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66 Book Bible Commentary Video DVD series to purchase?

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Is there a 66 book video DVD bible commentary available for sale that teaches every book of the bible in a professional (i.e. non-cartoon, etc) style by a top notch bible teacher that can really bring the meaning of the bible alive for non-believers? I like expositional style preaching, line by line, from Genesis to Revelation, but would consider other formats of preaching. Closest I have found that I like is Calvary Chapel's Skip Heitzig and his video series "The Bible from 30,000 feet" where he covers in depth each book of the bible, not just the spiritual meaning of each book but also the cultural, archeaological, scientific and other aspects of each book to give the best understanding/context of each bible book. 


Is there anything else out there that is done in a professional, high caliber presentation by a biblically sound bible preacher/teacher? 


The only thing I could ask to make Heitzig's series even better would be if the video series included maps, photographs, timelines, etc. of the Holy Land as the preacher is preaching on each bible book. 


I think I've seen in the past John Hagee's preaching online and believe he has used this approach utilizing these support materials to bring out the full dimensionality of each book of the bible, even more so than just teaching the bible line by line in an expositional way (which I like a lot). 


After hours of searching online (Amazon, YouTube, Christian Book Distributors, Google search, etc) I have not found yet something which is a step above Skip Heitzig's "The Bible from 30,000 feet" video series." 


Is there anything else of this quality, or a video series that takes Heitzig's approach to another level by including the support materials I mentioned like maps and photos?


Ideally bible scriptures in such a series would by KJV, if not NKJV or NASB as I favor literal bible translations. Use would be to help lead family members to Christ as well as a teaching tool for Sunday School for all ages, but leaning toward teaching adults with such a video series.



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