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  1. I agree with Brother Tony that the text is only referring to Joseph's role as the "father". The context in chapter 1 and 2 clearly points out that Mary was a virgin and her pregnancy would be a miracle set forth by God. I'm certainly not trying to defend the NIV Bible and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I just don't believe that the translators were attempting to give the impression that Joseph was the literal father of Jesus. At least not in the specific passage being discussed.
  2. I believe it was translated to be a more conservative alternative to the 2020 NASB. I know that it's supposed to be a revision of the 1995 NASB. From what I've read it appears to support many of Macarthurs beliefs like his, obsession with the word "slave". I honestly don't see the point of making a new translation either. I do suspect that money is one of the factors too. I'm sure it is filled with Macarthurs personal beliefs and even though there was a team of scholars doing the translating they were all guys hand picked by John and I'm sure share, similar beliefs.
  3. it seems like any preacher or televangelist who uses the title "apostle" is almost always a Pentecostal.
  4. My favorite Bible right now is the Keyword Study Bible. The prices fluctuate but you can often find them for under 70$. If you don't mind bonded leather you can find them under 60$ usually.
  5. Their version of Easter is called the "Memorial". I have been twice over the years and attended it in a zoom meeting back during COVID to see if it had changed at all. The meeting is probably the most unchristian meeting I've ever seen. They pass wine and loaves of bread around but ONLY the remaining 144,000 "anointed Co-Rulers with Christ" are allowed to partake and there are only a few thousand left. Visitors and the average JW are discouraged from partaking with Watchtower articles implying that new people who partake are most likely "mentally ill" or have a false witness of the Spirit but says not to try to attempt to stop them. This is their largest attended event yearly with millions of visitors and inactive members being invited to attend. So what you would see in person is mass of millions of people being handed the emblems to remember Christ's sacrifice and they are rejecting him by passing it on. They may give the appearance that they are moving more toward authentic Christianity but that is far from the truth. In light of the many recent child sex abuse lawsuits against them the Governing Body has cracked down even harder on telling members not to read any anti JW literature or websites insisting any criticism or accusations against them are an attempt by Satan to discredit Jehovah's "earthly organization".
  6. I haven't heard that about the pictures but if that's the case then the director is taking it too far. That's disappointing to know that the director is willing to completely discredit the integrity of the project to sell photos. Not much from so called "Christians" surprises me anymore after Ravi Zacharias completely ruined any type of discernment I thought I had when it to seeing through the fakes.
  7. Yeah I like the series too. I really enjoyed how it made me see the disciples and other characters as individual personalities. I have always had a picture in my head of the disciples all being men with extraordinary faith and ability to rise above doubt and sin easier than most most modern Christians and losing sight of the fact that they were just normal guys like you and I. I don't really care for the actor who plays Nicodemus because I have seen him portray characters in several movies that are anything but "Christian", but it really started to make me realize just how dangerous it was for a man like him to question his beliefs or even speak to Jesus about what he had been preaching. As such a highly regarded Rabbi he would have definitely had some reservations about showing any kind of interest or inclination that Jesus may have had a deeper understanding of Scripture than the Pharisees themselves. Having said that I also understand that it could be borderline dangerous to attempt to focus too much on specific personalities instead of the Words of Scripture. Keeping that in mind I am able to enjoy the series without allowing the acting to overshadow the importance of the Scriptures and it's message, but I am concerned that some people might see the performance as being a substitute for personal Bible reading and Study.
