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  1. I guess at 80 I am a generation or two or three or four older than most on the Board. Growing up a Baptist I was encouraged to be open in discussions and to defend the right of others to their opinion. We were taught out Baptist heritage when we, as Baptist, were jailed and silenced by others. We were taught this should never happen to anyone again.I am sorry our society has lost the art of discussion and conversation. This is sad. May all on the board be blessed in all they do. Adieu.
  2. I forgot to tell you about a Jordanian Muslim lady I met. She had just finished a masters degree in Management of Conflict Resolution at the Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA. She said that the English Qur'an that is distributed in the West is a Saudi translation. She had never seen one before coming to the USA. She said, "I was horrified when I read it. It is a very bad translation and I can see why people here hate us. It puts words in the Profits mouth that are not in the Arabic version. If I thought the followers of the Profit were believers as shown in the English translati
  3. I do not feel that I am defending Islam, but I do think there is a lot of misinformation being given. I have read too much history, listened to too many lectures, both religious and secular, as well as becoming friends with Arab-Christians from the Mid-East, to buy into the popular beliefs of our day. My personal belief is that if the British and French had followed up on their promises to the Arabs during World War I we would have a much more peaceful world. But, they reigned on those promises and that led to the founding of radical groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt that began
  4. And Mohammed told his followers to treat all people of the book well. May be a contradiction. Oh, and they accept Jesus as a prophet. The trace themselves back to Abraham and Ishamel. Now I've heard people say that Allah is not the god of the Bible. However, that is not necessarily true. Allah in Arabic means God. There was a Baptist pastor at the seminary in Prague one year from Nigeria. He was a master teacher. He could take a complex subject and teach it in a simple way that made it understandable. I often heard him pray in his Nigerian language and in his language. He would use the w
  5. I read that the Beirut Baptist School sustained damage from the blast. I do not know how serious the damage is and hope and pray it is not great. I am sure they will need financial help as will the International Arab Baptist Seminary.
  6. Here is the address to their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=arab baptist theological seminary - abts&epa=SEARCH_BOX Pray for all Lebanese at this time of tragedy. Here is the Facebook page for the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary. I remember the first time I met Elie Haddad, the president and lecturer of ABTS. He was returning to Lebanon after living in Canada. "Why are you returning," my wife asked him. "It is dangerous there. Canada is safe." I will always remember his reply. "When you are where God wants you, you are in the safest place possi
  7. I am not sure that is true. The Shia wold certainly disagree. They follow the teaching of the Wahhabi school of theology. Just like Christianity there are various school of theology. Others would say they are the ones that most follow the teachings of Mohammed. The Wahhabi school of theology began with Muslim scholar, Muhammad bin Abd al. Wahhab. He, a Sunni, lived in the 17th century. He and his theology are very puritanical and anyone who does not believe as they do are their enemy. I do not believe Mohammed taught this. He called Christian, Jews and Muslims 'People of the Book'. The Quran c
  8. Who defines 'false religion'? Just curious on your thoughts on this.
  9. There was a huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon today. Pray for our fellow Christians there. Here is a Facebook link to the Beirut Baptist School. https://www.facebook.com/BBS.lb/?eid=ARBIgqFRpj9w4e2rUsDtr5s15v8feTDvkh4Pn4hzkshew1JqhjYYJEH0O-awQMO2sCWFbivaFZVIwaSv&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=774180340&fref=tag I have several Baptist Lebanese friends who live in Beirut. One works at the school. I
  10. All the replies on what is or is not in the Qur'an really have little or nothing to do with the original post. The Emirates are much more liberal in their Muslim theology than, say Saudi Arabia. This is easily seen from their lack of restrictions on foreigners, especially woman. In my humble opinion the driving force behind much of what they do, just like here, is money. We cannot lump all Muslims under one test, just as we cannot do the same with all Christians.
  11. From the research I have done this does not appear in the Qur'an. It appears in Ibn Kathir's writings. He lived in the 14th century. Ibn Kathir was an influetncial historian. So, if my research is correct it is an error to attribute this verse to the Qur'an.
  12. Can you give me a reference to those verses? Thanks.
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