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  1. Oh I completely agree. I occasionally watch YouTube videos of these guys for entertainment purposes. The compilations they've done on Jim Bakker and his guest's are beyond normal and hilarious watching him trying to sell those food buckets for thousands of dollars. Copeland and hIs crew are on a different level. Between him, his wife, and Billy Bryne (spelling?)...I can't stand to watch them for more than ten minutes.
  2. It seems like most church growth here is mostly from people switching churches. I see people go up to get prayed for after the sermon but it doesn't seem like many get saved that way. We do have a lot of baptisms and people getting saved because of K-12 school that is a ministry of the church and literally attached to it. The teachers must have academic credentials and be a member in good standing at the church. The salvation of the kids that attend there is just as high of a priority as the education, and the church is used for many school activities to show the kids the relationship between the two. Sometimes the parents will get saved as well as a result of the child's decision.
  3. We have a Disciples of Christ congregation here whose Pastor is a openly gay and married homosexual but when I their "advertisements" they come off as very traditional in belief. That congregation is growing and has influence with the city officials and the "elite" business people. Where I live was the headquarters for the Wesleyan Holiness denomination Church of God and where their main university is. They started out very conservative but have shift mostly to progressive or social gospel. The church of Gods most prominent members are the Gaithers and Sandy Patty. I know they are not pastors or teachers but they still have influence...Bill and Gloria Gaither and Sandy Patty. As far as televangelists Kenneth Copeland bothers me more than even Joel. It's no wonder people hate our faith so much when all they see are money diggers like Copeland, Duplantis, Dollar, and the rest of them.
  4. Yes Joel Osteen is very misleading to biblically illiterate people. The mindset he uses by insisting that it's better to talk about good instead sin is absurd, and one of the main reasons many local churches are losing members rapidly. If church is just a weekly feel good seminar than there's no reason you can't just stay home and watch Joel. Several years ago there was church here that was very popular with people my age. One friend invited me to attend describing it as a "feel good seminar for the week with rock music". Of course I declined the invitation because that's not what I would consider a biblical church. Never talking about sin is dangerous. Why would anyone feel the need to get saved if they keep hearing that God loves them just who they are? I think Pastors need to be cautious about be MORE forgiving than Jesus was. If people in the pews aren't feeling even slightly uncomfortable for serious sins because you don't want to offend anyone...then you are in the wrong profession. Every liberal "Christian" wants to try to overlook sin by claiming we are the type of people who would throw the first stone at the woman caught in adultery, but even after Jesus forgave her....they like to ignore that he told her to "go and sin no more".
  5. Thanks for posting this! Justin Peters has several videos exposing these frauds for what they really are. My aunts and uncles were raised believing they are Baptist, but don't have a clue what it means to be one. They don't attend church or read their bibles but are always sharing some "inspirational" quote on Facebook by one of those false teachers. It is very disheartening to know so many claiming to be Christian can support any of these people.
  6. i honestly never felt like street preaching where I live would be effective in my area. I have a!ways preferred conversations over presentations when witnessing to someone, but I would use tracts mostly to give them towards the end of the conversation hoping maybe they would give it some thought later on. Ive encountered many people who will willingly engage in a spiritual conversation but refuse to take the tract for some reason. Then there have been a few times that I would just hand people tracts with less discussion which at times I would just find them thrown on the ground or in the trash nearby. When our previous Pastor was shepherding our congregation we had access to The Exchange tracts by Jeff Musgrave (from BJU) and along with the tracts we had all the study book series available for us to use if we found someone who got saved. This equiped us to be able to immediately do discipleship lessons with the new believer. Our new Pastor recently made it a priority to have our own tracts with our specific information on them. I haven't had a chance to look at many of them to see who authored or printed the new ones but I will definitely look Sunday and see.
