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  1. Did you know taht it's cool and rainy here?
  2. Nah. Just have her start in John. She'll get it - and let her know you're open to any questions she might have.
  3. Welcome, DC. Glad to have you with us.
  4. Your initial statement with a caveat of supposedly acceding to moderator instructions is belied by your erroneous attachment of the word "myth," as well as your further statements of correction. It is not a matter of semantics. While some prepositions have similar meanings, they are not the same. You will cease and desist from "correcting" the KJB immediately, roby, in any way. You very well know that this is a KJB site, and yet you continually disrespect that. It needs to stop now.
  5. We had our first parking lot service this past Sunday. Not everyone attended, but it was good to see those who did. We weren't able to live stream, as there is no Internet at the church. My husband is really wanting to have in-person services, but isn't completely sure yet when we will. He is in constant prayer for wisdom and guidance about it.
  6. Last night I fixed burgers. Chopped red peppers and onions and mixed them in before frying. Gave it a good flavor! Tonight I'm making a version of chicken al fredo. For Randy I'll use hearts of palm for the pasta. My sauce is pretty basically heavy cream, garlic, and parmesan, with a little mozzarella mixed in, salt, and pepper. He likes it. Mike, I hope her oxygen has bumped up into the 90s by now.
  7. We're having pork chops in mustard gravy, with cabbage and pasta (palm heart pasta for Randy).
  8. We had steak-um sandwiches tonight. Steak-um meat (brand name, thin beef), fried peppers and onions. Put all on a hoagie bun, cover with cheese and broil til cheese melts. We like ours with mayo and A1. (tonight was a "cheat" night for Randy) How is your wife doing, Mike?
  9. Tonight I made Randy some baked chicken - he likes it marinated (and then baked) in mayo with spices. Makes it really tender. Also ham and green beans, and salad. He enjoyed his supper. I had an english muffin.
  10. Under this second sentence, the 10th amendment is null and void. I'm sorry, I'll stand with Thomas Jefferson on this subject.
  11. Congress has actually made no law... (and states are subjec to their individual constitutions first and foremost anyway). The shutdowns have all been of local origin, falling under the purview of individual state constitutions, and then under state codified law. As our (WA state) law code states, the people (and I say that because they elected the legislators who passed the law code, and they must be the ones to change it by demanding of their elected servants to do so) have given the governor emergency powers to do exactly what he has done. He is in his legal authority to TEMPORARILY shut thi
  12. We have not livestreamed anything yet. Last week we recorded Randy's message as an adudio to upload on FB. Today we videoed it, but not live. We've uploaded it to FB, and I'm posting a link here. We'll be working on things this week to try a live stream next Sunday. Randy is not keen on this kind of thing, but knows it's necessary (I think his reasoning is partly that he ddoesn't want to seem to be promoting himself). https://www.facebook.com/LIghthouseBaptistChurchPortTownsend/videos/2761020274019242/?notif_id=1586119379856061&notif_t=page_post_reaction
  13. Meh. An obelisk is a shape. Not part of a religion, even if said religion uses it. And even though Egyptians were the first to build them, that doesn't make them intrinsically evil.
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