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  1. Friend, it is your only hope. What do you have to lose? Besides everything that is. You claim to be truly seeking Him and all who truly seek Him will find Him but only through His Word. Your choice but choose wisely.
  2. Well no surprises here my friend. You seem to display tremendous faith in your "doubts". Your fatal error is how you view God's Word. As with most of the religious you regulate it as merely a reference for yours or others theology and not the Bread of Life. Until you decide that true life can come only from it, you will remain in doubt. MATTHEW 4
  3. Faith comes by hearing His Word friend, never by intellectual exercise or argument. If you are truly serious and truly searching for Him, then do this. BREAD OF LIFE There is no other way nor intellectual reasoning that will prove Him to you beyond all shadow of doubt.
  4. Understood brother! I am not dogmatic trust me, just sounding an alarm to get folks to see through the rhetoric. This new, reprobate "morality" of the left with the fabricated "panic" of climate change are the main candidates I am warning of. Just praying we all keep oil in our lamps and keep this in mind during these perilous days: I Thessalonians 5
  5. The main stream media outlets have shown unprecedented bias towards Trump since 2016 with no sign of slowing down. Quite the contrary, it intensifies daily with no end it seems. What if this unprecedented bias is not some harmless political rivalry or struggle for control? Seems that fact is getting clearer and clearer in the media. Seems like the majority of the world's richest men and their political pawns have embraced open-border global socialism and hate Trump for being the only significant world leader against it. If you pay attention closely to the leftist's narratives it appears that the globalist's-owned media's only real goal is to remove national sovereignty from the public's mindset. Don't be fooled friends, this a battle between one-world government and national sovereignty only. If you decide that you want to see through the rhetoric for the real motivation, it becomes obvious. Realize this now and you will see what is happening much more clearly. In order to win this battle, the left must remove Trump or more specifically, the national sovereignty mindset from the world completely. Quite frankly folks, if you think America will remain a constitutional republic with a shared balance of power after Trump than you have not been paying close attention at all. As it was 2000 years ago, could it be again at the end of the same age? Could God's supposed "people" at this time in history discern the face of the sky but still not discern the signs of the times? Liberalism/socialism/globalism are all synonymous with each other for the first time in history. What if this is the "lie" of 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2? READ IT Prayerfully. Has leftist ideology now come of age as one big LIE called "progressive-ism". Will the left soon label their deluded new "morality" as Christ's teachings? Certainly not the Christ of the Bible but rather their perverted version of a false "christ". Seems they are attempting that more and more so keep your eyes and ears open. This "lie" is evolving towards this daily. Does anyone rational believe that these globalist-owned pundits, corrupted by greed politicians and world leaders actually hate Trump personally? Do they actually believe that Russian meddling gave Trump the election? Of course not, they are merely the puppets of a much bigger picture. What if they have been brainwashed with riches by the principalities of the air who work through the "great men of the earth"? Our Lord calls them, "the rich men", "the mighty men" whom we refer to as globalist billionaires. These billionaires spend hundreds of millions globally to vilify any Bible based or conservative stand, thought or idea using their financial power to ensure every aspect of their lie is propagated throughout the industrialized world. They go to great lengths to hide behind the scenes but every now and then, they are mentioned vaguely. Names like Rothchild, Bezos, Soros and even the Club of Rome, etc. Currently there are over 2200 Billionnaire families on the planet and they own all of it, make no mistake. All banking and all main stream media. News journalism is a thing of the past. A pipe-dream that never truly existed from the start. News in these days however doesn't even pretend to be unbiased. Now it is only narrative being pushed by the owners of the outlets. After realizing the vast majority of American citizens were not fooled by the Mueller hoax, the globalists then ordered the left to switch their narratives against conservatives to white supremacy. This shift was not enough so undoubtedly more removal attempts will continue to come. The left's ideology, "progressive-ism" has been building steam worldwide for over a century but as separate and unrelated (until now) ideologies. Seems revealing that all 3 of these ideologies arose in popularity at the same time as a result of the industrial revolution of the early 1900s. Never before were they so interrelated as one ideology however. 2 Thessalonians 2: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. If this doesn't describe the left then nothing does. Now, think about the term God uses in verse 10 above: with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish. If you live anywhere except under a rock these days, one can easily spot this deceivableness of unrighteousness in every single leftist big name or speaker every time they are in front of a mic or a camera. The democratic political party is the party of the political and moral "left". Its tenants and morality are dictated and controlled by globalist billionaires. The central element of their deception has been to accuse the political right by repetition and without specific evidence, of BEING EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE secretly and overtly. So overtly that they hide in plain sight of their brainwashed minions. First the Russian collusion hoax of which the globalist's media accused Trump of for 3 years without a shred of evidence turns out to be exactly what the left did and is still doing. This latest coup attempt of quid pro quo in dealing with foreign governments is exactly what the left's leadership has always done. The