  7. Brother Tony like probably most people on here I can certainly relate to your situation. My father and younger brother both seem to have no interest in salvation whatsoever. When my mother and laws brother died to my surprise my father called me. This is a man who isn't good at showing emotion or expressing feelings but on this night he was hurt and looking for a reason these terrible things happen. That was the only chance I've ever had to talk about Jesus with him and his mind was open hoping my faith could make sense of a tragic death. I embraced the moment and shared the Gospel without holding anything back. His heart was being pricked for answers and I tried my best to answer them biblically. I don't know if that night had any spiritual effect on my father because like I said he just doesn't discuss things like that. He's getting up there in age and pray with all my heart that at some point he has surrendered his life to our Lord and Savior. While my father would probably fall into the agnostic category my brother and his wife consider themselves Pagan followers of the Norse God Odin. My brothers Facebook profile picture says "I'd rather be a wolf of Odin than a Lamb of God". Despite my brothers beliefs he has never been hostile towards mine but his wife made it very clear to me once that "my Christian God" wasn't welcome in their home. My brother and I hardly see each just from being busy with life but it makes it nearly impossible to talk about the Lord when his wife is there to counteract. My brother has always been my best friend and we were closer than most siblings could imagine so it breaks my heart to not be able to reach him with the Gospel. My mother used to attend church many years ago but it was a Church of God (Anderson, IN.) congregation that is Wesley- Arminian in theology and do a poor job at presenting the Gospel because their beliefs have slowly allowed progressive and social theology drastically change the message they started out with. I have never seen my mother pray or even read the Bible...not once. She doesn't talk about her faith but when she does her beliefs are not biblical or severely distorted. The problem with talking about the Gospel with her is that she thinks she already knows everything and as long as she's a "good person" heaven awaits. I wish I could help by giving you advice about talking to your family but I unfortunately have the same problem myself. It's easier for me to walk up to complete stranger and start a conversation to purposely be a able share the Gospel, but my family just refuses to talk about or in mom's case has made up her own view of the bible and not open to other interpretation.
  8. In several threads I've noticed your posts come across as argumentative, and that's the impression I've got just from interacting with you here. It certainly felt like a debate after you suggested that I am spreading false information that needed to be confronted.
  9. Every thread on this board is full of people's opinions and in most cases good points can be argued for differing views so there's no point of debating. Unless the person opinion is complete blasphemy and without merit the one person's opinion of another is just that - a personal opinion. I am not a fan of Constitatine either but I know many Christians who believe he was a sincere believer. And I don't disagree that Roman Catholicism has been a disgrace to the name of Christ and Pope Francis still continues down that path. There are too many false teachings and groups to mention in a single post and I chose to specifically speak on JWs because in the original post that you took issue with I was replying specifically to SureWords post where he mentioned both JWs and LDS.
  10. Like I said in my previous post I have no desire to argue or debate over a post where I explained my own opinion and why. You keep bringing up things that having nothing to do with the comment in my post. I was talking specifically about groups that impose works and deny the bodily resurrection of Christ but claim to be "Christian". And I asked specifically who were talking about just so I could understand your position better.
  11. The Jehovah's witnesses may not be violent killers but they still have blood on their hands. An unknown amount members and their children have died from rejecting blood transfusions to please the "Watchtower". Who knows how many JWs have committed suicide because their family disfellowshiped them. Also the endless allegations of child abuse and rape keep coming out. When I said "more than" I was referring to their rejecting the basics of a false gospel by emphasizing endless works on members AND complete denial of the literal bodily resurrection of Christ. I suppose the "ecumenical world church" could have a just a dangerous false gospel as the JWs but I still have no idea who you are specifically referring to. Also in that post I was just giving my personal opinion NOT making a definitive claim. I wasn't looking to debate or argue anything.
  12. I will Google "ecumenical world church" because I'm still not sure what groups you are referring to. My opinion about the Jehovah's witnesses was based on the false gospel qualifiers that SureWord correctly mentioned in his post.
  13. By ecumenical work church are you referring to mainline protestants?
  14. You're welcome. I just appreciated that you inquired about where the information came instead of just wanting to believe it is true.
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