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  1. Rebecca

    The beauty of creation

    There are wild monkeys living in the mountains, and occasionally they come out of the mountains and I see them walking along telephone wires. This is a photo of a monkey I took recently. This is a picture of a monkey from a few years ago:
  2. Rebecca

    The beauty of creation

    I guess I have to go ahead and "like" the kangaroo photo, since I got called out on it! haha! 😅 It's a great photo Dave, if I had been there, I'd have probably taken about 1,000 photos! I can't resist taking photos of wild animals. 😊 I'm blessed with getting to live close to the ocean, so I often take pictures of the sea and any wildlife that I come across. Because my proper camera is having issues, I've been using my phone camera, which doesn't often take great pictures, but this picture of a sea urchin actually came out great, so I'm pleased with it. 😁
  3. Rebecca

    Food storage

    Kijiji is a sales website, people post various things they have for sale. This is a type of can rotation system I like, but not sure if it's what Saylan spoke of. https://goo.gl/images/PHCVxQ
  4. Rebecca

    The beauty of creation

    Here are a few more sunrises, from 2013. I don't get up that early anymore, but I should, the beauty is definitely worth it.
  5. Rebecca

    New car!

    Of course I said "tyres", I was using an Australian accent! My car isn't from Australia, so it has tires. 🚗
  6. Rebecca

    Possible solutions to problems

    The majority of forums out there, mostly non-religious, have restrictions in place for new comers. For example, a dog forum I'm a part of has a rule that new comers are restricted to the "introduction" thread for their first post, and then are limited to a certain number of posts for a limited time (about two weeks, some are a month) to prevent flooding of the forums, which is an instant suspension if any one does it, new comer or otherwise. A rabbit forum I''m a part of has restrictions on giving health advice, their rules for what can and can not be posted are clearly outlined. Sometimes people come on and start spouting health advice that is actually harmful to rabbits and shows their lack of education in rabbit health. When asked for credentials, they refuse and just like all false teachers, attack those concerned about the dangerous advice being given. Threads like those are closed immediately and the op either suspended or banned, sometimes before anyone has a chance to post a reply to the op. I think this site could benefit from restrictions similar to those.
  7. Rebecca

    New car!

    Cars are the ones with four tyres and a roof, right? Congratulations on your new to you car, I hope it serves you well! 🤠
  8. Rebecca

    The beauty of creation

    This is an older picture of a sunrise I took a few years back. I'm slowly getting photos onto my computer, so hopefully I'll be able to add more soon!
  9. Rebecca

    Bible Quiz

    You're correct! The scripture verses are: Acts 27:14 - "But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, called Euroclydon." and Acts 27:9-10 - "Now when much time was spent, and when sailing was now dangerous, because the fast was now already past, Paul admonished them, And said unto them, Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage, not only of the lading and ship, but also of our lives." Omega: How the game is played, is one person asks the question, the person who gets it right first gets a chance to ask a new question, unless they defer to someone else, so it's Rosie's turn, if she wants to ask a question. The question can be worded however, but the answer must be found in a scripture passage. So unfortunately, no matter how good a question is, if the specific answer isn't found in a specific passage of scripture, it doesn't count. However, since you already posted it, if someone wants to take a stab at answering, they are more than welcome! It's an interesting question, one I hadn't thought about before, so I'll have to do some thinking. 🙂
  10. Rebecca

    Bible Quiz

    Wow, I had forgotten about this thread! 😅 Since a new question hasn't been asked, I'll go ahead and ask one. Don't forget the scripture reference in your answer! What is the name of the storm that blew up near Crete, catching a ship off guard? Who had given warning that the voyage would be dangerous?
  11. Rebecca

    Before the Fall and Dinosaurs

    It is possible that the Leviathan and Behemoth mentioned in the Bible were dinosaurs, based on the descriptions. However, I will not say with 100% certainty that they were, it's just an interesting thought that maybe they were. I do agree about the locusts in Revelation, I think they will be real creatures that have never been seen on earth before, appearing only that one time. They will be true demonic monsters, and I'm glad I won't be there to see them.
  12. Rebecca

    Before the Fall and Dinosaurs

    The following is my personal belief concerning dinosaurs, I can not prove my belief with the Bible or with history. I believe God created the dinosaurs along with all the other animals, and called them "good", just as He did with the other animals of His creation, pre-fall. The fall of man is what changed some of them, just as lions, bears, alligators, etc changed. I don't believe this change made the animals "monsters", they're just predatory animals. In the pre-flood environment of the earth, I believe they thrived and did well, however, the environment changed after the flood, as evidenced by the shorter life span of humans. I believe this change of environment killed off the ones that Noah had saved on the ark. I believe that the half-human, half-animal false gods of various cultures came solely from their imaginations, not based on a reality of any kind. Do a key word search of the Bible for the word "imagination", almost every instance is negative, followed by wicked or evil. The very first usage comes in Genesis 6:5 - "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." I also think the majority of pictures we see depicting dinosaurs is more than likely false. No one knows what they really looked like, the artists are just giving their best guesses. Some of these are educated guesses as talented artists who understand anatomy can "rebuild" an animal from its skeleton outward. However, even these educated guesses may not be 100% accurate. This can result in some of the dinosaurs looking more "monstrous" than they were in reality. ((as an interesting side note, there was a case of a forensic scientist who was given a human skull and asked to "rebuild" it, so they could see the face. No one knew who the skull had belonged to. The scientist rebuilt it, and came up with a face. It turned out that the face he had created was surprisingly close to the woman the skull belonged to, and they were able to solve the case. This scientist had the benefit of understanding human anatomy very well, and knew the skull belonged to a modern human woman before he even started the reconstruction.)) Scientists/farmers/ranchers/breeders are indeed genetically modifying foods, pets, and working animals, it's really interesting to see the differences in various plants we eat now compared to just a few hundred years ago. The majority of these genetic changes are not evil in their origins, but to benefit mankind. Look up the differences of watermelons, corn, chickens, cows, horses, etc. It's interesting.
  13. Rebecca

    The beauty of creation

    I'm glad you like the photos. 🙂 They were taken at a small village called Fu Shan, it's in SE Taiwan.
  14. Rebecca

    The beauty of creation

    Sorry I haven't posted in this thread in so long. My computer has been having issues lately. I'm going to try to post a picture from my phone. I recently moved, and this is down the street from my house, where I walk my dog. The sunsets are very beautiful.
  15. Rebecca

    What would you do?

    To address the op, I would do what I have done in the past. Generally speaking I simply be friendly with the girls and ladies and only speak about clothing when asked. I have only spoken to a girl about her attire once, and it was because she had vulgar language written in her shirt, so I took her aside and politely explained that the words in her shirt were inappropriate (it's normal for them to learn cuss words in school and when learning English as a second language) and to please not wear the shirt to church again. She never wore it again, and eventually even started wearing more modest clothing to church, even though that wasn't part of the conversation.