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  1. We rarely have frozen vegetables except peas and broad beans. My mother in law seemed to be allergic to them. We discovered this when shje came to us, whenever we used frozen peas, she went absolutely white and faint. We found the same when we gave her frozen green beans, We went to a wedding and the same thing happened to her and we asked the caterers if there was any frozen veg in the meal and thae said, "The Brussels Sprouts." She was OK with home frozen vegtables. We got out of the habit of bying frozen veg then, I asked my Aunt who worked in the Goverment Scientist, where they test all sorts of food, if there were any aditives they put in green veg, but she said "No. If they did they would have to declare it on the packaging. However when I went on a food hygene course, the instructor said they add a small amount of green dye. She didn't always get things correct though. She said "All French soft cheese is unpastuerised." Which is not true . The vast mahjority of it is pastuerised.
  2. If the sun went backwards, then scripture would have said so. It doesn't say that.
  3. Our church has a WhatsApp group which is mainly for prayer requests.
  4. I had leftover Shepherd's Pie from my daughter's fridge. Kay had a Mozzarella and Red Pepper Parcel from Aldi. Tomorrow for lunch my daughter is doing hosptallity for church. I supplied salmon which I bought last time we went to France, It was raised in Scotland and believe it or not it was considerably cheaper in France than here in UK and food in France has VAT added, but here it doesn't. I am doing the vegetables and allowing for 14 servings.
  5. I can't remmber how much it was, but probably not more than the equivalent of about 4$. I bought it when it was reduced for quick sale. It was quite big and thick. I only buy meat when it is on offer or reduced. Our 2 main supermarkets, Tesco and Sainsburys often send vouchers for a 10% off if you send a certain amount, in Tesco recently it was £70 with a larger amount off on the first voucher. We don't often spend that much at one time. We had three vouchers last month and didn't use any of them. In Saisburys we had a number of weeks where thay offered £4.50off a £30 shop as well as voucher giving extra points on their Loyalty Card, usually on things we have bought recently. My daughter uses the local butcher as she likes to support local businesses. Tonight I did tomato and bacon omelette,
  6. Josephus mentions them as shepherd kings, but also refers to them as captive shepherds. I think he was quoting mixed up Egyptian sources. Also that Moses was their leader. It may be true that they were the Amalekites. But against that is Joseph having to eat separately from the Egyptians because the Hebrews were shepherds.
  7. Rib eye steak, with roast potatoes carrot and parsnip, with steamed green beans and brocolli. Oh and fried onions.
  8. Thank you Dan.I have not got my Linux computers back yet. Peter who is putting Linux on new hard disks for me,still has them. He has done one, bujt I only have one power supply between the two. I don't know what hppened to the other one, it may have got lost or mislaid when we moved house. I expect to be using Chrome when I get them back.
  9. I found the Apocrypha. Not that I want it. I was mainly interested in the search options mentioned but I have found them now. The little funnel at the top Thank you.
  10. I just downloaded the updated version but didn't find the different search options. The Apocrypha seems to have been removed.
  11. For lunch I did Chicken, leek and mushroom in a creamy sauce , served with roast potatoes and steamed vegetables. For supper |I did Tarte au Tomates with salad.
  12. Thank you. Uke. I learn something every day.
  13. Brie is a French soft cheese, I think gnocchi is a type of pasta, but I am not sure what "over the Red River" is. Tonight I did Fishcakes and crudites.

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