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  1. I usually put bacon in my hallf. I make a large one and put veggies alp over and then add bacon to my half. Yesterday I intended to add some ham but I forgot. I used a frozen pizza dough this time but I sometimes make a dough in my breadmaker, other times we buy a simple pizza like tomato and cheese and add other things that we like. I usually add plenty of onions, red preferred, mushrooms for my wife, red pepper (bell pepper, tomato, ) yesterday I added courgette (zucchini), then spikle with dried oregano and garlic, yesterday I added dried Basil and then we sprinkle olive oil over. This evening I am planning salad. Ham and perhaps egg for me and cheeses for my wife. She likes Feta marinated in olive oil and herbes de Provence.
  2. Made homemade pizza . It wasn't very successful as it stuck firmly to my pizza pan. I had to scrape it off and it came off in bits. So our pplates were filled with pizza scraps. It tasted delicious though. It was vegetarian as I forgot to put meat in my half.
  3. I am thinking of stir fry tonight. My wife and I have not caught the virus, thank God. We will have our booster jab and flu jab this weekend. The hospital Dr said I shouldn't drive. My daughter who is our carer is on holiday for two weeks from Wednesday, so I have bought a mobility scooter. The owner and his wife of our local mobility shop were on holiday in the USA before covid. The wife caught a virus and was hospitalized and then the husband did. He is disabled himself. The seem to have caught covid although that was some months before it was officially around. The wife has long covid, the husband has broken both hips and is unable to move. Their holiday insurance ran out after 6 months. His hospital bill got to $150, 000 which they could not pay at present so they have been put in a home. They cany move until his hips join. Is there anyone in the Orlando Fl area who could visit them? The mother of our pastor went to be with the Lord today, after a long illness. Sorry, not alot to do with food. But enjoy your meals.
  4. Tonight I did McCain's homestyle fries, burger and some leftover Heinz beans.
  5. I have never had a Subway. I think we have one in town what sort of food go they do? Today I am plan ing to do a lamb hotpot.
  6. Not been feeling to God today so didn't do much. I did not and sour soup with home made whole wheat bread
  7. A young man I met some years ago panicked because he had lost hi wedding ring. He then bought a new one and was going to have it blessed by the vicar.
  8. I don't wear a ring. My wife did not object when we were getting married and I said I didn't want to wear one. I don't wear any jewelry. My wife now wears her grandma's wedding ring as her own became too tight for her to wear. My wife's mother never had a wedding ring, and she was not a Christian.
  9. The are also mention I believe, in slavery or bondage.
  10. Ham and camembert tart with McCain home fries and onion rings.,
  11. Pods was obviously a typo, probably due to auto correct on my tablet. Should probably have been pigs liver. I did an online grocery shop today and searched for liver. The had lambs and pigs liver. My son in law fitted the device today.
  12. I like it. We used to also get calves liver and pods liver in the stores. Recently I have only seen lambs liver, it is very cheap. I got some chicken liver a few weeks ago and it was in the "Reduced for quick sale" section. I have not been eating too well recently. The Friday before last friends picked us up and took us to the coffee morning at our church, after that we went to lunch in the restaurant in one of our local garden centres. Halfway through our meal I suddenly felt unwell and collapsed on the table. People were speaking to me but I couldn't answer. A couple of first aiders came over and called my daughter and dialled 999 for an ambulance. The paramedics too me to the local hospital where I had a number of checks. I was already waiting for an appointment for a 3 day echocardiogram they put me on a drip for the rest of the day a d sent me home at 11.00 pm. While I was there I saw the specialist who said I wasn't to drive again till they said I could. I had not been driving much as my eyesight is getting worse. At the end of last week I received a package from the hospital which contains a thing I have to stick on my chest for 14 days to measure my heart or something. I haven't used it yet as the instructions are too small for me to read.
  13. I prefer lambs liver, with fried onions and bacon. I have some chicken liver in the freezer and am thinking of making some chicken liver paté. I have been thinking of other a while but not getting around to it. I was put off liver many years ago, for a while. After our firm's canteen servup liver that was as tough as if it was made from fried leather.
  14. Beefburger newpotatoes, green beans and carrot.
  15. If we go back to the early church writers we find that they believed it was symbolic the 144,000 were Christian virgins who didn't get involved with pagans and false Christian's.
  16. He is wasting his time trying to reform the RCC. Its moto is Sempe Eem, eEver the same. H Grattan Guinness visited the Inguisition (Named The Holy Office) in Riome, with a Baptist Missionary in the late 1800's and asked the Dominican in charge is Rome has changed. The answer was "Rome never changes, as she was in her youth so she is and so she ever will be).
  17. Sounds far fetched to me.
  18. Tonight we are having fish'n' chips with mushy peas .from the chippy.
  19. Our church owns it's own building and manse so does not pay any rent. In fact I don't think I have ever been a member of a church which did not own its building. We have a new pastor starting in August who has six children so will need a larger house. He will continue to live in his current house and the church will pay his rent, until he can find a suitable property nearer the church, then we will have to consider how to proceed. The options seem to be to either pay his rent, or to buy a property jointly with him.
  20. Had fish, chips and peas for lunch. We ate out as I went to our previous town as one of the butchers there makes Merguez sausages and I bought a kilo of them to freeze for when I do cous cous. They seem to have a lot less fat in them than those we used to buy in France. The butcher also makes Toulouse sausages (Don't tell Macron) and I have never tried them so I bought a couple of them to try. Joined our daughter next door for curry this evening.
  21. Chicken and leek gratin with roast vegetables.
  22. Fried lamb leg steak, Roast vegetables (potatoes, carrot, parsnip, fennel, red onion and tomato) Steamed green beans and cellery, servid with mint sauce.
  23. Here in England meat is expensive, but most vegetables are reasonable. There is much competition in the stores so it keeps the prices down. One of our TV chefs, Jamie Oliver, visited a farm and they said they had to discard about half their crop because they didn't meet supermarket rules carrots and parsnips were either too big or too small or not strait enough. Jamie persuaded one supermarket chain to allow him to expetiment by having a section for "wonky produce" which he sold cheaper. It was a hit and a number of stores do wonky vegetables at a cheaper price. One labels them as "perfectly imperfect" I had scampi and chips for lunch and ham omelet and asparagus for supper. Now we are older we don't eat so much so that makes our pensions go further. Invicta (David)
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