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    • Yet this statement is quite a bit more in declaration that the details of the passage actually give.  While you might accuse me of shying away from what seems to be the natural flow of thought in the passage (that he offered his daughter as a burnt sacrifice), I might also accuse you of claiming a bit more than God's Word actually says.  In fact, while you might even accuse me of contradicting the precise statements of the passage; I might also accuse your claim above as doing the very same.
    • No, it may not effect your beliefs, but it's just more bunk to push the marijuana money making scam through. Jesus and Moses smoked weed so it's OK for everyone. I see where a suburb of Chicago is going to pay reparations to black folks from the taxes on the weed that they'll be selling to black folks. 
    • Where did God condemn the sins of Samson? He killed himself with the help of God and he was included into the "Hall of Faith". How 'bout Noah getting drunk? How 'bout God's warning to Lot who was called a righteous man? The whole book of Judges is prior to the time of the prophets so it's not like they had a lot of light from God. There's nothing vague about the passage. He burnt her upon an altar as the Baalites that surrounded and infiltrated the Israelites would have done. It fits perfectly with the whole narrative of apostasy in Judges. I think we are hesitant to admit that many of the figures in the OT that did great things for God also committed great wickedness too. We forget also how willing Abraham was to sacrifice Issac believing that God would raise him up again.
    • I agree, brother Scott. If he did offer her as a burnt sacrifice, I believe the Word of God would have included more of a warning. God doesn’t typically get vague when it comes to abominable sins man commits (vague in description, not vague in condemnation of it).
    • Why would they lie? I am not a cynical, conspiracy theory person. I spend my working life doing research, finding information for engineers, computer programmers, etc. I learned that trained experts in their field do not go around looking to lie. I am sure the finds are real. The interpretation of finds, well I leave that up to people trained in the field of archeology.  My personal philosophy is follow the leads to the truth and if I don't like the truth, then I have to reorder my beliefs to incorporate the truth. Facts can be nasty things showing up our preconceived pet beliefs.  [Very gently said.]
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