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  1. I was surprised, but my wife said, "Since we had chicken last night, let's just have a hamburger pattie and some pork and beans tonight!" The way we HAVEN'T really been eating lately, sounds good to me!
  2. In a round about way, yes, it DOES address "the subject." It also puts YOU on the offensive....Your answer, "Nope, not at all," is an evasion of the question. I'll be a little more specific so that maybe even you can understand. Though there are indeed 3 different words for love in this passage you posted, anyone worth their salt would be able to find the differences by actually "studying" (2 Tim 2:15...Study to show thyself approved unto God...") by using a Bible dictionary, a commentary and a good concordance. It's not that complicated, BB...and after some of your comments in other threads "I dont NEED Scripture," it puts me into questioning your motive for asking the questions you've asked in the two threads concerning this issue.
  3. There are usually equivalent that come along to replace the word that don't change the meaning. You're the one who taught/worked in a seminary or Bible college...right? You should be aware of this if you were involved in any way in this kind of ministry.
  4. BB, are you implying that God cannot preserve his Word even as the language/words change?
  5. So, is it YOUR belief that Jesus Christ or the HOLY SPIRIT lied when these words were written in the Bible? If a jot or a tittle is that important, I don't believe a difference in the word is going to change God's ability to preserve His Word or to keep his promises to do so. Matthew 5:18 “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”
  6. Update on my sister....She's been released from the hospital and has been home for a day now. She was very dehydrated and had taken gabapentin while dehydrated. They told her that this could cause kidney damage, to NEVER take this drug while dehydrated. She didnt KNOW she was dehydrated, and the combination of being dehydrated and the gabapentin kicked her MS into gear. She's a bit weak, but she's doing better than she was. Thank you all for the prayers.
  7. When my wife and I left the one church here in our area after I flled the pulpit for the month or so afterward, the church we joined had taken the name "Baptist" out and put the name "Community" in. This allowed for all kinds of questionable things to start making headway among the people even though it had only been six months since the split. We ended up at another church because that one was headed into doctrinal error. It closed a few months later, and some of the people went back to the originating church. UGH! I hate church splits, divisions, etc. But, I agree @PastorMatt , It's more of a conviction with us as well. We ARE Baptists, afterall!
  8. I'd like to suggest to you Dr. David Sorenson's book "Touch Not the Unclean Thing," on the inspiration and preservation of the texts. It's pretty straightforward, and I usually recommend it to people who are confusing inspiration and preservation and asking the questions you just asked. There are several other books available as well on the subject. I believe one is by David White....I don't often recommend anything written by Dr. David Cloud, but he also has some good information on the preservation of the Bible.
  9. I believe ALL of this over the past couple of years has been a conditioning towards that end. The government has to seek out and find who is going to fight against them if they try to implement these things. It's a slippery slope when POTUS' start to RULE by EO's instead of going through Congress. Biden has intentionally bypassed the Congress several times in the past nine months because he KNEW that Congress couldn't or wouldn't get things passed for him. There should be system to stop him from ruling by EO's...I'm beginning to wonder if the power of the EO shouldn't be questioned.....
  10. This is becoming quite common here. We have had friends who got the SHOT, and then caught the virus. My sister got the shot, and then started having flare-ups of her MS recently. Can't say it was because of the shot conclusively, but, strange that her flare-ups had NEVER been this intense in the past, and not anywhere near as frequent. It's awfully suspicious to me~
  11. Having grown up in what was considered a "mega-church," and then attending part of my college years in one, I grew to be more uncomfortable with them. While growing up, I didn't mind it so much because I could get lost in the crowd. As I grew older, I wanted to be a part of the folks in the crowd who were living for the Lord. It got harder to do in the mega-churches. I grew to love smaller churches during my first year of college as I was helping to plant a couple of churches. Then, when I was in Wisconsin at MBBC (now MBU), I helped plant a church in Horicon, WI. I was told that it folded a couple of years later because many of the people in the area had moved away because of economic conditions. The smaller churches are better for the individuals, better for the pastors, as they can give more freely of their time to individuals, and better for the community because the community comes to KNOW these people in the church, or already knew them because of school, work, etc.
  12. Personally, I enjoy the smaller to medium sized churches. The larger churches seem to be lacking in some things, ie., friendliness, hospitality, encouragement of others, etc. It's not in ALL larger churches, but in many we've been part of. The smaller churches are more like family, and the medium churches are usually more diverse in race, culture, etc. The church we're in right now is a small church, under 150 weekly in attendance. We unjoy the friendliness of the people, and like the way people look out for each other.
  13. BB...just a question...do you EVER read anything Biblically related?
  14. Sorry, but this isn't strictly true. There are many IFB mega-churches. I grew up in what was considered an IFB mega-church. We went from having around 300+ when my family first joined to having over 2K in services on Sundays by the time I was 15. There were SEVERAL IFB mega-churches then. NOW, because of problems within these churches, many have an attendance far below what they had back in the 70's, 80's and 90's. There are many IFB mega-churches right here in Tennessee. Yes, most of the time these churches greatly support missions, church plants, etc. But, the mega-churches within the IFB circles do that as well. You're type-casting, and this isn't a good thing.
  15. My brother in law's birthday is today. When I sent him a "Happy Birthday" wish on FB, he sent me a Message saying my sister Michele in Augusta, GA was in the hospital. She had a very serious flare-up of her MS yesterday and went into convulsions. He was at work (he works as a Richmond County (Augusta) Sheriff's deputy. He couldn't get ahold of her when he called, so he asked a friend to go and check on her. The friend found her in serious condition and called Al at work. His supervisor sent him home. He got some meds into her, and she slept until 6 PM last night. When she got up, it had started all over again. So, he took her to the ER....They admitted her. Blood work has come back and the doctor told them that the drug gabapentin wasn't being excreted through her kidney's like it's supposed to be (the same reason I quit taking this drug about 10 weeks ago), and that he would need to keep her at least overnight, and if no improvement, with the tests she needs, until at least Tuesday. Al HAS to work today...plus it's his 68th birthday. He's stressed and needs your prayers as well. I'm not sure if he's told my mother yet or not. I'm going to try to call her in just a few minutes to make sure she knows. This whole situation could use some prayer...I know Al and Michele would appreciate it, and so would the rest of our family. This is the second worst MS episode Michele has had in the past six months. The disease is progressing. Thank-you in advance.
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