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  1. Yet, when taken out of context they breed the likes of Ruckman. We know where God's word is now... apparently you're being intentionally obtuse considering you quoted from it.
  2. So .he believes not only in the "preservation" of the Bible for the English speaking people to be the KJV, but that it's also "inspired?" He apparently believes in the double inspiration theory put forth by the likes of Peter Ruckman. Sorry, but you'll NEVER get me to buy into that position.
  3. I've NEVER been able to understand how people could fall for the tripe that is Calvinism.
  4. David used to be my youth pastor at the Faith Baptist Church where I grew up. His father, Henry C. Sorenson was my pastor for nine years. David was not always KJVO', and once gave and encouraged my mother to read an NASB version of the Bible shortly after she got saved.
  5. God pursues ALL of mankind and then COMMANDS them to repent. He draws all men unto himself, just as the Bible says. But, man can resist that call to repentance. That's personal accountability. If he had to MAKE you willing, you weren't willing at all. I think you just answered yourself here... quotation of a Psalm by the Apostle Paul. So? Again, in no way whatsoever does this support your pet doctrine of Calvinism. Nobody has stated this anywhere. This is a typical Calvinist straw man being thrown up. Y'all need to be getting some new lines. Exactly! LEADS US, not MAKES US! Ooopppss! There is that "God chose me, but didn't choose you" mentality. We all would love to glorify God for all that He has done for us.
  6. Yes, that is true, and nobody is disputing this ...man can't save himself by his own will ..but, he can submit to the Holy Spirits convicting his soul and come to Christ. Repeating verses over and over don't change the FACT that a person must make a conscious decision to follow Christ.
  7. This still doesn't back your pet doctrine of Calvinism. Nobody disputes the fact that God does this. It's been twisted by the Calvinists to fit their ideology. God does make vessels for honor and dishonor, but there are millions/billions that God has created, and in his omnipotence and omniscience allows their lives to play out, many hearing the gospel and receiving while others rejecting, and others still NEVER hearing. But, the Bible tells us that because of the revelation of God in creation and the order presented in it, they are without excuse.
  8. Dead=SEPARATED in trespasses and sin.... spiritual death is NOT the same as physical death, nor should it be treated so... only extra-biblical doctrine teaches it differently.
  9. This is a typical Calvinist accusation. Nowhere have Jerry or I either one stated this. These kinds of straw man arguments don't help your position.
  10. It's always funny to me how Calvinists always try to compare physical to spiritual and make the two the same in practice.
  11. Calvinists always seem to try this tripe trying to make "spiritual death", ie, spiritual separation from God, mean the same thing as physical death...not even comparable. Spiritual separation from God, or "spiritually dead" isn't anywhere near the same. Salvation, even in the Calvinist ideology, requires a decision...but, of course, through the In the Calvinist interpretation, we find that this decision has already been made for the participant "from before the foundation of the world." This isn't a "decision" but a forceful bringing into Christianity. It negates over 50% of Scripture concerning salvation.
  12. I think it's pretty much implied...and in what I saw it WAS on the front page even though it was under "About Us". This is what I mean when I state that you are ALWAYS quick to jump to a NEGATIVE assumption about things. Reading and comprehension are GOOD THINGS that should be practiced. And, as for the name calling, you really need to grow up and act your age.
  13. Did they? Don't think so. Read the "About Us" section. More of the same from you, Eddie.
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