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  1. I have notice that. I see a lot of Calvinist use that on a regular basis. Those who are in the Arminian camp also use it, but say that God's sovereignty and his allowance of "free will" doesn't in any way negate the fact that he IS sovereign. The debate still rages on after 400 years!
  2. I know that my wife and I depend daily upon Jesus Christ to help us through the day. Being disabled isn't something fun, believe me. I've been disabled since May of 1997, but fought being placed on SS disability until they forced me to apply for it in April of 2000. My wife should be on disability, but, she, like me, is one who is fighting going on disability. She soon have to go on it anyhow. The accident she was in in 2015 nearly took her life, broke her back, most of her ribs, punctured her heart, aorta, kidney, liver and busted her spleen. She was revived 3x from the time she was extracted
  3. I love your answer. It makes me very happy to hear that some churches still have some standards! At times, the music in the church we are members of seems to get "out of hand," and the drums and guitar get to be the main focus, and it seems more like a show than a worship service. It saddens me. Our youth/associate pastor has pushed for the youth to go to a CCM concert now and again, and this bothers me somewhat. At what point do we draw a line? We tell the youth to stay away from certain kinds of music, and then take them to a "show," allegedly involving Christians, with hard rock music, rap
  4. I have learned over the years to NEVER limit God. I was reminded of His providence yesterday, though I had not even prayed for it. I should have, but being a bit sidetracked for the day by other concerns, I was letting what certain groups of people affect what I thought would happen. After speaking with my physicians office, the Lord provided the need though I hadn't even asked him about it. I'm supposed to have decadron injections in my left ear next Monday, and the following two Mondays for vertigo attacks and tinnitus caused by bilateral Meniere's disease. I couldn't afford to pay for the c
  5. The church we are in have "blended" services. I've found, though, depending on whose leading worship, that sometimes when we sing a regular hymn it is a lead-in to a CCM song. Some like that, some don't. Many don't believe that it holds to the established principles of music being composed correctly. They believe the adversary has infiltrated and changed the music. As stated, I'm not saying where I fall in this. I'm just doing a bit of research on how some on this forum feel. It's always been an interesting subject to me, especially since Rock and Country were for many decades considered the "
  6. The Bible says that we should be be speaking to ourselves in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. I used to be really heavy into the rock-and-roll scene and the County and Western scenes, and still find myself "drawn" to these types of music. When I was in a teen in the 70s, I was introduced to "Christian Rock." In the church I grew up in it was a DEFINITE "no-no!" The teachings of the church was that Lucifer used to over the music that was in Heaven, and that he, in his knowledge of what appealed to the flesh changed these teachings little by little until Christians and the world finally accept
  7. I'm glad I read some of this thread, PastorMatt. I usually answer with Biblicist myself. I don't reveal whether or not I agree with TULIP, etc. It's irrelevant what I as a person think. The only thing that matters is what the Bible teaches, and though both "sides" can back up their stances with Scripture, they don't settle the question! I guess that's why God only reveals what we truly need to know about living the Christian life!
  8. Well, this evening for us it is a store-bought pizza...Wild Mikes is the name of it, I believe! We love it. It's got some packets in it to really spice it up if one wants to do that! Tonight I may just do it. I know it will aggravate my ulcer, but I'm just to the point that I NEED some flavor on my food! I can't eat bland any more! LOL
  9. A lot of people don't realize that about eggs. My grandparents used to never refrigerate their eggs or their butter. It would sit on the table in a butter dish. The eggs would sit by the stove in a bowl. I got used to that. But, later, when milk deliveries stopped in the town where we were living, we couldn't get our eggs, milk or other dairy products and had to go and get them from the supermarket. I wish they would start milk and egg delivery again. But, we live so far out in the country we probably need to buy our own cow for milking and a couple of dozen laying hens for eggs. We're defini
  10. I have noticed that when I hear something that I should walk away from, if I decide to keep my mouth shut instead of opening it, I don't find my foot in it! Martha Louise Lanius in speaking to a group of ladies at her home church several years ago!
  11. It's sad that this is happening, but the people of the UK aren't guaranteed the same protections we are supposed to have in this country. At least that's what I'm told by several missionaries and friends there. Things are getting worse by the day, and the Word of the Bible don't seem to mean much to the Parliament or the Crown of the UK. I heard that a pastor in Canada was also arrested for street preaching, but haven't been able to verify that. I know that there is an assault on Christianity in Canada going on right now, especially since Trudeau announced publicly that "Canada is a Muslim Nat
  12. In answer to your question, they DO NOT have to donate/pay dues to the SBC. They do agree to work in some form or another in cooperative missions such as the Annie Armstrong or Lottie Moon offerings. There's another offering that slips my mind this early in the morning. There are many churches in the SBC that are withholding their missions offerings to the North American Missions Board (NAMB) because of the way it's being run by Kevin Ezell. They also are refusing to work with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) run by Brother Russell. Both are involved right now in a court case
  13. I believe if we practice some of the "vices" the church father practiced like drinking and smoking cigars (mainly speaking of Spurgeon, who is a hero to so many here) then it should be okay for me to go back to smoking a pack a day of Benson and Hedges 100's...right? I'm being facetious, so don't have a cow! LOL If we truly knew what all transpired in the lives of many of the "church fathers" we would definitely change our minds on relying on them as part of our opinions on Scripture. Scriptures should ALWAYS be the first thing we got to for guidance.
  14. I totally agree. I know many people all over the world, and I'm hearing the same thing in every country involved. Christians are becoming targets, and this has been foretold. At certain times throughout history, Christianity has been a scapegoat, as have the children of Israel. I find nothing strange about what is going on, but I do believe that the Christians of the WORLD need to be praying for a revival, submitting more and more to God. I don't believe this is what will happen. It seems that the world has started down the slippery slope of humanism and can't get it's footing to get back to s
  15. Sounds great! I know for us, tonight it's going to be an elbow macaroni casserole that my wife made last night for supper. There's enough for tonight and possibly tomorrow night. We may have to go back to eating more casserole type dishes with the cost of groceries increasing so drastically in our area. It's getting hard to find some products in the stores these days which worries my wife. Thankfully we do have some food in reserve in case it becomes "tight" in this country again. Hope you, over in England aren't experiencing the same stuff we are. I don't mind casseroles. Being from a large
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