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  1. BrotherTony's post in Do Baptist believe in the 10 Commandments was marked as the answer   
    Why would anyone ask this question? I mean, SERIOUSLY....we hold to the Bible as our final authority. If we don't, then there's not really any use to preach any of the rest of the Bible, is there?
  2. BrotherTony's post in 2022 It's time to become a true Independent Fundamental Baptist was marked as the answer   
    There ARE strong SBC churches today...Implications and ACCUSATIONS from IFB preachers who try to imply there aren't are fictitious at best. They paint with the same broad brush that some here paint the SBC churches with. Just as with the IFB churches, just because a church fellowships with the SBC doesn't make them a Southern Baptist Church. The SBC IS NOT a denomination...but a group of churches who cooperate in their quest to get missionaries to the missionfield. No church or organization supported by the SB churches has any say over any other church. They all have their own autonomy. I'll ask the same thing back Morales...how many IFB churches have women preachers, gay marriage and quiet abortions?? You're going to paint yourself into a corner with that wide brush you're using!
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