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  1. That is a real heat wave going through the midwest. Stay cool, Tony. We had fried chicken last night for supper. Don't know what's on the menu for tonight. I'm not feeling well, so cooking is not high on my list right now. lol
  2. So the slow cooker is full of sloppy joe meat, cooking and flavoring for the rehearsal dinner tonight. Pasta salad is made, desserts thawing.
  3. I do love the flavor of it, though. And I like spicy, but the older I get the more I lean toward the flavor, especially since I can't handle the spice and tomato. Ugh, getting old is not for sissies! lol. My brother said it wasn't spicy, but both my mom and hubs said it was. Hubs had two bowls, though, so it had to be tasty. We have a Chili and a Movie afternoon on the Sunday after New Year's Day. There are usually several pots of chili from which to sample and it ranges from the mildest to quite spicy (our son and another man in the church LOVE ghost peppers...). We did a competition the first year, but since then have just had the chili dinner.
  4. My brother is making dinner tonight. Elk chili. It smells SO nummy. Problem is I can't have any - stomach issues acting up and I can't take a chance with the wedding being Friday. The spices are actually upsetting my stomach. lol...that tells me it is gonna taste great!
  5. Read the book Wolves Among Lambs by Stacey Shiflett. It is a very well written book about sexual abuse and things like counseling...he sets out some ideas in how to avoid the pitfalls of it. One of those is something that my husband and I have already discussed: never be alone with someone of the opposite sex. ESPECIALLY behind closed doors. And in a counseling situation? When the emotions are involved? Alarm bells! Anyone who thinks they can withstand temptation is simply deluding him/herself ("Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall"). I see no problem with pastors counseling folks. And, really, just because the Bible doesn't say something like "thou shalt counsel" does not make it wrong to do so. However, biblical principle needs to be applied in that area as well. Wisdom as to just how much counsel the pastor (or pastor's wife) can/should give needs to be sought from the Lord. Heart, I think your caveat "as it is practiced today" is important...there are changes that must be made. I've known folks who've gone to Christian counselors - licensed, "professional" - whose lives were ruined as a result. So there is no guarantee there, either. Bluntly, I would rather receive counsel from someone who is immersed in the Word of God and not the world's view of psychology (and, yes, I do know that's what Christian counselors study...I was on that path myself, so I am aware of the things they need to learn). I'm not saying that it's not a good idea to know how the human mind works; it is dangerous to take the world's philosophies and "Christianize" them, which is what many Christian psychologists (not all, so no attack) do. There are some good ones out there, but they do need to be carefully vetted before going to them for counsel. And one must realize that, no matter how "professional" any counselor is, the possibility of temptation is still there. While it is not as popular, currently, to talk about the abuse perpetrated on patients by counselors, it is there. When counseling is involved, the emotions are involved, and that is where the temptation can begin. (again, not saying Christian psychologists are bad, just saying one must be as careful of them as any other counselor) Is it any wonder that Christ asked if He would find faith on the earth when He returns? Woe to the pastors that scatter my sheep, God says. And there's an awful lot of scattering going on.
  6. The ladies' forum gets used once in a while. Not often, but there are times issues and questions come up that just aren't men's business. To try to "peek" says an awful lot about one's character, TGL. Although I'm more prone to believe that you didn't really try to peek but rather just posted to get conversation going. Because that is your MO, isn't it? (if you DID truly try to peek, you ought to be ashamed of yourself - it's a private forum of which you are not a member for a reason) And I will say that I think you are way off in thinking that the ladies would/did try to peek into the men's forum. Because we aren't curious about what men might post, simply put. I didn't even realize that the men's forum was gone. lol...so much for curiosity. bahaha! And, no, TGL, EVERYTHING does not need to be discussed in a mixed forum. There are things - even sins - that ought not be discussed. It's called discretion, which is something far too many folks forget in these days of voyeurism.
  7. Since my brother is here this week, Mom is fixing homemade veggie soup. He loves soup, as does my hubs and my mom (I can take or leave it). So soup is always a go-to when he's here. Tomorrow is potluck day. We're doing sandwiches, so there will be sloppy joes, ham spread, tuna. Someone is bringing Waldorf salad. There will be other stuff, but that's the basics. Then tomorrow afternoon my brother will be making some chili. He brought up some ground elk to use in it.
  8. Yeah, 16 isn't accepted. Gotta be 17 with parental permission. Well, here in the US anyway. But Tony's point is well-made. "Infringe" doesn't have an age limit. Even if you turn the 6 upside down. lol
  9. Canada has nothing to do with what's happening here in America re: guns. Simply put, gun "laws" are there to hurt the lawful gun owner (name one gun criminal that obeys gun laws...just one - can't be done). Every single state has protection of the God-given right of arms ownership by citizens written into their state constitutions, just as it is written into the federal constitution. The term "infringe" means to encroach...and the term encroach means to take another's rights gradually or stealthily. Our founders knew that, and they knew that the fallen nature of man leads to the exertion of power over others...and they knew that oppressors STEALTHILY STEAL RIGHTS...aka infringe. The cry right now, amongst silly, emotion-driven "do-gooders" is that nobody needs military weapons. They have no conception that AR-15s are NOT military weapons, but even if so, they are ignorant of the intent of our founders: our founders KNEW that if a government had better arms than the citizenry there would be no liberty. Because of the nature of the power hungry. Hence the specific wording of the 2A. The reason for the "mass shootings" at its core is that we are now a society that worships death...and it began in the 70s with the legalization of abortion. Isn't it interesting that some of the same folks who are crying for gun control also are frothing about the possibility of Roe v Wade being reversed. Talk about inconsistency. But, hey, liberalism is a mental disease...
  10. Well, it would depend on the fellowship and what goes on. For instance, there is a group here in WA called the Washington Independent Baptist Fellowship. Any independent Baptist church can become part of the fellowship, just by the pastor attending a meeting. However, there are no dues, nor any central place where tithe from the church is sent, nor missions money gathering, etc. It is simply a fellowship of like-minded believers who get together to, well, fellowship and help each other if needed. There is no way that anyone would be accurate to say that the churches involved are not independent, because they simply are. The church that started ours has hosted the monthly meeting of the WIBF, and that is how we came to know of them. And I guarantee that church is not part of any association/fellowship/whatever that would in any way supersede pastoral or congregational authority. Nor would my husband. But there is an SBC church in the town where our church is...they were in need of a pastor. But the membership had nothing to do with it...they were waiting on the pastor the convention sent them. And, yes, I do know that's what happened. Oh, and the WIBF has no college that "it" supports (it cannot, as there are no "central" funds), nor even one that "it" recommends. There is no mission board, and the only connection to missions is that when there is a missionary on deputation, sometimes the churches are made aware of the missionary if the church would like to have them in. But even that is spotty...and "the fellowship" makes no recommendations of any kind. Again, the biggest thing the fellowship does is make us aware of prayer requests. Not very controlling. LOL
  11. We have a friend who is a Christian illusionist - at least, he used to be. He lives in SC, don't know if he would travel as he is on church staff. I'll pm you his info on FB.
  12. Interestingly enough, Memorial Day began as "Decoration Day," and was specifically to honor Union soldiers who died during the War of Northern Aggression (yes, I did say that heehee). The world wars are what changed it to honor all of our troops who've died while serving, and Congress made "Memorial Day" official in 1970. Armed Services Day is also in May, and honors all who are currently serving. I'm glad we here in the US honor our veterans with these days. I wish we were more cognizant of their physical needs when they return from war.
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