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  2. I think it’s a new world thing, especially for independents. Small start up churches can’t afford to build right off the bat, and there aren’t a lot of old church buildings for sale, so they will rent space until they’re established enough to build or something comes up for sale. Sometimes it’s interesting what they end up in. I know a little Baptist church plant in Saskatchewan that had the opportunity to buy an old Ukrainian Orthodox building. Only Baptist church I’ve ever seen with onion domes!
  3. Quality, over Quantity is a message I used to preach when I traveled in Evangelism. Text is Gideon and his 300-man army
  4. Our church owns it's own building and manse so does not pay any rent. In fact I don't think I have ever been a member of a church which did not own its building. We have a new pastor starting in August who has six children so will need a larger house. He will continue to live in his current house and the church will pay his rent, until he can find a suitable property nearer the church, then we will have to consider how to proceed. The options seem to be to either pay his rent, or to buy a property jointly with him.
  5. You might be an Independent Baptist if everyone agrees to have lunch at...any buffet style venue.
  6. Then there are the 7 point Calvinists, who follow John Piper. However the 'total depravity' of a lost soul, I could identify with. All humanity requires a redeemer...redeemed how I love to proclaim it!
  7. it takes too much effort to count you out....
  8. Calvin taught "Total Inability" of man or at least that's what his followers like Loraine Boettner taught. Most Calvinists hold that heretical point today. I'm not sure about Calvin himself. Sometimes the followers of a particular theologian/preacher take his teachings farther than he ever intended. I believe the same can be said for John Wesley. I've never read his writings either but I've heard he never explicitly said a saint could lose his salvation only that it appeared so in scripture. But his followers, like in Holiness or Wesleyan churches, have a believer losing their salvation over just about anything such as watching TV or wearing pantyhose. A Baptist pastor friend of mine who was once Holiness told me about this. Anyway, Total Inability is not the same as Total Depravity. Total Inability says that man is so depraved he can't even exercise freewill to believe the gospel.
  9. If the church simultaneously equates physical growth of a church to God's blessing (their church) or to compromise with the world (growth of other churches) you might be in a Baptist church.
  10. I agree with Calvin on one point of the 'TULIP'... Total Depravity of Man - Jeremiah 17:9, Ephesians 2:12 I don't agree with Calvin on... Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Perseverance of the Saints. I agree with Arminius on four points... Free Will or Human Ability - Romans 10:9, Revelation 22:17 Conditional Election - John 3:36 Universal Redemption or General Atonement - 2 Corinthians 5:15, John 2:2, Hebrews 10:10 The Holy Spirit Can Be Resisted - Acts 7:51, 2 Timothy 3:8 I don't agree with Arminius on... Falling from Grace - John 14:3, 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Hebrews 7:25, John 10:29, Romans 8:38-39 So, I'm neither of the above I'm a Bible believing Christian.
  11. Yeah, they get worried they may have accidentally walked into a Pentecostal church.
  12. No kidding I have a pastor friend who only officiated funerals and not weddings because he says "they keep longer". Lol
  13. To the groom... Proverbs 31:10 "Who can find a virtuous woman?" Follow up with, 'If the wisest man in the world needed help to find a virtuous woman what makes you think you did? Probably not the best advice .
  14. When I'm away from my local church traveling I don't attend Sunday and/or Wednesday services...unless I'm visiting with folks who do go when the doors are open and then I go to their morning and evening services.
  15. You might have been in an Independent Baptist Church if you've heard the preacher say... "There is no place, anywhere like this place, anywhere near this place, so this must be the place."
  16. “Even the mob engaged in pillage and murder is not the disorganized thing it appears to be. Somewhere behind the violence is a leader whose ideas it is simply putting into effect." Aiden W. Tozer
  17. Yesterday
  18. When visiting a church and you see a few people raising their hands during a music special and the first thing you wonder is if you are in the right church, you just might be an Independent Baptist.
  19. Are you monotone? Not really, but I'm sure there have been times I have Are you loud in emphasizing your points? Yes and no. Sometimes when I get into the message I get loud Do you preach from notes, or off the top of your head "as the spirit leads" you? I always use notes. Notes cover my points, subpoints, Scripture and illustrations. How long is your typical sermon? 30-45 minutes
  20. Had fish, chips and peas for lunch. We ate out as I went to our previous town as one of the butchers there makes Merguez sausages and I bought a kilo of them to freeze for when I do cous cous. They seem to have a lot less fat in them than those we used to buy in France. The butcher also makes Toulouse sausages (Don't tell Macron) and I have never tried them so I bought a couple of them to try. Joined our daughter next door for curry this evening.
