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  1. I agree. They didn't have a perfect Bible/guideposts for them to go by. They had partial knowledge, and they were the instruments that God was using to complete his word. History and prophecy are two of my favorite subjects. One minor was in history. I went to many prophecy conferences in the early years, and found that there are many varying interpretations of the scriptures. I know which one I agree with and believe is Biblical.
  2. Please, prove that the story was just a myth..That's the first time I've heard someone inside Christianity call it that. Just wondering why you'd call it that.
  3. C'mon, man! Be realistic...did Jesus walk this continent? LOL
  4. Remember, though...God is outside of space and time. He's not restricted in the least by any of it. He can do as he wills. I'm not saying that the days were longer than 24 hours, but I do believe that because GOD is outside of space and time, it's not relevant to him. Just as the day being longer during a battle because Joshua was holding up his staff...the sun held fast in it's place increasing the amount of day that they had to win the battle. There have been calculations that say that the world's time is off by at least two or three days. It could very well be more. I'm not putting that limitation on God.
  5. I could handle the mean tweets. They never bothered me. I just didn't pay any attention to what he was saying. I'd rather have the lower prices and NO MORE BIDEN/HARRIS.
  6. I have heard many preachers say that they believe that the adversary has had a person ready to take over in every generation. I believe that this could be the case. He has to be ready because he doesn't know when the Rapture is going to happen, and he has to be on top of the situation when it does. Most Messianic Rabbi's believe that this is the Israel that is supposed to be restored. I have many Jewish people in my family. Most are Christians.
  7. No candies being given out here. We don't have trick or treaters coming to the door. Haven't had any in the last 17 years. Love the quiet!
  8. Good insights, Jerry. Some preachers don't believe that this rebirth of Israel is what the Bible is speaking of. I don't see how they could possibly just discard the possibility that it is. It's the first time in nearly 2K years that the nation has been in place.
  9. I was listening to a sermon on a Christian broadcasting netword, and the preacher who was speaking stated several times that ALL THE PROPHECIES that needed to be fulfilled, and all of the conditions for Christs return in the Rapture had been met...all that we were waiting for was for God to tell the Son that it was time for him to come and get us. I know that many of the Bible prophecies have been fulfilled, and that the time of his coming is near...but are we truly living in the last days? Have ALL the prophecies that need to be fulfilled been fufilled for his coming? Is this mandate by Mr. Biden a dry run for the upcoming Mark of the Beast?? I know I've been hearing these things since I was 9 years old....I'm nearly 60 now. The apostles believed THEY were living in the last days and that Christ would soon return to take his bride home. Could it be another 5 years, 10 years, or even longer before his coming for us? Thanks for your input in advance. I know what I believe, and have studied this for many years...I just find it strange the twists that some preachers put on this.
  10. My wife got gas on Friday night @ $2.96 a gallon. She said that gas this morning was $3.19 a gallon at the Pilot station, and $3.22 at the Thorntons! Kroger Fuel had it at $3.18...Our gas expense every week has gone from $70 to over $125...Thank you, Mr. Biden! That's just for the one vehicle. My pickup truck takes 5 gallon more than our Explorer...We could easily spend over $150 a week on gas. How much is gas where you are???
  11. Where did you get connection with LGBTQ from that article. If it was in there I must have overlooked it. I don't think this is coming to us soon as you're predicting. Some of the things sound famiiar, but I'm not sure as they'd be classified as fully here....
  12. There's no doubt about that. The problem is that talking about these things and giving a false impression of the God of the Bible and Christianity is sending not only their souls to hell, but the souls of many others who believe that this is Godlly....They have a "form of Godliness," but they "deny the power thereof."
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