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  1. wretched

    Absence of Doctrinal Authority

    If your point is damage control your argument seems counterintuitive. Decentralized local error affects far fewer souls than denominational error does. Every sect or denomination these days are in egregious error so what protections would these provide? Protestant and emerging evangelical sects is where you will find the bulk of your homo/female pastor examples. Of course their apostasy goes far deeper, these are merely symptoms.
  2. wretched

    What would you do?

    Now that is preaching!!!
  3. wretched

    Emerging Church

    I read somewhere the name emerging is coined because they are emerging up and out of the old stale, traditional type of worship. Although no fruit can ever truly come from apostate movements like this, it sure gets allot of the party crowd into churches, but now they party in "a false jesus" name, YEEHAW.
  4. wretched

    Salvation After Rapture

    Here is a different perspective perhaps: Yes it does mean that. I believe it has to do with the change of ages at the rapture. I believe those under Grace through faith without sight (church age) with the Holy Spirit's presence to convict the world of sin, righteousness and Judgment to come had their chance with the Spirit's conviction (which they spurned all their lives and basically made fun of true believers to some degree or another). Think about it in this way. The Spirit and the Word have been at work with the Gospel for 2000 years, the industrialized world has had it for generations and by enlarge have rejected it. As the clock ticks the industrialized world becomes exceedingly reprobate. These reprobates have heard and rejected the Christ and Gospel of the Bible. As God did with Pharaoh, He will do with these further hardening their reprobate hearts since they made their choice already. This prospect is terrifying to me when thinking of lost loved ones and neighbors, etc...because I know they have heard it clearly and I believe strongly that we are in the last generation or very close to it, of the church age. After the end of the church age (catching away) the way God deals with man changes. it will be as it was in the OT with signs, wonders, miracles, etc. once again as clearly and specifically described throughout Revelation. The basis for this theory is of course the Bible but at a more strategic viewpoint. Our age is clearly the only period in History where the Spirit was poured out and indwelling to all believers and convicting the world. During the seven year tribulation, those of the industrialized world who by chance have not heard the Gospel clearly will believe and refuse the mark. These tribulation saints in the industrialized parts of the world will suffer the most I would think with having two choices, refuse the mark and die or refuse the mark by successfully hiding and surviving off the grid. There will be no regeneration as we know it during the tribulation, nor eternal security through the Spirit's sealing (HE won't be here to regenerate or seal). Nothing in Revelation or other NT references indicates otherwise. Just as it was in the OT, the Spirit was not poured out over all flesh and present to convict the world as He is during our current age. He will leave earth with the Church at the Rapture. So these saints will have to keep their faith, refusing the mark until the end. However, not all of them will die, some will successfully hide I would suspect but Revelation indicates that multitudes will be slain for Christ, refusing the mark. Those who have never heard the Gospel prior to the catching away will be predominantly those of the third world, communist strongholds (to some extent), places with government or culturally enforced religions like India, etc.. These are the masses to which the Gospel has been effectively blocked by principalities. I suspect a majority of these people will believe and will survive the tribulation in belief due to the ministry of the 144k. I believe the beast's reach will not be firmly held in these geographical areas since much of it is not "connected" electronically with the industrialized world. I believe the focus of the 2 witnesses will be direct contradiction to the beast, the image of the beast and the false prophet. These two will reprove and rebuke the industrialized (reprobate) population who worship or concede to the beast. On a side note, the recent exposition of social media like facebook, google, twitter, etc is very enlightening to me. I say this because these companies who work for the beast now (although unwittingly at this point) have amassed all the data they need from the industrialized population. Because of our internet habits they know who has guns, who is conservative and certainly who is Christ's simply based on our browsing and posting habits which these companies track. They don't need government records, the beast will have everything he needs to enforce the new laws which abolish first the 2nd amendment and then the 1st amendment and then the real persecution will begin. Yes, although the US is not named in Scripture and if we truly are in the last generation of the church age, then the US as it stands now will be the key influencer over the rest of the industrialized world and will play a deciding role in the beast's acceptance. Europe is gone as previously known so that union, though at the center of the beast's political power simply does not carry credible influence with the rest of the industrialized world like the US does. Interesting subject. Put no stock in thinking that our lost loved ones will get another chance.....they probably won't. I believe the catching away marks the end of an age, just like physical death has meant the end of that individuals chances to reconcile with God (God's Way which is the only Way that counts). The catching away marks the end of chances for those who rejected Christ previously when God gave HIS WAY, HIS TRUTH and HIS LIFE to the world for 2 millennia affording every chance and every Spiritual help for them to believe. I believe like when the door of the ark shut, so does the door of Grace by faith without sight (the Blessed folks Jesus referred to as having NOT seen, yet believed) Of course like everyone's thoughts on prophecy I am no where near dogmatic on this. I just am leaning heavily that way at this point.
  5. wretched

    Addition to the rules and regs?

