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  1. I have family members who are both democrat and Christian, it's not impossible or shocking. Did you know that there are republicans who support abortion? Did you know that there are democrats who do not support abortion? Did you know that there are many, many Christians who are neither democrat nor republican? This is because most individual people don't blindly follow their chosen party, they each have their own convictions, thoughts, and ideas that may or may not line up with everything their party is known for.
  2. Over the years, I have sat in a pew listening to "sermons" by a few famous IFB pastors that made me feel extremely uncomfortable due to inappropriate stories or sayings. In my opinion, if a sermon is preached then it should be 100% Bible based, and any stories or illustrations should only be used if they align perfectly with the sermon. Any fetishes between a husband and wife should never be spoken of from behind a pulpit, again it's my opinion, but I believe when fetishes are spoken about like this from a pulpit, during a sermon, it's blasphemous. I am now extremely careful who I listen to and whose churches I visit during furlough.
  3. Congratulations! I like the name
  4. I looked into audiobook narration a few years ago. I was thinking about starting with the free audiobook sites which are done by volunteers (a good one is https://librivox.org/), which means it isn't paid. However, I figured it would help me gain experience and know whether or not it was something I could do long term, and build up a portfolio to help get paid work. Unfortunately I found out fairly quickly that I don't have the voice/talent for it. I realized there was so much more to audiobook recording than simply reading a book aloud. Having the voice for it also includes being able to read with cadence, slightly changing your voice for characters (don't really need to be distinctive, but to need to know how to distinguish between narration and character speech), and so much more. If someone is a natural storyteller, it should be very easy for them to read for audiobooks. Now podcasting is another can of worms. I enjoy listening to podcasts. Some are very scripted and some are off the cuff. Both styles are enjoyable in their own ways. I guess if you have a topic you're passionate about and believe others would be interested in it, than that is something that might be a good option. I've not looked into what it takes to run a podcast and what makes them successful, but it would be a good subject to look into as an option to make some money.
  5. I'm unsure if King James was evil, and I'm not really willing to dig through all things historical to find out as I dislike politics in general and have no desire to read about it. However, just from casual glances through history books, it's clear that he was a mediocre king at best, and was who I would consider a bad person, but "bad" and "evil" are two different things. King James didn't write the KJV Bible, he simply authorized it, gave permission for it to be translated. He did write a few other books, including "Daemonologie" in 1597. You can order it on Amazon or a Barnes and Noble if you want to read it. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/daemonologie-king-james-vi-i/1129474843 Overview of the book: In 1590 three hundred Scottish 'witches' were tried for plotting the murder of their King, James VI of Scotland (soon to be James I of England). James is known to have suffered from a morbid fear of violent death, and the trial heightened his anxiety over this apparently treasonous 'un-Christian' sect, and stimulated him to study the whole subject of witchcraft. 'Daemonologie' is the result of this royal research, detailing his opinions on the topic in the form of a Socratic dialogue between the sceptic Philomathes and witch-averse Epistemon, who reveals many aspects of witch-craft. The book consists of three sections, on magic, on sorcery and witchcraft, and on spirits and ghosts, and ends with a lurid account of the North Berwick witch trials, based on the evidence of Dr John Fian, the alleged head of the coven, whose 'confession' was obtained with the aid of thumbscrews, the Boot, and by the ripping out of his fingernails.
  6. There's nothing wrong with enjoying sports or cheering on a favorite team or whatever hobby someone has. It only becomes a problem when that sport or hobby is elevated above family or God, which I've seen a few times, although fortunately not very often. Usually it's just annoying to be around someone when their preferred sportsball team is doing well/poorly in whatever tourney is currently going on, but annoying is better than downright rabid, haha!
  7. Matthew 24:35 - "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."
  8. As a single woman, I could say the same of Christian men, where are they? But I already know the answer. They are out there serving God. The same is true of Christian women, we are out there serving God. If you can't find us, it's because you're not looking in the right places. Remember what God told Elijah when he despaired that he was the only one left serving God? God said there were 7,000 others out there serving Him faithfully. (II Kings 19:14-18) The world may seem to us as if there are no good Christians left in the area in which we live, but God knows the truth. He knows the number of people around the world and in your town who are faithfully serving Him. Just like in Elisha's day, we aren't the only ones. Also, the attitude that "head of the home" = "control" is offensive and unbiblical. Of course I don't want someone controlling me, that would be oppression, not freedom in Christ or a loving marriage. The two terms are not equal.
  9. Scientifically speaking, all rainbows are circular, it's just that they don't always form completely because the ground interferes, or the conditions are not right to allow the entire formation. Here are a couple of videos that show a complete rainbow, one has the scientific explanation.
  10. Taiwan is not arming their citizens. Taiwan does not ban guns, they just have very strict gun control. Shooting ranges have already been popular here for a long time, but yes, because of the Ukraine situation more and more people are signing up at these shooting ranges so they can be better prepared just in case China stops strutting around like a peacock and actually does attack. These shooting ranges use airsoft guns, not "real" guns. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4557817
  11. A pastor can give advice, or counsel, but I believe there is a limit in what he can or should do within the confines of a pastorate. I'm not a pastor, but I do work in ministry with ladies and children. Several years ago I was teaching a ladies Bible study when a lady privately asked for counsel. I quickly learned that what she needed was a doctor, and I was not and am not qualified to counsel someone with that level of needs. Unfortunately the situation ended sadly. This taught me to always be very careful with the advice I give and to understand when I am at my limit and the person needs professional help, not spiritual help. I would hope every pastor knows their limits and to know when to advise the person seek a medical professional.
  12. If this was the pastor from Ozark, Missouri, he shot and killed the man he thought was having an affair with his wife. If it was a different pastor, then there were two this recently, it's quite the coincidence.
  13. Memorial day is a US holiday, other countries have different days to remember their military veterans. Whether or not any church celebrates this holiday or merely makes mention of it to thank their veterans, or doesn't mention anything at all has no bearing on whether or not they are liberal. The Baptist church I attend does not celebrate or mention this holiday since we are not in America.
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