle comes on for a period of time. I seriously doubt that Orthodox churches or members would accept this. I told a priest one time that "I am not Catholic, but those electric candles offend me." He simply smiled.
  25. How do you reconcile that with Luke 24:21?
  26. It may be beneficial to ask one question; where do we see "lighting a candle for the dead" anywhere in God's Holy Word? I was raised in a Catholic setting, not that my parents were practicing Catholics, but my grandmother was and my parents just followed along with Catholic practices. You see, according to Catholicism, once you are "Christened", which is for Catholics, synonymous with Baptism, you are then Catholic and remain a Catholic for life; in that the record of your being Christened remains forever. So, this fact made my parents Catholic because their parents had them Christened w
  27. Three hours is not "a day", 12 hours is a day, if speaking of a day and a night-24 hours total. The time began when He was placed into the grave, just before 6pm, so He could be just as he was, 3 12hr days and 3 12hr nights. So He was crucified on Wednesday, placed into the tomb just prior to the end of the day , meaning He was in the tomb Thurs, Fri and Sat, probably reviving either just before the send of the weekly Sabbath, but more likely resting til the finish of Sabbath and resurrecting at the very start of the first day at 6pm.
  28. From my view in the States they won because the lady president did such a good job in response to COVID-19.
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