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  1. Randy saw the doc today, and had his INR done as well. His INR is up to a 2, which is good. And his blood test (from yesterday) showed that the anemia had righted itself. Praise the Lord! But the doc said no to work for another 2 weeks. Randy knew he wouldn't be going back just yet, though. He's had a little bit rougher time this week. He was up most of Sunday night from pain, and Monday was hard on him. By the time we were at the doctor's his pain level had risen to a 5 (normally it's been about a 2, 3 at most). The doctor told him that he wasn't surprised that Randy's not up to work yet. Apparently a normal hematoma takes about 6 months to completely heal. He said that, with the severity of Randy's hematoma, it would likely take about a year to completely heal. He didn't mean that it would take that long before Randy could go back to work, though. Thanks for continued prayer!
  2. We have a Facebook page that I post on a few times a week. Most of our members do not have Facebook pages, so it's hard to get followers. It is growing slowly, though. We don't have a website yet, but the tech guy in the church that founded ours has volunteered to create one for us. That's about it. I did start a Twitter account but don't use it. I know I should, though.
  3. I'm Canadian-adjacent. Born in Seattle, currently living on the northernmost part of the Olympic Peninsula. Does that count?
  4. Thank you for continuing to pray. It means a great deal. Jerry, not only am I glad to see you back, I appreciate you taking the time to read this mini-book and the prayer! Jim, I will pass that on to him. Knowing godly people are praying is the best encouragement we could get! 1Tim, thank you. There isn't a lot of change since my last post. Except that Randy told me last night that his INR had actually been 1.8 on Friday. His hospitalist (a doctor who works only in a hospital) told me Randy needs to get a hematologist here in the area (the one who dealt with his issues 2 years ago is in Seattle). So that's on the list. He needs one to be the best guide with his clotting issues. Far too many regular doctors have pushed for Randy to change from Warfarin, but Dr. Picozzi (the Seattle hematologist), Dr. Roop, and another hematologist Dr. Roop spoke with [he also talked with Dr. P] all agree that Warfarin is the best for his situation. Oftimes those with Factor V do better with another ant-coagulant (both of Randy's brothers who are now on them use different ones - and, of course, their doctors have said Warfarin isn't best LOL). But Randy has two genes of it rather than just one, so Warfarin will stay. I'm glad - as Dr. P said, Warfarin (coumadin) is the oldest and best known anti-coagulant, and the easiest to work with in case of a brain bleed (ugh...just the thought...). I've learned a lot that I never even wanted to know! hehe - but I guess that's true of every part of our life's journey. I am really thankful for the great medical care he has received. Even if I disagree with their take on Warfarin, they have been wonderful to him.
  5. When our son was younger, I babysat so that I could stay at home with him. Sadly, a number of fellow members thought that meant that 50 cents/hr (with both parents working) was sufficient to pay me, you know, since they wanted someone to "do it for the Lord." I have to say, though, that I babysat for a few who were absolutely wonderful. We have hesitated in the past from asking another member to do something, lest they think we want it free. Hubs is always careful to let that person know we expect to pay the going rate.
  6. Randy had his INR this morning. It was only 1.9. Not good. So he will be going again next Friday for another test. Please pray that his number will go up. Best is about 2.5 or 2.6. No higher than 3. Without it being over 2, it's likely the clot is not dissolving.
  7. Oh, I would definitely agree that culture influences the way men treat women. And please note I didn't say any man, of any society, would suddenly realize the worth of a woman. Maturity in the Christian faith takes time - and often in cultures where women are devalued it takes more time. And, yes, the mind is still filled with what one has been taught. That is where proper discipleship comes in. Christians need to be taught how to renew and wash their minds so that they can love and obey God properly...and then love women properly. It is also true in the reverse, because in far too many countries women are the heads in their relationships. Every adult that has been saved has baggage of some kind, no matter the culture in which they have been raised. And the only way to unpack that baggage is via God's Word - the study, application, and obedience of it. Sadly, modern America has allowed "assimilation" to the point where people keep their culture and spread it as more from their culture immigrate here. A solid example of that is Islam. There are cities in this country in which Islam rules, and Sharia law is being pushed. That is a politico-religious ideology that definitely denigrates women. I know of men who have been saved and allowed God to change them - and they have become godly husbands and fathers. Not suddenly, though. Change takes time; it begins at conversion, but conversion begins the journey, it is not the final step. Sadly, as well, more and more men here in America are neither godly nor even moral. And that does influence how they treat women. As does how their fathers and/or significant men in their lives treat women. And even how their mothers act, whether or not they are moral (no, I'm not saying that it's all the woman's fault, but far too many men have gone wonky because their mothers are immoral). Because this can be publicly read, I will not mention names, but someone I know very well had a mother who constantly had men over while he was growing up. While he didn't beat his wife (wives), he was not faithful. He's married to wife #4, but he has also had a number of mistresses. And he does not believe that most women are/can be faithful to their husbands. That's baggage that can only be overcome by salvation and proper growth. Yes, here in America women used to be considered "expired" at a relatively early age - I believe it was 20 or so, so I would have been considered an old maid at 26. I don't have a problem with marriages that take place when one is at least 18. With one caveat: that the ones getting married are saved, right with God, and growing in Him. Early age or older, God must be central.
