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  1. I've only been a member of two churches; the first didn't have a "politician" but had a rich businessman with his own little power clique. One Sunday night they called out the pastor during a service, speaking very harshly, and I was shocked that they would do such a thing, even for them. They did the same thing to the next pastor during a business meeting. One later died of cancer and the other was run off by the next pastor. I hate to say it, but I was not sorry to see him go. He had a know-it-all, controlling and bitter spirit. But I have also known a couple of pastors with the same spirit
  2. The teaching of "baptismal regeneration"(by the act of physical baptism) is false doctrine. Like I said, the "universal" church is NOT a physical entity, but one is already "baptized"(not physically) into Christ at the moment of salvation. Physical "Baptism" is only a testimony to others, done at and into a local church as in Acts 2:41-47 In order for you to "assemble yourself together" with other believers, as the Bible commands, you MUST be a member of a "local church". You cannot meet in the "universal" church until Jesus comes back and, since you live "Down Under," it would be extremely
  3. Ok, well that's what it is if you want to call it that, but it looks to me that the "institution" is both local churches and the entire spiritual body of ALL believers to me, but that's just how I see it; I see nothing wrong with believing that. Just know that I am NOT advocating for any type of earthly/concrete/physical organization of any kind. As I said, for example, the Catholic "Church" is neither of God nor a church. And I will say further; any other earthly/physical "universal church" organization would a false religion as well.
  4. You're a member of a local church, I'm a member, all God's chillins is members of local churches, correct? That missionary or evangelist who visited your church and worshiped with you last week is a member of his local church, but is he not still your brother in Christ? Then you and he are members of "THE Church", the body of Christ, even though it's congregation will only meet as one in the future.. So what's the hubbub all about? The organization which calls themselves the "Catholic"(universal) Church is a false religion of the Devil and we all know that. So why the worry and debate about t
  5. My donkey, Wilbur, is too mischievous to keep with the sheep. He will chase them. I'm sure he would give coyotes a hard time too. So far, and as far as I know, no coyotes have breached our woven-wire fences, but we often hear packs of them yelping/howling in the woods nearby.
  6. My wife's cat was climbing on my new truck so we gave him away. After that, you could hear rats gnawing under the house; I guess they were trying to get in. Poison worked for awhile but they came right back. The best thing for rats/mice is a cat, so I got her another one; a neutered female which has taken up sleeping on the hood of one of my tractors or the riding lawn mower. Very friendly kitty; maybe she will leave the truck alone :)
  7. As for myself, I have been saying that all through this thread: and our Western culture happens to have been pants on men and dresses on ladies. Everybody knows we don't wear what they did back in the Old Testament; Arab/Bedouin cultures might, but we don't. The point is" culture does in fact determine certain things associated with gender" just like you said. And God put beards on our faces for all time; I have one.
  8. Long ago I found that axes sharpen better and can be "tempered" with water close at hand Ephesians 5:26
  9. This is part of my point. The Bible uses the word "rule" but men have softened it to "leader". Yes, I agree that it is to be in love and is not to be totalitarian, but it seems to me that the word "rule" conveys much more "authority" than "leader" does. A husband should not HAVE to impose a dictatorial rule over his house if the rest of the family do their part. I hear this all the time(paraphrasing): "If the husband will "lead" the wife will automatically just follow". That is simply not true. It takes both, working together with the same goal: to unify and solidify the family. Many women say
  10. I have a question, Brother Scott; If the King James Bible is an accurate translation of God's Word, providentially provided for English speaking peoples, then why would Deuteronomy 22:5 say "that which pertaineth to a man" instead of just calling it "armor"? I mean, seeing that the word "armour" is a KJV word appearing 24 times, why not use it here if that's what it really means?
  11. Brother Scott, No need for a commendation; it was just an observation. You will also notice, for what it's worth, the Biblical mention of "shepherds" being an "abomination" to the "Egyptians". And another thing I noticed is that Deuteronomy 22:5 doesn't appear to have been a stoning offense, even though it was an abomination to the Lord..
  12. I did not say nor intend to convey that the transgender movement had any impact on women wearing pants; but I would suspect the other way around. No we do not base Bible doctrine on a country, but a country SHOULD base it's doctrine on the Bible. Again, I did'nt base it on a sign and I told you that.The Bible does not say that God declared "pants"an abomination; it says "wearing what pertains to a man" is an abomination. I agree with the immodesty statements.
  13. Of course a "bathroom sign" does not determine culture. But you know which one to use by looking at the sign don't you? That's because our culture determined the bathroom signs. Now, thanks to the "trans-gender' movement, that will soon be a thing of the past. Carry on.
  14. I have to agree with the 'not examining women's clothing' part. But is 'armor" the only thing that "communicated male authority" back in Deuteronomic times?
  15. Brother Scott, Are you admitting That Deuteronomy 22:5 includes prohibiting women from wearing men's clothes as opposed to just "armor"? And for the record, I for one, never said that "pants wear" was "inherently man's wear": I thought that I made it clear that the style or construction of "men's wear" and women's wear depends on the CULTURE. Our culture just happens to associate pants on men....at least until recently.
  16. I just looked at all instances of "pertain" in the Bible and they all mean the same thing. Brother, if a man is prohibited from wearing women's clothes, whose clothes is he wearing? it would have to be "men's clothes" wouldn't it? Then do not men's clothes "pertain to a man"? It can't be that hard to understand. The verse (in the kjv) don't say 'armor" brother BUT "armor" is mentioned many times in the KJV. If it were specifically 'armor" wouldn't it say so? Maybe, since it doesn't specifically say "garments" or 'armor" it is referring to ANYTHING that a man wears. A woman, apparently just wo
  17. Yes, armor would certainly be one of the things which "pertaineth to a man".
  18. Brother Markle, If a man was not to "put on a woman's garment", that means men had to have been wearing something else, correct? Unless they were going around naked but we know that wasn't the case.. So, whatever they were wearing "pertained" to men. The word you mention as being "something else" DOES cover a lot more than just clothing. BUT, clothing IS part of what is WORN which "pertains" to men. Today, men don't normally wear a sword, dagger, a quiver of arrows, etc. but even in our culture today there are clothes readily associated with "women" and "men". Both history and arch
  19. Yes, we're thankful the storm passed over us with no damage. The little "pistol" is incredibly loud because of the short barrel. To make matters worse, the upper came assembled with an "A2" flash hider which directs even more of the concussion to the sides. My "M4" type AR has the same muzzle device but, since the barrel is over twice as long, it's much more bearable. You can buy a suppressor, or build one yourself that works amazingly well, but even with a DIY one, you have to register and pay $200 to the Feds for permission to have it.
  20. Yes, I already know what you said, and you already know that brother Scott, why reiterate it? Brother "pastor j" already corrected me, and I acknowledged my mistake..........but I'm still "crazy"
  21. Oh, I'm sorry, my eye sight is not what it used to be. lol Yes, that would make more sense.
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