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  1. Thanks Preacher, I am persuaded that the IFB churches in general are among the most accurate in teaching, preaching and exhorting members to live a holy and reverent life that pleases the Lord. That's why when I have studied out a topic as reasonably best as I can and can't find an answer, I will look at pastors, teachers and the teachings of certain churches I see that are closest to correctly (scripturally) teaching and living the Bible, which includes a clear observation that they are in alignment with the scriptures and are bearing much fruit. I won't let that settle the matter for me on a given topic, but it is a useful indicator that I might be on the right track to truth and not waste time looking at pastors and churches who are liberal. Bottom line is, if I can't figure a matter out from the scriptures alone once I've considered all the evidence on a question I've got, I'll leave it as unsettled and simply say, honestly, I don't know. And that's the most honest answer I can give God, and He will be pleased with that. By obtaining facts about IFB churches and if there is a significant majority of them teaching a particular position on divorce and remarriage, I can then look at the history of this position (e.g. has it changed over time, and why) and most importantly why scripturally would such a church type (I know IFB is not a denomination) choose a significant majority position if it indeed does exist. And it can be helpful to see if that majority position bears fruit. Once again, not basing my final decision on a position of a type of church/denomination, but rather using these evidences from faithful churches to reduce the time to arrive hopefully at an answer when I can't make a final conclusion from the scriptures alone which is always my goal.
  2. Thanks for your responses here. As a member of an IFB church, I have spent much time researching these challenging questions of divorce and remarriage in order to be able to give "...an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you...". Also, because I do some bible teaching from time to time and soul winning, it is important to me that I do my best to have a qualified answer from the scriptures alone so I do not lead anyone into error but instead help them with a correct answer that pleases God. Since I have not personally been able to come to a definitive conclusion on this topic, I have to lay it to rest for now. Which means I can not give an assured answer on this when I am teaching others, but can only give several of the prevailing views that exist. My pastor teaches that the "...except it be for fornication" clause in Matthew was speaking solely of the betrothal period (i.e.of which the story of Joseph and Mary is given as the most common example relating to this topic), and that this clause in this context is not applicable today for those wanting to divorce their spouse for the reason of fornication. So our church is taught that there is no scriptural allowance for divorce for any reason, and also if one does divorce there is no remarriage allowed for any reason except if the spouse dies in which one is released from the marriage bond and can therefore remarry. I have studied out the betrothal/fornication view, yet can not come to agreement with it at this time. So I must add this view to a long list of other views that Christians have on the divorce/remarriage issue. So this is why I am in particular interested in those who have broader knowledge of what is going on in the realm of the many IFB churches, not just their own. I am doing my best to come to a more complete (and hopefully final) answer to these questions so I can be more pleasing to God in teaching the Word and soul winning.
  3. Is there an authoritative source(s) used by Independent Fundamental Baptist Pastors/Churches when researching the positions/views they hold on both doctrinal issues as well as other topics of interest? Particularly looking for an online source for my researches, but could be other formats like publications as well.
  4. Is there a majority position (or sole position) on the positions of (a) divorce and (b) remarriage in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches in the USA? If so, is there a position paper that has broad support among IFB churches? And what is the approximate percentage of this majority view on these two positions, followed by the percentage of minority views? For example, do the IFB churches hold to one position only such as no divorce for any reason or divorce for fornication only? And likewise on remarriage, do the IFB churches not allow it at all, or perhaps for only one or two reasons? Finally, has the current sole or majority IFB position on the divorce and remarriage issues changed over the historical timeline of the IFB churches in America?
  5. Hi Pastor Matt, I checked again and I still can't post from the "Create" tab, the Private IFB Forums are all grayed out. Thanks for your help, I am from an IFB church in NY and wish to post a question. Best, Paul Keck
  6. Hello, In the "Private Forums for Independent Baptists" section, this and all subsections are grayed out when I try to post a new question either by using the "Create New Topic" or "Create" tabs. I do have a login so am good on that. How can I post to this section? In particular, I want to post to the " IFB Biblical Issues" subsection within the "Private Forums for Independent Baptists" section. Thanks, Paul Keck
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