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  1. I’m very scared, but I know it’s my human flesh/the devil. I’m scared I won’t be able to repent or what he will show me, but I know the condemnation is that light has come to the world and men hated the light, lest their deeds be reproved. PLEASE pray for me!!!
  2. I don’t want my sin to drag me to hell, so I want Christ to change me SO I can please Him. But, I know we are supposed to love God, before we can get saved, right? At least at the initial point of salvation? I mean, if I go back to my sin as soon as I get a little assurance, because I feel “off the hook”, do I TRULY love God? I know Biblically that can’t be the case. I’ve tried and wept and agonized and read the Bible, prayed, searched the Scriptures, talked with other Christians for 8 years now and still feel convicted I’m unsaved. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m getting closer to death and I’m getting more depressed and probably more hardened. Believe me, IVE TRIED to get right!!
  3. I’ve tried this and got so weary and afraid, because I’m just agonizing to be saved, but I’m listening to the same things I already know, trying to get to that point! If God is ready to save me, I want to be saved today, I can’t take it anymore! I was reading the Gospel of John last night, I already have heard and read it, it doesn’t make me more ready to be saved, I already want to!!
  4. No matter how much of the Bible I read, how many sermons I listen to, or how much I pray, I cannot repent. I cannot truly have hatred of sin. My motivation is to not go to hell and when I feel at all secure that I’m going to Heaven, I immediately don’t care about if I’m sinning or not. I cannot feel bad that sin hurts God. I only care about myself. I’ve felt convicted for years that I’m unsaved for this reason. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared and running out of hope. I’m worried I’m to hard spiritually to repent. HOW do I settle this??
  5. That is so, horrible. That would be such a horrifying thing to learn of someone at your church, especially! Are you saying a person that’s ever committed fornication of any kind, isn’t allowed to ever be married, though? I still think it could be allowed if found out, but not sure if it would actually make the marriage, illegitimate?
  6. “But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned; and if a virgin marry, she hath not sinned. Nevertheless such shall have trouble in the flesh: but I spare you.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭7:28‬ ‭KJV‬‬ What does this mean? Is it a sin then, for a non-virgin woman to be married to someone besides the man that had relations with her, first? Well, I also have read the virgin in regards to a woman can just mean “maiden”, too. So maybe I was interpreting it wrong. Not sure.
  7. Okay, thank you! In regards to the other question, I’m asking if it was mandatory to put the woman away for fornication or was it something they could choose to do if they just personally didn’t desire to be married to her anymore?
  8. When Jesus says the only way you can divorce your wife and it be permitted, is if she commits fornication (either before or during betrothal, I suppose), is it a situation where the woman would be married to the person she had relations with, in God’s eyes (relations=marriage?) or was it not something that had to be done, but would be permissible for other reasons? Basically, what if the woman was truly repentant of her past actions and truly loved and wanted to be a good wife to the man. Would the man have to not be with her, to be in God’s will, because by God’s law, it would be forbidden, or is it something you can choose to do, if you decide that you can’t trust her or it was shameful in appearance or something? Also, is a marriage only legitimate if one of them is saved? I think I’ve heard that, but wanted clarification. I hope my question makes sense! Thank you
  9. I would be so grateful if I could get some strong prayers/be put on your prayer list. I feel The Lord working on my heart about something very important and I need prayers for my doubts and my walls around my heart, to fall. I would appreciate it, so much. I also appreciate you, all! You all have been very helpful in helping to teach me things, that I was having difficulty with. Thank you!
  10. Guys, I need extra hard prayers today. I ask that you would please do that. Thank you!
  11. I’m dealing with something very difficult and need to get it right. I’m having an extremely hard time. Please pray hard for me!!
  12. I really appreciate your encouragement and sharing your sympathy towards my mental struggles. That’s very kind, hardly anyone is willing to discuss those things, so, thank you! I am also encouraged by your thoughts on the matter that I wrote about, I’m going to add those points to my notes! Doubts can be very hard to share, I hate telling everyone my struggles, I just get so upset. I’m a very sensitive person, I’ve always been. I do have to trust that I’m saved. I believe/accept the Gospel and have called on the LORD to save me. I need to remember this! God gets the glory and longs for our fellowship, so I don’t think He would make it difficult! If someone wants Him, then He’s right there! Thank you, I appreciate your take on this matter! It is helpful! I will keep this in mind!
  13. I have an illness that won’t go away, I would appreciate prayers for healing I would be happy to pray for others, as well
  14. That is helpful, thank you! I need many prayers for my mental/emotional struggles. I have always had ocd/anxiety. It’s a horrible disorder and I need healing.
  15. Thank you, that website has a lot of helpful things! I appreciate it!
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