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  1. I have recently started having a terrible time with anxiety. Please pray that I can get victory over this again. I have had it before and it went away by simply knowing that by God's grace everything was going to be okay.
  2. Thanks everyone for your response. I am in agreement with you folks that God knows best and we will just have to wait to get there to see. Lord bless.
  3. Hey folks,I just wanted to add that the church in Corinth was a young church. Paul was just instructing them to do things decently and in order. "Don't be speaking in tongues when some unlearned one come walking through the door. That person will think you were all mad!"(my words). I do not think that there was too big of a problem with this gift during the time, just to handle it wisely.
  4. Personally I think it was to prove the power of God during the early years of church establishment. Just like the apostles were able to heal the sick etc, but then those gifts dissappeared.
  5. Great post sir, but not the answer I was looking for. Even I don't think all creatures will be there. I just believe that with God ,nothing shall be impossible . Don't you think that He would fulfill this desire of His faithful stewards? I know Heaven is going to be awesome beyond our wildest dreams and we cannot even begin imagine what it's going to be like, but if it is a request of a saint either while here on earth or Heaven above is asked for, do you not think the Lord would not fulfill it?
  6. The Bible leaves no real defiinate answer to this question and it only seems normal for fundamentalists to believe that there won't be. I have really been giving this a lot of thought lately now that the pets that I have had for 17 years are now "checking out "(pardon the phrase ). I'm a single man of 49 years old and my dearest companions have been those of the four-legged kind. I am not sure what God has in store for us when we reach our final abode, and I have been resting on scripture like, "Eye hath not seen,nor ear heard..."and "...He will give us the desires of our heart"...etc. Is it
  7. The Pastor and the clergy decided to donate a large sum of money to an overseas church. Should not have the members had the opportunity to vote and to see if the organization is creditable for such a gift?
  8. I know you now...I was going to Victory when I lived in Ardrossan!!
  9. The church I attend is called Community Bible Church. If you go to cbcedmonton on YouTube you can hear our messages. Sorry the sound isn't the greatest but we are working on it.
  10. Hi, my name is Darrin and I am from Edmonton Alberta. My username is fbc.And wow what a coincidence to know Josh Owens (OFIB) I recently emailed him looking for a Larry Wells sermon when in fact that it was this site I got the original link for that sermon, and hey Josh it is still here!
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