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  1. Thank you so much for the information. We'll be praying for you and all these churches in Canada. I cant imagine what it is like. So sad to see this stuff take place all over the world. Protesting in large groups acceptable...church meeting in large groups... illegal.
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  2. This church is about 30 minutes from us. It is the church that had its pastor jailed for 5 weeks because he couldn’t agree to bail conditions that violated his conscience (ironically, the consequences for his charges would have merited only fines, not imprisonment). Basically, the church chose not to comply with the unscriptural demands of the health services to limit attendance to 15% capacity (which practically means no physical distancing), and they refuse to enforce masking (because it is a personal health decision). The last few weeks, they have had capacity crowds, with more listening fr
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  3. Not surprised one bit at all. The local and State governments, almost all Democratic controlled, have discovered that they can use a health scare to bypass the Constitution of the United States, take away our freedoms, shut down our businesses, and close down the churches. When this health issue first arose folks have been trying to warn the churches that the true issue is to control the churches or shut them down.
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