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  2. I know of a preacher who "rented" a church building for free as long as he maintained it. The building was one of those historical landmark chapels that was used only twice a year (Easter and Christmas) and held an occasional wedding. He had to keep the name of the church too which was a generic name. Haymaker Chapel. It was quite a cozy little church building. Once they grew too enough members they were able to afford their own building. You might be able to find something like that.
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  4. Thank you for sharing that information with us. I'm glad that we never had to break down and haul everything each week. I know many who had too, I'm thankful that we haven't had to do that yet.
  5. We rent the local community center, very small, maybe 35 people capacity. We only rent it for the day on Sunday, and 2 hours on Thursdays, and we pay $10 each Sunday, $5 each Thursday. Typically, $70, max, per month. I also have use of office space included, so I don't have to haul everything in and out, just set up and break down. Still rather have our own place. Lots of open buildings here, but they all seem to have weird issues with them, so there they sit to fall apart.
  6. Yes, they weren't there, because they didn't need to be there in the original language-it was added for clarification, because it didn't translate directly into English the way it read in the Greek. So yes, it was added, but the thought was there, it just didn't translate. Some thing. Like Spanish has certain word that are in the female sense, and some in the male sense, Hermano and hermana, both of which translate as friend, but one, we would write as male friend, the other as female friend, because English doesn't have all the words words to specify male and female that way; (those we had, l
  7. I'm not trying to one better anyone here. I don't know the answer to the OP question. It was just an interesting thought brought on by some things my pastor was teaching during a Sunday evening service. There is a lot of thought going into this and none of us may know the answer before we sit at the feet of Jesus Christ, Lord of Glory! I can say this without any doubt... "Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him." [1 John 5:1] "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptib
  8. There is NO doubt in my mind about God being the progenitor of all recorded truth in our KJV Bibles. That is not at question here [2 Peter 1:21]. Who God used as scribe IS in question. I have not seen a scripture yet that ascribes the 'scribe' for Genesis. Some of the early accounts are so much like a first hand account that I can accept the possibility God used someone besides Moses. It also might be possible pre-fallen man (Adam) could have had the ability to speak and write. I refuse to believe the Genesis account came years or centuries after the death of Moses, that is not in question for
  9. Jerry, Genesis pre-dates the law recorded by Moses. Is there a reference scripture for "the Bible itself teaches Moses wrote the five books."
  10. There is no perfect answer this side of glory, so it may be possible. Thanks.
  11. If you're comfortable telling us, I'm curious as to what the rental cost is for your church if you rent a building. You do not have to give church name or location, I'm curious as to how much churches spend on rental buildings, especially church plants. I started our church 5 years ago in Connecticut, and we pay $1500/ month for 2,000 square ft. and we got a great price for our area. I understand that each location will have different rental costs.
  12. Thank you for sharing those sermons, they were a blessing.
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  14. Oh that must have been sudden. I last received a message from Allan just three weeks ago when he se good wishes to me on my birthday.
  15. Sorry, Brother SureWord, as per my quotation above of one specific part in Brother Jerry's posting, I was not responding to any of the specifics that the liberal belief system presents concerning any specific book of the Holy Scriptures. Rather, as per that quotation, I was responding to the general motivation of the liberal belief system. Brother Jerry stated, "That PHILOSOPHY just creates doubt and uncertainty about the Word of God." I responded to that statement only by indicating that creating doubt and uncertainty about the Word of God is the VERY ESSENCE and AGENDA of the liberal beli
  16. Also, the partial verse in italics in 1 John was not in certain manuscripts at the time that it was translated - but it was in other manuscripts in the family of the textus receptus. It is not like the KJV translators invented that phrase or created it out of thin air. They obviously believed that the phrase belonged in the Bible, but were honest enough to put it in italics to indicate it was not in all the manuscripts. I have various tr-based Greek New Testaments (and access to several in the Swordsearcher Bible program that I no longer have access to due to not having a computer now) that ha
  17. Every time Baruch wrote down Jeremiah’s words, God was honest enough to tell us (otherwise you wouldn’t even know he did so!) - so why wouldn’t He do so in an earlier book of the Bible?
  18. No, "the liberal belief system" would say that Genesis was made up of five different textual sources all compiled and edited together as one with some Babylonian mythology thrown in for good measure probably around the time of king Cyrus or the building of the 2nd Temple.
  19. No, the italicized words in I John 2:23 were not there. Would Moses refers to himself in the third person? Because there's plenty of times he would have if he wrote the books himself. I don't see the problem with the Pentateuch being written by one of his scribes as Jeremiah had Baruch, Paul had his writers, the four gospels of Jesus Christ not being written by Jesus. Yes, but then why not write, "Therefore I wrote this song..." if he wrote Genesis.
  20. I think Christian in American we will find more persecution within the church from other professing Christians than from the outside. The only exception may be if a born again bible believer attends a secular, liberal university. He/She will probably face persecution more so in that environment. I wouldn't say I've been persecuted but I've had more Christians do me wrong than unsaved folks. A daughter of a deacon in a former church I attended helped destroy my marriage. She worked for the Social Services and convinced ny wife I was abusive and to leave me. The deacon's daughter ended up c
  21. Indeed. The very essence and agenda of the liberal belief system.
  22. Deuteronomy 31:22 Moses therefore wrote this song the same day, and taught it the children of Israel. I guess that means Moses wrote at least some of the book of Deuteronomy right then and there. No need for other people to write out the rest hundreds of years later.
  23. There are several places within the book of Deuteronomy itself that relate God directly telling Moses what to write, including the account of his death - that means it was written by him, during his lifetime - not hundreds of years later. That philosophy just creates doubt and uncertainty about the Word of God.
  24. Luke 24:27 And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. Pretty sure Jesus’ OT study included the book of Genesis, as there is much in that book that also teaches about Christ, including some very clear types. The Bible itself teaches Moses wrote the five books of the Law. Even if there were some remnants of oral or written history prior to the time of Moses, God told Moses what to write (ie. inspired him to write it), and we have no reason or Biblical evidence to conclude that he used any man-made sourc
  25. Wrong. Take note of that which I have emboldened in my quotation above. I never indicated that human "logic" is unscriptural or that it should be avoided by Christians. What I indicated is that human "logic" should not be the BASIS for doctrine, especially when NO Scriptural support whatsoever is presented. What I further indicated is that my own argument and defense is an appeal to direct quotations of God's OWN Word. Indeed, I indicated that for me "the very precise wording that God the Holy Spirit inspired in the Holy Scriptures" will always be my foundational basis for true doctrine.
  26. You never know... the Toronto police department just issued a warning that it would enforce outdoor gathering limits (at 5 people in that province) even at protests.
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