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  1. 1) On etymonline. com the ENGLISH root word meaning for "paradise" is a "park, orchard or garden of Eden". 2) Do you think the garden of Eden is still on the Earth? If not then it was either destroyed or removed. 3) Did Jesus lead "captivity captive"? If he did were they already in heaven when he led them? 4) Yes, Jesus commended his "spirit" (small "s" indicating human spirit) to the Father but does this mean he went straight to heaven? How or when did he preached to the "spirits in prison"? No human conjecture, please. Oh, by the way, Jesus was already in heaven the whole tim
  2. I think paradise is now a part of heaven. The English word itself means "park or orchard". Basically, it's the garden of Eden in heaven. So Jesus took paradise to heaven with him when he led captivity captive. Jesus did not immediately ascend to heaven after his death. Notice also his words to Mary in John 20:17 which I believe had to do with his priestly ministry of Hebrews 9. He spent three days and three nights in the heart of the earth yet his soul was not left in hell. My guess is paradise was located in "Abraham's Bosom" which was separated from hell by a great gulf. So the thief on
  3. I once visited a Charismatic Baptist church here in America. One of the most bizarre experiences ever. Especially seeing teenagers making out in the pews during the "contemporary worship music" i.e. rock concert. Looks like they went through with it. Apparently, the word "Southern" is associated with slavery. The country has gone mad.
  4. I agree. Also less the government knows about what I do with my money is fine with me.
  5. The whole chapter is speaking of spiritual things like gifts in the body of Christ. This is a spiritual baptism not some Baptist Brider nonsense.
  6. Aren't these SDA's saying we have taken the mark of the beast by worshipping on Sunday? They sure have no problem judging us.
  7. I've been to a Southern Baptist church one time and it was a carnal mess. The singing droned on for what it seemed like two hours of contemporary music singing the same chorus over and over until you fell into a trance. Then the "lesson" from a milquetoast version of the word of God. I can't remember which but I couldn't follow along. I'm sure there are plenty of good Christians who lov God and live good lives (I liked the pastor) in that church but for me personally, I'm wretched and hard so I need some old time religion.
  8. Are you saying the bible is against or for Zionism?
  9. Are we voting for a politician or a pastor?
  10. I was MAGA before and I'm KAGA this time around.
  11. I actually had a dream a while back of a 50 foot tall chicken trying to kill me at a Sonic Burger.
  12. I'm pretty sure Trump said it was off the table. Other Republicans, like Mitch McTurtle, want it gone but even than not totally. Just the massive bureaucratic size of it and to offer free market solutions to retirement. But we know this won't happen. The government will just tax and spend more
  13. Yeah, if you look it up you'll see they are banning posts, mostly about the Oregon fires. As far as whether Zuckerberg has the right to censor certain free speech the argument has been that since Big Tech has taken in millions from the government then they are now considered a public platform except for a few manner of speech. I believe this was already settled by law but is not bring enforced. Regardless, I still pray you are safe.
  14. I see Facebook is banning all posts mentioning any arson in relation to the fires.
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