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  1. This is a tricky question because under these governments in the Bible nobody had the right to vocally disagree with the government (well, you could but you'd probably lose your head), protest, "redress of grievances", no elections were held except among the elites, no constitutional rights (although, a Roman had special rights beyond a non-Roman). It's true a lot of our freedoms are an illusion but for the most part we have a right under our form of government to oppose on many matters but ultimately a vote among people was to settle the matter. Unfortunately, votes don't matter anymore or at least half of Americans think that. When people think the game is rigged is when the violence comes. Remember the old saying, "Perception can be reality". There's also no doubt there are two sets of standards in America now which can be observed on a daily basis. What the standard of law is now, except in very extreme cases, is whatever is politically expedient for those in power and their wealthy/influential supporters. My opinion, for a believer, it comes down to testimony and saving your own neck. By saving your own neck is you have to decide if your civil disobedience will get you or your family unnecessarily harmed. Not every hill is worth dying upon. Example: Paul could have spoken up about the evils of slavery but would it realistically have changed anything? It probably would have gotten him an early exit from this world and gotten many other Christians harmed. So, better yet, teach subjection to your master and being a testimony of the gospel for him to see so he may be saved. Our main goal in this life is not demanding our rights but being a testimony for Jesus Christ.
  2. No doubt conditioning for the mark. To weed out the troublemakers now. Also, to bring in a Social Credit Score which China demands. I'm a huge Buffalo Bills fan and I've been watching closely to what will happen since some of the members of the team have been the most vocal against the vaccine. I know a fascist Eerie county bureaucrat tried mandating a vaccine passport for the stadium but lost that battle surprisedly because the Mob Boss governor Cuomo put the quash on it. No doubt the Don has connections the little county dictator doesn't want to cross.
  3. Another PCR test to be recalled. This isn't the first one. I've heard this a while back from some virologists who were saying the threshold of what is considered to be a Covid infection has been abused gone way above and beyond the "CT threshold" which was diagnosing many people with the virus who didn't have it, had another virus or already had it but the dead remains of what was left. I know this happened to my own doctor who tested positive then got retested and was negative. All these doctors who brought forward this issue were censored by the gatekeepers in the media. https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/2021/07-21-2021-lab-alert-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html But they knew this back in December. https://off-guardian.org/2020/12/18/who-finally-admits-pcr-tests-create-false-positives/
  4. Some places like in Australia it's wear 3-4 masks. All part of the Great Reset. While we get locked down waiting for our government check the billionaires and their selected cronies are blasting off into space like it's one big amusement ride. I know what's in them. Nothing that will destroy my immune system. Still no response from Bill or John why the emergency room doctor told my mother there's no test to detect the Delta variant.
  5. Welp, I said this a while back. They'll start to vaccinate animals. This is happening in zoos all around the country. Next, it will be your pets. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/07/us/zoo-animal-covid-vaccine-trnd/index.html I posted it from the CNN website so Bill will believe it.
  6. Copeland cracks me up. I know I should be upset by how he's a deceiver but he's so bonkers I feel anyone who is deceived by him wants to be. The Copeland "mashups" on YouTube are hilarious. I know, I guess I'm carnal in these matters but sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at these nut cases.
  7. So, my 87 year old mother who received the vaccine as soon as it came out has been having health issues. She's been back and forth to the hospital because of breathing problems and a fever which rises at night. The can't figure out what wrong with her fluctuating fever and ran all kinds of tests including the Covid. Now here's the kicker: The doctor told her there is no test to determine if a person has the Delta variant only for the original strain. Which begs the question: How do they know all these cases are a Delta variant if they can't test for it? I'm telling you guys this vaccine may be the pathogen itself for the new variant.
  8. PPersonally, I think a virtual church is good for the home bound but it should not be a replacement for those who can physically make it there.
  9. I say adopt it. The goal is to get the word out to the largest amount of people as possible. Also, I find myself watching a lot of teaching and preaching on YouTube and it helps keep me from watching other garbage. IMO, spiritual Christians will still go to church because they want person to person fellowship. People who can't make it for whatever reason will be able to watch. The backsliders will fall away regardless.
