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  1. That's wonderful news! We're praying for you!
  2. Strange. Maybe they are trying to convey their future into people's minds.
  3. I like a lot of what CH Spurgeon wrote. I don't agree with everything he's written, but, there's a lot of truth in his writings.
  4. Camp was like this for me back in the middle 1970s, and I ended up skipping out. Got into a lot of trouble for it, but, at that time my parents had swallowed a lot of the IFB Kool Aid with the extra -Biblical hogwash some apply. They apologized to all six of us kids years later.
  5. This action was uncalled for. This man doesn't belong in ministry. These aren't the actions of a minister of the Gospel. He's NOT "holding up the banner" as he said. Either he'd be gone or I would.
  6. I have a niece who was a nurse at a huge hospital. They gave the nurses 30 days notice to get the shot or "hit the door." She worked 29 of the 30 days and they called her and 3 others back, asking them for proof of "vaccination," or they were going to have to terminate them. One of the four caved and kept her job. My niece and the other two were put on suspension...not termination. This effectively stopped them from nursing elsewhere because they were still considered employees of the hospital. They, as of six months ago had not lifted the suspension. My niece is now working in another field for nearly twice the pay and half the hours. And not a one of her new coworkers have taken the jab.
  7. Very good. I like it. Good for him not taking the poison jab they were trying to require.
  8. That's feasible as well. We don't have the specifics, only what they saw and understood it to be at that time.
  9. Some of my college professors said they believed it was an analogy for a meteor shower with meteors of enormous size. I'm not sure I agree, but, it sounded feasible.
  10. I agree! I had to skip every time he spoke in chapel after that. I got demerits for it, but, it was well worth it! I dropped out of his class as well.
  11. I've heard my share as well. One of my college professors said in a chapel service one time that if a burlesque house had a good hamburger he'd go there regardless of what people thought. Nice thing for a New Mexico pastor say, right? That was mild compared to other things stated in chapel services and classes that year.
  12. I can fully agree with this. We had someone come into a church service many years ago with the intent to harm someone who was present (his ex-wife) and a man with a CC permit stopped him quite handily with no danger to others in the congregation.
  13. Interesting....and yes...we often sing in Spanish or French...I know a little German myself as my ancestors on my adoptive fathers side came from Germany.
  14. Thank you for the other reference points. I am familiar with the Baptist Messenger and Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. I live just two hours from Covenant in Owensboro, Kentucky. I live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. This whole portion of the US is beautiful. Maybe I should have referred to the excerpts from your book as verbose and unnecessary. Most here who have had any ministerial background should have studied the amillinialist position and understood it's teachings. Personally I see a lot being read into what the Bible says when it comes to amillinialism. Moreso than the dispensationalist teachings. But, as stated, we don't have to agree on the interpretation of every point of doctrine as long as none of it crosses over into an apostates mindset. Again, thanks for the other references. It is appreciated.
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