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  1. Brother Matt & Brother Tony, are you interested in receiving a sample copy of the booklet? If so, let me know your mailing address through private message. Sample copy would be sent with no cost to you.
  2. Interesting complaint. Bouncing Bill in one of your previous postings above, approximately an hour ago, you stated the following: As an outside reader, it appears to me that Brother Matt has been attempting to "enlighten you" ever since, just as you yourself requested. Yet now you complain that his very attempt to "enlighten you" (as per your own request) is somehow not answering your questions, but pursuing misdirecting "rabbit tracks." Here then is the primary flow of thought in the most immediate discussion above: Your statement - Brother Matt's request (which actually means that this most immediate discussion is supposed to be about you, Bouncing Bill, answering HIS request) - The opening Biblical quotation in your response to Brother Matt, which is a quotation from Matthew 25:35-36 (although NOT from the King James translation), and which does indeed reference the "Final Judgment" as per your reference above (although it is NOT actually the FINAL judgment) - To which quotation Brother Matt asked another question (which means that once again you, Bouncing Bill, are supposed to be answering HIS question) - Yet you then responded with the following - Thus Brother Matt has been expressing his confusion. You, Bouncing Bill, presented Matthew 25:35-36 as Biblical evidence for your position, but then state that you do not see how Matthew 25 has any bearing on the topic. Then why did you quote Matthew 25:35-36 as evidence for your position? That is now Brother Matt's confusion and request. -
  3. Brother Bruce, I also attempted to transfer your tract into a pdf format. It turned out as follows: Brother Bruce's Gospel Tract.pdf See if that will work for you.
  4. Hmmmm. To this point in time, I have not done so, but have only used them in and for our church ministry. I suppose that I am open to doing so, but would have to consider exactly how to go about it (calculating printing cost, shipping, etc.). At first I would think it best to send a sample to those who might be interested, in order that they might check over the booklet as a whole and be sure of their interest. If that sounds acceptable, we can proceed from there. (Note: We would also need to figure out how to place a different church imprint, than that of Melvin Baptist Church, on the last/invitation page. For that I may need to discuss with the printing ministry concerning how to make such changes.)
  5. Also a 12 page booklet entitled "God's Way of Forgiveness for Your Sins" that I have compiled myself and that our church has printed by Bethel Baptist Print Ministry in London, Ontario. This booklet contains two primary sections: I. The first five pages - God's Way of Forgiveness for Your Sins (with the following subpoints, and corresponding passages typed out) 1. You must believe the truth of God's Word that you need God's forgiveness for your sins. You must acknowledge that you have sinned against God. You must acknowledge that you deserve God's judgment. You must acknowledge that you cannot save yourself. 2. You must believe the truth of God's Word that God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the only way of forgiveness and salvation -- through His shed blood, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection. You must believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for you and for your sins and sinfulness. You must believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is God the Son, and that He rose again from the dead. You must believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the one and only way of forgiveness and salvation from your sins. You must believe that the Lord Jesus Christ can and will save you from your sins. 3. You must obey the commandment of God's Word to believe and call upon God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior from sin. You must personally choose from you heart to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. You must personally and purposefully call in faith from your heart unto the Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to save you from your sins. You should call upon the Lord Jesus Christ in faith and receive Him as your personal Savior right now. (After a few corresponding passages to the last truth, a "Sample Prayer" is included along with the following note: "This prayer is not magical. If you do not mean this prayer from your heart, it will do you no good.") II. The sixth page - My Decision for Christ (An explanation that the decision to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior makes one a child of God. A place to record their spiritual birth date. And some corresponding passages to the above truth.) III. The seventh through tenth page - Counsels to The New Born Child of God (with the following subpoints, and corresponding passages typed out) 1. Know that you have eternal life and that you are secure forever in the Lord's hand. 2. Joyfully obey your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in being baptized Biblically as a believer. 3. Give yourself as a living sacrifice to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to live your life wholly for Him. 4. Speak to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every day in prayer. 5. Read from and meditate on the Word of God every day. 6. Faithfully obey the counsels and commands that your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives to you from His Word (the Bible). 7. Attend a Biblically faithful church (a church that preaches, teaches, and stand for the truth of God's Word) whenever it has services. 8. Confess your sins in prayer to the Lord and ask His forgiveness, whenever you disobey the counsels and commands of His Word. 9. Tell others how the Lord Jesus Christ saved you from your sins, and seek to lead them to receive Him as their personal Savior also. IV. The eleventh page - An invitation to Melvin Baptist Church. V. The twelfth page - a blank page. _____________________________ Front Cover
  6. God's Simply Plan of Salvation by LifeGate (with its various cover designs) Peace by LifeGate Are You 100% Sure by Partner's in Ministry Amazing Love by Partner's in Ministry (Note: Not in favor of all that Partner's in Ministry produces)
  7. Brother Bruce, I thank you for this message, since I have been pondering on this (how to proceed) for the past few days. In a broad sense, I suggest that we proceed in the following order of discussion: 1. The Permanency of Marriage (God's primary intention) 2. The Permission for Divorce (If God has granted any) 3. The Perspective on Remarriage (From God's viewpoint) Even if someone comes to the conclusion the the Lord our God through His Holy Word has granted some provision for divorce (which I presently hold), and even maybe for remarriage after divorce (which I presently do not hold), I still believe that the discussion should always begin with our Lord God's original and primary intention for the PERMANENCY of marriage. What do you think about the order above?
