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  1. Jordan Kurecki

    Saved in 3 tenses?

  2. Jordan Kurecki


    So have you read and listened yet?
  3. Jordan Kurecki


    Fairybird, I would like to ask you to listen to the audio from the following link, in it, you will hear an explanation of how a person can know that they have eternal life when they go to heaven, it will show from God's word the truth about how to go to heaven. I believe that you very much are in need of hearing the message here, I think based on some of the answers you have given to No Nicolaitans that you have some misconceptions about how a person can go to heaven. http://www.knowimsaved.com/The-Gospel-Clearly-Explained.php Or if you prefer to read something these also will be helpful: http://www.knowimsaved.com/BOOKLET-THE-MOST-IMPORTANT-MESSAGE.pdf http://www.knowimsaved.com/what shall i do then.website.pdf
  4. Jordan Kurecki

    Refuting a Reasonable Arminian's Arguments Against Calvinism.

    I skimmed a few of your articles, you like to cherry pick your definitions of the word world according to your liking. You point to a few useages where the word world is used in a hyperbolic sense and you then assume that is how it is being used in John 3:16 and 1st John 2:2. Words are defined based on their context, and you can’t force the meaning of a words usage from one context to all other contexts.
  5. Jordan Kurecki

    Refuting a Reasonable Arminian's Arguments Against Calvinism.

    The Bible does not support Calvinism, no matter how much linguistic or contextual gymnastics Calvinists like to do, the fact of the matter is passages like John 3:16 and 1st John 2:2, do in fact refute the false doctrines of Calvinism. You can try and reinterpret "world" as much as you want but that doesn't make your interpretation true. The Calvinists viewpoint eliminates the simple, plain, and straightforward readings of many passages of scripture. It doesn't matter what the bible says, Calvinists are excellent at twisting the scriptures to teach their false doctrine. Glad that we have the intellectual smart Calvinists out there to tell all of us poor Arminian folks that God doesn't actually love the world and that Jesus is not the savior of all men, and that God does not will for all men to come to the knowledge of the truth. Calvinism is very reminiscent of the RCC, in that the priesthood tells you what to believe and that you are too stupid to actually understand the Bible, Catholics have their priests and Calvinists have their internet theologians.
  6. Jordan Kurecki

    Knowing Him

    I believe Ginosko is very similiar to the Hebrew Yada, which is the same word used when Adam "knew" Eve. Knowing God is an intimate relationship.
  7. Jordan Kurecki

    Hymn of Comfort

    It's sad that most versions of this song in our Hymn Books do not contain all the original verses.
  8. Jordan Kurecki

    Regarding the "You got my Vote!" poll...

    Prove your love by being honest, what is your religious affiliation, what church do you attend? You are quite suspiciously avoiding this question, that is not a fruit of the Spirit of God, Jesus said by their fruits we shall know false prophets and teachers, your fruit so far has not shown that you are a true teacher of God's word.
  9. Jordan Kurecki

    Possible solutions to problems

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but it seems as of late we have had problems with false teachers coming here on this board to spread their false doctrine. It is rather frustrating that we cannot seem to get people to identify their religious background. I was wondering if it's possible to restrict a person to the "Ask a Baptist a question forum" until they reveal their religious denomination and affiliation? It would be nice if they had to get a mod approval on this before they can post. It's rather frustrating when people come here and refuse to identify themselves. Another possibility would just be to add a rule that gives an instant ban to those who refuse to or evade giving their religious affiliation or denomination. I am just trying to think of ways we can prevent shady people from coming in here trying to teach.
  10. Jordan Kurecki

    Biblical response to KJV attacks

    I think God would definitely bless a translation from the AV. However, there may be things lost in translation that the language you are translating into could better handle from the Hebrew or Greek. For example, Hebrew pronouns have 2nd person masculine and feminine, which is not translatable into English, in English, it is just the generic thee, thou, you, or ye. However, if you were translating into a language that had 2nd person masculine or singular, you would need to go back to the Hebrew to see how to translate the pronouns. Some languages might not have a generic non-gender specific 2nd person pronoun, therefore it would be basically very difficult to translate accurately only from English. There are some amount of features in Greek and Hebrew that are not translatable into English but could be possibly translated into other language, it just depends on the features of the language you are translating into. I do however think a translation from the AV can still be something that God blesses, but in my opinion, that is not ideal or best.
  11. Jordan Kurecki

    Defining a PERFECT BIBLE

    Ironically I was just moments ago thinking about a King James Bible I have that changes the spelling of the names of the OT prophets to the regular equivilent Esaias to Isaiah, Jeremias to Jeremiah, etc. So you are saying that if a Christian has a translation that has mistranslations, is missing verses, etc that it's good that they believe that it is perfect and without any error? So are you saying it's good for someone to believe something even if it isn't true? How is that good? And what do you mean "less perfect" that's two adjectives that contradict each other, an oxymoron if you would.
  12. What is your religious/denominational affiliation? what church do you attend? please no response of “I just follow the Bible”, after all most religious systems claim to do that, after all that kind of response is really meaningless. What religious belief/system is closest to your own personal belief system?
  13. Jordan Kurecki

    'Apologiz-ing' (1 Pet. 3:15) to Muslims and Islam

    I don't believe, and you will find other on the board that agree, that Daniel 9:27 is speaking of Christ causing the sacrifices of the Old Testament system to end. in fact, there was a debate between Pastor Scott Markle and someone else about this very topic a while back, if you search for the debate you can see the results. I believe that the "he" of Daniel 9:27 is NOT the Messiah, but the "prince" referred to back in vs 26, and I base this on the rules of grammar.
  14. Jordan Kurecki

    'Apologiz-ing' (1 Pet. 3:15) to Muslims and Islam

    That’s a lot of information on Islam.
  15. Jordan Kurecki

    Let's discuss study bibles (and other KJV Bibles)

    Do you not take it anywhere? I could see a bible like that lasting if it’s only used at home. I will use one bible for everything from preaching, teaching, door to door, church, at home studying, etc. so my bible accumulates wear.