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  1. Easy believism has a stranglehold on many Baptist churches today. It doesn't produce true converts and give false hope to many. They have to BELIEVE, not just say a prayer. I find that in most of these cases there is no measurable change in people's lives...no fruit for the kingdom.
  2. @E Morales, may I respectully ask why you keep posting things like this...especially about preachers? It truly seems to me that you have problems with the church, with pastors, and with any kind of authority. You may be asking and stating these things in all sincereity, but, they seem a bit off to me, and make me question your motives. I, for one, was given several prescriptions for pain medications, and I took them for over 25 years. Was I "hooked" on them? I don't know. I know that I stopped taking them in March of 2020...Morphine, oxycontin, etc. I had several weeks of light withdrawal, but I have been free of them since then....though I have, because of my pain levels, been encouraged by others to go back on them for quality of life and pain control. I see nothing wrong with people using them if there is a true need...even on a continuing basis. In my case, and the case of my wife, we both have had severe back trauma. She doesn't take opioids, though she did for a few weeks. I never went into rehab...I went to a Bible study group that did some part-time focusing on addictions. They helped me to stay away from the meds, but, even they have said because of the severity of the pain that I probably need to be on a limited amount of pain killers. I was actually on one of the highest legal doses one could take for both of the drugs. It's been 19 months, and I've been tempted, but I've not given in. I know several pastors who have had use of opiods, but they haven't abused them. I never abused them, but took them as the doctors prescribed. Never a problem. I see nothing wrong with their use within boundaries. It's not a popular view, but I also don't see anything wrong with the use of medical marijuana for same.
  3. The two people you mentioned weren't preachers, but were KINGS of Israel. Yes, the could preach in some form or another, but that wasn't their major function. Their having more than one wife wasn't usually anything to do with love, but with building alliances with other countries or peoples. The Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 3:2 “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;” Titus 1:6 If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.
  4. Got the scripture references to prove that preachers had more than one wife in the OT or the NT? I don't think this is the case, at least not as far as I can remember.
  5. This would only be ONE of the many reasons I wouldn't take it. After having covid 2x now, once being the delta variant, I should have natural immunity. I don't want one of Biden's poison darts hitting me!
  6. Cells from aborted fetuses used in the Pfizer vaccines? This report says it is, and the representative of the Pfizer company ran away when asked about it! https://thefederalistpapers.org/us/pfizer-senior-director-breaks-full-sprint-confronted-fetal-cells-covid-vaccines?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=brief-FP&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=2021-10-16&ats_es=7f70d56ad21bdf6778abb977e31108c3
  7. I know you don't believe this...but why would anyone with an analytical mind believe this tripe? It's sort of like watching the newer version of The Time Machine! UGH!
  8. Not a huge fan of David Cloud, though I will at times look through his site for information.
  9. I don't mind the interruptiion to the thread about deacons. In the church where I grew up, and in the church where the Bible college was, they didn't have a "head deacon." But, in many of the IFB and SBC churches I've been in, they have had a "head deacon." I don't think it's so much that the person is the head, but is the one who calls deacons meetings to order and tries to lead the discussion. That in and of itself can be problematic, or so I have witnessed. Yet, in only a handful of churches did the "head deacon" become so out of hand that they truly should have been removed from that office! Remember, Jim, all these churches are autonomous and can call their deacons whatever they want, or try to place a deacon in the position of being "head."
  10. Did you know Ray Fulayter, John Kerr, Joel Spencer, or any of those who came there from MBBC to teach or administrate the college there? Good church and college!
  11. Tonight we're having chicken thighs, corn, and peas. I may make a little cornbread to go with it. Yum!
  12. Nobody can truly ever judge someone else's salvation, as we don't know their hearts, at least not fully. Only God knows that. I try not to judge people's salvation unless there is a clear indication that salvation has never taken place.
  13. I totally agree. That was one reason we went with the split in this church after several weeks. I never could understand why many of the deacons had abdicated their responsibility and let the head deacon take away the work of the constitutional rights of the membership. That particular church has had at least six pastors in the last 17 years, and they have gone even further off-course than they were before. The membership grew for a while, but they are now in a slump...part of that may be because of the pandemic.
