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  1. So I thought a light-hearted thread might be fun...got any good news or blessings to share? I'll start... This past Saturday we had the baby shower for my DIL and my soon-to-be-born first grandchild, Asher. I know you all know this, but I am SO EXCITED! Add to that my niece is expecting a boy in July. Asher will have a cousin to be growing-up friends with. We had a lot of ladies at the shower, most of whom were church ladies from our church and the one Sarah grew up in. I was able to share the gospel in the event that someone wasn't saved. But we talked about rearing a child in the way he should go...and how Jesus is that Way. Sarah and Asher were celebrated with a lot of great gifts, but even more than that was the fellowship that we were able to have. All of the ladies there were proof of the love so many have for Sarah. Made my heart happy. And what a help the gifts are/will be for the parents. Asher will be here in about 5 weeks. Otto (my great-nephew) about 3 months later. I've yearned for babies around me for so long and God is giving me two this year (that I can send home with Momma! ). So what's good in your life right now?
  2. I can't see a way to do that. If someone cannot, don't worry about it. I'm not - and I'm a wonk on spelling. lol
  3. I agree totally with you. But I have, sadly, met people who hold to their prayer, not necessarily to Christ. I've talked to people while going door-to-door who answer with the fact they prayed, not that they trusted Christ. Mayhap it's a semantics thing, but I don't think so. I am leery of "agreeing" with him, since I know he comes from a reformed (he calls himself a "Spurgeonist" rather than a Calvanist) premise. Yeah, maybe I should have called it easy prayerism instead, because that is exactly what I was thinking. As for what he was saying, just a caution again - this is only a 5 minute clip, so we don't know the rest of what he said. He could have explained himself more fully, which his last statement would actually be a good bridge to do so. I don't in any way want to stamp my approval if in any way he's pushing works, which is oftimes what the "no fruit/no salvation" crowd does (Ray Comfort, etc).
  4. Since that was only 5 minutes, I'm not sure what else he said. But it does sound to me like he's preaching against easy believism, which has been predominant in American Christianity for many years. Not that believing in Christ isn't easy, but that folks trust in their prayer rather than the person of Christ, with no repentance. The Bible does teach that salvation will bear fruit in a changed life.
  5. Heh...even though I have a plethora of homeschooling materials, I ordered a book today to check out and see if it's something I want to use when I teach my grandson and great nephew. Neither are even born yet. lol...but I like to be prepared.
  6. There are some prerequisites that would be necessary. First, that the parent loves their child and wants the best for them. Actually, that is the only one necessary...simply because there are far too many ways to homeschool. As I mentioned, there is co-op, there are videos (and those range from learning to read, cipher, and write all the way to graduation), and there are so many homeschooling groups that would be of help. Throughout our history there have been parents who have not "had the education" that so many today consider necessary, but they made sure their children received the education they themselves missed - by hiring tutors (which is a form of homeschooling) or even by themselves learning in order to teach their children. Now, as a Christian, I would say that the parent being in a healthy, growing relationship with the Lord is a requirement for Christian homeschooling. But there are MANY non-Christian folks around the country who homeschool. This is the reason that my one requisite would be love for their children and desiring what is best. Added...to your question of whether or not I have ever run into a parent who hasn't had the education - yes, I have. But I've also met people who are determined to give their children the best. At one of the schools where I taught, one of the best teachers had never had formal education training. But, man, she was a gifted teacher! For Christians, God can indeed provide even intellectually.
  7. 'Twas a good morning. Several folks were out and we missed them. But good services!
  8. The level of difficulty would vary within each individual family. There are many considerations that go into homeschooling. First would be the reason for it. We homeschooled because we believed that was what God would have us do. We later put him in school, but have to be honest that we came to regret that choice for reasons that are our own. The government school system is sadly lacking in true education, and that is another absolutely rock solid reason for homeschooling. My niece, who is not interested in biblical things, has asked me to homeschool her son (he is not yet born) because she does not want him subjected to the bullying and ill treatment she received in our "small town" school...plus she knows from my homeschooling her sister how much she learned in the 4 years of high school compared to the abysmal learning in the government school. Another consideration is finances. Sadly, we live in a world that oftimes requires the wife to work at least part time. That can put a wrench in homeschooling, although there are co-op schools springing up due to the poor education received in government schools. There is also the consideration of curricula. There is a plethora out there, and much of it is geared to homeschoolers since that has risen so much. There is the choice of going with one curriculum or using an eclectic approach (that was what we did). Parents can choose to do the teaching (believe me when I say higher education is not necessary with most of the available curricula) or they can choose to use videos, of which there are many. It is true that children need to be disciplined in order for homeschooling (or unschooling, depending upon which, ahem, school of learning to which one is drawn) to work. But there are levels of discipline as well, and if a parent truly desires to homeschool because they believe it is best for their child(ren), things like discipline will be worked out as they progress in their homeschool experience. Each state has different laws regarding homeschooling. IMO, it's not in the government's purview, so those laws (unless they are simply just that it's all up to the parents) are simply ways of government - doing what it does so well - overstepping their bounds and butting in to things which no constitution - state or fed - grants them permission. Parents know their children better than anybody (no matter what people who push against homeschooling might try to say), and they know how their children learn. Not gonna lie - homeschooling is work. But it's work that works. (and I would say here that each set of parents must make the decision as to what is best for their individual family...whether or not it is homeschooling)
  9. Interesting question...I can't find the ladies' forum either. So I've asked @PastorMatt to see if I'm just overlooking it.
  10. No...had never heard of it til I read this thread. Won't be going to see it, either.
  11. My hubs chooses a theme each year. This year it is "Dear Lord, may we in 2023 do more to please Thee." We also have a monthly memory verse as well as biblical topic. He chooses the topic and two references for us to memorize (the reference, not necessarily the verses) so that we are aware of location of said topics in scripture. This month is the Trinity.
  12. I'll be having chicken and parmesan pasta. Hubs will have chili, and mom is having salad. (BrotherTony, chili is ALWAYS nice! )
  13. The members of the church have set the precedent that he is not to be present when we discuss things like his salary, gifts we as a church might want to give him, etc. The one exception was when the church bought him a car. It is the church's car, but it is his...he was there when we made the decision to buy it (we had already actually decided beforehand), but he was there to voice a protest against it. We chose to override him. LOL Regarding the pastor's salary, just about every member has voiced their desire for him to be receiving more than he is. That makes me as his wife very thankful that they realize just how blessed they are to have my hubs as pastor. I'm sorry you experienced that. There are many churches where things are already decided beforehand. It is frustrating. But I would say that maybe the pastor and/or deacons of that church would be the one(s) to whom you should go with your questions.
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