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  1. BroMatt

    Bible based alternative to 12 step addiction programs?

    Thank you brother for explaining. I did notice a few things like book selling that was pushed, but some of the other things I have not noticed in RU meetings here in the Northeast. I too would be disturbed if RU was pushing that alcoholism was a disease and just referring to higher power. I too would feel uncomfortable and get out of there like you did. The RU meetings I have been to has been heavy of God, and scripture was the main teaching book. I'm wondering now how different that each chapter must run. RU meetings here are only 1 day a week on Friday nights, and its alot 1 on 1. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  2. I've seen the video before, and it actually is pretty good. Here it is if anyone is interested in seeing it.
  3. BroMatt

    Bible based alternative to 12 step addiction programs?

    I have been to about 10+ RU meetings in different churches. I have preached at some and I even preformed a wedding during a RU meeting. Granted I have always been on the other side of you in the RU meetings as I mostly preached in them. I have noticed that each chapter runs independently and different. I have been to some that I did not like and would not attend, and I have been to others with hundred in attendance and countless lives that have been changed. They tend to go in the direction that the church is in. Out of curiosity and my own information, what was it that you do not agree with? I'm not asking to argue with you, just so that I can look into it myself as I may have overlooked something. Things may have also changed in recent years.
  4. BroMatt

    Bible based alternative to 12 step addiction programs?

    Hello Brother. What a great testimony, thank you for sharing. There is a great faith based program called RU. Are familiar with them? I know there are other good faith based program out there, this is just the one that I have worked in and am very familiar with for about 10 years now. Here is the website: https://rurecovery.com/
  5. I just noticed it was your birthday today. Hope you had a great day. 

    Happy Birthday. 🎂

  6. BroMatt

    Salvation After Rapture

    You did not answer the question. I'm hoping you are not like the calvinist around here that just talks & talks without answering the question at hand. I really would like to discuss this with you.
  7. BroMatt

    Calvinism Thread...per Bro. Markle request

    I've had many discussions with Calvinists (Isn't it strange that their doctrine is named after a man?) and the dispute for this verse is that since this verse is talking about the second coming of Christ that is talking about God waiting. Peter is explaining the reason for the delay in Christ's second coming. In reality, He is God, He does not have to wait for anyone. One question that I have is if God never intended everyone to get saved, then He hates those people. Then why is it that the same God is commanding me to love them that He hates? Bible commands us to love our neighbor, why would He want me to love someone on this earth that He hates, only for them to spend eternity in Hell?
  8. BroMatt

    It's Strange

    Very true.
  9. We are looking to start live streaming a few of our church services. If any of you currently do live stream, can you post me links to cameras and/or software that you use and recommend? Thank you.
  10. That was one of the first things that popped into my mind when I first saw this.
  11. I don't have time to discuss this at the moment, but what do you all think about this "Type" of preaching? There are different quotes in the video like "Female Preachers Are Daughters of the Devil” & "Sorry, Joyce Meyer. I know you look like a dyke. You look like a dude. But it doesn’t count. You have to be a man, according to the Bible."
  12. BroMatt


    Welcome Online Baptist Red.
  13. BroMatt

    Hey all!

    Welcome Dan
  14. BroMatt

    Whats for Supper...

    Lasagna. Yum!!!
  15. I'm curious to what everyone's thoughts are of the Bristol Revival that is currently going on by Evangelist CT Townsend. Is this something you would be a part of? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bek-2Dnrszg