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  1. I got the treatment but I was too far into my infection for it to matter much. I qualified by the ER doctor but she said her "hands were tied" in treating me. I had to wait four more days for my doctor to open up since it was during Thanksgiving closure. Then he stonewalled me even more saying he never heard of such a thing. Fortunately, his nurse did and she set me up with a treatment after I signed a release form for my hospital records. Then there was the wait to get scheduled. By that time I was well into my infection and you are supposed to get a treatment within 3-4 days of diagnoses. The hospitals DO NOT want to treat sick patients because of the CDC Covid policies and the fact they receive more government funding for the use of Fauci's authorized viral treatments which are only given when you at on death's door. They sent me home three times with barely any treatment. They were hoping I'd die because they also receive more federal funding not just for diagnosing more Covid cases but also for reporting more Covid deaths.
  2. There's some truth to what you say but he also doesn't want us lining his border with nukes after the Ukraine becomes a member of NATO. We'd do the same thing. The industrial/military complex is behind this. Time to generate more government contracts and for the crooked Uniparty in DC to receive political donations for the upcoming Midterms. Just as there were many media outlets being sponsored by Pfizer and Moderna you see the from Lockheed Martin and BAE. A war with Russia, even a proxy war or an economic/trade war will also be used as leverage to keep Trump from running for POTUS again since the fake news of him being a Putin puppet is still believed by half the country.
  3. Exercise is good before having a big bowl of bat soup.
  4. Hillary would probably do what she did while Senator of New York. Hand out free money like it was Chiclets and Arkancide anyone who might snitch on her and hubby.
  5. I think this forum has mellowed out over the years and compared to other forums I've been a member of it's like grandma and her baked cookies compared to a pack of pitbulls.
  6. Ukraine is not a member of NATO nor does NATO want them as one. It would be the height of lunacy to go to war with Russia over that corrupt nation. It would be a war we could not win.
  7. The BBC really means millions in the USA will not submit to greedy and wicked authoritarianism like they have traditionally done in the UK.
  8. I think even if they release all the data nobody will believe what the CDC, FDA, WHO, or the NIH will say. Millions of people's confidence in these groups had been shattered.
  9. I really like Pastor Lawson. I watch his videos all the time. Todd Friel is decent but is more of an commentator and debater than a preacher, IMO. Brian Denlinger has some good stuff but has a lousy attitude and seems a little wacky. If you don't believe every little thing he says your a demon. He called me a "devil" when I objected to his slander of a particular Baptist Church.
  10. So my local hospital, UVA, took a man off the list for a kidney transplant because he wasn't vaxed even though he already had the Delta infection. Apparently, he said he'd rather die than take Fauci's money jab. https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/horowitz-man-with-prior-infection-denied-kidney-transplant-for-refusing-to-get-covid-shot#toggle-gdpr
  11. The Gorsuch/Sotomayor story is fake news. So is the claim of "hundreds of thousands" of children in hospitals with Covid. Another fake story by the judge herself. Bill loves fake news.
  12. And I won't see it because I'll be inside where it's warm.
  13. Those "Red Tails" P-51C Mustangs were great planes. Mostly used for bomber escorts because of their long range. They could escort the bombers into Germany which other fighters couldn't do but could easily handle any fighter the German's could throw at them. Supposedly, when Hermann Goering first seen them flying over he said, "The War is lost". The man lived a long life and seen a great many events in history.
  14. Most of my praying is done with head up and eyes wide open. I pray a lot standing up and walking.
  15. No wonder Christianity is dying in Europe.
  16. You agree those verse were added later?
  17. Bill, you keep posting dreck like this just to bring strife.
  18. Yeah, they are terms used by communist-anarchists. It's all about breaking down the foundations of America and erecting a communist foundation with them in charge making all the money.
  19. The Oathkeepers never entered the Capital Building. If they are being charged for making threats than what about Ray Epps? Oh, yeah, he was an FBI plant.
  20. Meh...the bank probably has ties to the Chinese and is afraid Trump might run again.
  21. I read that the guy did time for stabbing he friend that left him paralyzed. The man's family aren't happy about it.
  22. The only school play I ever was in was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and I played Grumpy. I only had one line, "My name is Grumpy". I used to not understand why I was picked for that part but now I do.
  23. "Party" carries negative connotations. "Celebrate" or even "fellowship" is a better word. When I hear "party" I think of immorality, fornication, "one-nighters", drugs and alcohol.
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