  8. I typically don't respond to people on here who join just to argue or insult the Biblical knowledge of the forum members. There are moderaters and wiser brethren who take the lead in these cases, but for you I'm making an exception. I didn't grow up in a religious family or attend seminary so I have spent the last twenty years testing specific doctrine and theology against the Bible itself. End Times Eschatology is probably my LEAST favorite topic to explore but I've educated myself on nonetheless. So when I read your first few posts in here I couldn't help but to find the "proof texts" you used to validate your beliefs as curious. In twenty years I have NEVER seen anyone use the specific bible references you used to make an eschatological argument, so it struck me as odd that someone who has been a believer for 40 years (as you have described yourself) would come to interpret the those scriptures the way you are. Your specific wording and emphasis was suspicious to me. Along with that I noticed your confrontational support of Steven Anderson in another thread and decided to see if there was a connection. I visited the Faithword Baptist Church website, clicked on preaching section and looked for the lastest sermon dealing with the rapture or end times. I clicked on the sermon dated 1/3/22 called Pre Trib Arguments Debunked. I was hoping there was a PDF form but there was none so I had sit for nearly an hour listening to this nonsense, but I'm glad I did. You can imagine my amazement when I heard Pastor Anderson using the EXACT same verses to come to the EXACT same understanding of the rapture that supposedly took you "4 or 5 years" of studying to understand. The forum members can listen themselves and come to their own conclusions, but unless you ARE Steven Anderson yourself then you've lost all credibility in my mind. You came on here challenging the beliefs of the members whose beliefs and opinions I respect even if we don't always agree with one another and accused them of LISTENING to man's teachings instead of the Bible. Now it appears nearly every post you've made on here reflect the beliefs preached from the pulpit of Faithful Word Baptist Church. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XQkTwpE6mNw
  9. It is independent in the sense that the entire production has been funded by individual donors as opposed to some Hollywood film company fronting the money. They say it has been the largest film of it's kind paid for in that way. The director is Dallas Jenkins. The son of Jerry Jenkins who wrote the Left Behind with Tim LaHaye. I just recently watched the first two seasons. At least thus far I haven't felt like the character portrayed is necessarily dishonoring our Lord, but the film does take some liberties adding context to the scripture. Like mentioned earlier in the thread they very purposely made Mary Magdalene a central part of the film from the first episode. I get the feeling that they are purposely making her almost the woman equivalent of Peter among the disciples and followers. The Mary Magdalene character becomes concerning when you consider that in the end credits they put a HUGE thank you to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) for providing the costumes and scene props. While the director may not be purposely adding LDS beliefs about Jesus to the story it does cause me some pause knowing that more than a few LDS leaders have claimed Mary Magdalene was a plural wife of Jesus. I suppose what gives me the most concern is that thousands of people who aren't willing to spend anytime reading their own Bibles will watch it and assume the show is equivalent to what the inspired texts says.
  10. Me too. I did not grow up in a religious family. God and the Bible were just never discussed even though we had one on the shelf. I found Jesus outside of church so I had no idea how or what to believe. Unfortunately I believed that the people on TBN were a reflection of true Christianity, and because of that my first few years were frustrated from listening to them. It wasn't until I started searching by attending different churches in person before I started to pick up on basic beliefs.
  11. Yeah the Quran also mentions Jesus forming a bird out clay and making it come to life by blowing in it's nostril. Muhammad seems to be getting his information from the Gnostic Gospel of Mary. I was watching a video just the other day of a Rabbi and his family converting to Islam. When the Imam gave them the microphone to say the profession of faith he also had them bear witness in Arabic acknowledging the prophethood of Jesus (Isa). I assume the Imam purposely had them acknowledge Jesus since as Jews they had rejected him altogether.
  12. I watch a lot of videos that have to do with Islam, and over the last month one of the main advertisements before the video is asking for donations to turn a former Florida church into a Masjid. I believe there are many misconceptions about Islam here in America but those advertisements truly disturb me as it feels like they enjoy the idea of a church building becoming a place of worship for Muslims. In Israel the King of Jordan (Who is a direct descendant of Muhammad and part of the Hashemite dynasty that ruled Arabia until Great British helped the House of Saud take over the country) is the custodian of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Greek Orthodox seem to have no problem with it. The Jordanian Kings have never tried to take over the but in fact are supportive and even paid for renovation years ago when it caught on fire. The relationship between Christians and Muslims varies depending on what school of thought ( or jurisprudence) the local Muslims follow. On one hand you have the hardline "Saudi fundamentalists or Salafis" who believe in conquering and converting. Then you have men like Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq who is extremely powerful but desires peace and is well known for his thoughtful approach to Islam and it's relationship with other religions. It bothers me to see Muslims turning churches into places of worship, but what bothers me more is the loss of faith in Christ here in America resulting in these building being available for sell.
  13. I'm not in disagreement with you. In both posts I stated that their worship and beliefs are unbiblical. My opinion is only in reference to the right to worship in the United States of America.
  14. "My goal is to reach the end satisfied and at peace with my loved ones and my conscience". That sentence alone sounds like someone who is trying to earn a better afterlife through good works by loving his family and having a good "conscience". He's trying to obtain what only can Christ can give us.
  15. I believe they have every right to worship how they believe - under the conditions that the act is done by consenting adults who can mentally comprehend the danger, and they aren't teaching that Salvation is jeopardized by not participating. This whole belief system is a result misinterpreting scripture. This movement started out of the false beliefs of Pentecostalism and just became more distorted. I have heard several people interviewed from these churches and the common belief seems to be how they follow the "ENTIRE" bible and don't pick and choose what to believe. When they make that statement it is direct reference to Pentecostals who speak in tongues and the other "Signs" but avoid the serpent handling comment in Mark. Error begets error and in this case the Pentecostal - Holiness bible interpretation has evolved into a deadly misunderstanding of the bible. My criticism to these churches would be to caution them about holding a belief based on a single verse and not reading it in context of the entire Bible like they insist they are doing.
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