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  2. LOL. No - there are SOME things being done...and the REASON for it is because Trump told the GSA to go ahead because democrats were threatening and harassing. It's funny, but the MSM has sure presented this thing with the GSA as "proof" that Biden won. But it's nothing like that. The MSM sure has fooled people who are ignorant of the election process into believing whatever they say. Neither the MSM nor the GSA decide who is POTUS. PA has been stopped from certifying until Fri while they are looking into fraud. Amazingly, at the OPEN meetings today, it was pointed out that just a little
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  4. I was surprised & disappointed that Trump's campaign didn't hammer home the fact that the Dems wasted over $40 million of OUR money on an impeachment they knew beforehand wouldn't pass. Also, they didn't play the "Socialist" card hard enough. And Trump's own baseless claims came home to roost. Vote fraud occurs in virtually every election that's not limited so some one-horse town, but not enough to overturn this election. As a Conservative, I shall pray that God have His hand on Joe's shoulder & keep him on a moderate course. Also praying the Senate remains under GOP control.
  5. Best news is that the Lord jesus still in charge, and he can cause what was done in the dark be exposed to the Light!
  6. By your own words, both you and SureWord believe in two churches. Christ instituted what he called His church....singular.
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  8. I have dealt with those who hold to view 3, but I hold to view 1/2!
  9. Reposting this from July. Very appropriate since it is exactly what is happening. As with every social revolution in the past, the revolutionaries will purge all political rivals. The big difference this time is that it will be worldwide occurring in all western, industrialized nations and it will not stop there, Satan's true goal are the saints but they are harder to find these days. The political-religious are everywhere and most WILL acquiesce to save their lives down here. All Satan needs is to remove Trump and national sovereignty from the world's mindset. That alone is the reason Sa
  10. Predestination solely has to do with the final outcome of those who believe in the Son of God. God has determined beforehand that all who receive his Son by their own freewill will someday be conformed into the image of his Son. Spurgeon may have believed Calvin's nonsense in his head but the Holy Ghost in his heart told him otherwise.
  11. 1) There's the Church, the body of believers spiritually baptized into Christ from Pentecost to the Rapture. 2) There's the local church, a group professing believers who are members via baptism. Well, should be via baptism and a profession of faith. Not all are immersed. A local church, including an IFB, can contained saved and unsaved members. 3) Then there's "Baptist Briderism" or "Landmarkism" which is a ridiculous teaching that only Baptist churches are the true body of Christ and can trace their origins to John the Baptist an OT prophet who died before our Lord's crucifixion. Y
  12. No! Jesus only built one kind of church. There are those who would teach that the word “church” can mean two different things depending on who is viewing it. Possibly the worst error is the theory that in certain instances the church can mean what is called a “Universal Church”. This error teaches that all the saved make up this Universal Church. It is defined as the universal, invisible church because we supposedly cannot see it in its totality, for it is spread out over the whole world. It is taught that only God can see His Universal Church, but Scripture
  13. And so it goes; the fatal mistake of all Hyper-Calvinists. God's Word never indicates that predestination applies to anything other than that, those who are saved be conformed to the image of His Son. Romans 8:29 (KJV) For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. God's Word never says or indicates that anyone is predestined to be saved or go to Hell. As a matter of fact God's Word does not indicate that anyone is predestined to anything other than to be conformed to the image of his Son once
  14. Not necessarily. He evidently learned it from Scripture study. Now, I believe we all agree God is perfectly-just. Would it be perfectly-just for Him to create people predestinated for hell no matter what? Obviously, God created some people predestined to serve Him, such as Moses, Jeremiah, & Paul, among others. And we are repeatedly exhorted to spread the Gospel, by Jesus Himself, & the apostles. He would not have done that, nor given the "Great Commission" if everyone were already predestinated with no chance to change it. I choose to believe 2 Peter 3:9 & NOT t
  15. I would see that there is, as that Body would be made up of all of the redeemed, as Jesus true Church would be His Bodt, which is ther Church universal. NOT the Catholic Church way of viewing this!
  16. Yes, from our Calvinist perspective! many of the greatest missions were from Calvinists....
  17. Not enough to offset those 2 states in popular votes!
  18. So, was Spurgeon predestined to believe in free will?
  19. These tests are being used by officials to ramp up the numbers of those infected as an excuse for more lockdowns and restrictions. Notice in this report how many times tests came back negative before actually showing a real positive result. So then, under this scenario one could test negative and then go out and spread the disease, thinking that they are OK. Flawed and inaccurate Covid19 testing
  20. Because he also believed in free will
  21. Jim,

    In the thread on the local church you said you believe you did not transfer photos from an old computer to a new one. If you still have the old computer you can removed the old hard drive and with a cord with the right connections bring that hard drive to life and transfer them to your new computer or a hard drive.

    Good luck.

  22. It will not be overturned this year. The transition has officially begun. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gsa-chief-letter-president-elect-biden-formal-transition-process-resources https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/11/23/trump-and-gsa-authorize-biden-to-begin-presidential-transition/?sh=959751f2bd29
  23. Actually may wife and I will have a COVID test today as she has been having symptoms. I certainly do not want to spread it if we are positive. We will stay in our cottage until we receive the results of the test. If they are positive and it is a light case we will stay inside. If it is negative then we will go out again.
  24. Bill, why don't you just get yourself a biohazard suit, oxygen tent and stay inside your home never leaving. You might catch a cold if you don't.
  25. And yet again I must tell you: IT ISN'T OVER YET. Popular vote is not what it important. Not in a constitutional republic. Even the electoral vote can be overturned.
  26. Who the Book of Revelation was not addressed to. A careful note of who the Book of Revelation was not addressed to, nor even mentioned, will help us understand Church History, Church Authority, and to whom the Church should avoid. In my previous study on the book of Titus here on Online Baptist, I had mentioned the biblical definition of the word, ‘Bishop.’ Here is the link to that study: Here is the quote from the Titus Study on the word, ‘Bishop. “It is also of utmost importance to see that the title of elder, bishop and pastor are interchangeable terms f
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