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  1. You don't stop viruses. Especially one that has mutated as much as this one (33 last count, a Nobel Prize winning viriologist from France, the guy who discovered the HIV virus, thinks the virus contains RNA from the HIV virus and it may have been an attempt to find a vaccine for HIV and it got out of the lab). They run their course and we develop immunity. It's a fact of life. I had the Russian flu (it's third time around in 80 years) when I was a child and it nearly fried my brain. Millions died from that virus but a whole nation's economy wasn't destroyed because of it. Locking down life is
  2. Any organization or group that doesn't teach that Jesus and Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life. So Jesus defined it.
  3. Not sure what your gripe is. I was not knocking Trump. I'm pro-Trump all the way. In fact, I supported Trump on this sight back in 2016 when everyone wanted Cruz, and of course, I was "admonished" at that time also. I figured I'd try it out here again but I see the touchiness and pomposity are still prevalant. It seems you can't post anything on the sight without getting an "admonition". No wonder it's dead as a door nail now and all the good members are gone. I thank you for accepting my admonition. Good day.
  4. If Trump wins again expect the riots and violence to increase tenfold.
  5. Abraham was before the law and righteousness was imputed by him believing what God said about his ancestors and land not about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  6. Taqiya is the practice of dissimulation within mostly in Shia Islam although Sunnis (Muda'rat) can also under certain situations. Kitman, Tawriya, Muruna are also other terms used for justified lying around anyone who isn't Muslim. These are touched on in the Quran but are mostly all taught in the Hadith i.e. the sayings of Muhammad which Islamic jurisprudence is built upon. And also, Christians do not want to lie to and murder Muslims and send them to hell like the other way around. This is not considered a good thing to do to "infidels" like it is in Islam.
  7. Are you trusting in your own righteousness to save your soul?
  8. It's about finishing the Christian race so we can receive the prize at the end (vs 14). We don't win salvation. That would make it no longer a gift. I do think at the judgement seat Jesus will be disappointed with many of us.
  9. Are you Church of God because you are hung up on repentance.
  10. They believe that you can live a perfectly sinless the rest of your life but if you backslide you will go to hell. Of course, they pile on unscriptural rules and regulations as evidence of their holiness. Don't dare watch a movie or wear panty hose or you'll go to hell (interestingly, the internet seems to be OK though). My pastor friend told me all about them. He was a member of a Holiness church and even went to one of their colleges in Florida (Hobe Sound Bible College) . In his church they didn't even preach from a bible but rather some manual of church standards. As far as their reve
  11. Re-read Ukulelemike's above post again. It's deep and to the point. Adam and Eve had a promise of grace (but still had to ride it out in Abraham's Bosom) and Noah's grace was clearly a figure of the grace to come but the gift of grace did not come until the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's why we call this "economy of God" the "dispensation of grace".
  12. Yes, a submission to the gospel not a submission or promise to do good works. That submission comes after salvation. Some Christians think of repentance as a deal with God in relation to salvation.
  13. When I said the thief didn't have time to repent I was referring to the way the word repentance is used by many today, i.e. stop sinning and start doing right. The thief didn't really have time to pull that off. It was pure mercy he was looking for based on the fact that he was nailed to a cross and couldn't do anything. He hit the rock bottom, the end of the line with no change of changing his ways. Repentance is nothing but a change of mind. The thief had that. I've seen many young Christians really messed up with Lordship Salvation. Like I said before, one even went completely bon
  14. Did the thief on the cross have time to repent of his sin in the way you insist repentance is? He only had time to change his mind about the wretched life he lived and the goodness of the Lord. No time for anything else. I guess he stopped sinning when he died.
  15. Commands of the gospel? To obey the gospel is to believe the report. There are no commands of the gospel other than believing the gospel unto salvation. Somebody has been filling your mind with junk in order to ruin your peace and assurance with God. Stay away from Steve Anderson and stop over-analyzing the simplicity of Christ.
  16. If you want more info on the teaching of grace starting in Acts 9 read anything by Cornelius Stam, JC O'Hair, E. Bullinger, Charles E. Baker, Les Feldick, the Berean Bible Society and the Grace Churches mostly out of Michigan which there are plenty of videos on YouTube of their services. I believe you can find Stam's book "Acts Dispensationally Considered" and Bullinger's Companion Bible notes posted for free on the internet. Bullinger does have some really good stuff like his book "Witness in the Stars". They do have some revealing teachings but they take things too far. Like I said, dis
  17. Grace has always been since the beginning but most likely they are referring to the "Age of Grace" or the "gospel of the grace of God" where grace abounds through Jesus Christ. They could be hyper-dispensationalists or maybe not since many dispensationalists are accused of being "hypers". If you want to know if they are true hypers then ask them what they believe about believers baptism and communion. Hypers believe they do not apply to the Church.
  18. Yes. But among believers we are not to be unequally yoked.
  19. Jesus said a peculiar thing to Mary in John 20:17 where he told her not to touch him because he hadn't yet ascended to the Father. I believe this was because he hadn't yet gone into the "holiest of all" (Hebrews 10:19) to cleanse and make way for us as our High Priest. So there may have been two ascensions, the one to sanctify the way into heaven and the other in Acts 1. So as I see it there was a short time before the OT saints were resurrected and entered into heaven.
  20. Cyrus was a heathen King yet called God's anointed. And you be assured that God will give to the Antichrist the divine authority to do what he does. It may not be authority to occupy God's throne in heaven but he'll get God's authority to rule here on Earth. Ezekiel 28:14 Isaiah 45:1
  21. Paul taught allegory from the OT. As long as it doesn't go against sound doctrine but rather supports it I don't see a problem with it. The whole book of Hebrews reveals how things in the OT are shadow of things to come. Paul clearly taught Mt. Sinai as an allegory. Of course, this doesn't mean books like Esther weren't literal books historically relevant to their time with lessons for us today. But there's no doubt a pattern in those books representative of times to come.
  22. I agree the church is both Jew and Gentile (yet in Christ there's neither) but we are in the times of the Gentiles and the church is mostly made up of such. I don't believe types always have to fit perfectly. The sheep is called a "she" in Isaiah 53:7 though referring to Jesus Christ. Your suggestion that it has to do with the "faithless bride" of Israel is an interesting thought and it could be that also.
  23. II Chronicles- Israel Destroyed Ezra- Israel Returns to Land Nehemiah- Israel Rebuilds Temple (despite resistance from Geshem the Arabian) Esther- The King Replaces a Gentile Bride with a Jewish Bride Job- Israel Suffers 42 months (42 Chapters in Job with his "captivity turned" and his children resurrected in chapter 42). This, of course, is all typology (shadow of things to come). There's the historical aspects of those books also.
  24. If a sodomite wins the Presidency were are still to pray for him/her. I believe Nero was in charge of Rome when Paul actually called him a minister of God (Romans 13) and Nero was about as wicked as they come. This doesn't mean we support everything they say. John the Baptist did point out Herod's sin but remember how it turned out for him.
  25. I have a friend who pastors a KJV bible believing Baptist church in Upstate NY who was once part of the Holiness movement. They do believe in a second work of grace i.e. eradication of sin nature and are Arminian in theology. They hold men like John Wesley and Charles Finney in very high regards almost to a place of cult status for the former. My friend told me some really wild stories about what goes on in those churches including one time when two women preachers were preaching at the same time screeching away trying to outdo each other. He also said they had a mantra: "N
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