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  1. My aunt got mixed up about the days - they actually did not remove him from the oxygen til this morning. However, he passed as soon as they did. Thankfully his wife was able to be with him. Thank you for praying.
  2. So my Dad's remaining brother contracted covid, as did his wife. (Just FYI - this is not a thread about covid, so don't make it so...just know that masking, "social" distancing, isolation, etc., were all practiced by the family and yet he and his wife contracted covid. Viruses are gonna virus...) My uncle, Dave, ended up in ICU on a respirator. Today I was told that they had to take him off everything - they had to remove air from around his heart and lungs, so the oxygen had to be removed. He had suffered a number of strokes and there is no brain activity. And they said it is only a matt
  3. I'm sorry, but I would have to disagree with you here. Not about getting the vaccine, which is up to the individual, but about "no kind words" for those who "for religious reason" won't get them. Their reasons for NOT getting vaccines are just as valid as your reasons FOR getting them. Were you not the one who said earlier, "Each, according to the dictates of one's own conscience"? The two postings do not match... And I gotta say - comparing Jesus' - the Creator of the universe- healings to manmade vaccinations? Nah. Just nah.
  4. I didn't make it past the second line. I'm so tired of people who think they know things they don't. This man, whomever he is, has no idea who the Proud Boys are. Nazis? Traitors? Hogwash. Some people need to stop swallowing all the garbage the MSM spews.
  5. I think you need to re-learn the definition of "gutter comments." There was nothing about the gutter in his comment (other than the sad fact that our Congress is putting us there with their ridiculous "rules" about not calling anyone father, mother, sister, daughter, son)...and as was pointed out by myself and another - it was IN THE EXACT SAME VEIN AS YOUR OPENING COMMENT. You have taken something that could have been enjoyable and fun and made it, yet again, a test about your superior spirituality. Again, if you don't want those kinds of comments, stop making them yourself. And I would
  6. Jim, this is the mantra of the left...and, sadly, among many on the right as well as Christians. "la,la,la,la" with blindfolds on as evidence is presented..."I don't see any proof..." sigh
  7. Considering that Nancy's the one pushing for banning the usage of words like father in favor of those he listed, his answer was quite as funny as your OP. I really do not think you need to rebuke him for it...unless, of course, you want someone to rebuke you for being nasty and comparing the brains of congress to 6th graders? If you don't want silly answers to your jokes/silly thoughts, don't post 'em.
  8. It seems that since this virus has become known (notice I did not say since it's been here...because it was here before the "experts" claim), there is no other way of dying. No other sickness. In fact, pharmacists have been saying that they are no longer selling tamiflu...apparently flu and colds no longer exist. It's a miracle! Not really - that was sarcasm, for the folks who don't know. However, covid has taken over the airwaves and the minds of many. To the exclusion of all else. Gunshot deaths are labeled covid - because $$. By far too many other deaths are labeled at least covid-r
  9. Could we replace the Congressmen that lose with the 6th graders? I'm in! hehehe (not really )
  10. That was not me and I will not say again to move it to another thread. End of discussion about the efficacy of vaccines in this thread.
  11. Sigh. Yet more erroneous extrapolation. NOBODY said not to take the vaccine, so let's just stop that, ok? Discussion of vaccine failures belongs in another thread. Please don't derail this thread by continuing that discussion. (Please is simply a courtesy...it's not a request.)
  12. We don't agree with the vaccine, and do believe there are ways to protect oneself from a variety of viruses, not just covid - Vit. C, Vit. D3 (studies are showing that the majority of people who contracted covid were D deficient), tonic water, zinc. That is us, though. But here's the thing, robycop: You and your wife are the only ones who can decide what you should do. If, after prayer, you believe you should stay home, then that is what you need to do. If your pastor, after prayer, decides God would have him go to online services, then that is what he should do. I know of churches that d
  13. It's arriving here in WA on Tuesday. Poor people who are foolish enough to take it. Employers have been given the green light to mandate it. It's not enough that our governor is destroying our economy by shutting things down; now employers will be firing people who won't allow themselves to be jabbed with something questionable. People have just gone nuts.
  14. I don't really care what the washington post says about anything, thanks. AND IT'S NOT OVER TIL THE SENATE CERTIFIES...already TWO senators have stated they are considering challenging...so just stop already.
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