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  1. Indeed, God's prophet Hosea indicated revival would not occur again until after the church age when His Return and Reign occurs. Neither revival in any form nor backsliding in any form is mentioned in the New Testament for a distinct reason. With His Spirit indwelling believers, backsliding is not possible. Just one of God's adjustments for man over history. Of course, men's traditions have made God's Word of none effect in this area also since the current definition of backsliding is tied to specific sins today. God's definition in the Old Testament had nothing to do with weakness of the flesh but rather spiritual adultery against God.
  2. Just like flat earthers or evolutionists, reading the debate with this calvinist guy reminds me of an old saying. It is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how brilliant your moves are, the pigeon will simply knock over pieces, poop on the board and then declare victory.
  3. Oh, got it. Figured it was something like that.
  4. Did you forget your password brother? You are posting as a guest for some reason.
  5. Or perhaps they simply want to normalize pedophilia which seems to be the reason for this junior, no experience, unqualified pick whose short track record is rife with pedo leniency. The reprobate party loves to groom, rape and murder children. That is where we are as a nation in the end. Not only are you required to condone sodomy and transsexual deviance (the only reason this creature would not answer the question) but you will soon also be required to condone pedophilia.
  6. More discovery you will never hear of on Satan's world news: Clot shots impair natural immune systems Shot to death immune systems HIV nearly disappeared until now, the push for new HIV vaccines Everyone shot up has AIDS most just don't know it yet
  7. Oh you will see much more as the truth cannot be hidden for much longer. Russia is all anyone will see on the reprobate media until the next created crisis. All by design sadly for us commoners.
  8. Friendly reminder: Whatever the reprobates of main stream media (in other words: THE WORLD) tells you to do from now on...do the opposite. What THE WORLD tells you to believe and support...believe and support the opposite. VAIDS is real Military doctors ordered to shut up
  9. No one has a crystal ball but if I were you I would get prepared: Cyber plandemic
  10. Amen, it has always been about the heart. And since the door is the door to the heart, likewise also the calling out to the Lord must be from the heart (not just the mouth), the full heart, the holding nothing back of this world in the heart, heart. What He calls the "pure heart". The heart that wants to now follow Jesus' Life Example and no longer fallen Adam's.
  11. What Putin really wants Believe it or not, even PBS can't control all their guest speakers, sometimes the truth gets out.
  12. Good synopsis of what is happening in Ukraine, here and the rest of the world. This preacher covers a lot in this presentation: https://www.bitchute.com/video/gUO5G6vWPEU4/?list=subscriptions
  13. Remember whomever main stream media and the like support you can be guaranteed are the bad guys, the corrupted ones in this conflict. Globalists and Satanists too
  14. Here is the short answer as to why china joe bribem is defending Ukraine: Putin vowed to drain the swamp that Ukraine had become. But don't go thinking well of any of them. Putin is also a graduate of Klaus Schwab's "young global leaders" school, just like Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Merkell, etc... In this grand globalist ruse, Putin has a role to play for the new world order just like the rest of them.
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