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  1. I made taco's and Oreo Truffles (this was my second time making them and they are sooo easy and sooo good)
  2. Fried chicken ,mashed potatoes ,mixed veggies
  3. Garlic Bread with penne pasta and sauce
  4. Free chicken sandwiches from McDonalds
  5. Last night we had gyro's :thumb
  6. Buffalo steaks ,baked potato and Strawberry pie (homemade )
  7. Tonight gumbo joes and french fries
  8. Last night I used some of my points from My Coke Rewards .We got a medium 2 topping pizza and 2 20 oz sodas from Dominos for FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love FREE things
  9. Had something planned ,went to make it realized it was not any good .So had to go to BK instead .
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