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  1. It's just a guess based on circumstantial evidence. Her name is not mentioned. It could be because the disciples who read the gospels at the time they were written were familiar with all the "Marys" (Jesus' mother, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany and Mary the wife of Cleophas) but would not have been familiar with who the woman was at Nain so no name was given. Just more speculation on my part.
  2. Yes, same pastor. I meant to say he killed the man not his wife.
  3. Not to mention Peter mentioning just a loincloth which was probably the only piece of clothing the men wore working in the field.
  4. I've heard since Castro's son made the decree Canadians have been buying more guns than ever.
  5. Similar but seperate stories with the one in Luke taking place at Nain in Galilee and the Mark account taking place at Bethany outside of Jerusalem. Both accounts, in context, have Jesus weeping, raising up a dead man, having his feet anointed in the home of a man named Simon (one a Pharisee and the other a leper) and incurring the anger of the Pharisees in one case and the disciples in the other. Now John 11:2 seems to suggest that Mary the brother of Lazarus already anointed Jesus' feet but she doesn't do that until the next chapter unless she anointed his feet twice, once in Nain and again in Bethany (maybe twice in Bethany since it appears his feet were anointed on two seperate occasions). It could also have been the "sinner" Mary Magdalene who anointed his feet in Luke 7 because in the next chapter Mary Magdalene is said to have started following the Lord after he cast seven devils out of her. This would be my guess to which Mary it was.
  6. I recently read of a pastor of a KJV Only church in Missouri who shot and killed a man because he thought his wife was cheating with him. She was recklessly galavanting around with the man but no evidence she was sleeping with him. "Abstain from all appearance of evil"
  7. The word "skirt" is derived from an old German word that does refer to the lower edge or border of a woman's dress. It's also why the word sometimes can be used like "Stop skirting around your responsibilities" or "Outskirts of the city" which suggests the edge. The word also seems to be etymologically related to the root word used for "shirt" and "tunic". Of course, the word has changed overtime to refer to the whole garment.
  8. Why work when you can make more money living off the government? People are falling more and more into debt working a traditional, blue collar, middle class job making someone else rich, especially now with skyrocketing inflation. Also, there's virtually no room for promotions unless you hold a college degree which means huge debt. My grandfather lived in a day where a high school drop out could work his way into better paying positions if they worked hard and were honest. He dropped out in 7th grade due to his father dying and his mother catching polio so he became "the man of the house". He started as a maintenance man at the local hospital, borrowed books from the doctors to study anatomy, took classes the hospital offered and eventually became the medical trainer for the local high school and semi-pro football team (Franklin, NJ). This eventually lead to him becoming trainer for the Newark Bears football team and an offer from the New York Giants, the later he turned down due to not wanting to relocating his family to NYC. He also became mayor of his town and started the town's emergency services. All this and he never earned his GED that I am aware of. These days are over. Unless you run yourself in debt with a college degree or have an exceptional talent others can exploit you will never get your toe in the door and will remain a wage slave your whole life. Or you can join millions of others and live off the government. As far as employers looking for help a lot of that is a scam to get more government subsidies. They claim they are hiring when in reality they are not. This is notoriously true in the trucking industry (where I drove OTR for five years) who claims to be short of drivers when at the same time driving owner-operators out of work (with the support of the federal government) because what they want is to replace American truckers with truckers from south of the border where fuel is much cheaper.
  9. There's Christ then his body. A pastor is just another part of his body
  10. They are saying it's mostly being spread in the "homosexual community" i.e. sodomites but a look at the infection map it appears the outbreaks are occurring only in NATO nations. I'm wondering if this is a secret biological attack by Russia. Also, the death rate is around 1% the same as the rate with Covid-19.
  11. James I biggest problem was he liked having witches burned at the stake but this what belief in Covenant Theology led to at the time. "Suffer not a witch to live". Just like Replacement Theology led to the slaughter of many Jews at one time. King James behavior among the male members of the court may be normal from men in power at the time. Apparently, showing outward affection towards a wife was a sign of weakness and would make the king or any court official look hen-pecked and "cuckold". Wives were viewed at just as breeding machines to keep house. In some cultures, like among the Samurai, this led to pederasty (not pedophilia) among those in power. This behavior was almost exclusively practice in high society not among the vast majority of common people. That being said, King James only gave his stamp of approval to the translation and where there is the word of the king there is power (Ecclesiastes 8:4).
  12. Nobody here is opposed to the doctrine of election just the zombie election Calvin taught (and had anyone put to death that opposed).
  13. Have you ever read the TR? Not what do done says about it but have you say down and read the entire text? If you did, which edition? I can read the KJV, not the TR. That there makes it superior to the TR in my book.
  14. Calvinism is hogwash. I'll go a step further, it's an evil doctrine that was created by a man who burned people at the stake for disagreeing with him. Allowing it into a church is a sure fire way of killing a church.
  15. Phew! So than only predestined and elected babies die in infancy, never unelected babies. Glad your "1689 confession of faith" straightened that one out.
  16. The Beast will be a man (biological male), will probably be either a homosexual or perhaps asexual. Sort of how Hitler was asexual. Hitler apparently didn't have much interest in women or marriage being singleminded in building his Reich and being "married" to Germany. Eva Braun he kept at arms length. My guess is he'll be at least half Jewish (regards not the God of his fathers) and half Muslim perhaps from Syria or Turkey based on verses from Daniel and Revelation. This may be a stretch but how else could he broker peace between Israel and the Muslim world? The conqueror from the North in the book of Daniel was from Syria (typlified by Antiochus IV) and the seat of Satan in Revelation would be located in modern day Turkey. He'll probably be in his early 30s since he'll be a false Messiah figure but this is just another guess. He'll recover from a gruesome head injury which will leave him with only one good eye and he'll only have use of only one arm the other one being "dried up". This will be a result of war or an assassination attempt. Interestingly, one of the Masonic symbols is covering up one eye as well as holding ones hand inside your jacket as if it is wounded like old military dictators are often shown doing My guess is he'll have some military experience or other personal experience going through war.
  17. Oh, wow, that's a real bummer. Well, he's in a much much better place now.
  18. Where does it say there can't be any nuclear war before the rapture?
  19. Go with the version that has produced the most fruit in the last 100 years. " By their fruits ye shall know them"
  20. A genuine leather Bible for under $80 doesn't exist that I know of unless you buy a used Bible.
  21. Authors of their time? Outside the Bible they were probably influenced by some of the ancient Greek Philosophers like Plato and Aristotle, church Philosophers like Augustine, Enlightenment thinkers like Locke and Newton, Church historians like Bede, the Magna Carta, various French political writings of the time, Greek and Roman historians like Herodotus and Seneca, jurists like William Blackstone, economists like John Smith, Roman statesmen and generals like Cicero and Julius Caesar. Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War by Xenophon no doubt would have been on their shelves. Some of the writings of Puritans like Cotton and Increase Mather and writings of Josephus and some of the Protestant Reformers like Luther or Servetus. The preaching and tracts/pamphlets of preachers of the time that have faded away from memory probably was a great influence too. I know the words of George Whitefield had a great influence on Ben Franklin in those days although Franklin was probably in deep with the writings of the the secret societies of his time.
  22. People recently are shocked when they hear of some teacher pushing Islam in a public school but back in 1984/85 my history teacher, who was rumored to be gay, had us memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and prayer towards Mecca prior to class as a lesson in "toleration" of other religions. This was a time when my laziness payed off as I did not memorize the Pillars and when we knelt it was a nice opportunity to take a quick snooze. Of course, this same teacher never let a chance pass without bashing Christianity. So, this liberal lunacy is nothing new.
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