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  1. Jim_Alaska

    Last one to post in this thread wins

    No snow Rosie. I am now in Inverness. Stop to see my cousin tomorrow, then on south. We are headed over the the east coast of Florida, then down the coast to Miami, across alligator alley to the west coast, see my brother, then head back home to California across the southern states.
  2. Jim_Alaska

    Open/Close/Closed Communion

    Sorry to be so late inn my reply Swath. Couldn't connnnnect for two days. I am in S. C. Now and leave for Florida tomorrow the 13th. Basically plan on going down the eaxr coast to S. Florida, wit two side trips to the Gulf Coast. I can only do Internet evenings, due to being on the road all day
  3. Jim_Alaska

    Last one to post in this thread wins

    I am here. Travelling cross the U.S., but check the forum every night. In Mass. Now, but heading south to Florida starting Monday. It has been a wonderful trip across the northern states so far.
  4. Jim_Alaska

    Open/Close/Closed Communion

    We went through Wilks Barre also. After we get to Florida we head west through Texas before heading back to California. We figure to be gone a month, what with visiting family and friends as Long the way.
  5. Jim_Alaska

    Open/Close/Closed Communion

    Sorry TH, I just never noticed before. I read a post you made and saw where you lived under your avatar. Too bad, would have been nice to visit. I'm in Penn now and headed to Mass. To visit family, then south vvisiting family all the wy to Florida.
  6. Jim_Alaska

    Open/Close/Closed Communion

    I did not know you were in WV. I just travelled through it today. I have never been through here before and think it is beautiful.....? I am staying overnight just over the border in Altoona MD. On my way back east to visit family in New England. I thought that the scenery as well as the quaint nature of the small towns I saw was very unique and captivating.
  7. What a wonderful testimony. I had never read it before. although I have his literature.
  8. Jim_Alaska

    Recommendations for KJV Ladies Bible Study

    As I have said at other times, I am of the opinion that studies such as this should come from within our local churches There is just too much danger in prepared studies from people or organizations outside of our local churches. In short, doing it ourselves is very conducive to our people getting exactly what they need according to the advancement of our members. No one learns all that God has for them at the same speed. If we do it ourselves we can tailor the studies to individuals that may be at different stages of advancement. If it is a fairly large church we could even have groups arranged at different levels of learning. That's probably way more than you wanted to know or asked for.
  9. Jim_Alaska

    Whats for Supper...

    Anything Hawaiian is not pizza, therefore not normal.
  10. EvangAlived is history, he will not be posting anything else here.
  11. Jim_Alaska

    New car!

    My spell check will not accept "tyres". lol Bro. Dave, you make it so easy to get an Aussie going.
  12. Jim_Alaska

    Suggestions and/or Ideas?

    Looks like a good start HC
  13. Jim_Alaska

    New car!

    Not just the steering wheel Alan, Rebecca said it also had 'tyres". Most vehicles I am familiar with have "tires". Bro. Dave, when is "right" wrong? Answer: when it's the steering wheel on the right side of the car.
  14. Jim_Alaska

    Possible solutions to problems

    There are features within the formatting of this board to limit, or deter things of this sort. I would have to leave that aspect up to BroMatt Although I am an administrator and can actually implement these features, I feel that since BroMatt is the board owner it should be his call. Hopefully he will see what we have been concerned about and weigh in with his input.
  15. Jim_Alaska

    Regarding the "You got my Vote!" poll...

    His posts are being held in moderation and each has to be approved by a moderator before it will show on the board. Some will never show because of the content. Some will show if it is deemed relevant to responsible discussion or a responsible reply to questions already asked of him.