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  1. Gotta say I don't think TGL is far off...people have sold their votes for cigarettes, why not chicken? Although KFC is nowhere near as tasty as it used to be.
  2. Sadly, we do not have one. Yet. We don't have the room nor the kids. But one day we will. I look forward to that.
  3. Remember I said God allows...that is because God is sovereign. He knows the beginning from the ending. In His sovereignty, He allowed our founders to create the absolute best political system of any country in the history of the world...with the exception of the theocracy that Israel was under during OT times. Now, let's take a little rabbit trail. lol The Puritans wanted a theocracy here in America. That was their entire goal when they came over from England. They considered it their manifest destiny (which term came to represent American expansion, not just a theocracy). They believed that they were supposed to create a new Israel. To do this, they would need to (and intended to) re-implement the law as God gave it to Israel. It's a long story, and one worth learning, so I'll just cut to the chase. The problem with creating a theocracy is manifold. First, we cannot re-implement the OT law because Christ died and rose again. The law was fulfilled and is done. Resurrecting it is anti-biblical. Second, even if we could re-implement the OT law, who would decide which law to obey, how far to go, etc., etc. IOW, it would not be a theocracy, it would be a man-controlled religious oppression. Which is what existed with the Puritans here in what would become the US...MEN decided what would happen to whom. Men who claimed to understand the sovereignty of God. Baptists came along and presented the idea of soul-liberty, religious liberty, and true freedom. These Baptists understood the sovereignty of God and also understood that governmental law was necessary because man is evil. However, they and our founders understood that because man is evil, government needed to have boundaries. Which is what the Constitution is all about. This knowledge that man is evil was a nod to the sovereignty of God, who allowed what became the USA. A perfect country? Oh, no, no! Because man is not perfect. Our founders intended a Constitutional Republic, with each state being its own Republic, guided by individual Constitutions (check them out...just about all, if not all, of them have Bills of Rights that mirror the federal Bill of Rights...for which we can thank Baptists). Now, this was, again, because man is evil and the founders knew that law and boundaries were needed to keep chaos and oppression at bay. This was done under God's sovereignty, His allowing of the founding of this country. As time went on, folks began to try and undermine (it actually started very early on) the Constitution and destroy the beautiful governmental system God gave us. God fully knowing this, allowing it because He gave man free will. Now, because the imaginations of man are evil from his youth up, even a great system began to crumble. Slowly, slowly. Until now in our day we see it snowballing. None of this took God by surprise, because He is sovereign. Yet, He continues to ALLOW us to choose. Please note, when I speak of choosing our leaders, I am referencing only the US. I do not claim to know how other countries are run. Yes, there are elections in many other countries, but each country was set up differently. Again, choice of man (even if the rank and file citizenry did not choose, like in N Korea). So, fulfillment of prophecy...how can it be if we are allowed to choose? Again, look at the history of the country, the choices made, the evil growing. Because God is sovereign and yet allowed man to choose, man largely chose to do evil. Hence the beginnings of our downfall...prophecy will be fulfilled because God is always true. It is in God's timetable, again because He is sovereign, and will happen. Because man is evil, and his choices - by and large - are evil. There are people who choose to do right, but evil has a way of growing larger and larger. Ignorance sets in. And along with ignorance comes oppression and troubles. One day there will be no choice here in America. One day VERY soon. And so we vote NOW to try and stem the tide. We KNOW the end is coming, but Jesus told us to occupy til He comes. When we vote, we are occupying - a military metaphor that is both defensive and offensive. Will that stave off the inevitable? Of course not, but we are to occupy nonetheless. Until He comes and prophecy is fulfilled. Hope that makes sense. =D
  4. Well, here's where we disagree a bit: the Lord does not "decide" who goes into office. Far too many people crowed about God ordaining Trump, yada, yada (they forget if that's the case then He also ordained Biden - which He did not...he ALLOWED the evil that is there because of US allowing evil to flourish in this country). But here's the thing: our system of government is not a monarchy. God allowed our founders to set up a system where the PEOPLE decide who goes into office. All through our history one can see the condition of the electorate by those who obtain the office of public servant. Telling ourselves that God ordained POTUS and other offices completely removes our responsibility to do what we should: keep ourselves informed, inform others, and vote. God ALLOWS our selections, HE does not decide them. We do reap what we sow and that is why the "choices" become more and more icky. As to voting for someone we don't trust: I don't trust anybody, honestly. There are few people who have proven themselves to be consistent in their public service. Those few, if they were to run, I might be able to wholeheartedly endorse. However, there are those who I distrust LESS than others. Not a perfect, nor even happy, situation, but it is what it is and we work with what we have. Let's not blame God by claiming He decides who's there. It sounds spiritual to say we get what we deserve and God ordains it to teach us a lesson, etc. But what He ordained is the sowing/reaping process. Harvest often takes a while, but it comes...and, sadly, we are reaping now. That is why I will vote for Trump. Because there's a little less reaping, more chance of some decent sowing. At least for a little while. Heh - you posted the cop out idea while I was writing, Tony. Absolutely true, but folks don't realize it...we've been trained, like seals, to accept that it's out of our hands so why bother.