  8. Brother Bruce, I would hold that the Lord our God divinely preserved His Holy Spirit inspired Word in the Masoretic text for the Old Testament Scriptures and in the Received text for the New Testament Scriptures. I would further hold that the King James translation is a perfectly accurate translation in the English language of God's divinely preserved Word, and thus that the King James translation is the absolutely authoritative and holy Word of God for English speaking peoples. However, I would NOT hold that the King James translation is somehow more inspired or authoritative than the divinely preserved Hebrew and Greek texts from which it was translated, or that it somehow supersedes them. The Lord our God inspired His Holy Word by His Holy Spirit in Hebrew and Greek. The Lord our God preserved His Holy Word by divine providence and power in Hebrew and Greek. The Lord our God providentially worked so that His Holy Word might be translated with perfect accuracy from the Hebrew and Greek into the English language through the King James translation. Even so, that English translation is perfectly reliable for English speaking peoples; but that English translation neither erases the inspired and preserved Hebrew and Greek, nor overrules the inspired and preserved Hebrew and Greek. Indeed, I am quite comfortable continuing any discussion on the Biblical doctrine of divorce and of remarriage after divorce. Just recognize that I will be quite driven toward grammatical, contextual, and Biblical precision within any such discussion.
  9. Brother Bruce, Thus far I have not directly engaged your doctrinal position concerning the matters of divorce and of remarriage after divorce. However, I have carefully followed the discussion to this point, and have carefully noted your responses throughout. I have waited and watched in this manner specifically so that (as I expressed with my first posting in the thread discussion) I might approach this discussion with you from an appropriate perspective. First, I would commend you for the spirit in which you have engaged those who have written in disagreement with you and with whom you obviously disagree. Although you have expressed firm disagreement with them, you have also done so with a gracious spirit. Second, I would express that I myself do indeed stand in disagreement with your originally posted position on a few points and with some of the arguments/evidences that you have presented in your responses to others. I do not intend to handle each of these points of disagreement with you through this particular posting. Rather, I wish to present the "highlights" of my own position on this matter, as follows: 1. I believe that remarriage after divorce is always a sin against God. However, in some cases I believe that God views such remarriage as the sin of adultery, whereas in other cases I believe that God views such remarriage simply as the sin of disobedience (sin nevertheless, but not the sin of adultery). 2. I do NOT believe that in those cases where a remarriage after divorce is equivalent to the sin of adultery, the sin of adultery is to be viewed Biblically as "perpetual adultery" (as long as the remarriage remains in effect). 3. I believe that most cases of divorce are a sin against God; however, I believe that Biblically divorce is not a sin against God within two possible cases - in the case of fornication and in the case wherein the unbelieving spouse chooses to pursue the divorcement. (Note: My position as presented in this point would also indicate that I do not hold to the same definitional application for the word "fornication" in the Matthew passages as you do.) (Further note: Yes, I have also spent a great deal of time in prayerful Bible study over this matter; and yes, I have payed some prices for the position that I hold. However, I do not hold a doctrinal position in order to gain or retain friends. Rather, I hold a doctrinal position because that is what I find through a diligent study of that which God's Holy Word precisely teaches on a matter, for God's Holy Word alone in its precise teaching on any matter is my absolute authority for all of belief and behavior.)
  10. Brother "BibleBruce," First, it was UkuleleMike who recommended Lighthouse Baptist and Pastor Fisher, not myself. Second, when you want to respond to a particular post by another within the thread discussion, my suggestion is to "quote" that posting, or at least a portion of it (as I have done above in this response toward you). The way to quote another posting is to hit the "Quote" link at the very bottom of their post. You can also quote multiple postings by hitting the "+" (multiquote) link at the bottom of a post, then go to another and do the same. The "quotes" will occur at the beginning of your post in the order that you add them through the "multipost." You can even "edit" those quotes after the come up in your posting, in order to limit the quote with that portion that specifically desire to respond toward (as I have done above). In time you may learn further ways of handling these quotes. I hope that is helpful to you.
