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  1. Yes, I have. And these people may have other conditions that have led to their obesity. I find your approach here totally unacceptable. JMHO! And for the record, yes...these drinks with aspertame and other sweetners being used DO increase a persons desire to eat sugary foods. But, drinking or eating sugary things doesn't necessarily equate to weight gained. You need to be a little more kind about what you post. Again...JMHO
  2. I never got that bad! LOL I never got a spanking in Christian school. I did pull some schenanigans, though!
  3. How do you know they are. These are provocative statements, and I don't believe that this is the kind of thing you should be worried about. It's not affecting YOUR life or MINE in any way. You don't know the circumstances, and it's not fair to play games like this...JUST MY HONEST OPINION!
  4. They might need to follow him through the trial and imprisonment when the person he was filming finds out!
  5. I don't get the news, so which pipeline was this?
  6. Are they? I don't see them being run by the UN. They seem to be doing fine on their own.
  7. For us this evening, it will be the rest of the hot dogs that we had two days ago, along with some chips. It will probably be followed by some fig newtons!
  8. Truly, without that person's permission, it could be a violation of local, state, and federal law. People need to really be careful about this kind of thing.
  9. I see I've got my work cut out for me...I have to give you the good news of Diet Pepsi! It's far better for you, and not as sugary!
  10. It's not that Jesus doesn't count, because, since he definitely created the UNIVERSE, or COURSE he would be here first...but HISTORICALLY in human form...who truly knows??? Hard to truly say.
  11. Other countries around the world have acknowledged this as well.
  12. That was never a problem with the people that said the prayer with me....I always followed up with them. Many ended up being genuine converts to Christianity, but many others ended up only saying the prayer thinking it was a "fire-escape" for themselves. They might be surprised when they never see heaven.
  13. We were impressed that they stated that as well. That doctor could have lost his job for being so forthcoming with that information.
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