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  1. I took a DNA test and I'm 100% from the British Isles and Ireland. I believe mostly Scottish but some Irish in me too.
  2. I have no problem with pastors touching on politics from the pulpit as long as it doesn't become a bully pulpit or outright campaigning for someone. I see nothing wrong with preaching about modern social and political issues in the light of scripture.
  3. I have a lot of books to read both hard copy and on Kindle but I'm just too lazy to read anymore it seems. I keep piling them up, though. The latest I bought is "The Fourth Turning" by Strauss and Howe. Interestingly, the "groundbreaking thesis" of the book is nothing new. Dr. Vance Havner came up with a similar thesis long before this book was written. Strauss and Howe had the decline of a nation as: 1) High 2) Awakening 3) Unraveling 4) Crisis Havner applied the same cycle to a religious revival or church: 1) Man 2) Movement 3) Machine 4) Monument
  4. Does this mean I can pray for the "Big One" to send California under the ocean and God will oblige?
  5. As I mentioned in a deleted thread my aunt and uncle, who both were vaccinated, have the WuFlu. They put my aunt into the ward with the dying elderly patients. Yes, she had an underlying medical condition but a few weeks after getting the Fauci jab she started developing all kinds of complications. Just as my mother who developed blood clots in her lungs around six months after the jab. Thankfully, my mother has survived but it was touch and go there for a while.
  6. I can't name just one but here are a few: Give Me the Wings to Rise (Isaac Watts) Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken (Isaac Watts) Behold, the Throne of Grace (John Newton) One There is Above All Others (John Newton) I Am His, and He is Mine (George W. Robinson)
  7. "Forever" is how Americans write it. "For ever" the Brits.
  8. Konstantin was raptured. At least he's pretending he was.
  9. Our Lord said "Judge not lest ye be judged" but to remove the beam from your eye before judging a speck of dust in your brother's eye. After removing the beam then you can "cast the mote" out of your brother's eye. People always stop short of quoting Matthew 7:5. The Lord's rebuke was concerning hypocrisy not judgement. As Christians we are commanded to reprove the works of darkness- Eph. 5:11 We are to rebuke through preaching- II Tim. 4:2 We are to rebuke sharply at times if immorality and false doctrine are involved so believers may be sound in the faith- Titus 1:13 Sometimes rebuke is to be made publicly- I Tim. 5:20. In order to reprove (admonish) and rebuke (reprimand) it takes some degree of judgment. In America we are trying to rid all forms of discrimination and judgement (except against righteousness) which is pure lunacy. I do realize in the nation where you are living under oppression that righteous judgement can not be openly performed so you have to be much more discreet about these things. But among believers it's still possible however even much more in the spirit of kindness should judgement be done. To really want to help your brother, not to "lord" it over him, should be the motivation.
  10. We do have a right to judge others as long as it's not hypocritical judgement like the Pharisees were guilty of. We should be very careful in judging other believers and when we do what spirit we do it in and for what purpose.
  11. We are citizens of our respective country and have some rights and responsibilities to it (although rights are lacking in many nations and maybe too many rights in some others). I guess we are also citizens to the world in that we should do our part in treating each other right, not destroying the planet but being a good steward of it. That being said, no nation is "Christian" and we are not of the world. Our reasons for being patriotic or mindful of the world are Christ-centered and not "We are the world, we are the children" Michael Jackson One World nonsense like that 80's song goes. As far as your complaint do you get blocked from viewing forums that mention political things?
  12. Is Bill even born again? For someone to be so radically to the Left as he is on everything makes me question if he has been?. Bill, have you been born again by the blood of Jesus Christ trusting in him only?
  13. Nobody cares, Bill. Really. You are the only one. You want "frivolous" look no further than Robert Mueller. That crook knowingly sent innocent men to jail to protect his snitches.
  14. Didn't a judge just block this? And does anyone believe this will be enforced? The only thing it ensures is you can't be sued or fired for not wanting to carry out an abortion as a doctor or nurse. Most abortions are performed before six weeks anyway.
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