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  1. Today I made an experimental soup. Potato, spring onion, green garlic and wild garlic. It was surprisingly good.
  2. My daughter has applied to have some Ukrainan refugees. She found that our neighbour is hosting a family. They put Mary in touch with the sister of the lady they are having. My daaughter has invited the Lady who is at present in a hotel in Italy, but has fo be out in about a week. It will be a woman and her 17 year old son, Thy are JWs which should be a challenge We had a visit ffrom the local authority earlier in the week, to see if the accommodation is sitable. They have to have a criminal Records check, but they probably won't need that as they have to have them for church as they work with children. She didn't mention us as we live in an annexe, but we have them from our previous church as we worked with old people and sometimes children.
  3. Chipolatas with McCain Home Fries and watercress.
  4. Yesterday I had Hot and Sour soup followed by lambs liver and, bacon and onions in gravy with mashed potato. Not sure what I am ha ing this evening. My wife has been on a strict diet for the last 2 days as she has an endoscopy tomorrow. As she is a vegetarian the only things she has been able to eat are eggs, cheese, white bread and peeled potatoes. From midday today she has not been allowed to eat anything.j
  5. Lamb is expensive here as well. I usually buy leg steaks. They are about the same price as chops but without the bone so you get more meat for your money. They also do lamb rump steaks but they have a lot of fat on them. My daughter usually gets her meat from the local butcher shop and it is more expensive there. I get my groceries online now as I am no longer allowed to drive. The meat I got was diced lamb but is is very fatty. I don't use the same store each week. I use 3 or 4 different stores depending which ones have the best offer each week. We get our milk delivered from a local dairy farm and our eggs from the egg machine on a local poultry farm. My daughter is going there at the moment and I hope she is getting me some eggs. They only do 2 sizes, mixed weight in boxes of a dozen or trays of 30 or 6x30. They also do meat and apple pies all made locally and various other goodies.
  6. I will be having a small steak, home fries and onion rings, tomorrow it will be slow cooked lamb bourguignon.
  7. I don't like pork. Today we had a family Chinese take away to celebrate my birthday which was actually last Monday. My daughter and her husband have applied to house a Ukrainian refugee family. They are hoping to be able to have Christians preferably Baptist, but it may not be possible to choose. On another non related point. Is there anybody on the board who is near Tampa, FL and if so could they visit somebody in hospital. He is disabled and visited the US over two years ago and he and his wife contracted c Covid while he was there and became seriously I'll. He owns a local disability store locally here. Here is a YouTube video for you. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3ajY-xEw6ZU
  8. I have not met any Evangelical churches that call themselves Protestant. I have been in Baptist churches that call themselves Protestant. Most of all of them would be called reformed.
  9. Our pastor preached on the Ten Commandments about a month ago. I did read recently that many churches in the past had the ten commandments on the wall behind the pulpit, five on each side.
  10. There was a report recently that Russian POWs have been told that when they get home, they will be shot. They said that their families have been told to arrange funerals for them. Our church is arranging collections of food and warm clothing and blankets for Ukraine into be sent to Poland by the Barnabas fund and money to be sent to Ukraine churches by a Unkrainian church in London..
  11. Yesterday I did two French style dishes. Duck pot au feu for me and vegetable potée for my wife.
  12. Our former foster son came to visit us as he was over from USA for his grandfather's funeral. I did chicken and Dijon style potato gratin. He said he always loved my Dijon potatoes. It is over 20 years since I saw him and i don't think i have done it since. I did it again the day before yesterday and had the leftover today, with chicken, leek and lentils in gravy. Our former foster son came to visit us as he was over from USA for his grandfather's funeral. I did chicken and Dijon style potato gratin. He said he always loved my Dijon potatoes. It is over 20 years since I saw him and i don't think i have done it since. I did it again the day before yesterday and had the leftover today, with chicken, leek and lentils in gravy.
