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  1. Which came first; the egg or the siamese egg?
  2. I'll be sure never to "rebuke" you from now on.....
  3. "Pastor" means "feeder" A feeder is to "oversee". 1 Peter 5 Lead by "ensample" (example). with an exemplary life which includes loving people.. 1 Peter 5 His "feed" should be nothing but the Word of God, clean and unadulterated. He should "disciple" by spending time with people.. He should also be mindful of the temptation to "lord" over others.. Luke 22: 25-27
  4. I've heard of employers calling their employees "Independent contractors" in order to avoid having to pay stuff like matching FICA and workman's comp insurance. Never researched it myself because I don't have employees. This should shed some light on what's legal and what ain't. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/independent-contractor-defined
  5. I deleted it but it's still in here....
  6. As I have mentioned before; I have been to Mr. Hovind's creation museum, in Pensacola, at which time I was deeply disturbed to see images of the "Loch Ness Monster", "Mokele Mbembe" and other dubious crypto stuff as "proofs" for whatever it was he was trying to prove. When one is trying to preach Truth, that's just not a good idea, to say the least. I also, there, heard with my own ears Mr. Hovind complaining about "taxes". Mr. Hovind needs to repent and get his act together, like all of us do.
  7. Well we got the bad news. The medical bills of the injured party far exceeded the maximum on our liability insurance. We are waiting on the demand letter to come now. Not only that, I forgot to mention that I was hurt the very same night with a massive rotator cuff tear on my right shoulder when I fell off the equipment trailer., Can't lift my hand above head level. I made it through the MRI but still have not been scheduled for surgery. It takes so long between scheduling for tests and dr visits. The dr wants to do a total shoulder replacement but I don't want that.
  8. These verses are so relevant today. People let their pit bulls roam, menace and show aggression, nobody does anything until they maim, disfigure, or kill a child (or adult). Then, after the fact, they call it an "accident".
  9. Insects......If only Brother Noah had SWATTED them two mosquitoes.
  10. The Bible says that human government is intended by the Lord as a "terror" to "evil works". Here's to praying for as many Muslims as whosoever will be saved, and our government cracking down on the rest and shipping them back to wherever they came from.
  11. Starting at the gate, put up signs with little piggies on them "FRESH BACON served in the fellowship hall".something like that.
  12. Why large families? Kids just seem to appreciate things more and tend to be closer knit in big families, from what I have observed. My great grandmother had 14 and my Mom is from a family of 10. My wife has 7 brothers and sisters. We ended up with 3 along with two miscarriages and would have had more but the last one caused my wife terrible problems with varicose veins. My wife and I love kids and I believe if you're healthy, have a houseful, but if health problems arise, STOP. Your spouse comes first.
  13. Thank you so much, brother Jim. Thanks for the prayers.
  14. My son was involved in an accident, on one of our vehicles, and it looks like we will be sued. I can't go into details on here but sure could use some prayer. To compound that, it's lambing time, we have already lost 10 lambs. Then yesterday someone bought one of our pieces of skid steer/tractor equipment and, by the end of the day, severely damaged it, then stopped payment on our check. I sent their photo to the manufacturer and they said it was abused but I have received no word yet when a replacement part will be sent. I'm feeling pretty low.
  15. Ok. So, Chambers put more emphasis on "piety" coupled with some kind of dreamy "meditation" or "surrender" instead of studying the word of God? Not interested.

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