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  1. Thank you. Yes, it is survivable, but this is a rather hard thing for the family as my uncle, my dad's last brother and my Aunt's, obviously, passed from covid this year. That is one reason the family is so concerned. I'm so glad your BIL has moved to rehab - that is an answer to prayer.
  2. My friends are resting and recuperating. They appreciate all prayer.
  3. I've moved into senior age, which obviously means losing parents, aunts, uncles, etc. I still have my mom, praise the Lord! Lost my uncle a few weeks ago, and Randy lost one of his, too. Yesterday I found out that my Aunt Sharon, the last of the older generation other than my mom, has covid. She is my dad's last living sibling. She is a Christian, so we know where she will spend eternity, but she is also my dad's last living sibling. She is a mother, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother and is very active in her church. Obviously family (which includes me) doesn't want to lose her just yet. I would greatly appreciate prayer for her healing. She was supposed to be given antibodies yesterday, but her fever is too high. Thank you in advance.
  4. Todays' update: My friend is home from the hospital! He still has to be on oxygen a bit, but it doing much better. Recuperation is now the goal for both of them. Thank you so much for praying!
  5. We have some friends who have been hit with covid. The wife recovered, but it still recuperating and tires very easily. Her husband got pneumonia from it and is now in the hospital on oxygen. It looks like he is improving as they've lowered his oxygen, but please pray for healing. She would like him to come home, believing that he would rest better (we all know that's likely true), but not while his oxygen is iffy. Please pray for recovery. They are missionaries, home on furlough. Their country of service is very harsh about covid, and they have had a lot to deal with. They come home and after just a few weeks get sick. The advantage is they will now be immune, but it wouldn't surprise me if they weren't required to get the jab to get back in country. She has not shared this on social media, just privately. So I'm not going to give names. God knows, and I do appreciate your prayers.
  6. When I was 9, the bus picked me up for Sunday School at Open Door Baptist Church in Lynwood, WA. As a result, the pastor (Ken Blue) visited and helped my Dad with assurance of his salvation. We began attending regularly and were there for 3 years. We moved to WV, and attended a few churches before settling on one (I can't remember the name), although we weren't there long. Moved back to WA and began attending a Baptist Church that closed down shortly after we moved to Oklahoma (by this time I was 17...). In OK, we joined a Baptist church and were there until we moved back to WV. There the effort was made to form a church of which we were an integral part. It didn't happen, and then I went to college. The first college was baptistic, but was not Baptist, as was the second. I graduated from a Baptist college that no longer exists. Oh, summers I attended the camp church at Mount Salem Revival Grounds in WV (VERY Baptist). After graduating, I moved to Belpre, OH, to teach school at First Baptist of Belpre. Then I moved to OH and joined Tri-County Baptist Church (also to teach). I met Randy there, we were married, and then we joined High Street Baptist in Cols, OH (the church where we met was in the process of closing down after some sad issues). From there, we moved to IN for my hubs to go to college. Fairhaven Baptist, where we met PatorMatt and his soon-to-be wife. We were there for 26 years, and then moved out here to WA. We did join a Baptist church upon moving here, but soon there were issues (no pastor...the pastor's wife was virtually the "pastor" - nuff said). So we found and joined Lighthouse Baptist Church in Port Townsend, WA, where my hubs is now the pastor. Whew...just a few churches. LOL But we did move all over the country several times. Before I was 9, I went to other churches, some different denominations, but never joined. There was a Baptist church down the street from our house when I was very young (about 6). I remember my sister and I going once, because of the dresses we wore. They were "granny" dresses and I loved them, so I think that is why it's stuck in my mind. We may have gone more than that, but I have no memory of it.
  7. I never have (sorry, I just had to do that ). Seriously, hubs preaches a sermon on Hell whenever God leads him to do so. It's been a few months, but he does, as Jim's pastor does, mention it often. He agrees that it is far too seldom preached on.
  8. Yum! The food looks delicious, but I'm sure you're glad to be outta there! I'm not sure what we'll be having for dinner tonight. We still have leftover stew and bean soup from Sunday, and hubs is working on clearing them up. So that might be it, with some salad.
  9. (Just a gentle reminder that the originator of a thread may take it "off topic" if so desired, or allow someone else to do so.)
  10. We'll have leftovers from the potluck. There's a bit of mom's bean soup left, and some of the stew. So I'll probably make some biscuits to go along with it.
  11. Our church does not pay our housing...we take care of that. We chose - via God's leading - where we live. We also choose what we want to drive. We have another vehicle that hubs drives mostly (the car the church bought is for church use or emergency use if our van is down). If you were a member of our church you could have voted against buying the car, but you would have been the only one. lol We aren't poor nor are we rich. God takes care of us, and my hubs gets a sufficient salary from the church. And we are progressing fine in life...monies/gifts/benefits from the church have nothing to do with our progressing in life. And as to our children - our son is in his 30s and paid his own way through his education, like we did. I'm sorry, but I don't agree that it's a "right" to send our children to college via the church paying "enough" money for someone to do so. IMO, that's overreach of pastoral pay. Kids need to get jobs, save money, and pay their own way. Yep, I'm one of those hardnosed people (not to say we wouldn't help our ADULT child in college if need be - but most certainly we would never pay the way and allow said ADULT child to slough off working and paying his/her bill - that is teaching them to be irresponsible, and that is unbiblical). Any pastor who goes into the ministry with $$ on his mind should just not go into the ministry. God provides for His servants. Yes, the laborer is worthy of his hire, and he should be paid if it's possible. Not all times is it possible, and so God works things out different ways (some with pastors getting a second job, some with other churches supporting until the church can be indigenous). I think it's nice that you would like to provide a pastor with sufficient income to pay for everything they want, but that isn't true even of a secular job. Money is only a means to an end. And not always available. Trusting God works much better...
  12. Here's the link to Call to Glory: https://www.ctgpublication.com/content.cfm?id=297
  13. He was, but he did do some correcting himself. His brother and son (and I believe grandson) went further. It's never harsh, nor even always obvious. But things like "better translated as" have really started popping up. If they would simply explain the meaning of the word or words, that would be fine. But when they begin to claim they can translate it better (because that is what they - and anyone else so says them - are saying) it becomes correcting. It does sadden me, for sure. We like their Acts Facts magazine, too. They do not use the KJV with that at all. It's really disappointing.
  14. We used to get ICR's Days of Praise, but stopped a few months back. Mom still gets her copy, but we aren't putting it out for the church anymore. While we really enjoyed the information, we grew weary of the constant Bible correcting. I do know some folks who use Daily Bread, but we haven't even looked at it for years (so I don't know how things are going with them). I agree that using a devotional can tend to make people satisfied with only what they read in the book for that day, but on the other hand, most of the time those who only read that wouldn't read anything else. So at least they are getting some scripture. We had some members who had no devotional life when my hubs became pastor, so this helped. My husband was given a Baptist Bread while we were visiting a church on our anniversary trip. It's a 3-month booklet like Days of Praise (Call to Glory is monthly), but it is totally KJV and written by Baptist preachers/missionaries like Call to Glory. Randy is reading it to check it out, and he said it is very like Call to Glory. One thing I like about the Call to Glory - we can get it in large print, regular print, and Spanish. And they publish a children's devotional that is pretty good. They accept contributions (for the Call to Glory, only men who are in full time service can contribute; women can contribute to the children's devotional) of devotions (3 at a time for the quarter). If they use the devotions there is a small reduction in price for the church order. And you can order as many or as few as you want. I really like Streams in the Desert.
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