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  1. This is a typical tyrade from him. On other forums he attacks, degrades, deflect, and has temper tantrums. I would have thought he'd grown up over th past 10-15 years. I guess I was mistaken.
  2. I see he's hit nearly every if NOT every thread he's been posting on with this. Typical behaviour from him when people don't agree with him, sad to say.
  3. This evening, because Vivian and I were at my annual follow up with the ENT concerning my bilateral Meniere's disease, and it ran late into the afternoon, we stopped at a Greek Cafe that we had been wanting to try for the last year or so. It seemed like the right time to stop since we had to stop at Kroger and at Walgreens as well which are within a block of the cafe! We had the most WONDERFUL shaved steak on a bed of rice with sauce, and a nice salad with "fata" cheese and creamy dressing. It was a bit more expensive than we had wanted, but the portions were good. We will definitely eat there again! We had fresh baklava as well! YUM!
  4. I can agree with this, @1Timothy115. My grandfather had one of those things in his closet. He said that his one room schoolhouse that he attended from first to third grade used it, or at least had it in the classroom. Wish I still had it.
  5. Thank you for that clarification. I know when I came to know the Lord, I was at Maranatha Baptist Bible College. I had made a profession of faith years before, but I never really knew if it took. My fiance at the time was a Sr. and ready to graduate from MBBC, and she got saved on April 13, 1983, during our evangelistic meetings on campus with Dr. Tom Williams, a cowboy type preacher! My fiance had discussed our lives several evenings before the crusade began, and we both believed that something was missing in our lives in spite of what we had professed years before. After she got saved, she and several of our friends started praying for me to surrender to the Lord. It was apparent that he was working on me, and conviction was deep. On April 15, 1983, the last night of the crusade, I came to know the Lord as my Lord and savior. I've not been a perfect Christian since then, but, I know I'm saved. I'm thankful to know that you say you've been saved. We can only go by people's testimonies and actions. By their fruit ye shall know them.
  6. Dear Iconclast: Many here have requested that you give a salvation testimony. Since you apparently either haven't seen these requests, or just have refused to give a salvation testimony as the Bible says one should....i thought I'd bring it to your attention. 1 Peter 3:15 “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” King James Version (KJV) I'm posting this here so that it will be clear what we're asking. We truly hope that you know the Lord as your personal saviour. We look forward to hearing of your salvation experience. Thanks, BrotherTony
  7. Again, a deflection.....Where is your salvation testimony, Iconoclast?
  8. You're truly dilusional, Iconoclast. I've posted Scripture several times. I've not violated the 9th commandment in any way, shape, nor form, yet, you have continued to do so against nearly everyone who has posted in response to you. I truly don't see why you continue to stay, as you've seen your positions concerning the Bible and salvation aren't believed or accepted here. We believe the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, not the ravings of Calvins and his ilk. Misinformed, mistaken? We don't believe so...in fact, Scripturally we know better. So, that leads me to this again, a request you've sidestepped again and again here...where is your testimony of salvation?
  9. Observation....you are posting long diatribes again....Commentary from others when you don't seem to have anything you can bring to the conversation yourself, in your OWN words. We're all aware that the 9th commandment talks about "not bearing false witness against our neighbor." Yet, to be honest, Iconoclast, you've done just that many times on these forums. How is anyone to take you seriously when you violate the very things you're posting commentary from others on. You've named Jim, Pastor Scott, me, and others here as "confused," accused us of not using Scripture, and of not coming to the point...yet, it seems none of us have to run to anything but the Bible to make our points. Hmmm....something's not adding up here. Again...where is your salvation testimony?
  10. And I have given Bible verses, as well as references to verses without posting the actual verse or reference point itself. Your point, sir?
  11. This is speaking of the Tribulation saints...not those saved in the "church age." Most here don't hold to your reformed theology, Iconoclast.
  12. If I haven't interacted with "any posts" since you've been on here, then why have you been responding to me? You're not only prevaricating, but, you're deflecting. In both of your recent posts to me here, you've prevaricated. This isn't a good thing. Neither is your twisting of God's Word to meet your own agenda. MANY here have responded here BESIDES myself concerning your twisting Scripture...and to be honest, THE HOLY SPIRIT is the one I would trust to lead me into "all truth" over Calvin or yourself and your warped understandings and rantings about the Word of God. I have nothing against you personally, Iconoclast, but, I DO have something against your attitude towards others, and the Word of God. And let me ask one last time...Both Dave W and I have asked for your salvation testimony, which once again you have sidestepped. Shame. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!
  13. Again, a distortion of the truth. Some of us know that you believe you have a private interpretation of the Bible. There are continued insinuations of how ignorant those of us who don't agree with you on these forums are...ridiculous on your part. Suggestion? Why dont you find a forum that will be your own private echo chamber? Now, why not you stop prevaricating and start telling the truth, Iconoclast???? Might be a refreshing change for once.
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