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  1. His methodology, ignorance of established scientific fact and determination to persist, tend to discredit both his person and his work.
  2. Love Halibut Gary, caught quite a few when I lived n Alaska. I like the 20-30 pounders myself, they seem to be the tastiest. I had to limit myself to fishing them in summer, ot because of cold, but because it was an almost 400 mile trip from the Interior of Alaska to the coast. Too far to go for much more than two or three trips.
  3. That's wonderfully encouraging news HC, I'm really glad for Randy.
  4. Love potluck at church, lots of good different foods and great fellowship.
  5. Welcome Bro. Reynolds. Glad to have you with us. I will be in prayer for your ministry.
  6. Excellent conclusion Bro. Alan; any persecution of His church is actually persecution of His person also. Acts 22 spells it out very plainly.
  7. I'm sorry, I just do like the taste of Curry, no matter whether it is hot or not, just don't like it. Must be New England upbringing.
  8. I never met a chicken I didn't like, although a chicken in curry may be a first, because I hate curry.
  9. I find it quite interesting that just about every false teacher that has come our way just appears on the scene rather suddenly and begins teaching without giving thought that someone might just challenge his teaching. You would think that just one of them would actually take the time and effort to introduce themselves and speak a bit about what they believe and what their qualifications are.
  10. I feel safe in saying that after reading the content you posted already I will not be going to any of your links, or reading any of your material.
  11. Matt, I have deleted the links to your website that you posted. The posting of these links, plus what is considered by the owners and administrators of this site as false teaching will not be tolerated. You would be well served to read the rules for posting here at this link: https://onlinebaptist.com/forums/topic/26704-online-baptist-rules/
  12. Steve, your recent post about a hacker had nothing to do with the subject that was being discussed and it bordered on SPAM. Therefore I deleted it.

  13. I agree Dave, thanks for reporting it. The links are gone.
  14. Does this mean it is disabled for individuals or the Online Baptist Board?
  15. Thanks for the pic HC, it's nice to be able to put faces with the names.

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