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  1. I have found this all too true. Writing is hard work. Perhaps this should have been put under humor. You know often we have a choice of crying or laughing. I prefer laughing.
  2. There are some Christian groups who practice Passover now. I see nothing wrong in either practicing Passover or not practicing Passover. I am sure Paul and the early Jewish Christians practiced Passover. It was part of their heritage.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I believe you show how different the Catholic idea is as contrasted with the Orthodox view of lighting a candle. I do not believe the Roman Catholics believe the candle should be beeswax as the nice smell of beeswax burning is not present in Catholic Churches. Also, some now use electric candles. You drop money in a slow and an electronic candle comes on for a period of time. I seriously doubt that Orthodox churches or members would accept this. I told a priest one time that "I am not Catholic, but those electric candles offend me." He simply smiled.
  4. From my view in the States they won because the lady president did such a good job in response to COVID-19.
  5. Is the lighting of a candle 'for the dead' to remember them or does it, to you, have another meaning. I see nothing wrong in lighting a candle in remembrance of a loved one ... the light of their life in my life. I would not be here nor believe in Christ if it were not for those lights in my life. This has nothing to do with their salvation. It has to do with my thankfulness for them.
  6. I agree as would all the Orthodox Christians I know. I am not sure that is true of all the Roman Catholics I know. I do like the Orthodox idea concerning the light of the candle as symbolizing a worshiper offering themselves to God and also symbolizing the light of Christ.
  7. I am saddened that our society has degrades and forgotten the art of conversation. People can disagree and still be friends and can learn from each other.
  8. I am working on a piece for a memoir class I attend and needed the term for the stand where candles are placed by people after they light them. I have not found that term but did find explanations as to how they are viewed by the Orthodox and by the Roman Catholics. I like the Orthodox view as it is a positive view where as, at least to me, the Roman Catholic view is a darker view. I was not sure which thread this best fit, so I put it here. The candle in the Orthodox Christian context is a symbol of a worshiper offering oneself to God. It is also a symbol that represents the
  9. No, no thoughts other than the NT writers never thought about it and continued to use Saturday as the sabbath. There is an interesting article on this topic at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabbath_in_Christianity#:~:text=On March 7%2C 321%2C however,venerable day of the sun.
  10. If my choice was to get good care and live by going to a woman doctor or getting bad care and dying by going to a bad male doctor the choice would be pretty easy. This all seems like a tempest in a teapot to me. Indeed the best doctors and PA's I've seen the last 30 years were female. Now if you are insisting on being a literalist on this topic then to be consistent you should not afford yourself to modern medicine as it may keep you alive and not be what God's will was for you.
  11. I understand what God did and I am exceedingly thankful that he gave me life. Thus, I consider every day holy and a sabbath that I should live as much as I can in a way that pleases and glorifies him. There is no break in living for him, thus I consider each day as a holy sabbath. After all, I may not live to the next Saturday. You do realize don't you that Saturday is, according to the Bible, the sabbath. But we celebrate Christ on the day he rose. Thus, that, to me also makes every day a holy sabbath. I do not conduct myself one way on the traditional sabbath or Sunday. Every day must
  12. Please pray for my friend Laurie. Her husband Doug died of Covid-19 this morning, Saturday, October 10th. Doug was also a friend. We found we had a number of things in common. Both of us were in the Army in Germany when the Berlin Wall was built in August 1961. We both were in interested in history. Put Laurie, and all wives and husbands who have a spouse suffering with Covid-19. Thanks.
  13. Too many churches are not teaching Christ but are mixing politics with religion. Whenever the church and politics get mixed up, politics does not become cleaner, but the church get soiled in dirt. This muddies the message of Christ.
  14. I consider every day holy as life is holy. I thank God every day for another day. I am not a one-day a week Christian.
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