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  1. It's an interesting question I have some background in rabinicisim or what is often called incorrectly ultra orthodox judaism.im a born again Christian,my Christian life I have spent more time listening than making a noise. I have even learnt 3 insteaments and tryed out a few Christian bands CDs but ,find most to be noisy of like brainwashing with false doctrine to a catchy beat .I love the old church chants but the was a taboo thing in tachovskeys day even istraments in church we taboo only the organ was allowed .Now we have everything a modern rock band has immodest women and even smoke machines . sometimes at night I just like to hear god's music the crickets and in the morning the birds . sometimes my heart's sings .in orthodoxy a woman can only sing for her husband.jn Christ were free to do all things but not everything is benifical.befire I was a Christian I heard a beautiful single obe,playing a classical piece .and I thought it was so beautiful God must exist .I was still a child and wondering about is I had come to have toes, everything was miraculous to me .I suppose music has its place .I would not make rules but don't think female performance is right in God's house .
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