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  1. I would in no way say that people inside a convention or fellowship were sinning. We're all flawed, as you say...we're all sinners. I was raised in the IFB movement and was in it until 2000, when my wife and I had experienced and seen enough of the abuse of others and left. There is somewhat of a problem in the SBC with abuse as well, and it's, at times, disconcerting to see people in positions of authority abusing their positions. The SBC itself seems to be on a downward spiral, as evidenced by the actions inside of the convention meetings this week. UGH! I really don't like being inside a convention. But, I go where God leads me.
  2. Tonight it's a small pork roast with potatoes, onion, celery and carrots. I may make some cornbread to go with it.
  3. Bouncing Bill, that's no problem. Personally I don't like Associations conventions or fellowships. They all seem to take the place of the Holy Spirit in guiding things, and I don't like what I've seen inside them.
  4. Please, be a little bit more clear on what you're looking for here. What you had "quoted" from me didn't really fit the bill. It gave me NO IDEA of what you're speaking or implying.
  5. That was posted less than 24 hours ago. I'll be more than happy to get back onto the subject of the SBC and Litton.
  6. The churches in the SBC are all AUTOMOUS churches, just as if they were IFB churches. The only difference is that they work together through what is called a cooperative for missions. This cooperative has several different entities which are to assist the SBC, but lately they haven't been doing what they were designed to do. These organizations are the International Missions Board (IMB), the North American Missions Board (NAMB), the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and Lifeway Resources. There is also an Executive Committee of the ERLC that is to help assist in helping the ERLC in addressing certain things within the denomiination, ie, sexual abuse, and the case which in front of SCOTUS right now where Kevin Ezell, president of the NAMB, and then the ERLC (from which Russell Moore who had a leaked letter just resigned a few weeks ago, joining an non-denominational church as resident pastor) is suing Dr. Will McRamey, a former Delaware Missions director who was fired because of pressure, etc. The NAMB and the ERLC have falsified information and presented it in Circuit Court, lying in their amicus brief, and then also submitting false information to the Supreme Court concerning Dr. McRaney's position in the SBC. This has become quite a bad thing for the denomination, but not necessarily the churches. The churches are still free to do as they wish, as the IFB churches are. They can withhold monies from the cooperative if they feel the cooperative isn't fulfilling it's mission. Right now, it's not. Hope that helps. Oh, by the way, there is also Lifeway. One of the better known Marxist mindset is that of supporting Critical Race Theory. There are more, but this is the main one. There are other problems as well...One of them is problems with many professors at the universities supported by the convention are teaching that the Bible isn't a reliable book, and there are problems with the stand that some of them take on Jesus Christ in human form. It's hard to believe that some of these people don't believe what's already settled by history.
  7. When you preach (Pastors and laymen, please answer if you can), what is your style of presentation? Are you monotone? Are you loud in emphasizing your points? Do you preach from notes, or off the top of your head "as the spirit leads" you? How long is your typical sermon? These are just questions I throw out there every now and then to try and gauge what preachers/laymen are doing. I'd appreciate your input. Please, let's try to stay on subject in this thread. MODERATORS: If this is in the wrong section, would you please feel free to move it to the correct section. Thanks. BT
  8. Tonight is going to be Wild Mike's Pizza since our air conditioner is on the fritz. I don't want to cook a long time in this heat. It's already 80 degrees in here, and the air hasn't been working since yesterday morning. UGH! So, Wild MIke's it is!
  9. I hate some of the things they are doing. Overall, I do like the premise of missions cooperation to get more missionaries to the field. But looking at some of the things that the SBC's universities and colleges are teaching, I'm wondering just what these missionaries are preaching to people around the world that isn't compatible with the Word. I know that there really is no accountability to the churches, just to the missions board that sent them out, and the missions boards can tell them how long they'll be where they are, or recall them for "safety reasons." I've watched this being done, and it's very disturbing to see that they seem to have more power than the Lord's leading in these areas. UGH!
  10. I totally agree, @SureWord. The SBC is splintering, and has been for several years now. The "splinters" are getting bigger as we type! My wife and I have been praying and conversing about leaving the SBC, though we love our SBC church. I'd like to be back in a more conservative church with a true mindset of serving the Lord instead of following a man. Litton is allegedly a good man at heart. I don't know. I've never met him or conversed with him, and I find the opportunity to do so highly unlikely anytime soon. Conventions and "fellowships" are very bad for the body of Christ. I've never been in favor of them, and was glad to get out of them when I left the BMA and when we left the GARBC and the IFFB. So thankful that there are many good churches in these groups who still stand for the Word of God and for following the Great Commission. But, I'm finding the being INDEPENDENT of all of these conventions and fellowship is the better way to go.
  11. It's possible Gerald was there. I tried to watch as much of it as I could on my laptop, but I didn't watch as much as I would have liked. Our internet connections out here in the boondocks isn't really great, even if it IS fiber optic! I correspond with many who were there, one being the man who is being sued by Kevin Ezell and the NAMB, along with the ERLC and is setting before the SCOTUS right now, waiting to be heard on the 17th (tomorrow) of this month. His name is Dr, Will McRaney. It's heartbreaking to see that things between SBC entities and persons is going before the unsaved. But, sometimes it's the only way to handle it when everything else has failed. I live just an hour S of Nashville, TN in a small town near Murfreesboro. I wish I could have been there as a messenger, but I don't think it would have made any difference.
  12. I can tell you now, this WAS NOT a win for the SBC. It wasn't a total loss, either. He will keep the convention away from many things, but he will continue to promote ideologies that MOST average members in the SBC churches aren't wanting. He will, however keep the convention from going totally left. The only plus as far as I can tell. Mike Stone would have been a better choice in my opinion. He got close, but NO CIGAR! By the closeness of the vote tally one can see that there may actually be another Conservative Resurgence getting ready to take place in the SBC. Many churches and church members are getting tired of the Marxist ideologies that have been creeping into the convention over the past several years. All we can do is pray, keep our eyes on the mission that Christ set us out on, and stop looking to try and reform others within the convention. You DO realize that the Babylong bee is a satirical paper, don't you? I hope so.
  13. I don't think I'd ever accuse you of ungodly arrogance. Direct? Yes. That's fine with me. I don't take people as rude until they are BLATANTLY rude. It takes a lot, believe me. I don't offend easily. Personally, I'm not sure either position in and of itself is viable. Some good points to both. Some bad points as well.
  14. I fully agree on your premise the the SBC won't move back towards conservative values. I don't see this happening. It's sad, but most likely true. It's not even the same SBC that I joined 21 years ago. I'm not sure how much longer my wife and I will be staying in an SBC church. I'm finding that I cannot support many of the things that are going on within the cooperative program entities, and the way people are dividing over it, slicing and dicing each other over secondary issues when they should be trying to rectify the major issues facing the SBC.
  15. I believe I did this one time around 16 years ago. I thought that cold medicine tasted funny!
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