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  1. People are funny. They want the front of the bus, the middle of the road and the back of the church.
  2. If you cannot visit Washington D.C. now, you can take these virtual tours. https://scholasticatravel.com/2014/02/24/washington-dc-virtual-tour/
  3. He who plants a garden, plants happiness. Chinese proverb
  4. Espresso is the only coffee.
  5. “They (the Arabs) are as unstable as water, and like water would perhaps finally prevail.” T. E. Lawrence in his Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
  6. Doris Harris tells of a “dear old lady” who was asked about her excellent complexion and bright attitude. She replied, in effect, “I use my lips for Truth, for my voice, Kindness, for my eyes Compassion, for my hands Charity, for my figure Uprightness, for my heart Love and for any who don’t like me, Prayer.”
  7. What’s an egotist? -- Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation
  8. I respectfully disagree with your interpretation. You are not taking the Bible literally if you insist on your interpretation of Genesis 2.
  9. I respectfully disagree. It is about the creation of earth. Genesis 2:4 proves this. Regardless, chapter 2 shows God creating mankind before the animals.
  10. I respectfully disagree. I do not believe the writer's of Genesis, first chapter, meant for their words to be taken literally. If you take them literally, they you have a huge problem fitting in Genesis 2. Chapter 1 has God create man last, whereas Chapter 2 has God create man first. Genesis was never meant to be a chronological account of creation. It was meant to explain the creation story in a manner that could be understood by folk living back then. Carbon dating is accurate enough.
  11. Obviously they used the cave for a long-long-long time. So, yes, it does add up IMHO.
  12. I found this a very interesting article. Go to the link. The article is longer than what I posted here. TEL AVIV — Israeli archeologists on Tuesday revealed dozens of recently-discovered fragments of biblical texts, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, which build on a collection of ancient Jewish religious manuscripts that was first discovered 60 years ago. Israel’s Antiquities Authorities said that the pieces of parchment feature lines of Greek text from the books of Zechariah and Nahum which have been radiocarbon dated to the 2nd century A.D.
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