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  1. He graduated from Hyles Anderson. That isn't meant to be derogatory in any way - I simply mean by it that he likely knew/knows a number of what you refer to as "big name" preachers as a result.
  2. That's too bad. I know a number of people who either went to the college or were in the church years ago - when it was IFB.
  3. A couple of weeks ago, I went in to our library to add our most recent books. I had to move books from one shelf to another. As I began to remove some, 2 of the shelves fell, bringing the books on them down, just missing my toes! So... I asked my husband to consider the idea of the church purchasing new shelving, that would be more steady and secure for the books. He had me do some research online, and I ran some pictures off of possible cases. We went to Walmart to look at one as well. He presented the pictures to the men (due to not having deacons, he meets with the men to discuss things before church business meetings). They were not thrilled with those bookcases - they wanted something more solid. So they tasked him to find something better...even though more expensive. So he brought it up at the meeting itself, and everyone agreed that we should find better quality (although I do think these would have worked). I found a shelving unit that is 6' by 6', with 15 shelves, 3 of them stationary to add stability to the shelves. It will fit perfectly against the wall in our room - with 6 inches to spare on either side. He brought the picture and description of the shelf to church that next Wednesday night, and we voted on purchasing it. It arrived today! We had it shipped to our house because there aren't people at the church every day. Now we will get it to the church and get it put together. I am SO excited!! We are closing in on 200 volumes. I'll have to post a picture once we get it all arranged.
  4. Update: Randy and I went to a neuropathy seminar last week. We were very interested in the approach to health that the represented clinic takes. They believe the body was designed to heal itself (amazing, eh?). Long story short, we have signed up for a 6 week course of treatment that we believe will help heal the nerve damage done by the accident. Randy got the first major treatment today, and he said he thinks he feels change in his feet (he doesn't want to say it's fact because it could be wishful thinking at this point). He'll be going two times a week for 6 weeks. There is, of course, no guarantee, but we do know that tissue will repair itself if treated correctly. So, he has to modify his eating a little more than he has. We have to more conscientiously drop more sugar from his diet (for instance - no more mayonnaise unless I make it at home, no ketchup...unless I make it at home). He also has to increase his consumption of chicken, turkey, fish, and decrease his beef intake. And no dairy. THAT's what's killing him, because he does love his milk. He got some almond milk today, and he said it's alright. He's been off bread for weeks, other than the keto that I've been making him. But that uses a lot of cheese, so no more... The diet is considered a cross between paleo and Mediterranean. I think the term paleo is kind of silly. It's basically simply no dairy, no grains, no sugar. Another challenge for me as I find new recipes (and desserts...the man likes his sweets and cookies. LOL). We are excited about this next step in what we hope will be healing.
  5. Randy picked up chicken while out today. He got fried chicken for mom and I, and backed chicken for himself. I'll be fixing him some green beans and salad to go with it.
  6. Tomorrow is our potluck at church. I'm bringing onion burgers and sloppy joes. I made low carb buns for Randy. Mom mad a pineapple upside down cake. I made an individual one for Randy that's low carb. He's happy he won't have to miss out on dessert.
  7. Lack of discernment has always been a problem, most specifically with folks who don't spend time in scripture. But it seems to be catching on greatly within IFB circles. Much of this lack of discernment is coming from women. Women who are pastor's wives, missionary wives, etc. Women who should know better...and whose husbands should be doing their due diligence and protecting their wives from false doctrine. Most IFB know that women like Beth Moore, etc., are not to be followed. But it isn't Beth Moore and her ilk that is making such an inroad. Have you ever heard of Lisa Terkeurst? Ann Vos Kamp? These women are really influencing other women today. They are followers of mystics, present the relationship with God in a sensual way, etc. I know a number of good women who have read after these women, and who have been influenced in a bad way. Then there is Graham Cooke. Just reading about him makes me shake my head that anyone who has spent time reading scripture could fall for his heresy. Memes are a big thing on social media. And these three create memes with pithy statements that people just LOVE. They sound well (unless you read it more closely and carefully), but they help suck people in. There is also a group of women who are "teaching" how to respond to domestic abuse. Now, I do believe that very often the church fails to protect the victim and sides with the abuser. But that is no excuse for some of the teachings going on. Women are being taught feminism, draped in spiritual sounding words. They are being taught emotionalism, draped in spiritual sounding words. And their men are falling for it, too, or at the very least allowing it. And then there is the teaching that we are filled with the Spirit upon salvation, that any other teaching is bondage. So...anyone experiencing any of this with their churches/friends? Or has it possibly just not become obvious yet? I would encourage all pastors to become aware of what these women teach, the names of their books, and be proactive about the insidious teachings.
