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  1. I'm curious to what everyone's thoughts are of the Bristol Revival that is currently going on by Evangelist CT Townsend. Is this something you would be a part of? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bek-2Dnrszg
  2. BroMatt


    I'm praying for your children Corrine. Please keep us updated. I do have a question for you....What are you placing your trust for eternal life in?
  3. I've been away from OB for a week or so because of my daughters wedding. It is a great joy to see your kids doing things the Bible way.  

    1. HappyChristian


      Congrats! Judging by the picture, it was a beautiful day!

  4. Where we are, its not uncommon to see drag queens in the mall or other public events. Needless to say in our solid churches around here both is preached evenly.
  5. BroMatt

    O B and Willie's

    I'll by praying. Thank you for letting us know.
  6. Hello Jamie and welcome to Online Baptist. I'm curious to what these sick and twisted ideologies were. I'm only asking so that I can get a clearer understanding on the thinking of people who get involved in this.
  7. BroMatt

    Huntsville, AL

    I agree, visit Madison Baptist Church. As far as I know it is still a solid church. I have lost contact over the years, but Pastor Allison preached my graduation at Bible College.
  8. BroMatt

    Whats for Supper...

    Today, dinner was.....
  9. How would one go about doing that? Is this a problem with the church or individuals? I'm not talking about cover-ups, but the sin itself.
  10. Heading off to the airport to go pick up my wife. Man did I miss her. 

    1. DaveW


      A man without his wife is not whole.

      I always miss my wife when we are apart - we often text each other throughout the day on normal work days...…..

    2. heartstrings


      The last time my wife was away for a few days, she put her huge teddy bear in the bed. I texted her to show how happy I was. It was a fake smile.


  11. BroMatt

    Last one to post in this thread wins

    Hello, how are you?
  12. BroMatt


    Okay, I was curious. I've been to Chili Bible Baptist Church in Rochester a few times.
  13. Pastor Shiflett took the video down. Here is what he tweeted.
  14. BroMatt


    Welcome to Online Baptist.
  15. I have gotten to know Cameron Giovanellit the last couple of years, and It saddens me to hear this. If found to be true, I hope the proper action is taken. Pray for the young lady(s) as they seem to be the forgotten ones in stories like this. I have no sympathy for adults who take advantage of young boys and girls. As a pastor, I understand the importance of our church keeping their eyes on Jesus and not on me or any other preacher. I normally do not like starting topics like this because they sicken me, but I'm not going to sit back and act like its not going on. BTW: @HappyChristian You remember Denny Patterson? He was in college the same year that my wife and I were.