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  1. You're right....I don't know why I put Tampa...LOL...Too many things happening at once today. My brother works at a mold remediation company in Tampa. My sister in law works from home in Seminole, and my nephew in law is a youth pastor at a church in St. Petersburg. I've been contending with two sick 5 month old female Labrador pups this morning, and our 1 year old, Bailey is getting sick, too. I've had to carry be running in and out the door with them since 1 AM this morning. UGH! But, I wouldn't trade them for the world. I don't count it as you being picky at all. Thanks for the correction...I should have seen what I did, but while listening to the news, I put wrote the town they were reporting from.
  2. My brother and sister-in-law, as well as a niece and nephew in law live in Seminole, FL, a suburb of Tampa, and I also have a brother in Orlando, as well as several friends and cousins near the same areas. I've had a load of prayer requests hit me this morning of people who are concerned about this hurricane becoming a STRONG category 4 or even a category 5. They're saying this could possibly be a devastating thing for the Tampa area...the worst storm in 100+ years. Please, pray for the people of Florida as they as facing this natural disaster. Thanks in advance. BT
  3. I wasn't inferring "hoarding." Yet, it probably does need to be pointed out. With that said, I will repeat, it's never wrong to prepare. I know in natural disasters, or shortly before, the are a minute number of people who will hoard and try to enrich themselves on the misery of others.
  4. I agree that hoarding is a sin...but, question, Jim...was hoarding even mentioned or implied here, or were you just mentioning it as a side-note?
  5. You're taking an alarmist and unrealistic attitude towards what has pretty much been an established and fairly accurate practice for the National Weather Service and NSSL and other agencies across the globe. It's always a good thing to prepare for these disasters ahead of time, not just a few hours before they occur. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared and buying things one knows will be necessary if the storm hits certain areas.
  6. Weather can be predicted...not always correctly...but in the area of hurricanes, storms, etc., accuracy has been improved greatly. Weather patterns help people to know what is going on....I don't think this is something that is economically or politically motivated. And, my brother who lives in the Tampa Bay area (Seminole) has stated that they are only calling for a possible category 3 hurricane possibly making landfall. It's also what I'm seeing on Weatherbug!
  7. Providing more abortions than breast cancer screenings helps prove that that service doesn't justify supporting PP. There are other entitees that will provide these services at low or no cost at all. I know of two male relatives that have had breast cancer, but thankfully didn't have it. Another male cousin had breast cancer about ten years ago and was treated by a medical college in Indiana at a very low cost to him.
  8. Strange...Seems this is only going on in third world countries...If these people knew how to farm like most developed countries do, one would find that this is just more left-wing propoganda. Climate change is the devils tool to try and unite the world to come under the auspices of the United Nations...One World Goverrnment.
  9. If you're looking for accredited colleges, most are going to be cost prohibitive, IMHO. But, many will let a person work at a reasonable pace. Years ago I had started my degree through Baptist University of America in Kokomo, IN. Because of several "happenings" in our lives, I had to lay that down for a while. I have had several friends go through there, and their work is college leve work, though many people don't accept this as a "legitimate" college because of their unaccredited status. It might be something to check into as well. I've considered picking my studies back up there in the near future.
  10. I remember 1979 in Central Illinois, and the huge blizzard we had that kept people inside for several days. I was living in Illinois once again when it happened in late December of 1994 and early January of 1995. Again, it made a huge dent in everyones plans. It took nearly five hours for a 25 minute trip from Pekin, IL to E. Peoria, IL for a wedding on New Years Eve that year. My grandfather who lived in Indiana where I was born, told us about several years of blizzards in the Bloomington, IN area when he was a boy, and after he came back years later after working in the CCC camps out West. He told us about the Dust Bowl, and how people thought it was the world changing into a desert....He laughed at how stupid it all sounded, and how he had never bought into the simplistic theories that science had always tried to push on people as "fact." I agreed with him, and still do, though he has been gone these 30+ years.
  11. I agree. But will He? Weather has always had it's cycles over the years. Seasons are "mild" or "harsh." Sometimes they are just "normal." All things are according to God's will, and I don't think anyone is disputing this fact.
  12. What colleges have you researched...just so we won't be wasting your time and ours? Personally, I would recommend Maranatha Baptist University http://www.mbu.edu out of Watertown, WI.
  13. The weather is different every year....the weather is often different from day to day as well. It doesn't indicate "climate change." Weather goes in cycles...again, not indicating "climate change," or at least not as they mean it today.
  14. Welcome! Glad to have more people coming to OB!
  15. Praying for you, Brother. I can totally empathize and sympathize with you. Vivian and I have experienced it twice...her with just a few symptoms, and me with near-death experiences both times. We got it the first time in December of 2019 before they could truly identify what it was. Because of this, they couldn't truly treat it. The second time was last year around this time. I lost a lot of weight, and because of the side effects, I lost a lot more. 80 lbs to be exact. I still have what they call long-covid. You're definitely in our prayers here.
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