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  1. I usually have them when I can't think of anything else.
  2. From our psstor. [13:17, 05/08/2020] Pastor Chris Buss: Thank you pastor for your prayers and concerns. What we witnesses was an unprecedented and unbelievable blast that we haven't seen throughout the whole war. By the mercy of God only we are all safe and the damages to the church are manageable. We had some minor injuries for some members but all are not fatal. Thank God again for his mercy and grace on us as we believe it could have had a more devastating consequences. Thank you for the prayers as they are much appreciated and all what is needed for now. With the many issues si
  3. The feast of the unleavened bread was to remind the Jews that when the Lord brought them out of Egypt after the passover that they did not have time to proove their bread as they left in such a hurry. The Jews eat unleavened bread at the passover. A jewish man once demonstrated the passover at a previus church I was in, and he showed the unleavened bread shich was like a large water biscuit about 10 inches square, as I remember. Yes it is part of the passover celebrations.
  4. Unleavened bread was part of the passover.
  5. Yesterday I had sirloin steak from Aldi and French fries. This evening, my day=ughter came in and asked f I wanted sirloin steak tomorrow as she had got some from the local butcher and would I do some pepper sauce to go with it.
  6. As Christ is our passover he fulfills the passover law. No other passovers now.
  7. The passover was till Christ for he is our passover, 1 Corinthians 5:7
  8. "Will we cecome imune to the Corona Virus?" https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08dlfgg
  9. That video has been removed. Youtube said yesterday, that the were rem,oving videos that spread fake news. (Or word to that effect)
  10. Yesterday, I went to the egg machine of a local poultry farm for the first time. I didn't negociate it too well. I got me eggs OK but ended up with a steak and ale pie instead of the apple pie I was trying to get. So I had that today and gave the leftovers to my grandchildren next door.
  11. Sorry to hear about your wife, Mike.I pray that shr will soon be well enough to come of O2
  12. Today I did cous cous. I wanted to do lot of gardening this morning as rain was threatened by the forecast. I got the meat and the vegetable stew from the freezer and when I came back put it in the oven, the cous cous grain only takes 5 minutes at the end. In the end, we only had a few spots of rain but the wind got up in the afternoon so I did some seed sowing in the greenhouse. My daughter usually gets our shopping with hers , while we are self isolating, in her online order from Tesco so a Lady from church went to Aldi for us which pleased Kay, as they do frozen Cheese and Leek Lattices
  13. I still have half of my pizza dough in the fridge so we will probably have pizza again for one meal. We can't have get togethers as we are in Lockdown. We are only supposed to have those who we live with in the house. We are not supposed to have family members visiting. Our neighbours have ignored that over the weekend as they have had large family barbecues for the last three days, Every church and place of worship is closed, the first time that has happened for 600 years, when King John had a fall out with the pope. The Archbishop of Canterbury did a sermon on line from his kitc
  14. Tonight I did home made pizza There is a bakery that is doing meals for those self isolating in Ashford. They charge a very reasonable price, my daughter said they do it at cost. She and her husband delivered three of the meals today, They do them twice a week on Thursday and Sunday, My daughter, Mary said they may be able to use the church kitchen. Mary is a coordinator for local help groups.
  15. Our church will be holding online services.
  16. Boris Johnson is in St Thomas' Hospital. That is where i was born. He has handed some powers to his deputy. We pray for his recovery. Please pray for our NHS. Thousands of retired doctors and nurses had volunterted to return to work. Meanwhile here is one nurse asking for prayers.
  17. Here, all places of mass meeting have been closed. including churches. Our church has had the services online with just the pastor preaching and hymns of the congregation already recorded. The Tuesday bible study is also on line. Last Thursday we had an on line prayer meeting using Zoom. A couple of people who don't have internet used the phone in. Pastor Buss is considering an on line communion next week, but I am not sure that I agree with that.
  18. I don't think so. The Scottish health minister has been reprimanded for breaking her own rules by visiting her second home. Just seen the news, she has resigned.
  19. Boris Johnson has been taken to hospital. I hope he recovers.
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