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  1. Malachi is great. The pilgrim character of the faithful remnant, and so forth.
  2. @HappyChristianDid you ever get to visit/travel a bit in Ireland? fascinating country.... And Northern Ireland....well, in some ways Northern Ireland is as different from the Republic as Texas is from Alaska...
  3. I also find that if I've eaten too much during the intermission, during the next sermon I might start to feel.....a bit....zzzzzz.......:)
  4. @HappyChristianGoodies to eat are nice; but it's the Biblical, spiritual food that really counts for lasting nourishment!
  5. @Jim_AlaskaCertainly feeding the flock is an injunction in Acts 20 which applies particularly to local elders and teachers.
  6. PS: @HappyChristianAs I believe Kitagrl said quite a while ago, double pierced ears are so widespread and imho if some Christian women think similarly of them as did Kitagrl, then if there is no big deal in their minds, there need be no big deal in anyone else's, either. (Or else conservative, Biblical churches can quickly start resembling controlling cults...) 2c...
  7. @HappyChristianI can hear the plonky-tonk already...
  8. @Salyan Seems like cartoons can sometimes convey a serious point in a cheerful way...: pinterest
  9. Be encouraged in your Scriptural, prayerful exercise...
  10. Exhortations to prayer (and indeed to searching the Scriptures) are commendable...
  11. @InvictaTrusting you will be strengthened in the Lord's goodness.
  12. There is also the bondservant analogy, which is inherent in Psalm 40, Messianically: 'Mine ears hast Thou opened', where the Hebrew has 'digged', i.e., pierced.
  13. This book is based on Ephesians 6, I think...
  14. In the end, it's the regular habit of prayer and the Scriptures, I think....
  15. Hi @InvictaGreat you had the device fitted; sounds like you need it. God bless your family.
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