  14. I agree that human emotions are complicated. But, I also believe that if someone is truly saved and living for God, they'll find it awfully hard to hate the one who helped provide a way of salvation for us. I'm not saying it's NOT possible, but I'm saying I just can't see that happening....unless, of course, they are so far backslidden that they won't come back to him. And in that case, I believe the Lord would chastise his own.
  15. I know that feeling. My birth father expects me to honor him and my stepmother...which I do. Even if my Pop was negligent in his duty towards me and let someone else raise me, I still believe that God wants me to honor him and his wife. As a Christian I don't believe there is any other way, especially if I'm trying to reach him for the Lord.
  16. Excllent insight! I'm thankful that I had some great examples when it came to tithing. My fathers business tithed on ALL gross income, and then my father tithed on what he took home. The Lord always provided for our needs, and we never had to worry about him keeping is promises. We also gave offerings to help missionaries, Christian schools, etc. God always keeps his promises, and I believe that the tithe is applicable to us today.
  17. I come from a broken home. My parents had me and divorced 10 months later. My father moved away from our hometown a year or so later and remarried. My mother remarried 18 months after the divorce. My step-father raised me as his own because my own father wasn't there. My father, not wanting me to experince what he had experienced in his childhood years, being shipped off from mother to father, and later to other relatives because the kids had all been removed by the state, decided that he would let my step-father adopt me. It was the best thing he could have done. He was divorced from his second wife by that time, and was almost ready to marry his third wife. So, my stepdad adopted me. Shortly afterwards we moved out of state to Illinois. My life was good, as I only knew my stepfather as my father. He was the only one I had ever known. He had been married when he was 15, divorced by 18. He had two children from his marriage before he married my mother...a girl and a boy. He allowed them to be adopted, as his ex-wife wouldn't let him see them. Her father was wealthy and didn't like my adoptive father. My birth father was divorced and remarried for a fourth time. He remarried my stepmother, and they had three kids...two boys and one girl. They have all turned out on the "wrong side of the tracks," all of them having been in jail, and one in prison for home invasion and attempted murder. These brothers and sister of mine have ALL said that my birth father NEVER showed any sense of responsible behavior. They saw him blaming everyone else for things going wrong in their lives. This was my stepmothers first marriage and only marriage. She's the only one who has never been divorced. However, my two brothers and sisters have been divorced. I have not. My adoptive father and mother had many children after they were married, and only two of them have been divorced. I have to say that I'm thankful that the Lord was guiding what would occur in my life, even back then. Through all of these divorces and complications in relationships, the Lord kept me out of jail, out of trouble, and kept me on somewhat of a straight road. If I would have been raised by my birth father, I doubt it would have been this way. Even he has acknowledged that my being raised by my adoptive father and my mom was the best thing he ever did. I would probably never have come to know the Lord if I had been raised by my birth father. I'm thankful I wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I do love my family on that side. I have been witnessing to them for years, and many of them have come close to being saved several times. But, all in the Lords timing. My birth father stated the other day the he was very proud that Vivian and I had stuck it out, and kept fighting for our marriage even when times got tough and we face almost certain divorce. The Lord used many people to help keep us together, and I'm SO thankful for the guidance my older, wiser friends gave us on marriage and divorce. Sorry for the long explanation...but, I thought it relevant. Divorce has effects on the family that many don't seem to recognize. In the case of my mother and birth father, it led to many years of challenges and distrust of my birth father after I met him at the age of 15 when his father had requested to see me before he passed away from cancer. It led to many hard feelings towards my adoptive father because of the lies in letting me believe he was my birth father. He had wanted to make me think that my life had been normal, that he was my birth father, and I believe his heart was in the right place. Still, it built a distrust in me, and it took many years to regain that trust. It also damaged my relationship with my mother for several years. Because I wasn't saved at the time, I was closed to most things Biblical. I was in church, but I was rebellious against the things of God. Divorce is very seldom the answer to problems between people, and ALL of my parents have stated that very thing. It never accomplished anything for any of them. My brothers and sister on that side of the family have all lamented about the cost of divorce. It's painful and destructive. It drives wedges into families and sometimes there is no way to recover relationships lost. But, the Lord can work miracles and put relationships back together as much as possible. Again, I apologize for the long diatribe. Sometimes it just seems like the Lord is opening the door for me to write about things that are on my heart. If any of you are considering divorce...please, reconsider and see what God can do in your life and the life of your spouse. It will be worth it. My wife and I have been married nearly 38 years now, and I'm so thankful that I sought what God wanted. Blessings.
