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  1. Thanks brother. I attended prayer meeting yesterday evening for the first time since Sep 4. Yes, an AMEN and Answered Prayer emoji would be nice. Thanks to all who prayed for me. I thank God for the bodies He gave us, able to heal itself from the nasty diseases and maladies we've brought on ourselves after the fall. Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Revelation 22:3 And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him: NO MORE! AMEN!
  2. Thanks. I feel fine now. A little cough with some congestion is all I have. I've mowed yard, taken down the tomato plants, cleaned the grill, and just a little weariness after exertion.
  3. Thanks everyone. If I were to compare it to past flu episodes, I would say it ranked with the worst I've had. But, I only give it that rating because of the severity of the headaches for 2 days. I'm on my way back and even mowed the grass yesterday and today. Thanks for the prayers.
  4. I woke up on Sep 7th after having chills the night before. So, today I count as day 9. I'll be glad to get back to my local church, hopefully soon. I've had all the symptoms, bad headache, bones/joints ached, weariness, loss of smell/taste. It has not been the most pleasant experience.
  5. Great! welcome aboard! I'll be looking for your posts.
  6. The company I worked for before retirement had a 401K. Which they would match funds up to a certain amount of what I put in monthly. The company had a portfolio of investment options designed wholly upon business divisions within that company. Since retiring, I've taken that 401 and rolled it into a personal IRA at a local bank (non ESG). So the stock market is totally out of the picture but, I don't lose the initial investment. I've moved all my accounts from checking and savings from large national banks because of the trend to be ESG (environmental-social-governance) scoring. I moved my accounts to a small local community bank; they have all the conveniences of the larger national banks. You should do some research on ESG and see if your bank promotes it. ESG involves support for green/climate effort, acceptance of LGBTQ++ agenda, and training their employees to accept it; then, refusing loans to people and businesses against it.
  7. We have a woman who asked prayer for her pregnant daughter with low blood pressure. I don't know the outcome yet. Added D-I-L and baby DePriest to my prayer list.
  8. Didn't say "preserve His Word". I said, "Actually, God used a lot of "evil king/s" to make His preserved word. "to make a great Bible"
  9. Actually, God used a lot of "evil king/s" to make His preserved word. Do a search in your favorite KJV app for "king" then specifically look for "he did evil". God uses these circumstances to teach His people what not to do and in many cases to correct His people when they stray. Such as, Nebuchadnezzar and Herod.
  10. For the most part, I've stopped sitting before a broadcast of 'the news' whether its TV or an Internet source. Mostly, I read my news from WND https://www.wnd.com/ and may play embedded videos they have from other media sources. Again, however, I primarily read their articles. Does anyone else use WND or other similar news sources?
  11. Thanks, I believe right along with you. Abortion is murder of a baby. Abortionists take the medical terminology "the pregnancy was aborted" (in the case of in utero) and continue on with their rant. We can't force God's truth into the hearts of people, we give them the gospel of Jesus Christ and leave the result to the working of the Holy Spirit. However, I would like the tools available to defend against the abortionist argument. I believe the superficial abortionist leader's justifications could be dispelled with a little education and information. Thus, causing most women deluded by abortionists to at least question the lies. As a retired weapons fire control chief, I would like several types of munitions to throw back at the enemy. I sure could use some untainted (by unsaved medical personnel) statistics on reasons women seek abortions. Also, I think we will need this information and education in the months and years ahead to fend off the radical liberals who may attempt to use this to leverage elections.
  12. I do not support abortion. But how do I or we answer abortionists for some of their arguments? Some family, very close to me, continue to bring up the 11-year-old child here in Ohio who was raped by the illegal alien. Then, they throw out the usual "What about when the woman's life is at risk?" or "What about when the baby dies in utero, that's an abortion too?" "Will you arrest a woman whose baby dies just before birth and must be aborted?" So, what is the best answer to all of these challenges? The prevalent reason for women seeking abortions...answer, is fraught with liberal institutional gobbledygook. I believe its time I asked for help, and I'll ask here now and at our men's prayer breakfast this coming Saturday.
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