  8. One of these days, we will be able to make that visit. Don't know when... We were truly blessed with meeting and fellowshipping with you both.
  9. We were blessed today with meeting 2bLikeJesus and his wife today. They visited our services and then we went out for lunch. Sweet fellowship, good food, and godly friends. Always a good mixture. From left to right is my mom, Josh, Randy, me, Laurel, and Garry.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll let her know. Jim, Linda's husband, is in the hospital with pneumonia.
  11. If you know of anyone who is looking to pastor a church - "Garfield Ridge Baptist Church, Chicago, IL (10 minutes from Midway airport) is looking for a bi-vocational pastor. The previous pastor has retired from the ministry. We can provide a small salary. The church runs 40-50 on Sunday morning, with about 20 members. Bilingual is a plus! For more information please email Harold at independentbc@gmail.com" Good church.
  12. Linda is at the hospital in Seattle today. Too far, with Randy's injury, for us to go. The procedure is not as invasive as the first one, but is still a biggie. They nicked her spinal cord during the last surgery, and so were not able to finish what they needed to do (they had to spend the time repairing the nick). She has had good and bad days - a lot of pain, especially in her right leg, from the damage to the spinal cord. That problem might never clear up. Her husband has had all the testing done. His biopsy came back as lung cancer, stage 3B. The B means it has spread to the lymph nodes. Would appreciate prayer for them and their family.
  13. Well, this is a thread about the beauty of creation, right? My guys are pretty handsome, and there are some nice trees in the background. This was taken on Father's Day. The second year in a row we've been able to spend it with our son, after many years without him.
  14. Last night I made enchiladas for supper. Randy was thrilled that I found some low carb tortillas so he could enjoy them. I made him one beef, one cheese, and one chicken (although I didn't have a lot of chicken, so I added some zucchini). Tonight I'm making steak bites and zucchini noodles. It's a recipe I found online, basically cooking up steak cut into bite-size, and spiralized zucchini. There is a marinade that makes it different. I think Randy will enjoy it, low carb and not high in vitamin k, so he can enjoy a salad with it. Our son is happy I made enchiladas - I send lunch home with him on Sundays and Wednesdays so he doesn't have to buy it...so he gets enchiladas for lunch tomorrow, and steak bites for another lunch (if there's any left LOL).
  15. Randy had his six-month checkup with the cardiologist today. Things look well with his heart. His triglycerides are still too high - in the 600s (down from over 1000). She wanted to put him on a statin drug, but he and I are both against that unless it becomes absolutely necessary (once on it, it becomes a life-long medicine). She is concerned about heart attack and pancreatitis due to the high triglycerides. So we agreed to wait 3 months - continue cutting down on his carbs, get a stationary bike for exercise and see if that helps. I believe it will, because he's cut them about in half and hasn't even been seriously cutting carbs the past couple of weeks. She has recommended that he see the diabetes dietitian at the clinic where his primary is. She's concerned that I don't know the right way to go about cutting carbs. LOL - I appreciate the concern, but all the dietitians I know who created menus for diabetics included things like white potatoes and pasta. I'm looking forward to talking with the dietitian, though. The clinic where he goes has no issue with alternative medicines, so quite possibly the dietitian will not be in the mold of those whom I've met in the past. He walked down to get the mail today. Our driveway is about 300 yards long, and then there is about 100 yards from the driveway to the mailbox. I was concerned, because the bad foot does make him a little unsteady at times. But he took his phone (he didn't ask me to go with him, which he usually does, so I think he wanted to go alone) so if he fell he could call me. He was fine. The foot was sore, but he was happy to be able to take that walk.

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