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  1. Don't forget Joe's confession in regards to voter fraud prior to Nov 3rd, 2020: Democrats most diverse and extensive voter fraud organization in history
  2. The truth of these fake vaccines will come out sooner than expected, I reckon: NEW - British Medical Journal – one of the world's oldest general medical journals – calls for the full and immediate release of all data related to COVID vaccines and treatments. The BMJ is a weekly peer-reviewed medical trade journal, published by the trade union the British Medical Association. The BMJ has editorial freedom from the BMA. Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now
  3. Stay alert folks. It is becoming clearer by the day what the last two years has been about. The U.S. dollar is the world's reserve currency. The U.S. changed in 1971 from true currency (gold backed standard) to a fiat or a debt based standard. Since then and in particular with the massive debt of fake money being printed in the last two years the world's fiat based currency system is collapsing. The world's bankers need a new system. The world's richest men whom control the significant nations of the world ordered their political puppets to push through these massive stimulus bills for their own gain. These same richest men have received the bulk of this fake money (stimulus) to buy all remaining true assets they can find, housing real estate, farmlands and precious metals before they reset the world's financial system. Once they reset, these richest men will basically own most of the western world that is worth owning. Do the math, in the U.S. of the nearly 5 trillion printed in the last two years less than half a trillion has gone out to people as personal stimulus. Where has the other 4.5 trillion gone? The central bankers of the world need a new system and COVID is the buy-in tool: Watch this video and do some research about this woman, it is worth the 45 minutes because it fills in several gaps previously unknown. Video: The "passports" are this new system. BEWARE and keep your eyes open. Related article.
  4. Why your rulers are backtracking on the covid narrative How the reprobates have operated for decades securing the moral majority's "tolerance": “The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit. He who wants to provoke a war not only proclaims his own peaceful intentions but also accuses the other party of provocation. . . . the accusation aimed at the other’s intention clearly reveals the intention of the accuser. But the public cannot see this because the revelation is interwoven with facts.” Our ruling propagandists have to backtrack, since so much of their Covid narrative has collapsed. But be prepared for them to promote a new and improved blame game against their chosen villains, including Republicans, the unvaccinated, and so on.
  5. I am scratching my head friend. The point is bribery and corruption not products. FDA tickles big pharma's back and later gets to work for them for much bigger paydays, capeesh? Here watch this and you will understand, it is educational and entertaining: How the FDA works
  6. Real information (not reprobate propaganda) on vaxxed covid deaths from the UK: 4 out of 5 Covid deaths are fully vaxxed
  7. More on the passports, beware: They must get the shots in you to get the "passports" on you
  8. Stay alert folks: Are COVID Vaccine Passports A Trojan Horse For Introducing A Global Social Credit System?
  9. It was not the virus itself that causes the deaths. It is the spike proteins engineered into the virus that causes the deaths. The fake vaccines are loaded with the spike proteins, beware my friends: Covid, spike proteins and the fake vaccines
  10. $100,000 for every fake covid diagnosis in your hospitals, seven step protocols that are paid to hospitals for murdering patients. The love of money is the root of all evil. Watch this two minute clip: Corrupt medical establishment
  11. Typical reprobate behavior. Notice Bill howls that we should obey the "laws" of reprobate men in government as long as the rulers are of his wicked ilk and the "laws, illegally imposed" in question are merely his cherry picked things like the fake vaccines. Like all religious hypocrites, he sings a different tune when it comes to legally enacted immigration laws. Our Lord's teachings to show charity to strangers applies only to individual believers indwelt with His Spirit. Jesus clearly taught that the nations were Satan's. Bill and his installed puppet rulers would never dream of taking in refugees under their own roofs using their own finances. They tout fake "christs" and fake "gospels" to justify stealing from citizens whom make their own way in life to give to the "poor illegals" flooding the border to replace them. The nations are under satan's control and when these governments forcibly take citizens earnings and give them to illegals it has nothing to do with our Lord (they hate our Lord and all of our Lord's followers). It has only to do with keeping and imposing control for the rulers own benefit. Never for the benefit of those citizens ruled over by them. And most certainly never for the benefit of the poor they pretend to care about but merely use to keep power.
  12. Stay alert folks. I wouldn’t count on the globalists giving you your country back. Took them billions of your money and many decades to plan all this and get this far, they won't be giving in and starting over. Their master stroke of luck may be January 6th and they will milk it all the way. They setup conservatives by infiltrating, organizing, inciting and then allowing them entrance to the capital, just to later charge them with insurrection (actually trespassing but like many definition changes lately, the definition of trespassing now appears to equal insurrection). And are now using this protest on the 6th and their Commission to “legally” label all who oppose the fraudulent election an insurrectionist whether they attended Trump’s rally and protest or not. If there were to be any histories of man written after this (there probably won’t be many if any IMO) but if there is, it would show us that when those protesters left the capital on January 6th, the country was lost. That was the day the American experiment died. Most just don’t get it yet. That was their only real chance to stop the steal but they severely underestimated the length and depth of the globalist’s plan so they all just left. They had the numbers then and were in place but had no leadership nor a crystal ball so freedom died with their departure. Sadly, conservative patriots whom make up the moral majority of this nation have no leadership whatsoever which is apparent after January 6th. Donald Trump is one of them, make no mistake about that. Trump has proven to be (in my mind) their chief opposition controller. The other hopeful, Ted Cruz has also proven that he is one of them. He has repeatedly referred to the stop the steal protesters as terrorists. He is at this moment attempting to weasel out of what he was paid to say. He is another bought and paid for opposition control operative. Are you starting to see the illusion of a two party system yet? Just like TV wrestling, the good guys and the bad guys are both paid by the same people. The only folks divided are the spectators (commoners/populace). Remember that although the Constitution is/was no doubt the deepest, most impactful writing of man it was still merely written by man. What some men can do, other men can undo. What some men can write, other men can erase. Who is to stop them? Exactly, no one. If this commission has it’s way all whom oppose this one world government will be picked off one by one from all over the country. After every communist coup in history, all dissent must be purged to ensure a lengthy totalitarian rule. The conservative, patriotic lost will have to choose soon, their life or their principles and freedoms. No one on the political right has the means to truly fight nor the ability to mass organize. All communications technology belongs to them. Do you see now how we all got fat and lazy with freedom for several decades now and our soft hands and heads did nothing to stop the infiltration and undermining of America by enemies within? We were too distracted by all the shiny things that came with the American dream. We tolerated their reprobation one vile sin at a time and History has always shown us that tolerance ends in treachery and betrayal by those demanding it. I doubt there will be a 2024 election friends, there may not even be any congressionals at the end of this year. This January 6th commission has become one of their many tools to ensure no free, legal elections ever occur again. They will attempt and probably succeed to use this January 6th Commission to declare all dissent insurrection. At the same time disqualify any dissenter in congress FROM congress and at the same time not allow any dissenting (insurrectionists) candidates from replacing them or being elected to office period. The silent GOP knows this and is counting their blood money to acquiesce. They know who is going to win already (ask Ted Cruz). This will criminalize any true political opposition forever (they hope). Remember, no one is qualified for public office if convicted of insurrection against the United States. 2020 was bad, 2021 was worse but we ain't seen nothing yet.
  13. HA! The Guardian, another reprobate propaganda rag. Once true news comes out, I will share.
  14. Exactly, if you have to be tested just to see if you even have it, it is hardly a pandemic. It is a plandemic of the minds and souls of the world.
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