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  1. Frank Pepe in New Haven is incredible pizza. Im a pizza snob and love real chicago pizza but that New Haven pizza is incredible.
  2. I would love to see you actually exegete 2 Th 3:10 here. Heres a comment on it by Albert Barnes. “That if any would not work, neither should he eat - That is, at the public expense. They should not be supported by the church. This was a maxim among the Jews (see Wetstein, in loc.), and the same sentiment may be found in Homer, Demosthenes, and Pythagoras; see Grotius, in loc. The maxim is founded in obvious justice, and is in accordance with the great law under which our Creator has placed us; Gen 3:19. That law, in the circumstances, was benevolent, and it should be our aim to
  3. Could you demonstrate where in his interpretation that he used a “liberal” interpretation, you seem to be the one using loose and “liberal” interpretations of scripture. Scott has actually exegeted the biblical texts you have attempted to proof text and rather than actually giving any kind of substantial interaction with the text or his exegesis of it you just dismiss it as being a “liberal” interpretation. That is true classic proof texting.
  4. Just curious, do you think God would put in his word that “if a man he would not work that he should not eat” if It could not be determined who falls into the category?
  5. The bible says if a man is not willing to work he shall not eat. So no its not true that “no on should go to sleep hungry”.
  6. You clearly don’t understand the role of government. If we followed your logic, should the government also preach the Gospel? After all individual believers are commanded to preach the Gospel. Do you think the government should take peoples tax dollars and pay ministers to preach the Gospel? If you say no then your thinking process is contradictory. You don’t seem to understand that God has different commands and requirements for individuals and for different institutions such as the Church, the Home, and Civil Government.
  7. I don't remember reading where Jesus taught any of the principles of socialism or those common to liberalism. I do remember the Bibles teaching about if a man does not work he should not eat? and about how murdering children is wrong. I also never see where Jesus calls for censorship of viewpoints one disagrees with. nor do I see Jesus ever advocating forced redistribution of wealth by the government. Socialism is absolutely not what Jesus taught.
  8. I’d like to think that is the case, but based on the way he talked about the languages he seems to express a sentiment that I have seen many other express and he seems to have a disdain for the study of biblical languages. Its very rare to see someone attack Hebrew and Greek lexical study and to yet somehow still believe the languages are profitable.
  9. Pretty good.Im not a fan of his jab at Hebrew and Greek though. The fact that he describes Hebrew and Greek study along the lines of “words and word root” studies as if that was the sum total of what Hebrew and Greek study entails tells me that he probably most likely has not studied Hebrew and Greek and is probably ignorant of those languages. There is a good amount of helpful grammatical information that can be gleaned from Hebrew and Greek that can help with interpreting the scriptures. that point about the Apostles and Jesus not ever referring to Hebrew or Greek is really a
  10. Genesis 6:8 KJV [8] But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
  11. https://www.christianbook.com/kjv-thompson-reference-genuine-leather-indexed/9780887071058/pd/7071058?en=google&event=SHOP&kw=bibles-60-80|7071058&p=1179710&dv=m&gclid=CjwKCAjw0_T4BRBlEiwAwoEiAQooyWdsSsvXyhqVfinyxbaxs4_D5qAOj3YqW6-2PxDRfv-THcWb8RoCq-gQAvD_BwE I have 2 black genuine leather non thumb indexed ones. I could sell you one.
  12. The Bible does sometimes do that by the writers who wrote by inspiration. No biblical writer though ever says that Esther is any kind of allegory. I don’t understand this hermeneutic that tries to see spiritual connections and figures in every historical account of the Bible. How is what you are doing any different then me saying Noah having 3 sons represents the trinity? Just because you happen to see some similarities doesn’t mean God intended for all the historical accounts to be allegorized. Esther is a story about God providentially working to preserve his people thus fu
  13. My conviction is that with preaching the bible we need to be extremely careful to remain exegetical and I am committed to the literal, grammatical, historical approach to the scriptures. I do believe that every text has timeless truths that span across dispensations even though not every single thing in a text will apply. (Such as certain Mosaic Laws that does not apply to us today), I also recognize that there can be different applications of texts. I do think we have to be careful even in application though., One person said that “more heresy is preached in application than in Bible exegesis
  14. Just so you know. This font you use makes me not want to read your posts because its hard on the eyes.
  15. https://www.knowimsaved.com/I-Cannot-Repent.php
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