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  1. HappyChristian

    American Theology

    It sure is alarming.
  2. HappyChristian

    Noobie here from AZ

    Welcome aboard
  3. HappyChristian

    Whats for Supper...

    Baked chicken tonight.
  4. HappyChristian

    Whats for Supper...

    I just fixed hamburger patties w/cheese tonight. Along with fries ( about 5 for Randy LOL), salad, and broccoli (Randy has to be very careful of broccoli, but he enjoyed the little he got). I made some "bread" for Randy - almond meal, coconut flour, egg, salt, baking powder all mixed well together and microwaved for 90 seconds. It could have used probably another 10 seconds. It just made a little bit - about the size of a large roll, and there was less than 2 carbs. I sliced and buttered it. Randy enjoyed it, but said it tasted a good bit like pancakes, so he wanted syrup over it. LOL Sadly, I had to tell him no. 😉 I'm thinking of making him some blueberry syrup tomorrow (with Stevia, not sugar) and making him "pancakes."
  5. HappyChristian

    Farewell, friends

    I don't see any ads with mine, either, unless I give it permission. There are some sites that won't let you in unless you disable the ad blocker, but that can be done easily (and it doesn't disable it from any other site). I was going to post a link, but it didn't look right. You can google (or duck-duck-go) "adblock plus" for more information. It's free, too. And it doesn't harm computers. U-block does sound pretty good, though!
  6. HappyChristian

    Farewell, friends

    I have adblocker - I don't see any of the ads.
  7. HappyChristian

    Suggestions and/or Ideas?

    We just received the series Women of the Bible, written by Mrs. Starr. They are accessioned, and just awaiting labels. This Saturday, after the men's breakfast, my hubs is going to have a short men's work party. They will be moving some things around, and bringing in a bookcase to the room where our library will be. Yee-haw!
  8. HappyChristian

    Suggestions and/or Ideas?

    Oh, my! Thank you so much! We have all but your two newest. Randy adds his thanks to mine.
  9. HappyChristian

    Farewell, friends

    We'll miss you. God bless.
  10. HappyChristian

    Whats for Supper...

    It's OH state football tonight (we record it so they can skip the commercials and half-time and watch it together when Josh gets off work and Randy's done studying), so pizza. Thin crust for less carbs. NY style. Lots of meat and some veggies.
  11. HappyChristian

    Suggestions and/or Ideas?

    Thank you!
  12. HappyChristian

    Suggestions and/or Ideas?

    So yesterday I ordered our first set of books for the library. Mrs. Shirley Starr has a 5-book set of Women of the Bible. They are not large books, but they are good. Next order will probably be something for men. As I mentioned, we are limited financially, so this set was actually 2 months of the budget. Here's the link to the Starr's site: https://starr-publications.com/online-store/ I've begun the process of accessioning and classifying. It's going to be quite the job, but I'm looking forward to it.
  13. HappyChristian

    Note To Self: Game

    Note to self: Salyan is spot on!
  14. HappyChristian

    Note To Self: Game

    Note to self: school doesn't go well when the only student is home sick
  15. HappyChristian

    Whats for Supper...

    Tonight is pork loin, veggies, salad.