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  1. Those brown sugar cured, pre-baked, spiral cut hams smoked in my smoker-cooker for 4 or 5 hours. We use wood from a White Ash tree.
  2. Oncoming drivers who take their half out of the middle of the road.
  3. Cherry Pudding (A sweet and moist cornbread recipe with lots and lots of humongous, fattttttttt 'n' jooooooooooooocy black sweet cherries folded into it. ) Serve with milk 'n' honey. :drool:
  4. That is beautiful. I thoroughly enjoy logic like that. :clap::clap:
  5. Homemade chicken corn soup and chicken salad sandwiches from the left over diced chicken.
  6. Boiled 'taters with ground beef gravy on top and lima beans. Banana bread for dessert
  7. Homemade chicken corn soup (Penn-Dutch style ) and fresh-baked banana bread. :drool
  8. Now, that is my kind of book. :thumb :Green Jess, your hubby and I are sooo much alike. :Green I'm reading Thyristorized Power controllers, by G.K Dubey, S.R. Doradla, A. Joshi, and R. M. K. Sinha. It has everything in it we could ask about designing and building our own inverters, converters, power controllers, etc.
  9. [quote="Bakershalfdozen"]:tip: I felt a little comic relief was in order. :frog [size=50](Which also explains my siggy that no one has commented on...)[/size][/quote] :Green Your siggy is so cool, and is the reason I changed mine, i.e. for comic relief to cheer the soul on bitter cold days. It is only 14 deg. here right now. BRRRR
  10. I got the following in an e-mail from a friend:::::::::: Interesting piece by Pat Dollard. I am a student of history. Professionally, I have written 15 books in six > languages, and have studied it all my life. I think > there is something monumentally large afoot, and I do not > believe it is just a banking crisis, or a mortgage crisis, > or a credit crisis. Yes,these exist,but they are merely > single facets on a very large gemstone that is only > now coming into a sharper focus. > > Something of historic proportions is happening.I can sense > it be
  11. Methinks since the decree is already on the books for the U.S.A. to merge with Canada and Mexico it (our USA as we know it) will be gone before we are ready for it to go. I fear it is going to happen very soon. :sad How will it affect us??????? Do you have a really nice house and a decent piece of land????????? It will be taxed right out from under you. Do you have a nice car???????? You may not be able to afford the fuel once we all start paying back that 7 Trillion Dollars. Do you enjoy eating three meals per day???????? You may opt out for two meager meals, or some days only one
  12. Pretty much identical to yours, C. America is in for exceedingly sad times and beginning right now with all of the layoffs, and the prices of goods that are all a-fixin' to skyrocket. Look for it this coming spring and summer.The low gas prices are only the calm before the storm. Already our illustrious leaders have socked a staggering debt upon us in excess of 7 trillion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add to all of that the NAU, aka North American Union for which Bushie-boy signed the treaty back in 2005. The Mexico to Canada Superhighway is already being built right up thru America's heartla
  13. Last nite pork 'n' sauerkraut baked in the oven, home-processed applesauce, mashed potatoes, and raw salad veggies.
  14. Corn fritters with maple syrup, sliced and diced tomatoes and sweet red bell peppers from the garden (not my garden) with Italian dressing, and sliced fresh peaches swimming in honey all over ice cream. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!! :hungry:
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