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  1. Having worked on catlle and veal farms, I'm well aware of the vaccinations in cattle. I also worked on a chicken farm, and my great aunt had many chicken houses in Southern Indiana when I was growing up. I also worked on chicken farms and in a chicken plant in Lewiston, GA named Criders. Vaccinations are nothing new, but they are ESTABLISHED, WELL KNOWN vaccines, not a vaccine that is for humans that has only been approved for emergency use in humans. Stop being dishonest in your posts. It's not becoming of you.
  2. False religions are found all throughout the Bible. GOD is the one who has set forth the guidelines of what is "false religion!" Anything that denies that he is the one and only GOD, and that Jesus is the Christ, or that there is a Holy Spirit, is heresy...ie...false religion!
  3. I'm still waiting for my copy to show up from the bookstore. They've ordered both of these books for me, and I had to order one of them from Amazon because the bookstore said they couldn't get it but would try again. I didn't count on them getting it. So, I've paid for one of those books 2x. That's okay, though. I can sell it to one of the other class members. Thanks for your input on this book. I greatly look forward to reading more than the excerpts I've already read. Now, THAT sounds like an interesting book! I might try to find a copy. I love geology and archeology!
  4. This is not the same, BB, and you know it well. You, once again, are trying to compare apples with oranges. Get real.
  5. They have been starting to vaccinate pets here in Tennessee. I think it's one of the most stupid things I've heard of. There is no proof the virus is passed from animals to humans or vice versa. It's just another way for Big Pharma to make more money on the vaccines. More "transfer of wealth!' Jeff, you can't just make blanket statements like you did and not post an article from a conservative and liberal news source to back it up. It doesn't make any sense to ramble on about things you cannot back up with hard evidence. You seem to be doing that quite a bit lately. Your oft rambling statements are hard to follow with their redundency in structure. You do okay at times, but at other times, I just can't follow and wouldn't even want to try to figure out what you're saying. I like "PLAIN SPEECH!"
  6. We have several in our family that listen to Osteen and his wife. They are saved, but they're not very active in church or in anything that has to do with spreading the Word. I appreciate that they like to have some "motivational" messages, but to just totally disregard the whole counsel of God for expediencies sake is detrimental to the Kingdom. Churches are disappearing or turning aside at alarming rates, and people like the Osteens are part of the reason. Christians today are doing just as the Bible said, looking for someone to "tickle their ears" with pleasant messsages and worldly music. It's time for a revival.
  7. I fully agree. In my own personal case, I can't always be there because of balance issues, vertigo, etc. It would help if my church would have their services online. As it is, we do not, though my pastor has told me that he would. He's not reaching many people who need to be reached because of this. Case in point, there are several in assisted care facilities or nursing homes that would like to have the services online. They, like me, have to watch other churches services, and that tends to somehow breed an air of discontentment. Not in me, but in many of the others. They can't get to the services, period, and we haven't been able to have any services in many of the facilities lately for well known reasons.
  8. I see all liberal hack, MSM sites...UGH! Many of these seem to be overlapping. Anyone can do a quick "google" search, BB. Try a little integrity for once, Puh-leeze! I don't believe you're going to be finding anyone here who is going to change their mind about the vax. Liberal hack media site that is well known for reporting inaccurate and fake news stories.
  9. Thankfully, two of my doctors are against the jab! My primary care asked me about whether or not I wanted it. When I told him "NO!" he was very happy to drop it there. Because his practice requires it, he got the jab. I don't know that he would have otherwise! BB is a government apologist, IMHO. I'll leave it there.
  10. Not calling you a liar, Jeff, but I want to see VALID, PROVEN sources that back up your claim of people being bribed to test positive for the coronavirus. We've heard this several times, but nobody has posted proof. So, please, post proof of this happening.
  11. Tonight we are having a hamburger patty, potato chips and pork and beans. And later we will be having a Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Pie. YUM!
  12. Let the bribing for bovine bombs (the vaccine) begin! Now the State of Maryland is going to have a $ 1M scholarship program to try to entice people to be vaccinated. Why the bribe if this vaccine is so effective? Doesn't make sense to me. Most can see right through the hypocrisy of the Kool-Aid drinking establishment hacks! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/state-offers-dollar1-million-covid-19-vaccination-scholarship-program/ar-AAMvRxU?ocid=chromentpnews
  13. Thank you for your concern about my health. I truly DO appreciate it. But, as I've stated many times, my wife and I both believe we had the coronavirus back in December of 2019 before they were able to pinpoint what it was. We had all of the symptoms, and we lived through it, as do most who get it. My mental accuity isn't in question...you made the statement about another persons mental abilities because of his age. You know full well that I'm going on 60, a good 20 years or so younger than yourself. I also know that I have had relatives who have lived well into their 100s and have been mentally competent and very sharp and wise. The only relatives that I have that is near 80 years old that have taken the vaccine are my biological father, who is a lifelong, Kool-Aid drinking, Democrat, and his wife. All of the others have declined.
  14. BB, how can it be "utterly false?" The two year period anniversary of the roll-out of the vax hasn't been two years yet! I'm not saying that people will start falling over dead, because I don't know. Nobody does for sure. But, you make some pretty strange blanket comments. You say he was born in 1932, and that his mental capacities probably aren't what they once were....Well, sir, not to be cruel, but you're over 80 years old...can we say the same about you? Again, this is just a question, not an accusation, about your judgement since you've attacked anothers.
  15. That is an interesting article that was sent to me on the "Post Pandemic" Church, and how some pastor's will refuse to adopt on online/digital program to go alongside their "in person" church services. I believe it is something that pastor's need to consider. I've seen this divide coming for years, and the coronavirus has started to bring it to light! https://careynieuwhof.com/the-coming-church-split-its-not-what-you-think/?fbclid=IwAR1wb_r2ftghCxfP2bp3E30qhwmVbfV4nM4uOKJK1hGqDh_6njGJucB3Ysc
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