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  1. Thanks for posting that Link. I was going to study this more over the weekend, especially since TGL had posted his belief that this was possibly the case. He didn't post any specific details to back up his assertions. It's interesting that this link is from a Presbyterian site, especially in light of many of the Presbyterian brothers and sisters saying that this wasn't so. My niece and her husband are Presbyterians in Augusta, Georgia, and they too say that their church itself doesn't promote this ideology. I'll have to contact the leadership there and find out for sure.
  2. Guess this time you won't be winning anything, brother!
  3. And, as I have stated, I don't require your explanation. I love you as well, brother. I believe you are misguided and are attempting to misguide others intentionally or not.
  4. Yet, you seem to act as if others understand nothing, especially when you continue to supply definitions of words that a kindergartener would know the definition of. Please. Wow! Now you want to try and stay somewhat on subject. Good. But, the way some of your answers are worded that's open to interpretation.
  5. If I were you, I would be looking to see if I was leaving for the right reasons. I'm not in your church, so I can't say. But, it doesn't sound like there's anything doctrinally wrong with the church. It sounds more like personal preferences and your disapproval and disappointment. I'm not saying that there is necessarily anything wrong with leaving for those reasons, though it does sound petty.
  6. Why do you insist on acting obtuse, then argumentative, then you the bloviating "professor?" You say "we shouldn't use the obscure as a basis of our doctrine," yet you seem to have no problem adding your own beliefs and positions into the texts to back your positions. Astounding! I'm posting from my phone or I would go further into this post. I will once I have access to my laptop.
  7. And? Why shouldn't a female be as a "sent person." Doc, you just don't seem to be making any headway here. Sent and pastoring are two separate critters.
  8. Giving an altar call doesn't guarantee that the person in attendance will walk an aisle. Letting people know that if they wish to make a decision at the end of a service to come and speak to the pastor or one of the members should suffice. The working of the Holy Spirit should not be limited to the man-made notion of an altar call.
  9. Teaching is far different from the call to pastor/shepherd. All Christians have the "authority", or should I say, the command to teach others. You're still reaching, Doc.
  10. That does sound good! My plans got changed and I opted for chicken breasts and rice, and green beans.
  11. And the word "apostle" means what? Answer: person sent. Again... nothing of note here. Why the continued attempts at overreach? An apostle mentioning others who were sent. Woman are sent as well, but, not as pastors.
  12. Unaware? Very doubtful since I have mentioned why I rejected the use of such labels in my previous posts, which proves that you don't read the postings, but, rather scan them for bullet points that you can answer. Shameful, Doc.
  13. Tonight I plan on making an Italian styled casserole. There will be, of course, garlic bread, parmesan cheese, and onion. I love to cook
  14. First, just because she is mentioned before her husband in no way means she was the shepherd of that particular flock. And, even if she was, this would have been an exception to the rule. "Appearances" are not facts. So, you're still trying to shove your opinion in there. And as far as "complementarian" goes, I have told you my opinion of your LABELS. So, strike three, Doc.
  15. And Rick Warren has proven time and again that his only interest is in what he thinks and his financial gains. He cares very little about the Baptists. He's been a renegade for years. He's not in fellowship with SBC affiliated churches. So, basically, your attempt to use him and his opinions, which pretty much line up with yours, as leverage has fallen flat.
  16. My baby sister is in urgent need of prayers. Seven weeks ago she moved out of her house leaving her husband of fifteen years, her daughter, and her grandson. She is on the city council of the town we grew up in, and she lost her bid for mayor of that town in April. She has, up until that time, been a wonderful Christian example. She had been having meetings with another council member over the past four months, and around ten weeks ago she moved out of her bedroom to the room across the hall. My -in-law has told us that there were hours long phone conversations between this council member and my sister, and that my sister had become detached and distant. She didn't attend her daughters graduation from nursing school,nor her placement in the cardiac nursing unit at St. Joseph's Hospital. She didn't come to the house when all five of her daughters were in town. Nobody seems to know where she is living these days. She hasn't spoken to our mom in weeks, and this is not like her. We believe that she is or has had a mental episode and that this other council member is taking advantage of her situation. My brother-in-law received divorce papers from my sister on Friday. He doesn't want a divorce. He wants my sister back. Please keep Becky, and Paul as well, in prayer. It seems like the adversary is really attacking my family on many fronts. Your prayers are appreciated. Thank you in advance, BT
  17. You've twisted scripture to fit your ideology. God can use anyone he chooses, and the mentioned case was the exception to the rule. There is no "hypocrisy" in that, and, to be honest, I for one am really tired of your slams against others here and elsewhere in the Baptist churches. You're on a Baptist forum, and your lack of respect and Christian grace has been shown time and time again. This is a FORMAL, public complaint to the administrators and moderators on this continued behavior from you.
  18. We've been dealing with this twisting of scripture for some time now. Some just seem naturally inclined to follow mans opinions over what scripture teaches.
  19. Apparently it's not understood by others as well. I know what a complementarian is, but others don't Why not be like the Apostle Paul and use plainness of speech. I particularly dislike the use of what many I know call "college words." It always comes across as haughty and puffed up with pride. Again with the college words, Doc. Plain speech. As far as I am concerned you can keep your "labels." It comes across as more of an adjustment hominem attack to many. Plain speech. I'm neither a complemantarian nor an egalitarian. I'm a Christian who studies his Bible and follows its teaching, not the opinion of a man.
  20. These verses still are not talking about women as pastors. It's talking about the speaking in tongues and prophesying and the order of things. So, I see you are still trying to push an interpretation that simply is not there. And as far as Deborah is concerned, again, she was a judge, not a pastor. This has in no way proven your point. God's word doesn't contradict itself, and using your interpretation of scripture would lead us to do just that.
  21. Sorry, I wouldn't vote for Pence, Christian or not. He's not all he's cracked up to be. DeSantis isn't either, but, at least he's pretty honest about his intentions.
  22. You're not doing a great job in your hermeneutics, Doc. Sorry...it just doesn't pass muster here. So, I guess once again, you're twisting scripture to fit your ideology instead of letting scripture say what it says. Context and content, brother....context and content.
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