  10. My brother and I share the same doctor and he told my brother he wasn't taking the jab. I haven't asked him about it because we aren't as close as my brother and him are. My brother did a lot of work around his home repairing things so they became close. So, I believe he gave my brother an honest answer.
  11. Outside his field of experience? Bill, do you even know what his field of experience is? It's definitely not creating virus laden garbage operating systems for the computer.
  12. See, I can find as many world class doctors who say "Hold up, pump the brakes!" as Bill can find that want everyone to get the jab. And don't think it will stop there. They already have yearly boosters planned just like these doctors warned. I usually trust doctors who don't have a stake in the game, i.e. they are not financially invested into the vaccines so more likely to be unbiased.
  13. Bill, bang the Fauci drum all you want. Nobody is going to budge at this time. For me probably two more years. It's foolish to run headlong into getting a new experimental vaccine. Luc Montagnier is a poor scientist?
  14. Bill keeps saying he trusts the science but ignores the fact that plenty of scientist are arguing against the vaccine. A while back I posted two of them, one who was world renowned, yet I don't believe anyone, including Bill, watched the videos. Well, Bill, I've decided to trust the censored scientists over Fauci and Gates.
  15. I've been pecking away at: The Flood In the Light of the Bible, Geology & Archaeology by Alfred M. Rehwinkel
  16. Some things will first need to be in place before gun confiscation. One that will need to be on place is a police force that will be in lockstep across the board in carrying out gun confiscation. This would be creation of a Federal Police force. Right now, there are 300 "field offices" of the Capital Police force being opened up around America. This is very disturbing yet hardly anyone is mentioning it. Defund and demoralize the local police forces and erect a federal one in its place.
  17. I only personally know of two individuals who caught the Wu-Flu one was my nephew's wife. She felt "down" for two days. Apparently, she was a hardcore mask wearer too. My barber's son got it and he had mild like flu symptoms for three days. Other than that I received about 2-3 emails from school of people who got it, all staff members, but never heard anything after that like they were hospitalized or dead. I never heard of any students contracting the Wu. Now, I'm not denying it's real but I would think a "deadly pandemic" would be more noticeable around me. When the Spanish Flu hit America it could be seen all around. You didn't need the news to tell you it was there. Meh...I'll eat at home. That restaurant is going to struggle to stay open with that policy.
  18. Doug Fisher is a good preacher. I seen him preach at a revival in Ohio years ago. I had some cassette tapes of him also.
  19. You don't get it, do you Bill? Conservatives like me no longer believe the GOP anymore than we do the Democrats. How much support did Jeb Bush get from voters? Zippo. That's why Trump was nominated. He was an outsider who was not part of the Uniparty. You're way of thinking and analyzing the political climate is antiquated. It died with George Bush and the RINOS. As far as the "GDP" which nobody cares about nor do they really understand, all I can say is after Trump was elected jobs started cropping up in my area that hadn't been there in almost 20 years. Even the power plant started hiring trainees which they hadn't done EVER. The school I drive for starting giving out bonuses again which hadn't happen in 11 years. So you keep reading the cooked GDP charts and I'll watch for the real deal around me.
  20. Trump did not inherit a solid economy. Even Obama admitted they failed in creating "shovel ready jobs". Most people that I know of voted for Trump for three reasons: 1) Bring back jobs to America that were bleeding out to overseas which would include cutting taxes. 2) Build a wall to stop the illegal invasion. 3) Stop the apology tour. That's what MAGA was all about. It had nothing to do with race or gender. It had nothing to do for longing for the days when the white man ran the show. It was about American Exceptionalism, though. Actually, to think of it, there was one more reason especially for me: 4) No more endless wars in the Middle East.
  21. So, Bill found the voting records of everyone who died of the bolognavirus and found they voted GOP?
  22. You do realize I was being sarcastic? The Carter era was pure misery for our family as well as much of country.
  23. There's a lawsuit right now by "whistleblower" within VAERS (they are the government site that tracks Covid vaccine deaths) claiming he can prove at least 45,000 deaths within a three day period from the vaccines which are not being reported. I bet you won't hear the on CNN or MSNBC.
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