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  1. I agree...we usually settle for a chuck roast, slowly cooked....but this time my wife found a wonderful top round that looked pretty good. She brazed it, then put it in the oven with the veg and baked it for 2 1/2 hours at around 325 degrees! It's so tender, and the flavors have married up so well that I am just waiting for supper! It'll be a bit later tonight since my wife has to stop for gas, and will probably get off a bit later since the truck has to go tonight. It's at least an 1 1/2 hour drive home on Friday nights, but with the gas stop, it'll be around 2 hours. That roast, though, was on sale, and it's the first top round we've seen in over six months. It's hard to get certain cuts of beef here lately unless you know a farmer. We've actually started buying grass fed Aberdeen beef from a cattle rancher friend of mine. It's getting to be a huge thing here these days.
  2. This evening we're having the rest of the Thanksgiving roast that my wonderful wife made. Potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and dinner rolls round it out! Then for a nice slice of apple pie. YUM!
  3. A friend posted this on another site.... Watch your thoughts ; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
  4. The ones I know of here in Tennessee seem to be holding steady at present. There are a FEW churches that have seen a decline, some steep for now, in participation from the youth. But, I don't see this as the norm.
  5. I know that I am linked to many people who are unsaved on Facebook...many of them my relatives. I don't encourage people to go looking at their profiles...and I don't go to other peoples profiles and visit their friends profiles. I don't know many who do that kind of thing. If someone has that much time on their hands...they have TOO much time on their hands! I don't believe I said you were stating what you implied I was stating...I made a generalized comment of my position.
  6. Many will leave for a short time, but many also return to the faith when they finally realize that what they were taught as children is the truth, not the lies from the world.
  7. My wife and I know about these things...she worked for Dell for many years, and we were involved in IT technology before it was "cool." We are photographed anywhere from 100 to 10K times a day, depending on how accessible you are...If you're out there in the public all day long. Thankfully, that isn't much of a problem for me any longer. My wife, however, is usually out in the public eye for 12 to 18 hours a day. We don't use TikTok, though our nephews and nieces seem to like it.
  8. From what I understand about Bonhoeffer, he didn't write much on doctrinal issues, but more on the ethical and moral issues, such as standing against the spread of liberalism inside the German Lutheran church. As stated, I've read very limited portions of his work....I still don't find anything in the writings that I've read where he denies the virgin birth, or many of the other things you've claimed he's doctrinally incorrect on.
  9. Just thought I'd ask...do you have a cell phone? Smart phone? Do you drive a car newer than 1975? They all have computers and are able to be tracked. My brother and his wife, and my sister and her husband have Alexa, and they have admitted that they can hear other people's conversations, and that at times they hear the unit kick on an listen to them. It's a strange feeling being in their homes when these things kick on!
  10. Yet, we see that Jesus ate with publicans and sinners...Hmmm...so we shouldn't link or be friends with anyone who isn't a Bible banger...right? Don't think so...it's gonna be hard to reach people if we cloister ourselves!
  11. You sound like another Latino who can't defend their position...sad...really sad. Knowing how to properly defend the Word of God and one's position isn't too much learning...and thank you, but I'm a Christian...are you? Your continued deflection and accusation of others is tiresome, especially when you can't back up your statements.
  12. Nobody is disputing the Word of God, as you seem to be implying...The only things we have pointed out is that you hav no ability to explain your position. You falsely accuse us of being angry and furious...lying about people is a sin. You aren't telling the truth if you can't defend your own position. And to bring this up once again, you've also sidestepped answering the question concerning the seven heads and ten horns. I don't have to quote Scripture to be scripturally correct. I know my Bible...just quoting scriptures on a board without any connection at all to the subject isn't something to be proud of. That seems to be what you do. You can't defend your position, are easily offended, run away from or deflect from the conversation, and then accuse others falsely. None of those things are good. You've also avoided answering Jerry's questions on your salvation testimony. Something isn't adding up on your end here....
  13. Don't flatter yourself, Morales...I'm quite scripturally strong without your assistance. I've never stated you "are lost" Your continued accusations against several of us leaves me to the conclusion that you can't handle disagreement in any form. I've only stated that you need to become hermeneutically sound, nothing else. It seems that the Portugese and Hispanic's on this forum can't handle any disagreement at all without becoming offensive to everyone else on the forums. Shameful. Deflection isn't your strong suit...sorry, but that's the truth.
  14. As I see, you're sidestepping the questions. You keep regurgatating the same Catholic hogwash youve been typing and then attacking the people who ask you the question. It's clear you have nothing to say and that you have no communication skills. Deflection isn't your strong suit. It seems, according to you, that anyone who doesn't agree with your warped theology, is devilish, yet you sidestep questions, refuse to give your interpretation of the passages you keep regurgatating, trying to imply we ask because we "don't understand" the passages. The problem with that is that WE probably know a lot more than you about them. Many of us have been trained in hermenteutics and exegesis and can rightly divide God's Word. Because of your continued deflection, and the lack of an answer concerning your your salvation testimony, I sincerely doubt you are an Independent, Fundamental Baptist or a saved person. Just my observations of your actions.
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