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  1. I have a cousin that is lost and is a drug addict. He is facing serious time in prison as well. Pray for his salvation because that is his only hope. Thank ya'll!
  2. @Pastor Scott Markle, Thank you for the clarification brother, your explanation makes sense and is biblical. I misunderstood your original reply to the post. God bless!
  3. God bless the soul that ever done my kids that way. Thankfully I'm a believers baptism by immersion kind of guy AKA biblical baptism so I never have to worry about it.
  4. Bro. @John Young, Thank you for your advice as well it is much appreciated. I was nervous taking the pulpit for the first time and knew my delivery and presentation would be lacking. That wasn't my intention but as nervous as I was it wasn't surprising. One thing I struggled with was making a outline clearly defining each point so I just went through the passage of Scripture. I will focus on getting the hearer from thinking "that's some nice information", to thinking, "I need to do that". That was some very good advice, thanks brother!
  5. Bro. @Alan, Thank you for your input and teaching me how to upload my sermons. God bless!
  6. Got this one from a book titled "The Exceptional Man: Bold, Balanced, Biblical" that I am currently reading that Bro. Stacey Shiflett wrote. Great book so far by the way, I highly recommend it.
  7. If anyone could tell me how to get the YouTube video to show in the post without having to click a link I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. This is my first sermon and would like some feedback. I am looking for feedback on the content of the sermon i.e. were there any error's in my teaching, doctrinal issues, etc. I am more concerned with preaching truth than how I look and sound. My pastor was pleased with the content and so was my grandfather who has been an independent baptist pastor for 50 years. I take them at their word but I would like feedback from other folks. https://youtu.be/X_ygaJ-Mf8E?t=2441
  9. At some point the church has got to start calling a spade a spade or in this case a heretic a heretic. So sick of this anything goes Christianity. I have heard folks (not on here) defend people that have gone full blown apostate and say that they believe they are saved but confused. What about the part in the bible that says if we deny Him, He will deny us. Just because Anderson sprinkles in some truth along with his heresy doesn't make him any less of a heretic. Anderson isn't confused he knows exactly what he is doing. BTW if he loves the bible as much as he claims he would step away from the pulpit because he ain't qualified. Due to his complete lack of self-control he is not "of good behavior" due to his false doctrines he is not "apt to teach" he is not "patient" and he is a "brawler". Those are just the ones I noticed in the videos in this thread. The fact that he has learned a script and has taught it to others and is intentional when it comes to soul winning doesn't justify his heresies neither does the fact that he has memorized several books of the bible. The fact that he has memorized so much of the bible makes it even more alarming. That proves that it isn't an intellect issue it is a heart issue, it is a salvation issue. As you can tell I don't post much on here and I don't have the desire to sow discord among the brethren but we need some folks with some backbone that'll call this stuff out (I appreciate those who do). Not for the purposes of rocking the boat but for the purposes of taking a stand on biblical truth and advancing the gospel. Some people need to change the batteries in their discernment detection devices also lol.
  10. I see nothing wrong with the tent meeting and they did everything possible to keep it safe. Yes the church should be concerned about the physical health of folks but not at the expense of their spiritual health. In most cases we can balance both but when we can't what shouldn't be sacrificed is people's spiritual health. We are strangers and sojourners in this land who have been commanded to preach the gospel.
  11. Bro. @Pastor Scott Markle, Please explain? Are you saying a person that has been born-again can live in sin as long as they don't enjoy it? I guess my point is if a person truly doesn't enjoy their unrighteousness and they are broken-hearted over it shouldn't that result in them turning from the activities of unrighteousness to the activities of righteousness? Hence true repentance. I understand even after our Lord graciously saves us that we will not be perfect however, when we do sin our Father will discipline us and that discipline should lead us to the confession and repentance of sin. I could very well be wrong which is why I am asking the question. Obviously in order for us to turn from our sin we must hate it first and the unregenerate soul doesn't hate sin the way the regenerate soul does. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  12. Thank you very much, happy to be part of the group, and look forward to learning and contributing. That is awesome with what you did to that acronym! I may have to take time in the future and put something together, very interesting.
  13. Constant Bearing Decreasing Range? Yes however, it has been 14 years since I have dealt with that. I am also familiar with relative bearing as well. Many Many moons ago brother! I work with bombs and missiles that get loaded on aircraft for the past 14 years.
  14. I am an Aviation Ordnanceman however, my first two years of service I was an undesignated Deck Seaman. So yes, I have stood my fair share of lookout and bridge watch's. Thank you for your 29 years of service. What rank were you when you retired? I am currently a Chief. You are correct we need more saved Sailors, they are a tough bunch to share the Gospel with but that won't stop me, and thankfully the gospel of Christ "is the power of God unto salvation" and not me!
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