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  1. The only hostility I see is coming from those who believe they have a moral superiority over those who choose not to get the jab(s). Beginning with the White House (sending out a "strike force," pushing for social media and texting to be tracked for "false" information) and trickling on down to people who choose to close their eyes to the deaths caused BY the vaccines. And I know a WHOLE LOT of Trump haters from both parties who will not get jabbed. Possible sterility. Neurological problems. Heart problems, including inflammation. And more. Yeah, folks should really want to inject things into their bodies that can cause that, right? sigh...Again, the hostility is actually coming from those who are trying to guilt or otherwise pressure people into bowing to the god of big pharma, Bill G, and socialism.
  2. When I was expecting Josh, we went to a race (not NASCAR, but cars) with my parents. He seemed to enjoy it - every time the cars went roaring past, he'd kick. Hard. LOL
  3. They are doing ok. Still grieving, of course, but so very thankful they know he is in Glory. My friend's daughter just gave her another grandchild, so God will use that, I'm sure, to bring some comfort. Thank you for asking!
  4. I've never been to a live game (professional, that is). I would probably enjoy it.
  5. I used to watch baseball when I was younger. It's always been my favorite sport. But I haven't watched in years just because. Hubs really only likes college football - specifically the Buckeyes. He tries to watch those games when they play, if we can record it (to eliminate commercials). He will once in a while watch other college teams, but that is more or less to gauge how they will play against the Bucks. He did enjoy NFL games previously, but is not interested in them at all now.
  6. Welcome aboard, Helen. We only have one son, but are thankful that he is serving the Lord. Fellowship with like-minded folks is always sweet.
  7. Ugh...nothing like typing an answer and it getting deleted. Grr...and it happened again. I'm not very fond of this keyboard - the cursor jumps and messes things up constantly. Anyway...our church is too small for deacons right now. Instead, my husband started a men's council. All men who are members of the church are invited and welcome to attend the quarterly meeting to discuss the business meeting agenda. While they are not titled as deacons, they do some of the same things. For instance, my hubs bounces off them different things like purchases for the church that costs above his monthly discretionary fund (not his pay...just a certain amount that the church voted on to allow him to use for the church without having to meet and vote on it). They discuss the financial report and vote to recommend it to the congregation at the meeting. Etc. I know that, once we are at the point where we need deacons, much of what the men do will be what the deacons do. They won't have "authority" but will still discuss and recommend things to the church during meetings. And other things as the Bible lays out.
  8. https://www.theblaze.com/news/polish-pastor-calgary-police-gestapo?utm_content=buffer32a4a&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=fb-theblaze&fbclid=IwAR2-mNGV4vz53nEHQVn_zbcR3qGoosm4w0BSGiYrxqW_xj1FbMOL4rDxYdI
  9. I'm a little late to it, but welcome aboard, @BrotherTony. We're glad to have you.
  10. If there were decent mom and pop pizza places here, we'd patronize them. But there aren't. At least Papa Murphy's is fresh. heehee Because of the horrible response to covid by our governor, so many businesses took a hit. We are not rich by any means, but are glad when we can support them...even if they are franchise.
  11. Our men had their quarterly meeting Wednesday evening before church (they discuss things before we have our quarterly business meeting). They usually eat supper while having their meeting. So I ordered Chicago Style stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy's. They enjoyed it greatly. Personally, I'm not fond of NY style pizza, but I'm not fond of Chicago style either. LOL
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