    Are you talking about this:
  6. wretched

    Does 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 teach the sign gifts have ceased?

    A necessary rebuke IMO
  7. wretched

    Does 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 teach the sign gifts have ceased?

    I understand you sister, Would you agree that the Word could be in our hearts now if we wanted it to? We could know God now as well as we know ourselves if we would only saturate ourselves in His Word now. I have to disagree on the Written Word's absence in Heaven however. His Written Word is definitely in Heaven and will remain into eternity with Him. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. (Of course the Word of God will be their Judge (all 66 Books)), God the Father has left all Judgment to the Son and who is the Son again? The Word.) But before that He will also use the Word of God out His mouth. He will speak it and His Words will smite the nations. Rev 19:15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. The Word is far more powerful than most believers realize and no Ma'am, not the paper and ink...the Words (every one of them). Can you agree with this?
  8. wretched

    Does 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 teach the sign gifts have ceased?

    Matthew 24:35 and several other similar: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Christ is the Word and the Word is Christ. If you know His Word, you know Him as you know yourself. This cannot be achieved by men's published books, it can only be achieved by saturation in God's Word. You must consume yourself with listening to Him just like most the professing consume themselves in temporal, self-interests.
  9. wretched

    Does 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 teach the sign gifts have ceased?

    12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. This verse in the context of the passage is not referring to Heaven at all but that we can know everything God wants us to know now because He gave it all to us in His Word. I believe this indicates that we can know God as well as we know ourselves if we cared enough to saturate ourselves in His Word like we saturate ourselves in self-interests. The context is dealing with how God delivered His Word pre-Bible completion and post-Bible completion. The key is not reliance on men any longer but reliance on the poured out Spirit of God to teach His Word. The Holy Spirit combined with God's complete Revelation to man eliminates any intermediary "prophesy, revelation and interpretation" from men. Interpretation of this context is critical in what road a believer takes with Apostolic Succession. Either Apostolic succession ended with the deaths of the Apostles in total, or all of it is still currently for us. If we believe Apostolic succession continues through this day and age then we support the one false doctrine that has perpetuated ALL false doctrine. That is the elevation of man equal to Scripture and is nicolaitan doctrine. If men did not elevate themselves into something more than an equal believer (as Christ instructed) then people would not follow their teachings without verification simply because they believe the nonsense that these men are called above others and have some kind of special "anointing" above others. After 4000 years, God's people still demand kings to rule over them, this is the doctrine God hates.
  10. wretched

    Does 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 teach the sign gifts have ceased?

    I didn't quote your whole post brother but agree with every word and was about to write/ask something similar.
  11. wretched

    Who are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6?

    That is an interesting idea.
  12. wretched

    Who are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6?

    One possibility since the greater context of this passage is dealing with the flood, is that these giants clearly noted in this passage as a separate thought very well could be a reference to dinosaurs, mammoths and other giant creatures which God decided not to include on the Ark nor to continue on earth after the flood. Job references strange beasts that would match the fossil remains of these creatures and there is plenty of undisputed, physical evidence that these creatures did exist on earth. It certainly was no ice age that killed them off.
  13. wretched

    Question about Bible College.

    I have a challenge for you. I recommend you hold off on pursuing a degree for one year. In one year if you still feel the same way then go for it but I can 100% guarantee you (if you follow the instructions) that you will not feel the same way in one year. First order a set of KJV Bible CDs of the New Testament narrated by Alexander Scourby. (Ebay or Amazon) These can also be listened to on youtube if you prefer. Once the CDs arrive, spend the same amount of time you would as a full time student in college (4-6 hours) a day secluded without distraction, listening with prayers for the Spirit's understanding and an open heart to the Spirit. Start with the Gospels in order, then repeat at least 5 times before you move on. This will not take much time if you stick to a schedule as mentioned, you will understand the Old Testament at this point like you never imagined. Then go onto Acts and repeat it 5 times, then the remainder of the NT in order but hold off on Revelation until you have gone through all Epistles 5 times. Revelation will be far more understandable for you by this time. Once completed repeat the entire program again in the same order over and over. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. This verse will take on a entirely new meaning to you and you will have faith expediential to before. This plan will save you money and effort, and most of all you will understand God without the traditions and opinions of men. Something theology from any college can never give you. Just a friendly recommendation I give to anyone, whether a student or not. Of course the times can be modified and listening while commuting is far more soothing than anything else if you have a long commute.
  14. wretched

    Last one to post in this thread wins

    Well that is worth posting over. Congratulations Rosie!!!
  15. wretched

    Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    I think the problem is much more basic and systemic than this. Never mind the perceived state of these institutions because none are Scriptural. The entire practice of higher learning institutions in which "young" men are trained to "pastor other" churches came from the RCC and later mimicked by protestant denominations. Not one jot nor tittle is Scriptural IMO.