  11. May I ask your objective with presenting this? Are you looking to teach others? Are you looking to engage in discussion with those who disagree? Are you looking to - something else? (Note: I am not contrary to your presenting it; I am just trying to understand your intent, that I might possibly respond appropriately.)
  12. At the moment, the best passage coming to mind for your purpose (the tri-unity of marriage) would be Ephesians 5:15(or18)-33. Most who know Scripture recognize Ephesians 5:22-33 as a significant marriage passage. However, the passage actually begins with the instruction to be filled with the Spirit in Ephesians 5:18. If you need a shorter passage, you could try Colossians 3:16-19. In this passage the instruction to let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly (in verse 16) is employed in the place of the instruction to be filled with the Spirit (as per Ephesians 5:18). I cannot think of any other "singular" passage that might serve to fulfill your purpose (to present the tri-unity of a good, godly marriage from a single passage of Scripture).
  13. Yeah, I can certainly accept being called "direct."
  14. I would not want to bring forth a cow; they are waaaaay to big to "pass." (joke warning as well) However, based upon my position as presented above - Yes, your opening statement is correct. Well, I really do not want my following statement to be taken as "rude;" for I do NOT intend it as such. Yet I do feel the need to express (gently, if you would take it that way) - What you think about this is not really that relevant to me; I MYSELF will continue to contend that I am indeed "100% beyond a shadow of a doubt" convinced before the Lord my God that both systems of belief (as whole systems) are incorrect. Furthermore, I will continue to contend that I am indeed 100% without any doubts concerning the position that I hold. (Now, some may accuse me of ungodly arrogance for this; however, I would contend that in this matter I stand in the place of Biblical confidence.)
  15. First, you act as if there is ONLY two possible positions to take. This in itself is a mistake. Both the position of the Calvinist and the position of the Arminian are SYSTEMS of belief, including multiple points of doctrine (even when we are narrowing our consideration only upon the doctrine of salvation). Some of those points of doctrine may be mutually exclusive, possessing only two options - the one option and its direct opposite. However, other of those points possess more than two options, allowing for more than only two systems of belief. Second, are you asking whether I can "prove" to YOU "100% beyond any reasonable doubt" which side is correct before I can recognize for MYSELF which side is "accursed," and thereby choose to separate MYSELF from ministry fellowship with them? Or are you asking whether I have "proven" to MYSELF 100% beyond any reasonable doubt which side is correct so that I can recognize for MYSELF which side is "accursed," and thereby choose to separate MYSELF from ministry fellowship with them? If you are asking the first question, I have no idea whether I could "prove" this to you, since I have never had any previous opportunity to attempt such an objective; however, I doubt that it would be possible since you seem to be portraying yourself as one who is already 100% determined to hold the position of "uncertainty." Yet I do not believe that I need to "prove" any such thing to YOU, in order for me to choose with whom I myself will or will not fellowship in ministry. Your recognition or denial of belief has no real bearing on my choices before the Lord my God concerning personal fellowship and separation. On the other hand, if you are asking the second question above, then I would answer that I most certainly HAVE "proven" to myself from Biblical study 100% beyond any reasonable doubt within my heart which side is correct; and it is NEITHER the Calvinistic system of belief NOR the Arminian system of belief. If we are considering only the so-called "five points" of the debate, I recognize that three of those points are mutually exclusive, possessing only two possible positions. On ALL three of those points I believe that the Calvinistic system of belief is in error and that the Arminian system of belief is correct. However, I recognize that the other two points are not mutually exclusive and actually posses more than two possible positions. Even so, on those two points I believe that both the Calvinistic system of belief and the Arminian system of belief are in error. Thus I hold to neither system of belief as a system. In addition, I possess NO reasonable doubts concerning the position that I hold. Even so, I am quite comfortable making choices of fellowship and separation over these matters. Actually, let us recognize that the word "accursed" is NOT my word, but is from GOD'S OWN WORD on the matter. Furthermore, let us recognize that the doctrinal divide between the systems of Calvinism and Arminianism are great enough that both sides as a full system cannot be correct. It is possible that both sides could be in error; but the contradictions of the two systems of belief against each other are such that they both cannot be correct. Even so, at least one of the two systems of belief has the doctrine of salvation wrong, which further means that at least one of the two systems of belief falls under the condemnation of Galatians 1:6-9. Even so also, this behooves us to determine through diligent, disciplined Bible study which this might be, in order that we do not join in error and thus fall under that same condemnation.
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