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About this sermon

This sermon series studies the Book of Romans with an Emphasis on understanding Biblical faith and how it works in the life of the believer.

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Faith is a Marriage (Christ is our Head, Romans 7)

Many treat the issues of sin and corrupt flesh as something they must handle in their own power and think they are still obligated to "maintain their own salvation" by . In Romans 7 Paul the Apostle shows that Salvation by Faith in Christ is not something we have on our own but is marital in nature. The moment we are Saved by Christ we become one Spirit with him and and become part of His household. No longer do we struggle alone with our sin and corruption, while bound by our "old husband", the

Quickened Faith: Our New Man and Desire (Romans 6)

Many think Saving Faith (in Christ alone without works or law) is a "free ticket to sin". Apostle Paul uses two very powerful truths and examples about our new life as believers to show why this type of thinking is very wrong.  In the first example he shows, by Baptism, how we are made one with Christ in our Spirit, not only giving us eternal life but also a quickened life. A quickened life, he shows, kills our old man (the soul with a dead spirit) and gives us a New Man in it's place (the

Natural Faith: by Adam and Christ (Romans 5:12-21)

In us we have two natures that are not our own but are seeking the affections of our (soul's) faith. One (is in the flesh) the lust of our corrupted flesh from Adam's sin, leading to death, and the other (is in our spirit) the light of Christ's Spirit seeking to quicken us, leading to life eternal. Both we are born with and feel their effects. Nether was our choice to be born with but we are influenced by them and given the choice to which we will submit to in faith. In this message we deal

Our Standing by Faith (In Christ With God, Romans 5:1-11)

In Saving Faith our standing before God is no longer based on our merit or law keeping, but rather on Christ. In Christ we can stand secure for we stand or fall by His merit before God. Scripture is clear. The only way we can fall from salvation is if Christ falls first. And that can never happen! Therefore we have an eternally secure standing (Eternal Security) in Christ! In this message we deal with our standing before God. Before being placed in Christ by faith we stood alone before God

Abraham's Faith: Father Of All Who Believe (Romans 4)

Saving Faith that Gives us the Righteousness of God, for Eternal Life, did not began in the New Testament but was and is available for all who believe. Romans 4 is very clear that the Salvation we have, Abraham, our "father of faith" also had and received it in the same way we do today. In this chapter Apostle Paul clearly details how God's Righteousness was imputed to Abraham by Faith Alone, without works. In this he notes it was granted because "Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto hi

Saving Faith: Believing in Christ for God's Righteousness (Romans 3:21-31)

To live eternally before God we must have prefect Righteousness (Purity of heart) but the Law shows us our hearts are not pure before God. As we grow, being born innocent and in our own righteousness, we eventually receive understanding of sin, and sin in our corrupt nature will continually work to condemn and destroy us. Try as we might to keep ourselves clean the world and corruption of our flesh will cause us to fall short of His Holy standard which condemns us and causes the death of our spi

Questioning Faith in Christ Alone (Romans 3:1-20)

Upon hearing that Eternal Salvation is obtained simply by trusting God by Faith alone, many become quick to accuse Apostle Paul of treating the Law and Covenants, and being a Jew, as worthless. Paul is quick to correct this misconception by answering a series of hypothetical and common questions that many ask in attempt refute Faith alone. With answering theses questions Paul shows that Eternal salvation is by faith alone and still hold to the values of the Law, importance of Righteous living an

Hypocritical Faith: Trying to Keep the Law for Salvation (Romans 2)

Having seen with disgust and horror the full extent of those who reject the law of God, Apostle Paul now turns his focus on those of us who try to keep the law but fail. He powerfully shows that the same law that justly condemns the reprobate to hell also justly condemns us to hell as well, we who wish to keep the law of God but can't. The reason we can't is because the nature of man is equally corrupt in all of us. While we may not manifest outwardly the horrible sins of the reprobate, and comp

Reprobate Faith: Holding Truth In Unrighteousness (Romans 1:18-32)

There are certain men in our world, Reprobate to the truth, that know the truth of God, both Natural and Spiritual, yet not only reject His truth, but seek to turn others from the truth of God. These men, having been shown by God the right way to live, through natural, internal spiritual witness, and verbal revelation of scripture, have knowingly rejected God's way for their own lust and pride.  Having been rejected by God and knowing God opposes their evil lust, they then seek to make a wo

"The just shall live by faith" (Romans 1:1-17)

Paul the Apostle wanted to meet the Believers who were in Rome because he kept hearing about their faith in many of the places he visited. Unfortunately, his third missionary trip was coming to a close and he had to go back to Jerusalem to meet with the Jerusalem church and to fulfill his Nazarite vow that he made for his nation Israel. So not knowing when he would ever get to meet them in person, he decided to send them a letter, while he was in Corinth, to establish their faith in the Gospel o
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