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  1. Me too! I haven't gone shooting in a long time, and I'm way outta practice. Odd, too, since there's a shooting range not 4 miles from our house. I'm surprised we don't hear gunfire. :lol:
  2. Chelle


    There was a steep hill on the street where we used to live, and I used to ride down it with no brakes. Thinking back on it, I really thank the Lord for His protection. I was a reckless kid. In fact, that recklessness cost me one whole tooth (which has now been replaced with an implant and crown) and part of another tooth (repaired with bonding that has miraculously lasted 17 years).
  3. Chelle


    I used to have a mountain bike and a 10-speed. I didn't take either one with me when I moved out of my parents' house, so I don't know where either one is. I wish now I had taken one of them.
  4. That's a good point, John. :Green
  5. Isn't it though? :tum This thread is like a non-realtime chatbox. :lol:
  6. Why not ask Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Aldrin? :lol I live in Houston. Maybe I'll ask them next time I see them. I think Neil Armstrong still lives in this area. BTW, I voted "I don't care one way or the other". It's not a cause I feel particularly strong about.
  7. sandwiches using the leftover roast beef (which we roasted in our rotisserie Friday evening) and cucumber slices with ranch dressing (no, the cucumber slices will not be put on the rolls with the roast beef :Bleh )
  8. We're going out for a steak dinner to celebrate my husband's 43rd birthday. He actually doesn't turn 43 until next Friday but since his mom and stepdad are going to be in Toronto on that date they wanted to take us out this weekend.
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