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  1. Bill, why don't you just get yourself a biohazard suit, oxygen tent and stay inside your home never leaving. You might catch a cold if you don't.
  2. Yes, he was a Calvinist who practiced soul winning.
  3. You are deluded. Read your bible. Wait....you don't have one.
  4. Since the Bolgnavirus: Amazon up 100% Walmart up 80% Target up 80% Lowe's up 74% 21% small businesses shut down for good, 30% in the red. Good for China, bad for America. The solution? Vote in Beijing Joe.
  5. I'm for a posted 10 mph speed limit on the interstate. Much safer and insurance costs lowered. And remember the children and the elderly! You are not for killing children and old people are you? Wearing helmets should be required also.
  6. Everyone is being marked up as having Covid. Elon Musk was tested four times in one day with two positives and two negatives. They do this with AIDS in Africa. They batch together every disease under the HIV category so more money is given to the "charities" dealing with the virus. $$$ Again, my boss's grandmother died of a heart attack but they put Covid on her death certificate. Sure, she had it but she was asymptomatic. I'm beginning to doubt that any of these new cases are the bolognavirus and not other viruses. They're trying to say there's nothing else going around. Really? Th
  7. Megas usually have what the smaller churches don't have and that's the income. So, unless they are totally reckless in their budgeting and unwilling to cut off frivolous spending, or persecution comes to such a degree that they lose most of their members and income, they should be alright. Small local churches get most of their money from the members so if they lose their jobs then it's much harder. In Lynchburg, VA where my mother lives, Liberty Baptist owns a lot of property around the city, they have the online school, the university and nursing school, TV and radio shows, book stores,
  8. Because you don't throw out the baby with the bath water. Too much cancel culture among Fundamentalists.
  9. 99% survival rate 69 and under (99.9 in children) 96.4 survival rate 69 and older. If you fill a nursing home or a respiratory rehabilitation facility for the elderly with Covid-19 patients most likely people will die.
  10. I'm not mocking the thread, I'm mocking the Washington Post. It's a waste of trees.
  11. OK, somebody has to say this: Bill, there was fraud no doubt. Not according to the garbage you read like the NYT and Wash Post. Also, your evasive answer to his abortion comment says a lot. The fact that these crooked judges have thrown these lawsuits out shows the serious condition this nation is in but you fail to see this just like you fail to see the corruption in the Wescott and Hort text despite all the "gathering information for scientists" you do. "Ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth".
  12. Could be. It's interesting how often the Quran, and I believe the Hadith also, refers to him as being white. Whether this means lighter complexion as in comparison to other Arabs or he was white white as in Caucasian. I recall one referencing his tan line. Lawrence of Arabia proves that a white man could unite and lead Arab armies.
  13. It's a good bible for topical teaching but Mr. Thompson was Amillennial in his eschatology.
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