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  1. I'm not in disagreement with you. In both posts I stated that their worship and beliefs are unbiblical. My opinion is only in reference to the right to worship in the United States of America.
  2. "My goal is to reach the end satisfied and at peace with my loved ones and my conscience". That sentence alone sounds like someone who is trying to earn a better afterlife through good works by loving his family and having a good "conscience". He's trying to obtain what only can Christ can give us.
  3. I believe they have every right to worship how they believe - under the conditions that the act is done by consenting adults who can mentally comprehend the danger, and they aren't teaching that Salvation is jeopardized by not participating. This whole belief system is a result misinterpreting scripture. This movement started out of the false beliefs of Pentecostalism and just became more distorted. I have heard several people interviewed from these churches and the common belief seems to be how they follow the "ENTIRE" bible and don't pick and choose what to believe. When they make that statement it is direct reference to Pentecostals who speak in tongues and the other "Signs" but avoid the serpent handling comment in Mark. Error begets error and in this case the Pentecostal - Holiness bible interpretation has evolved into a deadly misunderstanding of the bible. My criticism to these churches would be to caution them about holding a belief based on a single verse and not reading it in context of the entire Bible like they insist they are doing.
  4. I have a question that I'd love to hear some of you opine on. So the snake handling part of their services have been made illegal in every state except West Virginia I believe. From the snake handlers view they believe they have right to practice their religion as they are fit, and even where it's illegal they do it anyway believing it's better to obey "God rather than men". On the flip side the authorities make the argument that it's not about religious rights but as a crime to have poisonous snakes without the proper permits or security standards of how they are caged. I don't believe snake handling in church is biblical, but I do understand how someone could read verses in Mark and convince themselves they are obeying God. If a Jehovah's witness has a protected religious right to refuse blood transfusions for themselves and children in life threatening situations then I don't see how that is much different than grown adults handling snakes at their own risk? Is snake handling religious freedom or a crime?
  5. I've never been to a snake handling church but have spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos and some reading about them. I noticed that nearly all of them fall into the Oneness Pentecostal theological group, so it doesn't surprise me that one erroneous doctrine can give way to insane practices like this. I understand where they justify snake handling and drinking poison from Mark 16 but I've always wondered what verse they use to support those bottle fire torches believing God has promised to protect them from it?
  6. I haven't heard of any churches that use the HCSB. Isn't the Holman publishers and translators from the Southern Baptist Convention? I was just looking at the Holman KJV Study Bible and am considering buying it. If anyone on here has the Holman Study Bible I'd love to hear what you think about or recommend it?
  7. Yeah I for sure feel like 1977 edition was good how it was, and would rather read it over 95 any day. I didn't care for the 1995 edition. I respected it's accuracy but I found it rather difficult to hold my attention when reading it. I would reference it often when I wanted see how a verse read word for word but it wasn't my go to other than the KJV.
  8. He accomplished much for the. Lord here in Anderson. After Leigh passed his son Josh stepped into the pulpit and brought Pastor Doug back to Grace. I knew Josh much more than his father as he and I were the same age. Unfortunately God called Josh back to Greenville, SC where he went to college to Pastor a much larger congregation there (Morningside Baptist). I believe Josh's brother Nathan is teacher at Bob Jones as well so that's where most of the Crockett's live now. Josh weathered the storm and made sure Grace was back on its feet before he left for his new calling. Bringing Pastor Doug back was a huge help while the church was looking for a new Pastor. I know Pastor Leigh really helped Indiana Christian Academy grow during his Pastorate which as you know has been a blessing to me and my son. Did you know Pastor Don Camp? That was way before my time but I still hear his name and family brought up even after all the years that have passed since he was at Grace.