  13. My wife and I have been invited out to lunch after church tomorrow, so I don't know what we will have.
  14. Our milk is delivered directly from the farm. They deliver it in the evening, so we get that morning's milking. The egg machine is really good as it has local meat pies as well as apple pies hone made quiche and Kentish cream teas, etc. When I go shopping I go on my mobility scooter and I can go round on that. Some stores have scooters that customers can use. If it is a store with narrow aisles such as Aldi I take a trolley and lean on that, as that support's me. i mostly get to Aldi as it is my nearest grocery store.
  15. In John's gospel, were told that the saints will be raised "on the last day" we also told that the judgement would be on the last day.
  16. Today I'd did chicken breast wrapped in bacon. I was intending to do creamy chicken and leek but my grocery order didn't arrive in time so I didn't have any cream. We have most of our food delivered these days, milk from the dairy farm, groceries from various supermarkets, although I much prefer choosing my own fresh food, my daughter gets our fresh eggs from the egg machine on a poultry farm. They just do two sizes, mixed weight and Jumbo. I like the jumbo , but they don't always have them. The jumbo are in boxes of 6 a d the mixed weight are in boxes of a dozen odpr trays of 36 and six trays ot 36. My daughter gets 3 trays for her family and when we run out, we get some from her.
  17. Thank you. My wife and I are feeling our age. She has severe anaemia. Doctor couldn't find out why so has referred her to hospital and we are waiting for an appointment.
  18. Tonight I did pan fried sea bass fillet over a bed of steamed julienne vegetables with buttered home made whole wheat bread.
  19. Today I did baked potatoes and lamb savory mince for me and savoury beans for my wife. Both served with broccoli.
  20. Tonight I did omelette and fries. Tomorrow I am planning to do cous cous for lunch. My elder daugter arrived today as my youngest is on holiday. Her and her husband and son are vegetarians, which makes four including my wife. They can have just the stew and I and another grandson can add meat to ours. The stew has chick peas in it so they can have some protein. (I think you have another for chickpeas) my daughter doesn't like the grains so she can have hers with baked potatoes.
  21. I usually put bacon in my hallf. I make a large one and put veggies alp over and then add bacon to my half. Yesterday I intended to add some ham but I forgot. I used a frozen pizza dough this time but I sometimes make a dough in my breadmaker, other times we buy a simple pizza like tomato and cheese and add other things that we like. I usually add plenty of onions, red preferred, mushrooms for my wife, red pepper (bell pepper, tomato, ) yesterday I added courgette (zucchini), then spikle with dried oregano and garlic, yesterday I added dried Basil and then we sprinkle olive oil over. This evening I am planning salad. Ham and perhaps egg for me and cheeses for my wife. She likes Feta marinated in olive oil and herbes de Provence.
  22. Made homemade pizza . It wasn't very successful as it stuck firmly to my pizza pan. I had to scrape it off and it came off in bits. So our pplates were filled with pizza scraps. It tasted delicious though. It was vegetarian as I forgot to put meat in my half.
  23. I am thinking of stir fry tonight. My wife and I have not caught the virus, thank God. We will have our booster jab and flu jab this weekend. The hospital Dr said I shouldn't drive. My daughter who is our carer is on holiday for two weeks from Wednesday, so I have bought a mobility scooter. The owner and his wife of our local mobility shop were on holiday in the USA before covid. The wife caught a virus and was hospitalized and then the husband did. He is disabled himself. The seem to have caught covid although that was some months before it was officially around. The wife has long covid, the husband has broken both hips and is unable to move. Their holiday insurance ran out after 6 months. His hospital bill got to $150, 000 which they could not pay at present so they have been put in a home. They cany move until his hips join. Is there anyone in the Orlando Fl area who could visit them? The mother of our pastor went to be with the Lord today, after a long illness. Sorry, not alot to do with food. But enjoy your meals.
  24. Tonight I did McCain's homestyle fries, burger and some leftover Heinz beans.
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