  8. Jerry! It's SO good to "see" you again as well! I hope you're here to stay for a while? I've thought about and prayed for you often. Are you still in the same place? If so, we aren't too far from your neck of the woods now.
  9. Except that those newer translations DO subtract from God's Word. The devil does indeed attempt to cast doubt on God's Word. He has since before the fall of man. He didn't create any myth regarding the KJV...other than the myth that the modern versions are "better."
  10. As do I. I love to hear a good orchestra that has instruments in balance. I hate having to listen to thumpity-thumpity "praise" music. Instruments in and of themselves are not evil. They are tools in the hands of the musicians and far too often in churches they are used in a questionable if not downright worldly way (even a piano can be misused). It is a wise pastor who forestalls that.
  11. I would agree, Corrine, that the ladies who have saved husbands should be grateful. I know that I am. Not only am I grateful that he is saved, I'm grateful that he loves the Lord more than he does me. That might sound silly, but he truly cannot love me as he should if I am first in his affections. Nor I him. Something that needs to be realized by any single person - whether male or female, because both genders (and there are only 2...sorry, had to say that ) have struggles - is that Christ MUST be first place in the heart. While I know the angst that single people who wish to be married have (I was 26 when I got married...not as old as some, but still long enough to feel I was missing out on a precious part of life), I also know that married life is not the answer. Only Christ is. Only Christ. It is only when we learn to be completely content with the life God has us currently in that we can be content in any future life He has for us. Please know that an American man is not necessarily the answer. There are multitudes of American men who are debauched, wife-and-child-abusers, etc. Nationality does not indicate the goodness of a man's (or woman's) heart. Only salvation through Christ, and obedience to Him after salvation, does. There could be a wonderful man in your vicinity whom God has for you. Please be patient, and learn to lean on and love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Then when God does bring you to the man He has for you, you will be completely ready.
  12. He's still in pain - the level goes up and down. It's a slow process. But he is enjoying the extra study time. We have a lot of sickness with our church right now. Over half the members are ill (and that includes myself and our son). We've sure been going through the fire since last November.
  13. Leviticus differentiates passover and feast of unleavened bread: Leviticus 23: 5-8. "On the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the Lord's passover. And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto the Lord: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread. In the first day ye shall have an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein. But ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord seven days: in the seventh day is an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein." This instruction clearly shows us that the Easter mentioned in Acts is not the same as Passover, as Dave has pointed out. While I do not accept any modern versions, both the NIV and the NASB are clear as to the difference as well. Easter has always been a pagan festival, in homage to Ishtar, the fertility goddess. It has NOTHING to do with Christ, so Tyndale got it wrong. Period. Christ is our Passover Lamb, not our fertility lamb. And before you jump on me as you did Dave, Jordan, rest assured that I don't believe Tyndale was stupid in any way. Just wrong to call Christ our Easter Lamb. Just as wrong as the modern translators who were wanting to refer to Christ as the "pig of God" because the people of Papua New Guinea didn't know what sheep were and held pigs as sacred. There is no mistake about Easter in the KJV. "Pascha" means Easter, and is the word used in Acts. "Pesach" means Passover. Two different words, two different meanings. The feast of Eostre (Ishtar, Easter) took place around the same time as Passover. Herod was referencing Easter - the festival of Ishtar - not the resurrection of Christ nor even Passover. Herod was an Edomite. His ancestors had converted to Judaism, but that doesn't mean Herod did. By his referring to the feast of homage to Ishtar, it is clear he was a pagan.
  14. @Jim_Alaska, I don't think he'll need therapy. None of the doctors have even mentioned it. I think his walking is going to be sufficient. We'll see, though, how things go in the next 2 weeks.
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