  9. I realize this thread was started several years ago, and normally would not revive such an ancient topic but I actually know something about what has been said. I live in Anderson, IN where the Church of God is headquartered and not far from the small town Bill and Gloria live in. Many years ago as a new believer the first several churches I attended were Church of God (Anderson) and would occasionally see the Gaithers in passing before or after service. I personally do not listen to or enjoy the Gaithers music. I just don't care for the style or like the music of the other singers they normally perform with. One reason is partly because of the reason mentioned in the initial post about how they sing songs from almost every denomination even if the message of the song itself contradicts the doctrinal lyrics of the next song performed. I personally take issue with that but that is just my own personal belief. THe reason the Gaithers music can be described as "non denominational" is directly related to the churches they attend. Historically the Church of God started out as a very strict "Holiness" church who was Wesleyan-Arminian theologically and believed their movement was fore told by prophecy and scripture. Their message was for other Christians to "come out" of denominationalism and join them as the true "Church". By the time I started attending that initial identity was an ancient belief. The movement had been so strict and legalistic in the past that the new generation of Pastors were so scared of past criticism to the point that they shyed away from from any definitive doctrine or belief that made any exclusive claims of their denomination. This view that their original beliefs were something to be ashamed of quickly led it to see itself as "non denominational" and refused to say anything that may be controversial or offend any other groups labeled as Christian made it a church with no clear definition and an increasingly progressive attitude toward sin or even the mention of it. I watched from the pews as addressing sin became less and less common...to the point that you could attend five weeks straight without an altar call. It's hard to sell Jesus if the sin he died for isn't preached on Sundays. To the churches credit it did put it's foot down when it came to the definition of marriage being man and a women, but since the congregations are free to believe what they want the pulse of the church was moving away from traditional marriage despite the leaders stance. In many ways this shift in identity could be seen in the Gaithers themselves. The hymn books were becoming more of a decoration than a way to sing a long with the music of Sunday morning. Before long every Church of God I attended had turned worship into a modern rock concert. I believe this was partly because children of influential members in Anderson (like Sandi Patty for instance) preferred their own style of music and quickly spread across the whole movement. Once the music changed the doctrinal domino's began to fall and it seemed nothing was off limits to God anymore...including homosexuality. While the church wasn't promoting unbiblical sexuality they weren't discouraging it either by ignoring the subject. Like many other holiness churches at the time they were redefining what it meant to be "holy". Instead of trying to live out a life of personal and,physical holiness they instead insisted holiness was "loving all people like Jesus without being judgemental". It wasn't long before "loving" was synonymous with not offending anyone. Today most of the churches thriving here because the Sunday menu consists of rock music and having your ears and ego tickled with feel good seminar based on one or two isolated verses out of The Message or New Living Translation. Like I already mentioned...the Gaither beliefs are a mirror of the Church of God (Anderson, IN). I could give several examples of the local Church of God "elite" ignoring blatant sinful behavior while refusing to confront the fellow believer with scripture choosing to just "love" them for who they are. I will refrain from specifics as my intention is to add some commentary to the original post...not to gossip.
  10. I believe God can and does still heal when that's his will, but sickness is an unfortunate consequence of a sinful world. As Christians we are supposed to be spiritually not of the world but we are still physically in a fallen world where sickness and death comes for everyone. I would agree with the others who point out that the healings during Jesus earthly ministry were to validate the claims and identity of Jesus of Nazareth. If healings were continually occurring even among believers everyone with enough faith would be virtually immortal and in a way forcing God to be subordinate to human will instead of his own sovereign plan. The former Pastor here was diagnosed with brain cancer that was already at a stage that they had to do surgery or he would've died very quickly. While Pastor Leigh Crockett was in the hospital preparing for surgery his IFB congregation were on their knees desperately praying for God to intercede. When the doctors did the next brain scan they were shocked to see that the cancer had changed form into a non life threatening stage. God had interceded and prolonged Pastor Crockett's time on earth. This was not some Benny Hinn or TBN emotional fake healing...this case was documented into the official health books as something that had never been seen or recorded before. This Pastor from a small Indiana town was interviewed on national news agencies along with the doctors who verified it was nothing short of a miracle. If you Google the his name there may still be footage of it somewhere on YouTube. I knew Pastor Crockett and eventually became a member of Grace Baptist so I know first hand that the story was not only real but a modern miracle. About seven years later the cancer returned and eventually the beloved Pastor lost his battle with cancer and went home to be with the Lord. I Know for sure that God can and will heal people today, but it only happens when it's in his will to do so. We all hope for good health and miraculous healing for people we love, but Jesus didn't welcome the death of his body for us to avoid death in this life. All I know is that God in his wisdom sacrificed his son to reverse sins curse so that our death here isn't the end but is just a step into eternity for the believer.