evidence of which is coming out more and more and may burst open soon enough (if AG Barr does not sell out to the deep state's globalist's handlers, that is). Now as mentioned above, they are accusing the right of what they have always been and definitely still are: racists and white supremacists bought and paid for, self-serving, corrupt public officials. The democratic party has always been the political party of slavery, of the confederacy, of the Ku Klux Klan, of Jim Crow, of Bull Connor. Instead of physically forcing "people of color" into slavery or to the back of the bus like they did back then; Satan has now upped their game against the weak-minded common people "of all colors". Seems nearly every leftist run local and state government throughout our country has been riddled with corruption and their own pocket-lining while the actual public they are sworn to serve suffer economically and socially. This is certainly also true at the federal level. Seems every member of the last administration entered office with modest personal wealth but left office gaining multiple millions, even billions in personal assets. Globalist and Chinese pay-offs they desperately want to hide. You see, public office to these types only means their own self-service. They are the ruling class over you and will keep you in slavery. They now use deception, lies, coercion and manipulation with the vast resources of the globalist-owning media. Instead of physical slavery, they now keep their slaves through ideological and emotional slavery. Bribing these deluded minions with the impossible promises of free everything, except free-thought and free-speech. Keeping them oppressed and fully dependent upon the scraps from the left's white, elitist's table (socialism). Satan is a liar and father of it. Seems every globalist's bought and paid for, leftist big name out there tell lies constantly that normal, average Americans know are lies. They delude the commoner leftists with fake "woke" social justice reform and climate change. Delusion is defined as an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder. Not surprisingly but so obviously, they all say the same thing, the same script, scripting by globalist minions. Their plan which is working by the way, is to continue to bombard all media outlets and academia with this 3-fold LIE. Satan knows full well that in order to trick the weak-minded into believing a lie, that lie must be repeated without wavering regardless of facts, historical records, common sense or clear-cut evidence to the contrary. I know that it seems like they have but these leftist politicians have not gone insane. Globalist influence started during JFK's administration and he warned of it just prior to his assassination in 1963. The deep state has been entrenching in every corner of our government since. The term "Deep state" refers to those in government who do not work for the interests of the American people but rather for their globalists "owners", whether identifying themselves as Democrat or Republican, they have sold out. Since the election in 2016 it has become obvious who is part of the globalist deep state and who is not. By enlarge they identify as democrats but not all are. Many hide as self-described republicans. If a cabinet nominee makes it through the senate vetting process easily, you can be assured they are against the American people's interest and will work to subvert Trump's national sovereignty policies until they are discovered. Hence the non-stop turnover within the administration since his inauguration. Is it because Trump is some sent by God savior of the American dream? of course not. It is only because Trump has (so far) refused to sell out the American people to the globalist, one-world government agenda! The current state of politics in America is anything but normal or business as usual. It is divisive by design (divide and conquer), revolutionary (government overthrow or coup has been attempted and continues to be) and violent (violence is encouraged against dissension to the new world order or religion of progressive-ism). ALL of which has been and is being orchestrated by globalist billionaires. The deluded younger generations of the industrialized world seem to buy into this lie so easily but no wonder, they have been indoctrinated through public education into every aspect and nuance of this LIE. Humanistic philosophy, sexual deviancy, transgenderism, dependency on government and the panic over climate change are the tenets of this new religion and our institutions of public education are the temples. This fabricated, anti-Bible religion of progressive ideology has already taken over the last two or three generations through the public education systems of the industrialized world. The faculties of which have increasingly been made up of the "priests" of this new morality (against all that is Bible Based) and have proselytized children and young adults into their "progressive religion" right under our noses. These latest generations are largely reprobate as God describes in Romans, Chap 1. The "Godless" new religion that public education has brainwashed into them has taken strong root and has replaced the God of the Bible completely in their minds. They have been raised by public education to reject the Bible and any Bible-based ideology as racist, homophobic, trans-phobic and xenophobic. Therefore evil and must be done away with. They don’t realize in their folly that they have given themselves over as worshipers of the beast already. A counterfeit morality and a counterfeit "god". Depraved lust, slothfulness, and self-entitlement are the results ensuring that the True God is not retained in their knowledge.......condemning them for eternity. Why are the conservative pundits missing the point of the left's delusion? Because they are dead in trespasses and sins and are incapable of discerning "Truth" themselves. They falsely apply reasoning to the leftists narratives and are left dumbfounded at the rationales behind their delusion. They seem to be waiting for a logical and reasonable argument from the left. The conservative pundits cannot comprehend the gravity of this delusion. They still live under the misconception that government is supposed to balance out ideas through the American people's election results. Those days are obviously gone in America and will never come back. It is the left's way or