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    Have you ever heard a sermon that affected you profoundly and you would not mind sharing it with us. The only rule is that it cannot be your own preaching. You can share your experience hearing it and also a link to it if it was recorded and put online. Click one of the tabs above and start watching some great preaching.
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    They say that musicians are eccentric people that can only be understood by other musicians. Ehhh, maybe...

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    A geek club for those of us who use (or attempt to use) a Linux operating system...whether we know what we're doing or not! LOL! Feel free to ask questions or share tips. If someone doesn't know the answer, then we will try to find out. We may not know the answer, but at least we use Linux! LOLOLOL! If you want to join, you have to ask. Not sure how it works, but you have to ask. Not sure who you ask...probably me (No Nicolaitans)...but you have to ask. I've said "ask" enough now...

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    Just a club that I'm testing. Cool kids only. lol