  21. To me the SBC has been on a downward slope since the, so called, conservative takeover in the 1970s and 1980s. To me this was a move away from Christ and toward political politics. Again, to me it was mover about grabbing power than in presenting Christ. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Alliance of Baptist grew out of this when churches split away from the SBC. The church I attend was both SBC and American Baptist before the takeover. I live in a border state and it made sense to cooperate with both. A number of years after the takeover we explored how to divorce the SBC. There seemed no formal way other than to take SBC off the letterhead and stop giving money to the Cooperative Program. We are small but very diverse in ethnicity, racially, educationly, and in professions. What we do have is lots of love. It is a family. I was proud of our little group when we raised $5,000 to help a woman in the church who was in desperate need. We average 20 to 25 adults a Sunday and yet we have a budget of over $1,00,000. We have never ended a year in the red. We have direct contact with Baptist in Zimbabwe and helped an orphanage dig a well, yes, some of our members traveled there and helped. We helped them purchase a new pickup truck last year. We also have members who have worked in seminaries in Europe and Russia. This little group has friends and influence around the globe. Our goal has nothing to do with national politics, though we follow what is going on in both parties. Politics and Christ do not mix. When a church becomes involved in politics, politics does not become clear, but the church does become dirty. We are active in helping with a food bank, in helping the homeless and strive to improve race relations. There are some Baptist churches in our area who do not like us. I consider that their problem, not ours. So, our goal is to put Christ first and follow his life, leading, and teachings as shown in the gospels. We would like to be larger, but not over 100 people. To me even 100 might be too large. Looking back over our history that does not seem to be what God wants us to be. I consider myself a traditional Baptist, not a modern one. Blessings.
  22. I would in no way say that people inside a convention or fellowship were sinning. We're all flawed, as you say...we're all sinners. I was raised in the IFB movement and was in it until 2000, when my wife and I had experienced and seen enough of the abuse of others and left. There is somewhat of a problem in the SBC with abuse as well, and it's, at times, disconcerting to see people in positions of authority abusing their positions. The SBC itself seems to be on a downward spiral, as evidenced by the actions inside of the convention meetings this week. UGH! I really don't like being inside a convention. But, I go where God leads me.
  23. I knew you position and I will defend you right to that opinion. That was not my problem with your stance. I may have misinterpreted your meaning. It seemed to me that you implied that being a part of a denomination is a sin and that all involved are sinners. Well, all are sinners, but for other reasons. I expect the independent fundamentalist church is primary an American institution. There may be some in Europe, but I have not heard of any. I have come to believe that we Americans have developed such that we place too much emphasis on the individual and not enough on the group. To me there are problems in either area, independent or in a convention. There are problems in both as people are involved in both. Whether independent on in a convention the Holy Spirit may be ignored from guidance. To me the work of the Holy Spirit is involved in the live of all individual Christians.
  24. When you preach what is your style of presentation? I almost always preach expository, or textual (mostly expository). When I teach, it is more topical. I never do narrative sermons, it's just not me. Are you monotone? I'm not monotone by any means. I'm a very expressive person, and my preaching follows. I talk with my hands and emphasize a lot. Are you loud in emphasizing your points? Occasionally. I don't ever intend on being loud. I try to always pray beforehand that the Lord will help me deliver the message exactly the way I need to deliver it. I pray if I need to be loud, that it will be portrayed as passion, and not contention. I pray if I need to be quite, that it will be meditative, and not boring. Do you preach from notes, or off the top of your head "as the spirit leads" you? I almost always use notes, though I can preach without them. My notes, however, are just the basic points, subpoints, and Scriptures. How long is your typical sermon? I generally preach until I'm done. But now, starting a new church (we had our first service a month ago), I have been making it a point of only preaching 30 to 35 minutes. My longest message that I'm aware of was 1 hour and 58 minutes. So basically I'm all over the place on time.
  25. Tonight it's a small pork roast with potatoes, onion, celery and carrots. I may make some cornbread to go with it.
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