death very soon. Think this is an over-reaction? Keep reading friends. The leftists protect all their own because they believe the end justifies their means and that any dishonesty, resistance, obstruction, violence, crimes and even self-humiliation committed by them is completely justified as long as their “righteous”, leftist agenda remains fully agreed with and keeps getting promoted. Seems very likely that the climate change/progressive lie will get more and more press, priority and push here in America. It is not going away friends. The sleeping, normal people of the world cannot be bothered with the "lie". They are too busy to care and certainly too busy to do anything about it. This is how and why the LIE has succeeded to become more and more "normal" in the average mindset. We tolerated their fake "new morality" too long and now indifference and inaction by conservatives has allowed reprobate ideology to get a foothold of normalcy in society slowly over the last 100 years. As the end gets nearer the LIE gets pushed on the world more and more by a small minority of globalist billionaires. As verse 11 above clearly states the cause by which the Lord sends strong delusion is that they ALREADY refused the love of the Truth. What if the natural disasters our Lord said would increase as the ends of days get closer propels this strong delusion causing massive worldwide panic and embracing of anyone who may have the answer for the world's salvation. Keep reading...... Now the TRUE fulfillment of 2 Timothy 3: For the first time in history, the following characteristics of human behavior are now mainstream and acceptable if done to advance the left's LIE. They are and will continue to lawlessly replace all Bible-based institutions and our Constitution with their progressive "religion". 2 Timothy 3: This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. The Books of 2 Peter and Jude are God's foretelling of the world we live in today. It describes the globalist's progressive-ism and clearly shows us that we are now living in the very last days. Appropriately placed near the Book of Revelation. The left's politicians are blinded by mammon dangled by billionaires and cannot look past their own bellies "as natural brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed by the Lord at His coming". See 2 Peter 2:12 and Jude 1:10. I am not talking several decades friends. What if Trump’s coup, fraudulent defeat in 2020 or assassination is the catalyst to plunge America and the rest of the world into global socialism? He truly is the only hold out of significance. The United Nations (which has been bought and paid for by globalist's since its inception) has passed international laws against national sovereignty already. Any other hold outs are only because of Trump's stand so they will crumble as soon as he is out of the picture. The United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), World Health Organization all press for open borders globally and demonize any world leader who disagrees with them. These global elitists have been secretly influencing the whole world for decades to accept liberal political correctness, border-less nations, defenseless populations, gender-less identities, universal health care and wages? Every aspect of their LIE is in direct rebellion with God's Truth by which every person will be Judged. The goal of the left is a one-world government run by the elite ruling class (under the beast, perhaps?). Oh, the rank and file minions don't understand this. They only understand their brainwashing from media and academia including the false religious of "christianity" thanks to public education- indoctrination and the media. Remember when most Christian denominations use to warn against public schools and TV, even the internet when it became popular? Remember when they used to warn against the very idea of a one-world government as the sign of the beast's coming? Most if not all seem silent now. Well, here we are: Now, most of what identifies as "christian" (even the seemingly elect) seem ready for his mark (open border, socialism). One-world Government vs. National Sovereignty
  6. Sadly for the lost; the globalists are winning and It is looking more and more just like this: Is it Trump they hate? Or national sovereignty? Open your eyes and keep them open
  7. This type of study is never mentioned by men but is the central theme of Scripture (Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of God). No matter where you feel you are in your walk with God this study program will change you. Even the most seemingly solidly grounded of believers will benefit from this little idea, it is guaranteed by God. Faith comes by HEARING and hearing by the Word of God. Hearing God's Word without the commentary (tradition) that makes the Word of none effect. Try this, let the Spirit guide you in all truth. Although seemingly mundane as far as systems of belief go, no big shots names to elevate, no frills, no flash, no commentary or merchandise to buy, only God's Word in the archaic, hard to understand King James English. Find Scourby narrated KJV New Testament Books on youtube and you are ready to begin. God's Word is the ultimate test of your faith. If you are truly seeking God's Truth, He will reveal it to you so listen as if your life depends upon it (because it probably does). To start, set aside all time you normally devote to sermon/commentary study and divert it all to this. · Listen to all the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) first and repeat them five times in a row consecutively. · Then the Book of Acts five times in a row · Then the remainder of the New Testament Epistles (Romans all the way through Jude). Repeat them five times, · By this time you will be far more prepared for the Book of Revelation than you ever thought you could be. You will be assured of the Spirit's presence as you understand more and more by God's Word and God's Spirit (Like He said in John 3:8). God made clear that "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God". You will truly understand what this means as you discover new truths every time you intently listen praying for the Holy Spirit's Guidance. You will find yourself pausing the script and opening your Bible, saying to yourself - I never saw nor ever heard this before in its true context. Soon you will know that peace that HE KNOWS YOU. You will discover