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  1. Talked to my niece today. She sounds a WHOLE lot better. She still tests positive, so she's not going anywhere for the rest of the week and next week she'll be keeping Otto just to play it safe. Her husband is still running a bit of a fever. Thank you for the prayer.
  2. Otto is doing better, but both his parents have been hit with it. I haven't checked today, but yesterday it was pretty miserable for them. I wish I could take Otto just to help them out, but I can't risk his bringing it here and infecting any of us (especially my almost-85-year-old mom).
  3. His fever has stayed down since coming home from the ER last night, praise the Lord! Mom and Dad are pretty sick right now, though. I'm gonna be making some chicken soup on Monday and bringing it over there and dropping it off.
  4. Fever came back with a vengeance. They are back at the ER.
  5. https://babylonbee.com/video/satan-he-gets-us
  6. Now his mommy has it. He's doing a bit better; fever broke earlier. I haven't heard anything tonight, but wouldn't be surprised if the fever was back. Otto is on the right. Three months younger than Asher, but already a bit bigger (his daddy is bigger than Asher's daddy).
  7. My 6 month old great nephew was diagnosed with c*vid last night. His fever was 103.3 AFTER Tylenol. He was throwing up in his sleep last night also. Fever seems to have broken for now and he is sleeping well. Please pray that God will touch his little body and heal him. AND that God will reach his mom and dad through this. His name is Otto. And he's a precious wee one. Thanks in advance.
  8. I get the sentiment...that we are supposed to love and help others. But here's the thing: there was no Gospel presented. It was a "feel good" commercial that didn't point folks to Christ. To me, it was more of the "tolerate everything" (except genuine Christianity) agenda. The hate that Jesus didn't teach reference isn't, IMO, aimed at the folks who actually DO teach hate, but rather at Christians who warn about sin rather than, well, washing feet. My take on a very weak, again IMO, message that doesn't present Christ.
  9. Welcome. I hope the fellowship available here will be of comfort to you.
  10. What wonderful news! I look forward to the day when I can say Asher accepted the Lord!
  11. In our area, people just leave churches of all stripes. lol. Cuz the mountains and the trees are enough "church" for them. (a wee bit of sarcasm there, but based in complete truth). I've not heard of any celebrating going on when folks leave.
  12. She didn't come to church today, but we're not done yet.
  13. Ok, thanks! It would be handy to have when needed, for sure! I used to work for an evangelist who liked to use a cattle trough to baptize. It was convenient when we were at churches that didn't have a baptistry, but it was also not easy to store. lol
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