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  1. To me the SBC has been on a downward slope since the, so called, conservative takeover in the 1970s and 1980s. To me this was a move away from Christ and toward political politics. Again, to me it was mover about grabbing power than in presenting Christ. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Alliance of Baptist grew out of this when churches split away from the SBC. The church I attend was both SBC and American Baptist before the takeover. I live in a border state and it made sense to cooperate with both. A number of years after the takeover we explored how to divorce the SBC. There seemed no formal way other than to take SBC off the letterhead and stop giving money to the Cooperative Program. We are small but very diverse in ethnicity, racially, educationly, and in professions. What we do have is lots of love. It is a family. I was proud of our little group when we raised $5,000 to help a woman in the church who was in desperate need. We average 20 to 25 adults a Sunday and yet we have a budget of over $1,00,000. We have never ended a year in the red. We have direct contact with Baptist in Zimbabwe and helped an orphanage dig a well, yes, some of our members traveled there and helped. We helped them purchase a new pickup truck last year. We also have members who have worked in seminaries in Europe and Russia. This little group has friends and influence around the globe. Our goal has nothing to do with national politics, though we follow what is going on in both parties. Politics and Christ do not mix. When a church becomes involved in politics, politics does not become clear, but the church does become dirty. We are active in helping with a food bank, in helping the homeless and strive to improve race relations. There are some Baptist churches in our area who do not like us. I consider that their problem, not ours. So, our goal is to put Christ first and follow his life, leading, and teachings as shown in the gospels. We would like to be larger, but not over 100 people. To me even 100 might be too large. Looking back over our history that does not seem to be what God wants us to be. I consider myself a traditional Baptist, not a modern one. Blessings.
  2. I knew you position and I will defend you right to that opinion. That was not my problem with your stance. I may have misinterpreted your meaning. It seemed to me that you implied that being a part of a denomination is a sin and that all involved are sinners. Well, all are sinners, but for other reasons. I expect the independent fundamentalist church is primary an American institution. There may be some in Europe, but I have not heard of any. I have come to believe that we Americans have developed such that we place too much emphasis on the individual and not enough on the group. To me there are problems in either area, independent or in a convention. There are problems in both as people are involved in both. Whether independent on in a convention the Holy Spirit may be ignored from guidance. To me the work of the Holy Spirit is involved in the live of all individual Christians.
  3. I apologize Tony. I copied the wrong sentence. Here is the one I was responding to: There is no Scriptural justification for any kind of convention, association, or fellowship as separate entities from the local church that have any say at all in what a local church does or says. That is true. But also, there, to my knowledge, is no statement saying such associations are wrong. Therefore I do not believe your statement implying such conventions, associations, etc. are wrong. I am neither defending or condemning them here. Because the Bible makes no statement on a topic or action does not mean that topic or action is either a good or a bad topic or action. If we said everything the Bible is silent about mean that action, idea, topic, etc. was wrong then we would have to eliminate just about everything from our life that is modern. So, I contend that your statement, while true, does not mean associations, conventions, etc. are bad or evil. It is illogical, IMHO. After all, there is no scriptural justification for driving a car, flying in an airplane, eating ice cream, voting in an election etc., etc., etc. Where scripture is silent we have to use logic, ethics, common sense, etc. in our decisions. Blessings.
  4. I may be wrong, but does scripture say anything on either side of this issue? You know the Bible never says it is all right to drive or ride in a car. Does this make it wrong to do so? And thinking about I do not believe the Bible says anything about eating ice cream. Is it wrong to do so? I feel the defense, "the Bible does not" is an illogical smoke screen on many issues. No offense intended.
  5. Brother Tony wrote, "One of the better known Marxist mindset is that of supporting Critical Race Theory. There are more, but this is the main one. There are other problems as well...One of them is problems with many professors at the universities supported by the convention are teaching that the Bible isn't a reliable book, and there are problems with the stand that some of them take on Jesus Christ in human form. It's hard to believe that some of these people don't believe what's already settled by history." I have no idea how you got this idea. Marx never mentioned Critical Race Theory. It was unknown until the 1970's when it was first proposed. Critical Theory, of which Critical Race Theory is a small part says; " critical theory, which argues that social problems are influenced and created more by societal structures and cultural assumptions than by individual and psychological factors." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_race_theory Simply because you do not like the theory, and I assume you do not, does not make it Marxist. Saying something is Socialist or Marxist is a great way to smear an idea that in reality has nothing to do with either. It is intellectually dishonest to do so.
  6. Pho Soup. Deli bar roll-up. Baked potato.
  7. “Whenever the church gets in bed with politics, the church gets pregnant, and the offspring does not look like God the Father.” J. D. Greear
  8. Which is more accurate; few or chosen or few chuse? Strange the word chuse was the most popular spelling in the 17 and 1800s. Somehow 'choose' replaced 'chuse'. I think chuse is the better spelling.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2021/06/15/southern-baptists-elect-president/ The article begins: The Southern Baptist Convention elected Ed Litton as its president on Tuesday, signaling a defeat for the hard right within the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Litton narrowly defeated Mike Stone, the favored candidate of the far right. For the past few years, the convention has been mired in debates over racism, politics and sexual misconduct that mirror many of the same debates in the Republican Party. The election took place at the convention’s annual meeting in Nashville. In recent weeks, as leaked letters and backroom deals dominated conversations among Southern Baptists, Litton, pastor of First Baptist Church North Mobile in Alabama, pitched himself as someone who would lead the convention toward more racial reconciliation. Fred Luter, the first and only Black pastor to serve as president of the SBC, nominated Litton for the position. At the meeting Tuesday, Litton spoke fondly of how he and Luter have swapped pulpits. The crowd cheered after Luter’s speech in favor of Litton, in which Luter said Litton “brings a compassionate and shepherding heart. We need a pastor who has a love for God and God’s people.” Other SBC presidential candidates included Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In the first round of voting, Mohler garnered fewer votes than Litton and Stone. In a runoff, Litton received 52 percent of the vote, while Stone received 47.81 percent.
  10. Yes the annual convention and they have elected a new president. I'll post an article about that in this forum.
  11. What I fear is they will become more political and less Jesus centered, more Southern GOP and less gospel centered.
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