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  • Southern Baptists elect Ed Litton as their president, a defeat for the hard right

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2021/06/15/southern-baptists-elect-president/ The article begins: The Southern Baptist Convention elected Ed Litton as its president on Tuesday, signaling a defeat for the hard right within the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Litton narrowly defeated Mike Stone, the favored candidate of the far right. For the past few years, the convention has been mired in debates over racism, politics a

    Bouncing Bill
    Bouncing Bill
    Current Events / News 14

    If you preach, what style of preaching do you use? Several questions follow....

    When you preach (Pastors and laymen, please answer if you can), what is your style of presentation? Are you monotone?  Are you loud in emphasizing your points?  Do you preach from notes, or off the top of your head "as the spirit leads" you?  How long is your typical sermon?  These are just questions I throw out there every now and then to try and gauge what preachers/laymen are doing. I'd appreciate your input. Please, let's try to stay on subject in this thread. M

    Questions for Baptists 1

    Whats for Supper...

    Whats for Supper?

    The Kitchen 6430
  • By BrotherTony, in Opinions,

    By BrotherTony, in Opinions,

    By Salyan, in Church,

    By E Morales, in Opinions,

  • Story of Rizpah - Evangelist Dan Souza

    Mothers Day Sermon - Evangelist Dan Souza  

    BroMatt's Sermons

    Thoughts On Psalms 119 ALEPH

    Psalms 119:1-8                                         Sep. 5 - Oct. 2, 2019 1 ALEPH. Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the LORD. 2 Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart. 3 They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways. 4 Thou hast commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently. 5 O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes! 6 Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all thy commandments. 7 I

    Devotionals 9

    Joseph and his Jewish Dreams

    Genesis 37:5-11, “Joseph and his Jewish Dreams”   Joseph had faith and loved the Lord God. In the Old Testament, before the Bible was written, God spoke to men in dreams. God had given Joseph dreams. As we read the story of Joseph, we can see that Joseph was like the Lord Jesus. Joseph was a type of Christ. Joseph walked with God and had the characteristics of the Lord Jesus.   Also, Joseph is a good example for the Christian. God gave the examples of the Old Testament men an

    Devotionals 8

    Cain: A Model For Modern Christians

    Why is it that many Christians today seem to be following and serving God but do not seem to be blessed by God and in the end fail and fall away? Cain is a perfect example of Why.... Outwardly he appeared to be a Model Christian. He Sacrificed to God, God spoke to him and he spoke to God. He asked for forgiveness and obtained mercy from God, and people saw God's mark on him. So why did he fail? In this message we discuss the reason why he and many apparent "Godly" Christians like him fall away f

    John Young
    John Young
    Devotionals 2

    "The Gathering of the Nation of Israel"

    As the prophet Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Hosea prophesied, one day, the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus, will gather the remnant of the Jewish race, back to the land of Israel. The gathering of the nation of Israel, as prophesied by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 24:29-31, will exceed the gathering of the children of Israel by Moses as recorded in the book of Exodus. The gathering of the children of Israel from Egypt by Moses will pale in comparison to the gathering of the children of Israel by the Lord J

    Alan 5

    UNASHAMED: Romans 1:16-17

    This is my first sermon and would like some feedback. I am looking for feedback on the content of the sermon i.e. were there any error's in my teaching, doctrinal issues, etc. I am more concerned with preaching truth than how I look and sound. My pastor was pleased with the content and so was my grandfather who has been an independent baptist pastor for 50 years. I take them at their word but I would like feedback from other folks. https://youtu.be/X_ygaJ-Mf8E?t=2441  

    Chase Tallent
    Chase Tallent
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    • The point of this topic is NOT to criticize those attending or not attending in person services, but rather to see where our culture is currently at.

      How are you currently attending church services?
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    • He maketh me to lie down
      Psalm 23:2He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:.........

      From my observations, sheep prefer to lie down in the dirt. Where all they have is grass, they scratch out a bed. When they rise, they immediately defecate and urinate in their bed go about their day and the next night go back to the holes and lie down again. The feces carries the eggs of whatever parasites the sheep may have, which then hatch, climb the blades of grass and are reingested to complete their life cycle. The parasites feed on the sheeps blood and nutrients and make them sick.  The more they eat this, the more their health is compromised. So I can see how a large flock of sheep could foul up an good pasture in a hurry. 

      I don't know much about Biblical shepherds but I'm thinking that, in a semi-arid land such as the land of Israel, a "green pasture" would be too precious a commodity for a shepherd to waste by letting the sheep bed down in one. So I'm thinking that Biblical shepherds, wise ones, would lead the flock to a barren area to lie down so as not to ruin the good, clean grass. Even though we are inclined to lie down in the "dirt" as well, God has enough good pasture, that his children don't need to lie in the filth of the World. He leads us to a green pasture. Open for discussion. 🙂
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    • We started our church 5 years ago and have yet to add any deacons. We will add deacon(s) when/if we see the need to. 

      Some visitors to our church do not understand how we operate without having deacon as they come from churches where the deacons control everything in the church. 

      If you have deacons in your church what is there role. I know what the Biblical role is, I'm curious as to how much authority your deacons have.
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    • If you're comfortable telling us, I'm curious as to what the rental cost is for your church if you rent a building. You do not have to give church name or location, I'm curious as to how much churches spend on rental buildings, especially church plants.

      I started our church 5 years ago in Connecticut, and we pay $1500/ month for 2,000 square ft. and we got a great price for our area.

      I understand that each location will have different rental costs.
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    • Prior to Christs death, Rome had a holiday called Easter - what was this holiday about for the Romans 
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