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  1. I do remember Decatur, and I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds a lot like here! ~~~~ I was able to go to church tonight for the first Sunday evening service since my mom fell. My hubs is sick, so he stayed home with her. Our son taught Sunday School and preached the morning service and then taught tonight. Sunday School was our son, me, and my mom. Two people joined us for morning service. This evening it was my son, me, and a gentleman who has been coming lately (his car didn't start this morning). Yep. It's disheartening. But we are praying and trusting God to build His church.
  2. I don't hate her. But I do hate every evil thing she stands for. Which is a lot. Sadly, she was influenced by her youth "pastor." She was actually a "Goldwater Girl" when she was younger. But her socialist leaning youth pastor got hold of her and turned her into the evil woman she is today. (I'm not negating the influence of her parents, BroTony) My brother was around, erm, FOBs (friends of Bill) for quite a while for his job. It was quite plain to anyone who had eyes that nobody liked her - even the progressives with which she allies herself - but they all liked him. HIs personality is more people-oriented, and that is one of the reasons he won the White House and she will never get there unless it is by some of the same fraud that propelled someone-else-who-shall-not-be-named-else-I-get-accused-of-hatred-and-rage. So, since I am a born-again Christian who understands the teachings of the Bible, I have no problem saying that I HATE THE EVIL SHE PROMOTES. Call it rage - mayhap since God is ANGRY WITH THE WICKED EVERY DAY, rage isn't that bad a thing when it is toward evil. Call it hatred - God HATES EVIL, so I think I'm in good company. And look at that...I didn't even get mad, which I believe was the intent of Razor's post slamming folks who don't agree with her. Except that Pelosi is old...lol
  3. IMO, she would have instituted martial law by now. She is a hater of all things military (as well as all things constitutional and truly American), but would use them if she could. However, I do not think she would do the damage Harris will do once Joe is declared incompetent and she gets in.
  4. Many (most, actually) churches in this area do not have Sunday evening services. Most of those do not have Wednesday evening services, while some of them have "cells" which meet in homes (while it is not a gathering of the church, at least they are meeting). We have meetings on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. However, we do not have many people who attend. Various reasons are given, but "excuses, excuses, you'll hear them every day..." Hubs, however, is not going to close the doors. This area is hard to the Lord. Harder than I've ever seen. And I'm including Christians in that statement, sadly.
  5. AND they are the ones who call folks bullies...thanks for locking.
  6. I'm glad it's thawing. I hope it's your last round this winter as well. While it's beautiful, it is so dangerous! We are hoping our Christmas snow is the only one we get this year, too. And I'm jealous that you have a puppy to enjoy the cold.
  7. Yes, Rebecca, there is strife and that is sad. But honestly there has been strife as far back as I can remember, although it ebbs and flows rather than being there all the time. That is because the members are human. An excuse? No. But a reason. Think there are arguments now? Shoulda been here about 8 years ago. LOL So, please, Mark, tell me where the US Constitution repeats "one nation?" If you're going to criticize, best make sure you have your facts straight. As to the rage you are accusing this site being full of: 1. You obviously didn't follow the site when Clinton and Obama were in the White House. There was more rhetoric against them than there is now against JB. And being "Trumpsters" or "Republicans" have nothing to do with it. Anyone who knows both the Constitution and the Bible would be against what they did and what JB/Harris are doing. When Christians excuse the vile things these people have done, they ignore plain scriptural teaching. That would include Christians in any country. 2. I don't think you really see rage. I think you are trying to incite it. THAT isn't biblical...
  8. I have a friend who was all set for a kidney transplant in a Seattle hospital. But then she got her letter stating that no transplants will be performed on those who refuse the jab. It's happening all over the country, mostly in Dem-controlled states (doesn't mean the GOP is all rosy...).
  9. So, a little background... My dad's father was a pentecostal preacher/pastor. The belief system that accompanies that is still very strong in that side of my family. My grandpa had a lot of doctrinal ideas that were questionable at best, due to his affiliations. (interesting to note, though, that as he got older he spent more time reading the Bible and began sounding more like a Baptist lol) One thing the churches he pastored and attended (because one thing pentecostals do is attend church consistently) never practiced was snake handling/poison drinking. He did preach it, though. Until one day he was visiting a church in KY (he lived in WV). They had both of those going on. To hear him tell the story was humorous, but at the bottom of it was that he saw it for the foolishness it is. He quit preaching that lack of faith was the reason folks didn't practice that. To answer the question - no, I've never been to a snake-handling service. And I won't go. The charismatic services I HAVE gone to are quite enough for a lifetime, thank you very much.
  10. I close my eyes in reverence. If you've ever worked with children, you would see that it is a good way to quiet children as they pray also. If there are several kids in a group, they are more able to keep their minds on what's happening if their eyes are closed. Otherwise - as I know from experience - kids will begin giggling or whispering, etc.
  11. I realized I didn't answer the part of the topic regarding using them. lol. We do pass them out all the time. My hubs encourages folks to do so on a consistent basis. Every Christmas time, we order a bunch and put them together in groups of 25, banded together. Everyone is encouraged to hand them out, and we like to see how many are actually done that time of year (more people really are receptive to receiving the tracts then). The folks enjoy that. We send them with bill payments, etc. Any way we are able to, we pass them out. It is a good way to get the gospel out if you aren't able to talk with the person (like at the grocery store or fast food place).
  12. We get some tracts from Mercy and Truth Ministries in KS. Brother Scott Hanks puts most of them together, and those we have gotten are very sound doctrinally. https://mercyandtruthministry.com/ We also order from Help4U ministries in IN. Doctrinally sound and attractively compiled. We've liked all that we have ordered, but my personal favorite is the Amazing Grace tract. When we hand that one out, people immediately recognize the song and seem pleased to receive the tract. https://www.help4upublications.com/ We also order from Moments with the Book. They will imprint addresses as well. We have ordered Christmas tracts from them which are well done. My husband especially likes the Why Did Jesus Die tract. https://mwtb.org/
  13. Welcome aboard, Mark. We're glad to have you.
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