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  1. The pastor friend in Myanmar sent this message: “Last night, around 9:30pm, our neighbor was taken away. All street lights were out and dark. Please continue to pray for our safety and protection of God. My wife was so terrified. We were up the whole night. I will delete it again.” ______ Just sending that short message could put him and his family in danger, so he deleted it after sending. The people there are living in a state of terror, never knowing when they will be dragged from their homes to an unknown fate. The people are being worn down physically and emotionally, it's
  2. Things are indeed growing worse. There is so much I was going to say, but as an update, I will simply copy/paste what a local wrote: Dear praying brethren I am writing this Report with a broken and trembling heart. My eye is filled with sadness and tears of hurt. First of all I want to beg you to pray for our safety and protection. It is my prayer that the angel of the Lord will continue to surround every home in our country. Latest Update From the day that the M-C took control over the country which was February 1, there was a
  3. I am going to politely ask that this thread not be turned into yet another place for bickering and hobby horses, please and thank you. This thread is specifically asking for prayer for the people of Myanmar as they are going through a time of horrible turmoil and upheaval in their lives.
  4. Some good news, the pastor friend got back in contact, he and his wife are safe! They are at home now but are emotionally drained and are having difficulty eating and sleeping. They are very grateful for the prayers and ask for continued prayers.
  5. The military takeover of Myanmar is growing worse. I know of a missionary family who was successfully evacuated with other foreigners, but others are still there. The local church I work with here in Taiwan is close friends with a Myanmar pastor who has disappeared, he was last heard from on February 18th. People are being murdered in the streets, and as they flee from the military/police they head to churches for safety, but these places of refuge are ignored by the military/police, they are breaking down the gates and doors to arrest anyone who flees into these buildings, and even arrest the
  6. I have to amend my above comment as I was reminded of a situation where the new regulations have affected Christians, although they were not specifically targeted. One of the ways Taiwan has been successful in combating the virus is because they closed their borders. In order to come to Taiwan you have to meet strict criteria. There are new missionaries who were set to arrive in Taiwan this year, but due to the new regulations and not being far enough along in their paperwork they did not meet the new requirements so they cannot come to Taiwan. Two new missionary families arrived just last mon
  7. Here in Taiwan there have been no infringements on religious freedoms. The regulations due to Covid can be inconvenient at times, especially now as we are entering the Chinese New Year week. However, these regulations are not as insane as other countries, and are not targeted to certain groups, religious or otherwise. I am very thankful for the freedoms we can still enjoy here and pray for those who are beginning to experience persecution.
  8. An updated modern KJV has already been done, in 1994. It's called the 21st Century King James Bible if you want to check it out and compare it to the 1769 KJV. I've never read it so I don't know what differences are in it, however it was supposedly only changing some 'archaic' vocabulary words, not grammar or the thee's and thou's. So if the Bible scholars in this thread want to check it out, feel free and maybe give us a good review on a separate thread and tell us what you think.
  9. I just wanted to share what an amazing service we had at church today. I serve at a little church in Taitung, Taiwan. Since last year, our church has done an outreach with the Indonesian workers that live in and around our city (caregivers and fishermen). We had a good Christmas service with many attending last year, and this year we made plans to do the same thing, to have our church members be servants to the Indonesians who attend the Christmas service. Word got around and today we had a record-smashing 98 people attend service today! Many of them are Muslim and they all listened well as th
  10. Tonight's sunset was spectacular! I took several photos, but since my phone camera doesn't have a panoramic setting, I took a video instead. This was taken from the roof of my house.
  11. I will not watch any videos with Phil Kidd in them, whether it's him preaching or someone praising or condemning him for whatever hobby horse he's on/language he's used this week. I've listened to him "preach" before and I couldn't finish the video. That's all I will say about that. The IFB is a movement of sorts, but not in the sense that there is an overseeing board or group that tell the other IFB churches what to say, preach, etc. Not in that sense. For the most part, the majority of IFB churches are indeed independent of other churches while still following the same core Biblical doc
  12. Thanks Jim. As OP of this thread, I would like for it to stay on topic of showcasing God's creations, not man-made creations.
  13. Smog is an unfortunate side effect of most large cities. I am beyond thankful that I live in a smaller sized city and for the most part the air is clean and I can see the stars at night. Once in awhile we have visitors from the larger cities on the other side of the island and one thing they always comment on, is that they can see the stars at night. Unfortunately I don't have a camera that can take night time or starry night pictures, so here's a photo of the beautiful scenery I get to see when traveling from one city to another, if I choose to drive. If you look closely, you can see th
  14. My church group went up into the mountains yesterday for a time of relaxation and fellowship. It was very enjoyable, although the road leading up into the mountain was a bit heart stopping! haha! The locals didn't want me to drive my car up past a certain point (their reason was funny - boars attack small cars! the real reason was my car was too low to the ground and would bottom out) so I had to pile into the pastors suv with his family the rest of the way up. Once on top of the mountain, the views were spectacular, my photos don't do it justice. view from the top mount
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