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  1. LOL. No - there are SOME things being done...and the REASON for it is because Trump told the GSA to go ahead because democrats were threatening and harassing. It's funny, but the MSM has sure presented this thing with the GSA as "proof" that Biden won. But it's nothing like that. The MSM sure has fooled people who are ignorant of the election process into believing whatever they say. Neither the MSM nor the GSA decide who is POTUS. PA has been stopped from certifying until Fri while they are looking into fraud. Amazingly, at the OPEN meetings today, it was pointed out that just a little
  2. And yet again I must tell you: IT ISN'T OVER YET. Popular vote is not what it important. Not in a constitutional republic. Even the electoral vote can be overturned.
  3. Bill, I am no Trump fan. But do not come on here and spread lies. Trump DID act...while democrat leaders pooh-poohed his actions and told people to go to Chinatown and keep doing what they were doing. Stop being so gullible. This article is great, folks. https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/sensible-compassionate-anti-covid-strategy/
  4. If you want to believe that a female/child-sniffing and inappropriate touching dementia-ridden old man and a non-black woman-until-it-suited-her-narrative who had to drop out of the primaries because nobody wanted her actually got all those votes, go ahead. I don't. Never will. You nor anyone else will ever convince me that historic loser Biden got more votes than Obama. Did not happen. You can continue to argue the points, quoting the very obviously biased mainstream media who are being used as a tool in this coup, denying the truth of voter fraud via mail-in ballots all you want. I wil
  5. Sometimes I think they are just randomly targeting folks. I don't know, might sound paranoid. LOL
  6. I'm sorry that happened! But, yes, FB is getting more and more totalitarian.
  7. Editing done. Please remember to quote only the King James, folks. It is a board rule and by choosing to join the board, you are agreeing to abide by the rules. Thank you.
  8. As has been pointed out, yes, the meaning does change. But even if it didn't, the board rules require the King James. If you cannot edit your opening post, I will do it for you. Thank you. By the way, I do think these verses are very appropriate for your topic.
  9. Your verses need to be changed, Bill - we are a King James site, and the rules clearly state thaEt the King James is the Bible to use. Please change your post immediately. Thank you.
  10. I agree with you about Thanksgiving...my only reason for bringing up the history of harvest fests - times of thanking the harvest gods - was that there can be something "wrong" with anything we do. We don't want to observe halloween because of its history, but then someone will ding us for celebrating Christmas since there is sketchy history with that also. I honestly don't think there's any way to "spiritualize" halloween, nor any way to actually observe it to the Lord. Although there is the fact that we have to live amongst people, and if kids come to the door, tracts can be handed out with
  11. We personally do not celebrate it. When our son was little, we would pass out candy with tracts to the kids who came to the door. Josh enjoyed handing it out and seeing the costumes. Now...we still don't observe. We live in the country, sort of, so we don't get anyone knocking on our door. We do, however, have 2 Sunday School girls who love Halloween. Their mother does, as well, and so they look forward to it. They are, in fact going to be gone the next two weeks to their aunt's house, where they will celebrate with a lot of activities. In a way, that takes it off our shoulders of having
  12. I've thought about that, but I hate to have Andrew do it twice. He's busy on deputation, plus he's doing this for some other churches. Hubs got some information Saturday, so we need to just sit down and talk about it to see what we can come up with.
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