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  1. The only hostility I see is coming from those who believe they have a moral superiority over those who choose not to get the jab(s). Beginning with the White House (sending out a "strike force," pushing for social media and texting to be tracked for "false" information) and trickling on down to people who choose to close their eyes to the deaths caused BY the vaccines. And I know a WHOLE LOT of Trump haters from both parties who will not get jabbed. Possible sterility. Neurological problems. Heart problems, including inflammation. And more. Yeah, folks should really want to inject things into their bodies that can cause that, right? sigh...Again, the hostility is actually coming from those who are trying to guilt or otherwise pressure people into bowing to the god of big pharma, Bill G, and socialism.
  2. When I was expecting Josh, we went to a race (not NASCAR, but cars) with my parents. He seemed to enjoy it - every time the cars went roaring past, he'd kick. Hard. LOL
  3. They are doing ok. Still grieving, of course, but so very thankful they know he is in Glory. My friend's daughter just gave her another grandchild, so God will use that, I'm sure, to bring some comfort. Thank you for asking!
  4. I've never been to a live game (professional, that is). I would probably enjoy it.
  5. I used to watch baseball when I was younger. It's always been my favorite sport. But I haven't watched in years just because. Hubs really only likes college football - specifically the Buckeyes. He tries to watch those games when they play, if we can record it (to eliminate commercials). He will once in a while watch other college teams, but that is more or less to gauge how they will play against the Bucks. He did enjoy NFL games previously, but is not interested in them at all now.
  6. Welcome aboard, Helen. We only have one son, but are thankful that he is serving the Lord. Fellowship with like-minded folks is always sweet.
  7. Ugh...nothing like typing an answer and it getting deleted. Grr...and it happened again. I'm not very fond of this keyboard - the cursor jumps and messes things up constantly. Anyway...our church is too small for deacons right now. Instead, my husband started a men's council. All men who are members of the church are invited and welcome to attend the quarterly meeting to discuss the business meeting agenda. While they are not titled as deacons, they do some of the same things. For instance, my hubs bounces off them different things like purchases for the church that costs above his monthly discretionary fund (not his pay...just a certain amount that the church voted on to allow him to use for the church without having to meet and vote on it). They discuss the financial report and vote to recommend it to the congregation at the meeting. Etc. I know that, once we are at the point where we need deacons, much of what the men do will be what the deacons do. They won't have "authority" but will still discuss and recommend things to the church during meetings. And other things as the Bible lays out.
  8. https://www.theblaze.com/news/polish-pastor-calgary-police-gestapo?utm_content=buffer32a4a&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=fb-theblaze&fbclid=IwAR2-mNGV4vz53nEHQVn_zbcR3qGoosm4w0BSGiYrxqW_xj1FbMOL4rDxYdI
  9. I'm a little late to it, but welcome aboard, @BrotherTony. We're glad to have you.
  10. If there were decent mom and pop pizza places here, we'd patronize them. But there aren't. At least Papa Murphy's is fresh. heehee Because of the horrible response to covid by our governor, so many businesses took a hit. We are not rich by any means, but are glad when we can support them...even if they are franchise.
  11. Our men had their quarterly meeting Wednesday evening before church (they discuss things before we have our quarterly business meeting). They usually eat supper while having their meeting. So I ordered Chicago Style stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy's. They enjoyed it greatly. Personally, I'm not fond of NY style pizza, but I'm not fond of Chicago style either. LOL
  12. One of my dearest friends lost her father today. We are rejoicing that he is in Glory, but those of us who have lost our dads know the grief that settles in. I used to spend time at her house during days off from college and grew to dearly love her parents. Her mom is still here, but is not well. I would appreciate prayer for the Hughes family as they begin their journey of grieving. Thank you. It is a wonderful comfort to know he's with the Lord.
  13. Thank you, @PastorMatt. Keeping the family in prayer. Even though I didn't always comment on his posts, I admired his obvious love for the Lord and his desire for people to learn the truths of scripture.
  14. Sadly, there is no Chick-fil-A near us. The closest is over 2 1/2 hours away. Maybe one day they will move further west and we'll benefit.
  15. Today we had potluck at church. The church bought fried chicken...and the deli gave us the wrong order. So - they called us and told us our order was still there. They GAVE it to us, so we had an overabundance of chicken. Not only did we feast on it for lunch, we were able to send a bunch home with folks, and deliver some to others. We also had ham, au gratin potatoes, pasta salad, potato salad, veggies, and two different cakes for dessert (lemon, and strawberry shortcake). The best part of the day was the preaching/teaching. On our first Sundays, we have an afternoon service instead of an evening service. It works out nicely since we have the potluck. Our son has been given the honor and responsibility of teaching the afternoon service, so it is even more enjoyable for me.
  16. The church my husband now pastors had 3 men acting as pulpit supply on Sunday mornings - for 5 years. When we joined the church, my husband was asked to join the roster of pulpit supply by the pastor who founded the church and was supplying the speakers. The members of the church, however, asked him to candidate for pastor. He did, and now is pastor. Two years ago, he had an accident that put him in the hospital for weeks and laid up at home longer. The pastor whose church founded ours graciously supplied pulpit fill while my husband was down. So, I guess in a nutshell, pulpit supply is filling in for an absent pastor, while pastoral candidate is someone the church is looking at as possible pastor. As Uke said, the time would be up to the church, in accordance with their church constitution (if it deals with the issue).
  17. Tomorrow is our church potluck day (we do it every first Sunday). Mom made spaghetti, and white cake/lemon icing for dessert. I made a beef stroghanoff gravy and rice, and a green salad. Others will be bringing different things (I know sloppy joes are coming, too). So tonight I tried out the rice and gravy. Yum!
  18. As Alan posted, they are here: Please go to the link and read the rules - it's good for all members to know them. It really does not matter if you see a difference in the wording of two different versions, as you mentioned to Alan. Nor does it matter if Jesus spoke Old English (which all of us know He did not) or Hebrew, Latin, Greek, or Russian. The fact is that OB is a KJV site. Refrain from using other versions. Thank you.
  19. I love the book of Proverbs! I used to go through it monthly, but now don't every month. However, I still love to read it. I like other proverbs as well, especially those that have a biblical truth to them. "Two wrongs don't make a right." "No man is an island." "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." I use this one often. =D "Better late than never." I heard a nice addition to this years ago: "But better never late." "There's no such thing as a free lunch." "Discretion is the better part of valor." Just a few of the ones I like.
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