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  1. I agree with that! I feel like I’ve possibly experienced a little of all of them. Yeah, I guess I think my friend probably possesses a particularly strong ability in that area. The way she describes the experience, plus the way her walk with God is, I would believe that she is definitely in-tune with this discernment. At times, I think I can relate to what she’s describing, but on a lower level, I guess.
  2. I see what you’re saying, but I suppose I was thinking that if it’s a specific gift that God gave to a person, it would be a more supernatural experience, because I would assume that any Christian could tell whether someone was doing something wrong or teaching a false gospel. I feel like it must be something, more.
  3. Well, she said to me, that she can discern whether someone has the Holy Spirit in them after a moment of interacting with them. She says she can also discern whether a Christian is “back slidden”, like their light is blocked by worldly garbage. She has also said that she can sense if there’s evil spirits in certain areas, like she knows there’s something wrong. To me, I don’t think these things are unbiblical. I mean, children of God should probably be more sensitive to these thing, since His Spirit is within us. I would think that this would help us “soul-win” and stay away from things that would be harmful to our spiritual walk?
  4. Pastor Markle, do you believe that the gift of discerning spirits is not in affect anymore? I have a close friend that says she has this ability, she’s a strong Christian woman, so I would normally believe that she would know if this was true or not. What is your take on this?
  5. Okay, that is helping I think. Thank you The reason I thought that is because my Sunday school teacher, that is good with Greek taught me that
  6. But isn’t faith, trust and obedience?
  7. I’m finding this very difficult. Please respond as soon as you can. I don’t know if I’ll find peace about this, because it’s just so obvious in my eyes, what the answer is. I don’t believe our works save us, but our continued trust and obedience (faith). I think that’s what many people don’t understand.
  8. All of this gets very frustrating, sometimes. I just heavily sense that you must remain faithful to go to Heaven. Galatians 6:8 pretty well sums up my thoughts. If we obey the flesh, we’ll be corrupted (we must be perfect in God’s eyes to come into His Kingdom) and if we sow to the Spirit, we reap Life everlasting.
  9. Isn’t our Spirit our conscience and soul more like our personality? At least that’s what I thought you had said. And if the Holy Spirit is in ours, it kind of confuses me that it would need purifying. I don’t know if this quite makes sense to me. Is our Spirit our emotions kind of? I know some people believe that God saves your spirit, which helps you have faith (trust and obedience), so that if you follow Jesus, in the end you’ll be saved. Also, i was looking at the word “Eternal” in the greek in John 3:16 and I think it was different from other places where it talks about things pertaining to God being eternal and stuff. Why is that? ^^ I think I might be wrong about the word “Eternal”. I must have gotten my memories confused somewhere. I’m sure that happens a lot
  10. I know someone that I suspect is probably not saved. He has caused me some emotional issues, he’s kind of manipulative and erratic I guess, but I won’t get into much of that. He told me of how he tried to kill Himself a few years ago and just a bunch of other strange stuff. I’m very concerned for this guy. From what I’ve seen on his posts years ago on Facebook, he was raised Catholic. So I assume that he might have a skewed idea of Christianity, if in fact he even considers himself one (I don’t know). I would love for someone to talk to him. He lives across the country from me and I know that if someone I know locally, adds him/messages him, he would know that I was the one who got them to speak with him. There’s some reasons that I feel that would cause an issue. Is there anyone that doesn’t live in Texas, that could maybe talk to him? If so, please message me on here and I will give you his Facebook info. Knowing his personality, I’m pretty sure he’d add anyone.
  11. I wanted your thoughts about 2 Corinthians 7:1, we need to cleanse our spirit?
  12. I’m still finding the whole verb-tense thing, confusing. I brought it up when this thread was started, but I don’t think we got much into it. Why is “believeth” in john 3:16 in a continuous verb tense? I think that the stuff in John 6 about how we “eateth” and “drinketh” Jesus’s flesh and blood are in the same verb tense. And when it says we are “sealed” with His Spirit, it’s also in a continuous verb tense, i read. Like, none of this is yet, final or something. Is this correct information? That the words in those places in the Bible, are in a continuous verb tense?
  13. It’s okay that, you’ve been busy! And I certainly have compassion for you being overwhelmed. I very much appreciate you taking your time to help me, in the midst of your other duties!! It’s very kind, of you! I really appreciate your answer on this! I think that how you presented the context of what Jesus was saying, makes sense! I suppose it would make more sense, since He’s trying to comfort the disciples. I always thought it’d be kind of strange for Him to threaten them with hell for disobedience, while they were afraid and needing reassurance. I think I get it, now!
  14. I’ve been interested in starting one of those plans where you are sent a study on each part of the Bible every day, until you get through the whole book, in a year. Has anyone done one of these? I want to make sure I use one with Biblically sound studies. Has anyone followed one that they trust?
  15. My husband has one, I will let him know about this! We’ve never gotten around to using it, for some reason! And I will try to find someone who does natural medicine if I have to, right now I’m trying to do a lower carb diet, with fruits (where most of the carbs in my diet are coming from). I read about a lot of fruit that had good amounts of iron and that clams had a lot! I bought some cans of them at the store, today. I hope they taste good! Lol
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