  18. Many preachers these days won't preach on tithing. For many of them it is a "touchy subject" as it's been put to me. Do you believe that the Bible teaches that Christians should tithe? If so, why? If NOT, why? Just a word on the experiences that my wife and I have had with tithing, and the many blessings we've received by doing so. When we were younger we didn't tithe, and our paychecks never seemed to cover all of our needs. We always seemed to have too much month at the end of the money! My wife and I started talking about tithing one Sunday afternoon, and we agreed that we would follow the preachers advice from that Sunday. He made a very good case for tithing from the Scriptures. We've been tithing for many years now, and even when things seem like they're going to be touch, and that we might not have enough money coming in, the Lord always provides. God has kept us and supplied for all of our needs..and without a paycheck for four weeks, and with the company holding up my wifes short-term disability payments while she had Covid, we thought we were going to have to dip into savings or take out an emergency withdrawal from her 401K. That didn't happen, and we're pretty much back on track without the STD check. God has been faithful to His word!
  19. My aunt and uncle were members of the First Baptist Church of Terre Haute, and it's a predominantly white church, and it's also American Baptist. They used to be the Northern Baptist Convention at one time.
  20. The church isn't a building, it's the people in it! My ex-brother-in-law started and pastored a church in Lake Havasu, AZ. They held their services in a Jewish synagogue. They never did buy a building. He finally resigned his church and went to Los Angeles to a large IFB church there where he had once been an assistant pastor. Just because people donate money for pews, hymnals or anything in the church doesn't make the building "theirs." It's just a building, and buildings can be bought, sold, or destroyed. But, the people, being the church can only make a church defunct by removing themselves and going elsewhere or nowhere.
  21. I can totally relate. We truly wanted to stay in a church about 17 years ago, but the church split. After the split, I took on the roll of temporary pulpit filler...after several weeks of being attacked by the deacon who had caused the split in the first place, my wife and I decided to leave the church "Martin Luther" style! I put a notice on the front door after leaving my key on the pulpit. I knew that certain deacon would find it that Wednesday night. He had been attacking me because I was trying to be the peacemaker between the two factions, and I had nearly convinced the side that left to come back. But, this deacon wouldn't allow it. I spoke to the other deacons, and they agreed that he shouldn't be holding the people from coming back, but in such a small church, the deacons all had to agree or there wouldn't be any reconciliation. After being stalked by phone and in person for a week, we left and joined the split. We had been gone when the initial battle started. My wife's mother had passed away and we were in Augusta, GA at the funeral. We walked back into church on Sunday to a raging battle. It was horrible. We've been through at least 27 splits...most of which were somewhat minor. We stayed with most of those churches. In the church we're in now, we've had at least four minor splits in six years, and we're still there. There's no doctrinal reason to leave, and the Lord still wants us there.
  22. PastorMatt, I sent him a copy of your reply because he said he couldn't access it. I don't have his email address for you, but I believe he'll be sending it soon.
  23. My best friends daughter and son in law went to Fairhaven! Great school! Her name before she got married was Naomi Simon. I can't remember what his name is off hand. They live in Pana, IL now and work with my best friend at the church he pastors.
  24. Yes, he sent me a message on messenger about this. It's really him. Just wanted to let you know he had told me about the problem as well, and that he had mentioned that I could verify who he was. Thanks.
  25. Growing up I attended one Baptist church for over 9 years, from 4th thru 12th grades. After that I went to the church where the Bible college I was attending was. After the President of the college got divorced from his wife, (he was also pastor, then co-pastor of the church the college was in) I left the college and went to another local Baptist church. The last two in this line was in a period of 18 months. Had I known that the pastor and his wife at the second church were "in trouble" I would never have gone to that particular Bible college or church. But, these things were kept out of the eye of the public until it came to a head. Having helped plant several churches, and revitalizing others, I've been part of many Baptist churches, from IFB, GARBC, Missionary (BMA), to Southern Baptist. I was told that the average church member (and some of the statistics I've read over the years have pretty much been in agreement) will attend at least 3 Baptist churches, or churches of any denomination. So, how many Baptist churches have you attended as a member in your lifetime?
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