whether your house was built on sand (wolves in sheep's clothing doctrine) or on the Solid Rock of Christ's teachings. Soon you will clearly see every teaching of Christ rephrased, reiterated and reinforced throughout all the Epistles and Revelation. Then repeat this whole plan again and again. You will understand finally what it Scripturally means to walk with God. Listening to His Word defines clearly every context of the Scriptures. When context is truly captured so will the definitions of every archaic word. You will see how context provides definition in every single case. After repetitive listening and walking with God in His Word, The Spirit will connect dots you never imagined before and you will see His Word from a strategic viewpoint. The Spirit of Truth will become clear as it debunks the previous spirit of error. You may very well discover that God's Opinion differs greatly from the opinions you previously had regardless of sect or system. If sincere, the likely affect will be that you will find yourself being freed from the system of belief or camp you were brainwashed into. AND YES, I do mean brainwashed. In most cases, this will save your eternal life. You will see that most if not all doctrine you stood so vehemently for is not found in contextual New Testament Scripture. All I am pleading with you to do is to listen only to God's Word. Without gimmicks or opinion. There is a strong chance most who read this have never received enough of His Word, unadulterated. Even the most self-proclaimed Mature Christians typically equate Bible Study with sermon/commentary study, reverting to Scripture merely as reference instead of the Bread of Life. This is your chance to see just how far you have been led astray from God's Truth. Devote hours daily, including your commutes to this and this only. Saturate yourself in His Word and you will find the peace of God from God, not from men's plucked out, false assurances. Take this challenge, what do you have to lose? No matter how smart you are, how formally educated, how theological you think you are, DO THIS and decide for yourself if this is or is not the KEY to everything..... For convenience only, The New Testament recordings are consolidated here: Listen to God's Word
  8. wretched

    Days of Lot

    You are hitting the leftist nail on its head my friend: Trump Derangement or something much darker?
  9. http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=60066 Bank of America just froze their church accounts because of his preaching against homosexuality. Regardless of agreement with him, this should open some eyes. This is not the first instance either, there are several examples like this already. The banks are owned by progressive globalists just like all big tech and social media is. Trump nor our government can change these facts. True power is held by globalist billionnaires, not governments in these last days. End of this age
  10. God's Wrath at the end of this age will follow the same pattern as every other time His Wrath was poured out in Scripture: Days of Noah The catching away of the remnant of true believers still breathing at the rapture will go unnoticed by the world and will hardly be the "lie" of 2 Thessalonians 2:11. The "lie" has been around and building steam for the last 100 years. We have known of it and preached against it's tenants the whole time but to little avail. It has gained acceptance worldwide among the industrialized world. Most who profess Christ (evangelicals, emerging groups, mainline protestants) have already accepted the "lie" of leftist ideology. Most of the remaining more, staunch professors will not embrace leftist ideology personally but will acquiesce to the "lie" to maintain their lives, their families lives and their status quo down here. They will hide their light under bushels so as not be be noticed. And these deluded fools will still think they are "saved" courtesy of the repetitive, easy- prayer, brainwashing introduced during the last 100 years. Trump Derangement or Something Much More?
  11. The mark whether seen or unseen by us will be seen by the Lord friends. A mark will not even have to be made nor a chip implanted if acquiescence to the "lie" is made. The beast knows many will not take the mark out of religious belief. But these same "many" will accept the lie in order to feed their bellies and the bellies of their loved ones. Read it carefully, cards and account numbers will still be allowed by the beast. To God, anyone who accepts the lie to save their life (whether through a chip, tattoo, debit card or memorized account number) has taken the mark. Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Only the truly saved will not take the mark, nor use his name nor the number of his name to live in the industrialized world very soon . We will be electronically cutoff from everything, unable to work, drive, vote, receive medical, emergency or social services several years before the mid point. We will be persecuted like no time before it even the first centuries. Coming soon to a neighborhood near me and you......
  12. Has the lie been exposed already? The last 2 years have been revealing unlike any other time in history. Derangement or delusion
  13. Hey friend There is only one correct answer to this. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this link page and you will live. Faith comes only by hearing His Word. https://www.jesussaidwhat.com
  14. Yes Ma'am, they will be: Woe unto them that are with child and give suck in those days! Logically, this answers your question in total: One cannot nurse if their children are caught away. Your thoughts about in the womb certainly makes sense. I wouldn't worry about it however, those killed are safe before God and some will live to enter into the wonderful 1000 year Kingdom, then they will be given their equal share of opportunity along with the rest of the survivors. Children?
  15. If your point is damage control your argument seems counterintuitive. Decentralized local error affects far fewer souls than denominational error does. Every sect or denomination these days are in egregious error so what protections would these provide? Protestant and emerging evangelical sects is where you will find the bulk of your homo/female pastor examples. Of course their apostasy goes far deeper, these are merely symptoms.

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