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  1. We had a good day on Sunday. Not a lot of people, but good services.
  2. I fixed Randy salad and hamburgers. The bread I make him is broken down into a roll recipe, which I was able to cut in half again (the bread only lasts 3 days, so I don't want to make too many rolls at once). I used two large jar rings to bake the rolls in. They don't get real thick, but they rise enough to make smaller burgers. He's very happy to have an actual burger again. Basically the only carbs he had were in the veggies in the salad. So, not too much when you factor in the fiber. Salad dressing was an issue at first. I bought a couple of bottles of paleo dressing (so, no sugar, grain, or dairy). But he wasn't crazy about them. So I tried to make paleo ranch dressing. It was ok, but nothing spectacular. So now, what he loves on his salad is a type of green goddess dressing. I smash up a ripe avocado (sometimes I do the whole thing, sometimes I eat half, like tonight hehe), add garlic and onion powders, salt, and sometimes paprika, a few drops of lemon juice, a spoon of homemade mayo. If it's too thick I add just a bit of water. Sounds like a lot of work, but it only takes a couple of minutes. I purposely leave the avocado a bit lumpy. Both he and our son like it a lot. I also have a hamburger waiting for me, but my stomach isn't feeling great so I'm waiting on eating it.
  3. I'm sure cassava flour would be enough, although there is no coconut flavor in the dredge. The coconut flour does smell a bit coconutty, but it doesn't taste. The recipe I started with uses more cassava anyway. I like coconut, but definitely would not like it with my fish, nor would Randy. This dredge actually is for chicken, but really does work great for fish. Nice thing about it is you can add any spices you might particularly like. For the chicken, I usually add paprika to the dredge.
  4. Fixing pan-fried cod tonight. I'll dredge it in egg, coconut and cassava flours. It fries up to be crispy and is tasty and flaky. Also veggies. The paleo bread Randy eats is in the oven baking. I think dinner will warm him up tonight - it's raining and cool out right now.
  5. (she goes off pouting, whiningly saying) "I wanna win..."
  6. Yes, there are many times things are added to the store-bought frozen veggies. I don't like them, myself, other than broccoli. This cauliflower supposedly doesn't have any additives. I had gotten some cauliflower "tots" for Randy to eat like tater tots, but found that there is sugar in them. So he isn't supposed to eat them, which is sad because he really liked them. I do give him a few once in a while, though, so they don't go to waste. But once the bag is gone, that's it. I saw a recipe that shows how to make your own tots from several different veggies...I just don't know if the amount of work put into it is worth it. Ricing fresh cauliflower wouldn't be difficult - I could put it in a food processor. But it's pretty convenient to have the frozen. He said it really is a good sub for rice. Today is a "cheat" day, so he had some Taco Bell for lunch.
  7. It actually wasn't. Just put the veggies in the pan, place the fish on it, sprinkle on the coconut aminos and let the over do the work. Frozen riced cauliflower, heated in the microwave and mixed in with the veggies once cooked. It was less work than frying it. =D Tonight we had chicken and veggies.
  8. It's been a month, so I win. May I have my prize?
  9. Randy is, by doctor's order, supposed to eat fish 2-3 times/week now. He doesn't mind it at all. =D So I fixed rock fish for him again last night. Usually I pan fry it, after dredging it in egg, cassava flour, and coconut flour. Makes a really good crust that is totally grain free. I decided to fix it differently last night. I chopped veggies into a baking dish, cut the fish into quarters, scored the fish, and put coconut aminos on the fish. Coconut aminos is a soy sauce replacement (he is not supposed to have soy). I fixed some riced cauliflower, mixed in the baked veggies when done, and put the fish on the veggies. I mixed some aminos and hot mustard in with some mayo (homemade so there is no sugar or soy) as "tartar" sauce. Apparently it was quite the success. =D I had a bowl of hot cereal.
  10. I love Psalm 119! We are studying OT characters right now.
  11. This morning Randy had a boiled egg for breakfast. As he was peeling it, he noticed something hard at the top of it. He took of the very top and saw...a mini egg! In the first picture it looks almost like the yolk is peeking out. But it was no yolk. In the second picture, Randy put the mini egg by the regular egg so a sense of size was given. He took the mini egg to church tonight. In picture 3, one of our members put his finger in the picture for sizing. In the fourth picture, Randy peeled the egg. Yes, indeed - the mini egg had a shell! As you might be able to see, there was no yolk in the mini egg, but it was definitely egg white. Has anyone ever experienced this? A friend linked an article for me to read about this. The link is below, but it's the second title in the article that explains this. Interesting stuff! https://backyardpoultry.iamcountryside.com/eggs-meat/how-a-chicken-lays-an-egg-inside-of-an-egg/?fbclid=IwAR39pR0QzI5nkCUZ5bXXM-xFJKMqGNZopgdWa5lP9XdxZO_MbHhq7-dPmvY
  12. It's mind-boggling the garbage people come up with in the name of the Lord!
  13. So we got our new bookcase. I've got the books on the shelves, but I'm still ruminating on shelving. I'm not quite satisfied with it. I spent some time cleaning and decorating at the church today and took a picture of our new shelf.
  14. Hubs had chicken for supper tonight - just one piece. After church he had a couple of stuffed eggs, some broccoli, and some crackers I made him (that have no grains in them). I had waffles. LOL

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