  11. Yes I was very disappointed with the 2020 revision. I bought it and sent it back for a refund a few days later. I like the 1977 NASB even more than the 1995 version.
  12. Thank you brother. I just haven't logged in for quite awhile. I've been so distracted with other things lately I just haven't had much time. I had an email earlier telling me there was a new post in this thread so I logged in to see how the conversation was going. I have a lot of unread content to get caught up on.
  13. Agreed. Justin Peters does a fantastic job as well by making videos like this. Not only is biblically sound but he is extremely witty which makes his presentations even more enjoyable. I only wish Justin would use the KJV instead of the MacArthurs Legacy Standard Bible in his recent videos. I'm sure the LSB is a sound translation I just find it hard to understand why the NASB needed revised again even the Lockman Foundation had just released the 2020 version.
  14. Thank you Pastor Matt and Brother for helping me regain access to my account. Glad to be back!
  15. I'm all for our right to own and carry guns especially for self defense purposes. Back when people were walking into churches and killing the worshippers for no reason and without restraint I liked the idea that we had off duty officers in the pews with concealed guns just in case. When I started to hear that some Pastors decided to carry guns while preaching the sermon it didn't feel right to me. Just the idea of the Shepherd carrying a Glock as opposed to a "staff" felt a little hypocritical to me. My opinion later changed after I met Pastor "Mac". Somehow in our conversation he mentioned to me that he had his gun on him every Sunday. I don't remember my exact response but I know I inquired why he felt it was necessary for him to be armed when there were other men who brought guns too. He basically explained that the reason was that he believed it was his responsibility to not only protect the flock spiritually but physically as well. He also brought up that because of the lay out of the building and sanctuary entrance he would be the first person to see a threat and react to it. After getting to know Mac I felt completely different about Pastors arming themselves. I'm sure many Pastors feel a responsibility to protect their congregations during church services. I was glad Mac wanted to protect us during worship, but it was a situation that occured outside of church that made me realize that my Pastors concern for his congregation went far beyond 40 minute talks and hospital visits. There was a situation about two years ago where my brothers wife's ex-husband told him that he was going to come to their house and kill everyone Including his own children. Being that my younger brother and I have been as close to each other as any siblings could possibly be I was going to stand with and share the threat with him without hesitation. I suggested that we have his wife and the three children go stay at a hotel and I was going to spend the night there with him Incase the ex acted on the threat. I called Mac later that day to explain the situation and asked him if he would please pray for our safety. He assured me that he would. To my surprise after he prayed he them immediately asked if I needed him to come over, bring his gun and insert himself in a very real and dangerous situation by staying the night to face the potential threat with us. There aren't words that even begin to describe how thankful and emotionally touched I was that my spiritual leader was willing to risk his life without hesitation out of concern of me being harmed or worse. Despite how grateful I was for his willingness to help I in turn declined his offer. This was man who I already respected as a preacher, a missionary, a student of the Bible, a mentor, an author, etc.. and now as protector. It's really unfortunate that non believers only get exposed to Christianity through church scandals, televangelist frauds, abuse claims, and the nice preachers who don't judge people by not confronting sin because he loves you SO much that he don't even want to hurt your feelings. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of those pastors who seem sensitive, always positive, and are so loving that they would NEVER judge anyone aren't so "loving and caring" during the week once the office hours close. Many of them probably wouldn't even come help you change a flat tire even if it deflated right in front of their house. They will tickle your ears by saying what they think you want to hear so church becomes a place where you come to hear how great you are every week so they can get paid. All the wrong "Christians" end up getting all the attention for all the wrong reasons and the non believers see it. Meanwhile they never hear bout the Pastor of a small church in a insignificant town. The leader who prefers you call him "Mac" instead of his religious title, and has a daughter going through a rough divorce like most imperfect normal families. He's the kind of man that just might confront your hidden sin in a sermon and you think he's personally attacking you or being too judgemental. The truth can hurt but it's still the truth and some pastors love you enough to tell it to you. "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for his friends". - John 15:12,13 Sorry guys I accidentally posted the same post twice and it merged the two
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