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  1. If I had a million dollars, I'd put a good fence around our property, buy the church property and build a permanent building.
  2. I've talked with my son about doing that! LOL. He's too young yet to sit up right, so we'll see in a couple months or so. Tonight after we finished the last song, Asher said "aaayyyy..." Whether copying the sound of the last word in the song or being happy we were done, I don't know. lol
  3. SOME men had multiple wives, not all...and, no, that's not why they asked Jesus that. They were specifically referring to the part of the law where a brother is to marry his brother's widow (to raise up seed to the brother)...and if there were a bunch of brothers, all of whom ended up marrying her because they were all dying (hardy bunch lol), whose wife would she be. Jesus said nobody's because there's no marriage in Heaven.
  4. Today is our son's b'day...here's his boy, watching mom cook dinner and fix cake for his daddy's b'day. Sunday is Grandparents' Day...can't wait to hold this little guy then.
  5. Jesus said "let not man put asunder..." Saving for the exception clause, divorce is not something God wants...so if God doesn't want divorce, it should then follow that marriage is until death. Right?
  6. 4 month old Asher intently listening as his daddy preaches this past Sunday afternoon.
  7. Hubs is gonna grill steaks later. Probably the last opportunity for the year. He's going to cook extra so I can make fajitas on Wednesday.
  8. We had potluck at church today. Had chicken noodle casserole, beef gravy over potatoes, salad, etc. And for dessert, pie!
  9. I made beef stroganoff for lunch today.
  10. I agree that it's not truly a tax, but I used that term to liken it to what the government does to our paychecks. Membership dues is a better term. The incident with my son put him in a spiral for a while, but thankfully he is faithfully serving the Lord, as is the intern.
  11. I wouldn't work at a church that felt it had the right to tax my paycheck. Show me where it's biblical. I don't think it's that common, but I do know of a church that takes people out of ministry for not tithing (happened to our son, when he didn't even have a job - but nobody wanted to hear that). There may be more than one, but I don't know. Also know of a church that had a young man who interned for a whole year for no pay...young man was presented with a bill for his tithe for the year, based on what they would have paid him. He had to work another 2-3 weeks for free before he could go on to the ministry God was calling him to. Where is that in the Bible? I don't know how common it actually is, but if the employee of the church accepts the job and that's the way they do it, well, the employee has no recourse but to put up with it. IMO, it's making tithe a tax...income tax is unconstitutional, and IMO, forced tithe is unbiblical.
  12. Fair tax is the only way to go! I doubt it will ever be implemented because even those who know the Constitution (like Cruz) want a flat tax. But a fair tax is the only one that is truly fair. Many folks try to compare it to a VAT tax (value added tax), but it is vastly different. Folks purchase things they want and they pay a sales tax. Rich people will pay "their share" when they buy yachts and expensive vehicles. The fair tax that folks are trying to get Congress to look at (it's actually already in motion) does not tax medicine or food, which is beneficial to the poor. It also comes with prebates, which is money back. One of the very best things about the fair tax is that the IRS is done away with after the first year of the fair tax. Read more about it here: https://fairtax.org/ They've got the kinks worked out, if we could get it adopted. Sadly, the elimination of the dollar is imminent. When that happens, there will be nothing but chaos...chaos that makes Black Friday of Depression fame look like child's play. Thus America will become third world.
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