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  1. I know of a preacher who "rented" a church building for free as long as he maintained it. The building was one of those historical landmark chapels that was used only twice a year (Easter and Christmas) and held an occasional wedding. He had to keep the name of the church too which was a generic name. Haymaker Chapel. It was quite a cozy little church building. Once they grew too enough members they were able to afford their own building. You might be able to find something like that.
  2. No, "the liberal belief system" would say that Genesis was made up of five different textual sources all compiled and edited together as one with some Babylonian mythology thrown in for good measure probably around the time of king Cyrus or the building of the 2nd Temple.
  3. No, the italicized words in I John 2:23 were not there. Would Moses refers to himself in the third person? Because there's plenty of times he would have if he wrote the books himself. I don't see the problem with the Pentateuch being written by one of his scribes as Jeremiah had Baruch, Paul had his writers, the four gospels of Jesus Christ not being written by Jesus. Yes, but then why not write, "Therefore I wrote this song..." if he wrote Genesis.
  4. I think Christian in American we will find more persecution within the church from other professing Christians than from the outside. The only exception may be if a born again bible believer attends a secular, liberal university. He/She will probably face persecution more so in that environment. I wouldn't say I've been persecuted but I've had more Christians do me wrong than unsaved folks. A daughter of a deacon in a former church I attended helped destroy my marriage. She worked for the Social Services and convinced ny wife I was abusive and to leave me. The deacon's daughter ended up c
  5. It's pretty clear in I Thessalonians 4 that there is a "rapture" the debate is when it will happen: before, during or after the great Tribulation.
  6. Wow, that was sudden. Please, Lord, comfort his family.
  7. Venus worship but is Easter Venus? Figuring out the gods/goddess is an endless rabbit hole.
  8. I got to see Dr. Hovind back in '94 I believe it was at my old church. I didn't get to hear him every night because of work but I did catch two lectures. He was good. You are right about him now getting off into post-millennialism and some other peculiar things.
  9. Evolution depends on time. Loads and loads of it that never can be observed keeping to theory safe and secure in the halls of academia.
  10. My pastor friend in PA did the same his church went from Haymaker Chapel to Country Chapel Baptist Church.
  11. I knew you'd show up for this one "steelmaker". No way Herod would have delivered Peter to the Jews to be killed as that would have been illegal according to Roman law. This is why the Jews brought Jesus to Pilate. Ultimately, it would have been Herod that murdered him incurring the favor of the Jews.
  12. You could be right, bro. I know whatever the reason Easter is in the passage it's not a mistake.
  13. If by "estra" you mean Eostre the Romans didn't celebrate that since it's Old Germanic. The closest Roman equivilant you can find to Easter is their celebration of Venus which apparently took place during April 1st. The problem is that Christians of 1611 would no doubt know what Easter meant and it didn't mean a pagan holiday. Most people today still know what it means when we say "Happy Easter". Yes, they called it Easter. As far back as the 2nd century historians have found the word used in relation to Resurrection Day.
  14. The Romans never celebrated pagan Easter as we know it today which is an Old Saxon celebration. ALL the English versions of the bible before the KJV used the word Easter for "pascha". People are retroactively apply our understanding of the pagan origins of Easter to the KJV therefore assuming the translators made a mistake and somehow all overlooked this mistake. To this day the Greeks use the word "pascha" for Easter. Many pagan words were adopted into our language and changed meaning over time usually because there was no equivalent for the word in our language. Even the
  15. I agree. There's a video in YouTube with Ben Stein confronting Dawkins about this. Even if we were genetically engineered from apes where did the "engineers" come from? It takes more faith to believe what they believe than to believe the God of the Bible created us.
  16. Bitchute, Breitbart and World Net Daily are other sources I go too for news the main stream will never cover.
  17. My guess is they'll say that morals are an evolutionary result of a species determining what is best for the survival of the group as a whole. In other words, war is bad because it is not good for the survival and comfort ("life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness") of a species as a whole except when it's beneficial for the betterment of the species. This is why a moral reason is needed to go to war ("liberating an oppressed people") when we know the motive is usually control of resources and power by a few at the top. Somehow, through natural selection or "social Darwinism", the species ha
  18. "Never use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend's forehead."
  19. Many secular scientists are abandoning evolution for intelligent design because of the many failures of the theory. Unfortunately, they have aliens designing us. I think even atheist Richard Dawkins has moved towards this position, at least, he suggests it's possible. Anything but believe in an almighty creator God.
  20. "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." Pele
  21. "Mothers and schools plant the seeds of nearly all the good and evil which exists in the world." - Benjamin Rush
  22. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. - I John 2:23 Italics. Everything after the colon was ADDED by the KJV translators yet we still consider them the inspired words of God yet then deny the translators were under any kind of inspiration (according to Job 32:8 inspiration gives understanding). Curious. I think we confuse "inspiration" with "revelation" when it comes to the scriptures. The workers in Exodus who built the tabernacle we in a sense under the inspiration of God. Exodus 31:1-6 It think we'v
  23. For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged.- Proverbs 28:2
  24. If I may chime in there's nothing that I know of that states that Moses actually wrote the Pentateuch. But remember, holy men of God SPAKE (not wrote) as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. It's definitely his words yet there are passages that probably weren't written by him like Numbers 12:3 and Joshua 24:26 suggests Joshua may have written down the words of the Pentateuch. Now in Jeremiah 36 when Jeremiah tells Baruch to write down the words that God gave him and read them to king Jehoiakim who preceded to cut up the leaves and toss them into a fire. Baruch was then commanded by Jeremia
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