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  1. Sorry I hadn't seen this til now... DIL (Sarah) seems to be beyond the sickness hurdle, we are all hoping. She's had a couple of consecutive good weeks (other than a cold). She has found a midwife and has had a couple of good meetings with her. And she/Josh recorded the baby's heartbeat and sent it to me. I cried...such a blessing to hear it! She only has one baby in there, though, which is quite alright. We still don't know boy or girl, but I have a feeling we're gonna find out on Christmas Day (we are having them and her parents over for Dinner that afternoon, so that would be a good time for a gender reveal surprise, eh? ).
  2. Trump's supposedly gonna announce his VEEP pick on the 15th. He's been blasting DeSantis because he knows that DeSantis is actually a real threat to the house of cards Trump has built. While there will never be a perfect man running for POTUS, I do think - at this moment in time - that DeSantis seems like a good choice. As long as Trump doesn't suck all the oxygen out of the room as he did with Cruz.
  3. What about the all-church picnics that most churches had back in the "old days?" Because they traveled so far for church - on horses or in buggies - it was better to stay and eat at church so they could have another service...and guess what? They played, too. Tag. Races. Horseshoes. Etc. Nothing wrong with having a bit of playful fun as fellowship. Worship is a serious thing and ought to be taken so. But where is it written in scripture that church members can't enjoy some fun after they've worshipped together?
  4. Nothing wrong with carnivals at church - or other fun things - if it does not interfere with the services or become of primary importance. Things can be done without a worldly influence. When our son was a teenager, he earned a few belts...his instructor was very careful to keep eastern religion and mysticism out of it. Much of what he learned held him in good stead when he went into the military. That said, I'm not 100% sure I think it belongs in a church service.
  5. I'm not familiar with them. I'm sorry they're separated. I do hope for a reconciliation. Sadly, so many have doubts...especially about spiritual things.
  6. Can you tell me who they are? We might know them.
  7. Yeah, I was concerned about the combo of the two drugs. They can cause issues with blood pressure, but so far not. My grandmother used glimperide and had good results. I'm glad it seems to be helping you. Thank you for the prayer as well.
  8. We don't have any children attending there (our son attended Fairhaven for a year, and also IU and Cochise), but we support a missionary couple who attended/graduated from there. My brother and his wife attended the church there for a while (they now live elsewhere). Bro. Paul Chappell led my Uncle Paul to the Lord.
  9. We attended one where the pastor referred to himself as Bishop-Pastor. I think most stay away from it because of the connotation of overlord attitude that comes with the title thanks to the Catholic church.
  10. Sadly, it has been shown that many of those who have heart issues and get C*vd will develop worse heart problems. We had our own bout with it (and have not gotten it again...some friends who have had the jab and all the boosters have gotten it several times), and it didn't seem to affect hubs' heart, thankfully (he as fibrillation on both sides of his heart). I'm glad you're looking for another doctor. Naturopaths are good, for sure. Maybe a naturopath can recommend a medical doctor. When they work in tandem, great things can result. Sure hope you can get that A1C under control. Hubs' only got up to just over 9. Happily, he has been back on keto for a while, and became more serious about it when his INR just wasn't getting to where it needed to be (it's too low, which means he could form blood clots). He was also put on Jardiance, which we weren't thrilled with (he's also on metformin, which we don't like). But...he has lost 17 pounds since July and his A1C is down to 7. Still way too high, but much better! Will be praying for you both, Tony.
  11. So one funeral was this past Saturday. Hubs did not speak at that one, but a friend did. The next one is a memorial rather than a funeral. I had mentioned that it would be Nov. 5. Our pianist had to change the date so she could get a large enough venue (our church just simply won't hold all the people). It is now Nov. 12. I would really appreciate prayer for Miss Pat. She is at the point in her grief where she just starts crying uncontrollably.
  12. I'm not sure what I'm going to make. Maybe a quick chili. I've been hungry for it, and my husband is always up for chili. lol
  13. Just an update: Rob's memorial service will be Nov. 5. There will be a lot of unsaved people there. Please pray for liberty for my husband and that the Holy Spirit will work in hearts. I don't know when the service for the other lady is...since the mom is not a member of our church, my husband will not be speaking at the service. However, we do know the man who will be speaking and we know that he will present the gospel. Please also pray for liberty for him and that the Holy Spirit will work in hearts there as well. Thank you!
  14. Well, I'm sorry I should have hopped on here last night with developments. SAR found Rob yesterday evening. He is gone. It seems that he made it to the top of the mountain (which was his goal after an accident a couple years' back that stopped him from it). I don't know if it was on his way down or when it was, but the ground gave way and down he went. Death was instant. Miss Pat told me she had a calm all day (woke up with the name of a song she wants my hubs and I to sing at the service, so she feels like she knew yesterday morning). Her other son is having a hard time. She also has a daughter who was very close to Rob. Please pray for comfort and that good things come out of this. On another sad note, I received a text and then a phone call last night from another member. His sister was found dead yesterday. They had not heard from her for a few days, which was not normal. So he went to the place where she was dog-sitting. He saw her personal items through the window, but of course couldn't go in. He called the police, who came and found her upstairs, gone. His mom is having a really hard time with it. Please pray for them, also. The Huckins Family.
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