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    • What the Heavenly Father has revealed in His Word,   Daily,  Always,  to His little children is not a secret to those in Christ Jesus.    The Word is unchanged in the last 2000 years, and the activity and word of Jesus and Luke are unchanged.   Neither would ever have offered any kind of toxic toxins or poisons to people , ever, for any reason. Jesus and Luke and the Apostles healed as the Father Directed,  and the Father says very specifically and clearly that injecting toxins via directions from pharmkeia is deceiving the whole world.  The Father in heaven in His Word and through history has shown healers how to heal,  whether by faith and prayer,  or by faith and prayer and diet.  Not ever by toxins.  Modern medicine is very deceptive and has become the world idolatry over the last century. The making illegal to cure,  federal laws instigated by drug lords (bigpharma, drug industry, lobbyists and worse)  was published often and may still be available in books by those people who learned of it.   You might find some or many of the healers on the convenient site quackwatch website(s) published or kept up by the cdc,  the fda,  or the ama.
    • It was on the internet news in the hour before I posted it.    Now searching that specific is not findable or not easy to find, but many like this are available in the last hour: US (English) Safe search: off Any time       Videos   2:48 Copenhagen Denmark Protests Against Mandatory Vaccination Continues; Thous… 1.1K views YouTube8mo   11:56 Thousands Gather In Copenhagen Denmark To Protest Mandatory Covid19 Vaccination! 518 views YouTube8mo   1:45 Anti Lockdown Protests In Aarhus Denmark 420 views YouTube5mo
    • It seems you got it.    Obey the government(s) as God's Word Says. Don't trust them.
    • Some posting want to post to true Christians,  in this and other forums/ sites/ webpages. That's okay. Most reading are impure,  whether Christian or the world.  THat's okay. The Bible does say clearly what pure religion is. That's Good and Okay! The world,  most readers, most residents or citizens, most in and most out of church,  don't get it,  even if they pretend to. That's okay. The question was or is or the title - who defines 'false' religion? Whoever wants to.   It happens every day, worldwide, in and out of church or religious groups. That's okay.
    • I have been listening to a childhood friend of mine, Pastor Darren Tharp, Pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church in Independence, MO. He's been a great encouragement to me over the past 18 months.    https://www.nhbaptist.com I've also been listening to Pastor Redlin of the Pensacola Christian College's Campus Church. http://www.Campuschurch.com CampusChurch.com  
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