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  1. Thank you John Young and Rebecca for enjoying these lessons. I am glad to know that they have been a blessing to you. Any discussions before I continue with the next prophetical passage? The next prophetical passage that we study will be Isaiah 4:1-6. The prophecy of Isaiah 4 is unique for several reasons. One of the interesting aspects of Isiah's prophecy is that he gives us an account of the dreadful events of the latter part of the 7 Year Tribulation Period, the re-population of the earth from near annihilation, the cleansing of the spiritual filth of Israel, the fulfillment of Romans 11:23-29 and the abundant MERCY of God poured upon the Jews as Paul prophecies in Romans 11:32 Alan
  2. Thank you for the devotion. Isaiah 57:15 is one of my favorite verses. "For thus saith [THE HIGH AND LOFTY ONE] that inhabiteth eternity, [WHOSE NAME IS HOLY]; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of [a contrite and humble spirit], to revive [the spirit of the humble], and to revive the heart of [the contrite ones]." (Isaiah 57:15)
  3. Fine video. Thanks for uploading it.
  4. True. May the Lord bless your witnessing efforts.
  5. Ok. I will refrain. After some serious checking I already know the answer.
  6. roby, Do you believe that that those individuals, or churches, that hold to the KJVO stand are cultist? or is the KJVO church either a cult or cultist? A yes or no answer would suffice without a long drawn out reply or a vague reply. Vague replies will be treated as as yes response. Addendum roby, A moderator has informed me that this question is out of bounds. So, I retract my question. Alan
  7. Welcome! Thank you for letting us know about you and your ministry.
  8. I like Canada. Count me as a friend of the Commonwealth.
  9. God bless you. Always enjoy your postings.

  10. Jim, I appreciate your thoughts, admonition, and encouragement. Alan Roby said, ""Everybody happy now?" Sarcasm does not indicate to other people your sincerity nor does it diffuse a situation already inflamed by previous missteps.
  11. Now, I fully understand. In my estimation, deleting the text completely would not only make sure there is no miss- understanding, but, more important, it would put a stop to Mr. Roby, and future individuals of his character, to stop the quoting from non-KJV versions. Also, and also important to my thoughts, Mr. Roby , due to his hatred, insincerity, and scorning, is using us to further promote his own agenda and destroy OLB. Alan
  12. I appreciate the encouraging devotion on the fires of affliction.
  13. Alan


    Thank you for uploading this fine, and encouraging, poem by Spurgeon
  14. Jim, I understand what you meant, but, it is my opinion that Mr. Roby is the individual that is responsible for the confusion; both the initial confusion and the correction confusion. Mr. Roby, when he corrected the verse he left the verse in a tangled mess. When I first read his corrections I felt the same way as No Nicolaitans. In my estimation Mr. Roby is trying to confuse and find fault with all of the brethren who do not find fault with the Authorized Version. Mr. Roby, and his scorning, and his slander, and his hatred is the problem. Alan
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