  5. https://notthebee.com/takes/christians-we-need-to-talk-about-robert-morris? This is a good article (if this kind of stuff can be written in a "good" article). I do not agree with their statement, though, that Jesus is the rockstar. He is primo, and I understand that's what that is supposed to mean. But Jesus is so much more.
  6. It is not the electoral system. Nor even just the super-rich. Yes, indeed, many of the super-rich are in on the plan to destroy this country. But not all of them. And, btw, no, money is not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is: greed and the chasing after it. If you look into history, what is happening here in America is exactly what's happened to other countries that have fallen and become third world countries or worse...just look into Venezuela. Not much more than a decade or so ago quite the prosperous country. But no more. There are people with wealth who do control much. But the plain truth of the matter is that if people were educated like they were 100-200 years ago, Biden would never have been installed. Even Trump wouldn't have been elected. Nor Obama, Clinton, and even the Bushes. Because back in the day they understood the Constitution and what globalism (even though it wasn't called that) is. Oh, yes, there were people working all along to try to derail what God gave us in this country. But it didn't work. Why? Education. But more than that: there was fear of God. Even in the unsaved. John Adams, who was a Unitarian, not a Christian, but moral and ethical even so, said that the Constitution would only work with a religious and moral people. Look around at the lost and their evil. But look around at the total ungodliness of famous "preachers" and churches that hide sin. And there is no surprise that we are heading the direction we are. I don't like Trump. I don't trust him. But I dislike and fear Biden/Kamala and their ilk far more. I know that Trump is not the answer that far too many Christians think he is. But I also know that we will retain more freedoms under him than under anyone the Dems put in. Yes, he is evil, and barely the lesser of two if we are honest. But that's, sadly, the way it is.
  7. Sadly, the statute of limitations has run out, so there will be no jail time. Unless there are others more recent. I have to admit that I seriously doubt this was the only one. We'll see as time goes if anyone else steps forward. It is such a blight on Christ. It's no wonder people don't want anything to do with Christianity. While I know it's not everybody, but far too many churches hide crimes like this. Just heartbreaking.
  8. When God places people in countries where they are privileged to vote for those who will lead the country, then they should vote. Those who do not are not being good stewards of the country God has given them. I do believe that if one has the opportunity to vote and neglects it from that stance that "nobody is good enough," they are sinning (because at least here in America a voter can at least write in someone they can support) Lesser of two evils? Yes, that is always a good debate. But here's the thing (and has been mentioned before): ALL people are sinners, therefore there is the truth that nobody for whom one votes will be perfect. Every single person who runs for whatever office will have something that is not good about them. It is the responsibility of the voter to examine the stance of the one(s) who desire to be chosen as public servants and to vote for the one who is closest to correct. There are biblical guidelines, and in this country we have the addition of constitutional guidelines. There is no excuse for us allowing into office those who flout either/both.
  9. I'm so tired of creeps in pastoral raiment who think they are entitled to molest children. And people defending them. They are perverted, they are immoral, and they are ungodly. Yes, I'd like to see repentance, but I'm tired of the mantra "don't judge, we need to pray for restoration." Yeah, how about we pray for restoration of the molested child's innocence? That's not going to happen. All these years later and this poor lady is STILL living with it...while this guy got rich. He would never have resigned had she not finally spoken up. Hubris. Pride. Evil. Vomit-worthy. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/18/us/pastor-robert-morris-gateway-church.html Robert Morris, the founder of a Texas megachurch and a faith adviser to the Trump White House, has resigned from his job as its senior pastor, the church said on Tuesday, days after he was accused of sexually abusing a child in the 1980s. The Board of Elders of Gateway Church, based in Dallas, said in a statement that it had accepted Mr. Morris’s resignation. The board said it had hired a law firm to conduct an independent investigation into the abuse allegations made public last week by a woman who is now 54. Mr. Morris could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday night. The statement did not say if any related charges had been filed against Mr. Morris, whose church says it has more than 100,000 active attendees. Messages sent to Haynes and Boone, the firm hired by the church, did not immediately respond to messages. Over the weekend, The Christian Post, a Christian news outlet based in Washington, D.C., quoted Mr. Morris as saying that he had engaged in “inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady.” “When I was in my early twenties, I was involved in inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady in a home where I was staying,” Mr. Morris, 62, told The Christian Post. “It was kissing and petting and not intercourse, but it was wrong. This behavior happened on several occasions over the next few years.” The relationship was reported last week by The Wartburg Watch, a Christian watchdog publication. The website said that Mr. Morris had sexually abused a girl, beginning when she was 12 years old. Mr. Morris later told The Christian Post that the relationship had been “brought to light” in 1987. He left the church that year to get counseling, at the request of church officials and the girl’s father, he said. In 1989, he returned with their approval. On Tuesday, the Board of Elders of Gateway Church said in its statement that it had been aware of Mr. Morris’s inappropriate relationship but did not have all the facts of the situation until last week. “The elders’ prior understanding was that Morris’s extramarital relationship, which he had discussed many times throughout his ministry, was with ‘a young lady’ and not abuse of a 12-year-old child,” the church said. “Even though it occurred many years before Gateway was established, as leaders of the church, we regret that we did not have the information that we now have.” Mr. Morris, who founded the church in 2000, served on a faith advisory council during former President Donald J. Trump’s administration. He hosted Mr. Trump at Gateway Church in June 2020. Asked about Mr. Morris on Tuesday, a spokesman for Mr. Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign said that the pastor had no role in it. “President Trump’s broad appeal among faith communities across the country is a testament to his unwavering commitment to upholding faith and the protection of religious liberties,” said the spokesman, Steven Cheun
  10. Well, I've been off for a while because the power company cut our phone/internet line. Yay. Just got fixed today. I just have to say: I've been in churches where both mothers on Mothers' Day and fathers on Father's Day were lambasted for being horrible parents (well, honestly, in one church that was a main theme throughout the year, so at least consistency, right? LOL). So it is refreshing to hear my hubs on these days. We do recognize mothers and fathers because we "use" those days, if you will, to invite folks to church. But we don't do the prize giving. For the ladies, there are carnations they can get after the service. For dad, there is also a gift to pick up after the service. This year it happens to be bacon (I can say that now cuz none of our members are on here. lol). Hubs will often preach about a mother in the Bible, but the application fits everyone. Same with dads. As a daughter, I do like honoring the parents. But we quit having a Mother/Daughter tea due to too many ladies around who have very poor relationships with their mother or their daughter (in some cases both). So now we just do a ladies' tea. That will be this Saturday...but it's the last time I'll schedule it so close to Fathers' Day because there's men's dinner Thursday night, and men's camp from another church to which a few of our men will be going. Too busy with not enough workers to help. lol So, anyway, I wanted to add to @BrotherTony - in our books, you and your wife would be considered parents because you parented children. You both deserve a hat tip and an atta boy, atta girl for that. Not enough people do it. So, if you were ever in our area on one of those days, stop by. You'll hear a biblical, non-lambasting message and your wife would get carnations, and you might get bacon (if that's the gift - previous years its been things like a mug and a Dad's root beer so dads could make themselves a float at home...one year we had ice cream there so they could have it then). While these special days are not in scripture, I do believe churches can use them to encourage folks to attend. But always, always they must be conscious of doing more harm than good. The cause of Christ is primo (or should be) and if observing these days causes folks to turn away, changes should be made. And never, ever, should these days be used as a sledgehammer by the pastor toward those the days honor.
  11. So my brother is getting really stoked about the garden. We have tomatoes, bell peppers, beets, zucchini, the berries...and maybe some more, I'm not sure. lol. It's been raining and a bit cool here, so it'll probably be Fri/Sat when the planting takes place. We'll also be getting cucumbers. Oh, and there are green beans. We should be busy canning not too long from now. Time to put my new pressure cooker to use.
  12. My brother made chili for dinner tonight. There is leftover, so we'll have that with our different salads for lunch tomorrow (the salads are leftover from our ladies' lunch today).
  13. We are independent Baptist, so we as a congregation decide which missionaries we support and for how much. Hubs invites the missionaries in as God leads him, we hear them teach/preach (and sing if they so desire). Usually the man will go visiting with my hubs (or street preaching). I try to have something for the ladies so they can spend some time with the missionary wife. If possible, we try to schedule the missionaries for a first Sunday of the month. This gives them the opportunity to have a meal after the service and to fellowship with our folks while eating. Our folks enjoy being able to talk to them and get to know them a bit. We, then, will vote at the next business meeting whether or not to take them on. We already have a set amount to start. Since hubs has been pastor, we have never refused to support the missionaries he has presented to the church. As well, he always takes a love offering for them. We are a small church, but our folks are so very generous! We currently support 6 missionary families. Am I happy with our outreach? Yes. I'm grateful that God has allowed us to support these missionaries and look forward to being able to support more. The first family we took on came for furlough last year. They have been our personal friends for over 30 years, and it's so great to know they are still serving the Lord. We are looking forward to the others coming home on furlough and spending some time with them. One of our families, the Suttons, is in Chinandega, Nicaragua. Tomorrow (May 19) is their "grand opening" as a church. They've been having services and have seen several saved, but the church is launching tomorrow. They have passed out 4,000 invitations. Please, if you read this before tomorrow morning, please pray that God will abundantly bless.
  14. As I said, it is Aurora Australis in NZ - aka southern lights. And this magnetic storm made it possible around the globe. And, no, the earth doesn't need to be flat for northern lights to be seen in the northern hemisphere and southern lights to be seen in the south hemisphere.
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