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  1. Works follow repentance. Repentance is a change of mind. Repentance is tied into faith but it's faith in the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ for our sins that saves. A man can repent and still not get saved like as with Judas Iscariot. His was a worldly repentance and his work was hanging himself. He had no faith in his Savior. Anyway, the so-called prodigal son repented when he realized "I perish" and said "I will arise and go to my father...". He didn't say, "After I forsake my sins then I will go to my father". He saw his condition, had a change of mind and went
  2. Give it to Biden and see how he does. If you can get him out of his basement.
  3. I heard a preacher mention that a teaching of a 10 year tribulation period is making its rounds in KJV Baptist churches now. I just bought s book on the teaching to see how they came up with that one. I do know a few years back a teaching that carnal Christians were going to spend 1,000 years in the Lake of Fire to be purged of their carnality was also making its rounds in Baptist churches, including one I attended for a while, but that seems to have fizzled out The scariest trend is the antisemitism and Replacement Theology that is splitting some Baptist churches. Seems to be fuele
  4. I heard a preacher say he thinks the rapture will happen in 2022. He wasn't date setting but just a guess based on some truths. I hope he's right.
  5. Some professor out of Stoney Brook College says Trump has a 91% chance of winning. This is based on some model used to predict these things that has correctly guessed and gotten right five of the last six elections. Not just that but he retroactively applied the model to every election since the beginning and it got all right but two. That being said, I suspect a lot of cheating will be going on including thuggery, intimidation at some polls like what happened at Tulsa Trump rally and voter fraud. Expect illegal/felon/graveyard voter turnout to be high, the hacking of voting computers, h
  6. I agree somewhat with you. While I'm disgusted with all the monument destruction going on and oppose the removal of them unless there can be a consensus I did recently hear a preacher say that an attack on a Confederate memorial is an attack on Christianity which baffled me. Does he even know that Robert E. Lee opposed these things (at least statues of himself) on the basis that they would be divisive? I understand pride in your heritage (though pride goes before a fall) but that was a ridiculous statement, IMO. Incidentally, the "Christian monument" was an obelisk and we all know what that re
  7. If a church isn't holding a campaign from it's pulpit or pressuring members to vote a certsin way then I don't see a problem. But with the obsession with politics today I would prefer to not hear about it when I go to church. Church should be a time to focus on the Lord.
  8. Yes, and what disgusted me was the media made it look like careless and dirty nurses/staff were the reason for all the deaths and that they were trying to hide all the bodies or wouldn't report them. My cousin was out sick for three weeks during this time, her daughter who was a nurse there was out sick with corona and even my cousin's husband who doesn't even work at the facility was sick. The National Guard was supposed to pick up all the bodies but were delaying for whatever reason so the bodies piled up. The same thing happened in my neck of the woods in Richmond, VA. In that case a l
  9. Politifact is leftist propoganda. You might as well call it Pravda-fact. The majority of deaths occured because liberal governors placed sick patients into nursing homes as happened to one in New Jersey that my cousin managers. Eighteen residents died because of that decision while 130 of the 135 residents there got sick as well as most of the nurses and staff. Also, if you believe the numbers that came out of China, where the crematoriums could be seen burning via satellite, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Just be careful not to get shot by a "protestor" while you're t
  10. So recently I've lost both my driving jobs; one because they canceled all the bus trips due to coronavirus and the other because I failed my yearly CDL physical due to my Type II diabetes. I have an interview this Friday for a really good job that came "out of the blue" totally surprising me. Without God the deck would be stacked against me in getting it but maybe ya'll can petition the Almighty on my behalf. Thanks.
  11. Hope for the best (Christ Jesus will return for us at any moment) but prepare for the worse (he may delay and the country continue to be turned into hell). That's only a good policy, IMO. Maybe an emphasis, because of recent events, on how fleeting things are in this world and even temporal foundations like the US Constitution, law and order, a secure job, good health, freedom to share the gospel and go to church without fear, etc. can crumble quickly at any moment and that our hope should be built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness
  12. It could be argued that John the Baptist and later on Jesus was speaking to a nation as a whole to repent (i.e. change their direction) while when preaching to an individual the emphasis is on faith only. A nation can repent and change their ways before it's turned into hell yet not necessarily mean everyone is believing on the gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.. Notice that the disciples of John in Acts 19 repented at the preaching of John (or perhaps Apollos) but still weren't born again? It seems that repentance in the gospels was being preached at a gr
  13. There should be some kind of repentance and a desire to follow God but you have to be careful with judging new believers. Many grow at different rates and turning from sin is really a battle for many and doesn't always happen over night. But there should be some kind of love for God's righteousness and conviction of sin.
  14. OK, I'm KJVO all the way but I'm trying to encourage my sister to read at least the gospels but I know she'll have trouble with the style. She never made it past 8th grade. Should I encourage her to start with any version as long as she reads the "bible"? I first started out with a NIV but eventually "saw the light". Also, my mother is reading the Living Bible (ugh) but I don't want to discourage her. At least she's reading something that resembles a bible and that alone is a miracle with my family and I've heard it said it's better to read and believe any version of the bible than none
  15. The Jews in the OT had no idea the Messiah was going to be crucified. Thus, why the twelve apostles couldn't grasp Christ's words when he told them of his coming death, burial and resurrection or their melt down and scattering (except for maybe John) when he was crucified. It was hidden from them. The fact that someone like Isaiah wrote about "suffering servant or David about his soul being left in hell is irrelevant. It was still hidden from them and when God hides something you will not find it out no matter how much praying or studying you do. We know now looking back because these things h
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