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  1. Happy Birthday! 🎂 May God richly bless you and yours.  😀

    1. trapperhoney


      thank you so much! God bless!

  2. wow, that's a lot of travelling! hubby grew up near Wilkes-Barre, PA.
  3. yep, I was born here and have lived most of my life here. I live in my maternal grandparents' house. sorry to have missed you, hubby even had yesterday off! very proud of that!
  4. growing up my church practiced closed communion, so I obviously thought that was the correct way to observe it. I didn't realize there was a controversy about communion until I went to college. The church I started going to observed open communion. I admit the first time I was faced with this I slipped out during the prayer and sat downstairs (I rode the church van) because i was very uncomfortable with the concept having been raised very differently. Eventually I realized that the controversy usually revolves around HOW it is observed. Frequently churches practicing closed communion have it during service and tell people who are not members of their church that they can't participate. That is not how my church, or other churches in my home area, practice closed communion. It is announced at church when communion is going to take place, and it happens about 45 minutes before the evening service. Only members come, the door is locked and communion is observed, dismissed with a hymn, then the door opened and we prepare for evening service. I personally like that format, it is more intimate, much like how I imagine the first Lord's Supper was. If a church practices open communion then I think it is wrong to forbid those to participate who want to, because then we are judging their relationship with God. While I was visiting a church with the ministry team I participated in at college they had communion at the end service for only the members of the church. While I understood their position I did feel it was kind of rude to have part of the service that specifically excluded certain people, especially since we were from a Christian college, we all had testimonies of the gospel and were invited to be there. This is just my experience and thoughts.
  5. Georges Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Charleston, WV. Pastor James Hill.
  6. Brother, I understand your concerns. Several years ago my husband and I were led to a little church who had an interim pastor. We immediately took a liking to this man. He was an excellent Bible teacher. We knew that God wanted us to be there. We were there for about a year and a half and the interim pastor left the church. They assembled a pulpit committee and began looking for a pastor. They were desperate so took the first thing that came along. This man was reformed in theology. Hubby was on the pulpit committee and he tried to warn the people, but it was more important that they have a pastor. They brought him in with an almost unanimous vote (dare I say there were only two who voted nay?) and within six months several people had left because they did not agree with his teaching of reformed theology. We stayed because we didn't want to be a man-follower (it was very tempting to follow the interim pastor to his new church) and because God had not directed us to leave. He brought us there for a purpose, and we had to trust in him. We stayed for probably three more years. My husband had many conversations with him about reformed ideals. Several times hubby stumped him with his comments and he would say, "I will have to look into that and get back to you" -- and never once did he come back with a rebuttal for what hubby had pointed out to him. Eventually God clearly led us away from the church and we are now in a solid, loving IFB church. I am still not 100% sure why we were at that church for that length of time, but it's not for us to know. My advice for you is that as long as God directs you to be at this church, that is where you are to be. The pastor is the head of the church and answerable to God. Show him respect. Many times my husband questioned our pastor, but always with respect and in a non-confrontational way. Most times they ended the conversation agreeing to disagree. Whether you agree with him or not, he should have the respect due his office. I am reminded of David and King Saul. David had opportunities to kill Saul, but he knew it was up to God to deal with Saul. I know many people would have said it was wrong to go to a church that taught reformed theology, but hubby and I both felt it was more wrong to walk away from a situation before having clearly been led of the Lord to do so. I am sorry to say that if this church is heading down the path you suspect, there is little hope for it. From what you have said it sounds like the key leaders in the church want to go in this direction, and unless God changes their hearts or removes them, then that is the direction it will go. Rarely do churches or people turn around once that happens. Frequently the solid people have to walk away. But it is important to do it in God's timing and in the right way. So, pray about it, and my husband and I will be praying with you. It is not an easy position to be in.
  7. I agree. As I read I felt this was a personal letter, not one addressed to a church. You bring out very good points!
  8. I don't know how it is in other areas, but churches around here seem to become desperate when looking for a pastor and often end up settling on the first man who will come to them whether he is the right man or not. I saw a church so desperate that when a man applied he refused to give a statement of faith but they interviewed and hired him anyway. He then proceeded to put his father on the deacon board and change all the bylaws so that he is now "supreme ruler." There should be no reason for a church to become desperate when they are without a pastor. The men should be trained in the leadership of the church and take turns preaching, etc. while waiting for God's man to come to them. Unfortunately it seems most pastors are concerned about "job security" and do not train the men. The flip side is that there are few men who are interested or would be willing to step up for this role. A floundering church is the devil's delight.
  9. I have never heard of them so wondered if they were a good guitar or an off-brand.
  10. just an update, they finally got those new strings put on the guitar and now both hubby and son are in love with it and fighting over who will play it, LOL. also, was wondering if anyone knows anything about this guitar manufacturer, I'm considering this classical guitar for my son.... http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B005M365ZO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_sfl_title_87&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  11. sounds fun! now hubby wants me to look for abandoned places in WV we can go check out
  12. thank you all for your prayers. the emotional strain doesn't come from the uncertainty of what might happen, but that someone who was a "friend" and claimed to be a "Christian brother" could be so ugly and hateful. fortunately hubby and I had a quiet evening last night and we found youtube videos of people exploring old abandoned structures. hubby, as a carpenter, loves old buildings, especially those with woodwork. of course I wanted to smack some of the people because they know nothing about buildings or the eras some of those houses were from. one guy toured a Victorian house and he was going through pointing out there was a fireplace in every room, like he couldn't imagine why they had all those fireplaces. then, there was one or two boards on the edge of the porch that was rotting and the guy says that the place has one foot in the grave and will have to be torn down soon and we're like, What??? that house was in very good shape. *smh* Anyway, feeling much better today. bless you all!
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